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Fantasy Fulfilled. Part 3.

Susan's lust has freed her inhibitions and Mark is along for the ride.

Within minutes they were out the door and almost back at the hotel. When they entered the elevator it was empty. Mark pushed against Susan and kissed her with animalistic passion. He hiked up her dress over her hips and rubbed her clit with his thumb as he probed the lips of her canal with two fingers. She pushed forward to meet every thrust, moaning at each thrust. Her ass pressed against the elevator and she didn’t care. If they would have stopped at any other floor than theirs she wouldn’t have cared. She opened the top button on his jeans and reached in to grasp the hardness of his shaft. He was so thick. His cock was large and ready to go to work. Her pussy was close to expelling a fresh supply of her moisture and she couldn’t take it much longer.


The elevator reached their floor and Susan fixed her dress, sort of. Mark on the other hand just left his button undone. They darted for their room. As they reached the door she grabbed him close and kissed him again.

“Do you have the key?” she asked breathing hard, her breasts heaving.

“Ummm yeah! Where’s yours?” he asked as he was sure she had bought it.

“I..uh..left it in the room I think.” She played it off maybe he would believe it.

“Ok.” He replied as he grabbed his key and opened the door.

“Why don’t you go get ready in the room and I will freshen up.” So was flushed and just aching for his sex.

“Your wish, my lady, is my command!” as he gracefully bowed before her.

Mark adjourned to the main room and stripped down. Before long he was naked and stopped to check himself in the full length mirror. His cock stood at full attention. He was ready for her and he hoped she was ready for him. He was going to bury himself deep into her naughty wet cunt. He ran so many scenarios through his head and figured she needed a spanking at least.

Susan came into the room and saw Mark standing before her with his hard thick member extended from his body. She knew she was gonna get fucked. She wanted him but she had a surprise.

“Can you sit in the chair for me?” she begged slightly. “It will be worth it I promise.”

Mark was confused but complied.

“I have something to show you.” Smiling as she spoke.

“Ok. A strip tease?” he hoped.

“Better I think!” and she turned to the bathroom.

“Christine you can come out now.” Her voice was nervous again but firm.

Christine stepped out and embraced Susan. Mark was so surprised. He started to stand up to join them but was stopped by Susan.

“Ok. I have some rules and there is only one way this is going to happen. You are not allowed to touch or fuck Christine. You have to watch and only watch unless I ask you to join us.” She sounded serious and Mark didn’t want to screw this up.

“Ok. Can I touch myself?” the tone was practically ecstatic.

“I would be hurt if you didn’t. Just don’t wear yourself out!”

Mark sat down in the chair and watched intently as Christine and Susan continued their make out session they began at the bar about two hours prior. Susan pulled Christine close to her grabbing her ass when she kissed her neck. Christine rubbed her hands up and down Susan’s outer thighs and slowly pulled up her dress just like Mark had done in the elevator. Christine had exposed Susan’s trimmed pussy for the first time and all she wanted was her to probe her and massage her womanhood.   Susan was moaning with each touch and couldn’t stand this.

“Finger me Christine. Make me cum.” She gasped as Christine slipped into her moist mound of flesh.

Susan began rubbing Christine’s outer thighs in much the same way as she had done to her. But when she got her skirt up to her hips she found a perfect little thong blocking her way.

“That has got to go!” She demanded,   erotically.

“Take it…Take it now!” she said intently.  

Susan slid her hands between each side of the tiny thong and with a playful shake of hips, back and forth, Christine was almost free of them. Susan inched them down her long toned legs and while on her knees Susan realized her face was just inches from Christine’s pussy. She could smell the sweet aroma of her sex and couldn’t take anymore. She turned slightly and realized Christine’s pussy was clean shaven and was beginning to glisten with her love nectar. Christine stepped out of the thong and picked up Susan removing her dress at the same time. Susan stood wearing only her bra and nothing else. She reached behind her back, unhooking the clips allowing it to fall to the ground leaving her naked and released in front of Christine.

Christine stretched her hands to the ceiling and Susan reached for the base of her sweater and lifted skyward, removing it in one fluid motion. Christine was already without a bra and stood naked in front of Susan. Susan soaked every inch of this angel in front of her in. Her curves were majestic and her skin color was natural, or maybe she just tanned nude. Susan didn’t care, she wanted to be taken now.

“I’ve never…..” she quivered.

“I know.” Christine took her over to the bed and laid her down on her back gently.

Christine and Susan began to explore each other’s bodies, entwining in the other’s embrace.   Susan lips found Christine’s and her tongue thrust into her mouth exploring, reaching for hers. It danced around and felt so great. Their breasts were pressed together and they were practically one. Mark couldn’t believe this. Susan was so into this. His cock was rock hard and he just had to stroke himself. Christine looked over.

“You like this?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! Make her cum.” He begged.

Christine knelt between Susan thighs and began to trace the folds of here womanhood until she encircled her clit, pressing gently with her left index finger as right index finger entered into her now dripping pussy. She entered slowly and only a few inches, putting just enough pressure on the mound above Susan’s hot cunt. Susan was quivering with each stroke, pushing her hips forward. Her moans were becoming screams and Mark could see her core beginning to tighten. She was close. He knew it, he was too so he stopped stroking himself hoping to save himself in case his presence was requested. Susan felt like she explode she couldn’t hold it anymore, she threw her legs into the air spreading herself wide as Christine frantically rubbed her g-spot and teased her clit. She start to cum, spraying into the air, hard, every convulsion was joined with a scream of pleasure.

“Oh GOD!! Yes right there. Don’t stop. Oh fuck me…Harder oh God.”She screamed as her core tightened with such intensity that it caused her to throw her cum against Christine’s chest.

“I can’t take anymore….Please stop!” she begged gasping for every breath.

Christine obeyed and held Susan in a gentle embrace. They kissed gently as Susan came down. She was dripping cum down her ass crack and felt so dirty and yet so pleasured at the same time. She felt her juices on Christine’s breasts and smiled.

“See what you made me do.” She giggled.

“Yeah it was fun.” Christine smiled.

They kissed again and Susan began to trace the contour of Christine’s body from her neck to between her perfect round globes and soon found her hard erect nipples. She took one into her mouth and began to suck on it, tasting her own cum and relishing each sensation. She played with the other nipple, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger feeling its hardness, and then switching places with the other nipple. She continued to follow her instincts, working her way down to Christine’s shaved womanhood. Susan couldn’t take anymore and fought against every reservation she ever had and began to tease her clit with her tongue. The taste was sweet and salty but yet it didn’t sicken her. Christine moaned with each pass as Susan encircled here clit with her tongue, sucking it on occasion. She began to part her legs farther wanting Susan to have better access to all of her. Susan began to work her hot lady hole with the same two fingers Christine had used on her. Mark watched intently, waiting and listening. Susan loved this as she had never experienced sex on this level and felt in total control.

“Oh Baby…Yes work me! Fuck my pussy. Lick me harder. I wanna cum for you, baby.” moaned Christine, shaking her head frantically.

Susan felt energized and went to work. The taste of her angel was intoxicating and she didn’t want to stop. With every swish of her tongue she found her lovers treasure causing Christine to buck and push her hips into her. Her abdomen was tightening and Susan could feel her pussy clenching around her fingers. Suddenly Christine screamed.

“Ahhhhh Yess! Fuck yes...Fuck me right there. GOD!” she hollered as she came. Her pussy squirted beautiful nectar into Susan’s mouth, who lapped it up enjoy this new magical taste.

They both fell onto the bed exhausted, holding each other. Mark was stroking himself again and by now was rock hard. He had waited patiently watching the show his wife and lover had put on for him. He needed to blow, soon. Christine looked over at him and smiled.

“What about him?” her eyes glistened, almost devilishly.

“Oh you can’t have him. He’s all mine.” Susan replied in an almost teasing tone. She got up and walked over to his chair and extended her hands to him. “Come with me honey. I want to finish this off with you.”

Mark got up and was taken to the center of the room were Susan got on her knees in front of him.

“Christine. Can you possibly help me with this?”

“Oh yes of course.” She giggled.

She knelt down next to Susan with Mark’s cock right in her face. Susan began to lick and suck the shaft of his hard throbbing, aching cock and soon Christine joined in doing the same thing to the other side while she cupped his balls, tugging them every few seconds. Mark loved this, and made no secret about it moaning each time she pulled, louder to match the intensity. Christine and Susan would meet at the tip of his pulsating shaft and kiss each other briefly. Mark couldn’t take much more and his body showed it. Christine followed the rules and continued to massage his balls as Susan turned and took his full manhood into her hungry moist mouth. Susan began to twist his shaft in almost a twisting motion that felt electric. Christine was still tugging his balls and caressing Susan’s nipples at the same time.

“I’m gonna cum honey! Don’t stop. It’s gonna explode. Oh yes!” he wailed as his cock began to throb harder.  

Susan stopped sucking him and rose up and positioned her full voluptuous tits near his pleasure probe. Christine and Susan began to work him frantically and with purpose. Susan gripped his cock with such force he thought he would pass out right there. She stroked him hard, almost like she was shaking a can of spray paint. Christine was still tugging his balls and then he yelled out in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes…Oh you are so bad…Stroke me hard. It’s cumming!!!”

His cock exploded throwing his hot seed over Susan’s tits. She continued to milk him draining every last drop as it dripped down her breasts and hung from one of her hard erect nipples. Mark almost collapsed and knelt down next to the women who had treated him to possibly the best night of his life. He kissed Susan passionately and thanked her. She smiled and thanked him.

Christine looked at Susan and smiled.

“Oh you look good.” She grinned. “Allow me!”

Christine wasted no time and licked every last drop of Mark’s love deposit from Susan’s chest, sucking her nipples one last time as she relished the final moments of the encounter.

“You know what?” she looked into Susan’s eyes.”He tastes good, but you taste better.”

They all stood up and agreed to go shower together. And only shower. It was agreed that some touching might be allowed.


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