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Fantasy to Reality - Chapter Two

After exploring a fantasy affair online, a wife is confronted with her fantasy in the flesh
It was more than Jaylyn could have hoped for, this first meeting with her fantasy lover – now real lover in the flesh. From the moment he walked in the door, the chemistry between them was electric. Tyler knew how to arouse her deepest desires, and darkest lust. He tapped into her most hidden cravings with just a look from his hypnotic eyes; with his deep, commanding voice; and his sheer physical presence that dominated her without even saying a word. They had never met in person before, but he knew her more intimately than any other man. It was almost as if he could read her mind. She told him everything – it was impossible to hold anything back from this man – and she trusted him completely. His dark desires and plans for her both frightened her and aroused her. Yet she felt absolutely safe with him – surrendering herself to him without reservation. Jaylyn trusted Tyler completely.

This moment of meeting the man she never thought she would see in real life, was truly a dream come true. Never had she been pinned to a wall and played with before. Never had she been held by the throat and forced into submission. Never had her shirt been ripped off her body, or her hair pulled as she was dragged into the bedroom. And that was just the prelude to the real attack on her body that followed. Cuffed. Tied up. Restrained. Teased. Whipped, toyed with - and more - all within a couple of hours of his entering her home that stormy weekend that her husband was away. Now she lay in her marital bed with her forbidden lover, held tight in his arms as she recovered from the biggest climax that had ever rocked her body. This rough man, the man that had so expertly tortured and pleasured her body, was now giving her time to recover, before unleashing another assault on her body. Tyler was a beast and a gentleman bound together. Jaylyn couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

Tyler stroked her hair as he held her, whispering into her ear. Words of encouragement, for the way she had embraced her first experience. Words of preview, as he aroused her desire for what he still had in store for her. While her body recovered from her climax, he was already preparing her for another round, and another orgasm.

She must have drifted off to sleep, exhausted from her pleasurable ordeal, because the next thing Jaylyn knew, Tyler was sitting on the edge of the bed with a plate in hand. On it, a steaming omelet, just to her liking, and a glass of her favorite wine on the nightstand next to her.

“You need to eat. Your body needs fuel to recover, and to prepare itself for the next round of fun.”

He spoke teasingly, and raised an eyebrow.

Jaylyn laughed, a soft, comfortable laugh, relaxed in the presence of a man that demanded so much from her, yet took care of her too. Her stomach did a small somersault as she contemplated what he had planned next for her.

“You made an omelet for me? How sweet of you!”

She really was pleased, and her voice showed it.

Tyler demurred.

“Well, I made one for myself and I thought I might as well make one for you too, as long as I was going to all the trouble.”

He chuckled, and then continued. “But seriously, darling. You need some nourishment to keep your strength.”

He winked at her, and she felt that tingle start deep inside of her all over again.

After she had rested and eaten, Jaylyn felt her strength returning. She also felt her body responding to his eyes. That look of care was now replaced with a look of raw lust, as his eyes roamed her naked body. He sat on the edge of the bed, in his fine suit, pressed shirt, and silk tie, devouring her flesh with a lascivious stare – stirring her desire without one word spoken. She felt completely at ease, lying naked and exposed to him.

Tyler reached up to his golden silk tie, undid the knot, and slowly pulled his tie out from under his collar, never taking his eyes off of her. Holding his tie with one hand, he took her by the arm with the other, and then began to wrap the silk around her wrist, circling it a couple of times, before taking the ends of the tie, and wrapping them around the bed post of her headboard, and tying them there. The silk pulling against her skin was smooth and soft – such a different feeling from the cuffs that had held her tight before.

Reaching into his suit pocket, he pulled out another silk tie, rolled up neatly to avoid wrinkling. Repeating the same process with her other wrist, Jaylyn now found her arms tied to her bed. Just the thought of being held captive again caused her nipples to harden as her pussy tightened.

Within minutes, Tyler had also tied Jaylyn’s ankles to the foot board, using two more silk ties he had brought with him just for that purpose. She lay spread-eagled, defenceless against anything he wanted to do to her. Her heart began to race with fear and excitement as he pulled out a blindfold, and pulled it over her eyes. Restrained and blind, she was truly his captive now. Jaylyn felt dirty, letting him do this to her, fuelling her arousal even more. What was there about the dirty, the forbidden, the out-of-bounds, that was so exciting, she thought to herself? Were her dark sexual desires perverted, she wondered? Jaylyn didn’t care. Today, with this man, she fully embraced her dark side.

She heard him carefully removing his clothes, taking care to hang up his suit pants and coat. Leave it to Tyler to look after his expensive, tailored clothing just before he unleashed his beastly lust on her. That thought brought a little smile to Jaylyn’s face.

“Smiling are we? I like a woman that looks forward to an assault on her body with a smile.”

His voice was almost a growl, causing Jaylyn’s breath to catch in her throat.

The riding crop Tyler pulled from his bag glanced gently across her arm, and Jaylyn let out a quiet gasp. Then Tyler touched the tip of the crop to her arm, holding it in place for a minute. After a pause, he dragged it down her arm to her neck, pulling the end of the crop across her tingling flesh in one slow, flowing, movement. He ran the crop under her neck, from one ear to the other, and held it in place when he stopped. Her body tingled in anticipation.

“Riding crops are useful in handling difficult horses …” Tyler paused, before continuing.

“… and they are more than useful when breaking in a woman.”

With that, he let out a menacing chuckle, and Jaylyn’s face turned red with embarrassment. The idea that she was an animal to be broken was shocking, and yet, mixed with her shock was a deepening arousal that caused a shiver to travel through her body. Tyler saw it, and a dirty smile passed over his face as he recognized his success in tapping into her dark desires.

“That’s it. Relax and let me pull those deep seated cravings out into the open. No desire is too dirty. No lust is forbidden. Your deepest fantasies and darkest desires can be given free reign with me. I’m here to take you down that road you have craved for so very long. The road to depravity. I’m an expert guide, darling, so release yourself completely to my care.”

As Tyler spoke, he moved the riding crop slowly down her chest, and began to play with her breasts – glancing across her erect nipples, circling her full breasts, arousing her desire as he teased with her and played with her.

“You like being a bad girl, don’t you?”

Tyler spoke in that deep, velvety voice that always excited her.

“Yes. I want to be a bad girl. Your bad girl.”

Her voice was husky with desire, and she responded as she knew he expected her to – but in all sincerity. And she received his praise as a reward.

“Good girl.”

Two simple words, yet she felt elation at his praise.

Jaylyn’s smile vanished, and her face twisted in pain, as Tyler raised the crop and brought it down on a boob with mild force. She let out a scream of pain, and her arms and legs pulled tight against the neckties holding her in place on the bed. Before she could recover, he applied the crop to her other breast with the same force, sending pain pulsating through her body. Oddly enough, her pussy tingled all the more, as the pain subsided just a little.

“This is Crop Attack 101. I am easing you into this.”

Tyler’s voice was almost jocular, but he was quite serious. He was easing her into this, and Jaylyn wondered how much pain she could really tolerate.

The crop snapped across her breasts a few more times, before Tyler eased up on her and began to run the crop down her body. He played with her navel, then drew the leather lower towards her pussy, but was careful not to touch her there.

Dragging the crop down her leg, he traveled the length of her body, before running it gently up the inside of her thigh – stopping just short of her opening. As he caressed and teased her thighs, over and over again, her body responded with need; she craved more touch than he was giving her.

Tyler had lulled her with his teasing moves, but that quickly changed as he struck the top of her leg – leaving a narrow red mark where the crop hit her. The neckties strained, but held her to the bed as she tried to pull away from him. This was torture, not being able to move, to deflect the blows, or to even see where the blows would land. It also gave Jaylyn exactly what she had craved and hoped for. She was now the dirty girl; his prisoner to do with as he pleased. And she so wanted to please him.

“Do you want me to stop? Or shall I keep going?"

Tyler’s words caught her by surprise, but it did not take Jaylyn long to answer him.

“I’m yours to do with as you please. Do whatever you what to me.”

It was just the response Tyler wanted to hear, and expected from her. And he gave her what she wanted to hear in return.

“Good girl.”

Tyler’s assault with the riding crop was mild, as he roamed her body, but it felt like true torture to the uninitiated Jaylyn, as she pulled, screamed, and squirmed from each blow. Pain ripped through her body, and as it did, her arousal grew stronger. Each blow sent a flash of pain pulsating through her body, each pulse targeting her aching nipples and her soaked pussy, now on fire with craven need.

“This first session is simply preparation for more. I will take you as far as you can go – farther than you ever dreamed you could go – once we have finished this first night together. That’s my plan for you. I may be a bit gentle with you tonight, but we have more than one night together darling.”

His voice wasn’t sinister, but it was dark and full of lust. It sent a shiver down Jaylyn’s spine.

When Tyler stopped his attack on her body with the riding crop, her mind raced in fearful imagination of what he might do next to her. The answer came quickly as he attached clamps to her rock hard nipples, causing Jaylyn to let out a scream that could wake the dead. The pain was searing, and unlike a strike of the whip or the crop where the pain subsided, this pain and pressure was unending – building and building as she tried to cope with it. Shock waves screamed through her body, but the final destination point – the place of full impact – was her pussy, which tightened and gripped as the electrical shocks of pain stimulated more and more.

“I’m going to leave those on you for a little while. They will, how should I say this, intensify the feelings I create with my other toys. It should enhance the experience for you. You can tell that I’m right, can’t you?”

Pushing down the desire to scream out in pain and tell him to release the nipple cramps from their painful grip, Jaylyn answered obediently. After all, she had given her body over to Tyler to use as he pleased, and she wasn’t going to back down now. She struggled to get the words out, but speak she did.

“Oh fuck... You could definitely say that it enhances the feeling.”

“Good girl.”

She smelled it before she felt it, giving warning to what was coming next. Yet she still was not prepared for the burning heat of hot wax he dripped on her breasts from the flaming candle. Jaylyn screamed with each drip of hot wax on her skin – wax which quickly attached itself to her flesh and hardened in place. Pain followed by relief – except for the unending pain of the nipple clamps that were still held tight in place. Tyler paused after each dropping of wax, to let the feeling sink in. But eventually he had covered her tits in hot wax, and then moved in a straight line down her stomach, filling her navel, and then moving down further, coming close to the edge of her pussy. “What must she look like?” she thought to herself. Tied up, blindfolded, nipples clamped, and covered in wax. It was like something out of a filthy porn movie, and Jaylyn was the star. Look how far she had come, she mused, or how far she had fallen. But fall is what she wanted, what she craved, what she needed. And the look of lust and sexual excitement on her face told Tyler that he was working her body to perfection.

When she heard his footsteps leave the room, Jaylyn worried. “Is he going to leave me here, alone, tied up, blindfolded? Where’s he going?” she asked herself. Then terror gripped her. “God, don’t let him bring anyone else here.” The darkness and silence was unbearable, as she lay tied to her own bed – completely vulnerable.

“Did you miss me?”

Tyler’s cheerful, teasing voice, put her mind at ease, but her body tensed in anticipation of what he had in store for her now.

Tyler removed the nipple clamps, providing instant relief and a wave of arousal washed over Jaylyn. Then she heard some jiggling noise, so when she felt the hot wax hitting her tits and enflamed nipples, she was caught by surprise at this repeat assault. The bigger surprise came moments after the wax hardened and she felt the cold touch of an ice cube rubbing against her nipple. The contrast of the hot and now cold racked her body. Tyler continued to play with her nipples, rubbing the melting ice cube against her tits and nipples, and replacing it with a fresh one as the melting necessitated. Brushing away the hardened wax, he pushed the frozen cube against her rebelling skin, and it sent a new and different kind of shock through her body. Done pressing the ice against her nipples, Tyler reattached the nipple clamps and Jaylyn groaned.

His strokes of the cold cube against her skin grew larger and soon she felt the cold cube on her throat, as he stroked gently while a little pool of water grew in her crevice there. When he moved the ice cube to her neck, and stroked it up directly behind her earlobe, the penetrating cold began to numb her – creating a new sense of pain and arousal that she didn’t anticipate, but that she welcomed. Her body was alive to his touch, and she waited anxiously to see where he would touch next. Her skin may be numbing with frozen cold, but her body was on fire with sensation and anticipation.

Jaylyn could never describe the feeling of an ice cube being drawn down her flesh, over her stomach, and down to her navel, where Tyler circled it and played with it. The frozen cube numbed her skin, and the stroking tickled her in a new way. But why was this so damn arousing? She couldn’t explain it, but it was. Every nerve of her body was dancing an erotic song of delight and anticipation, as Tyler toyed with her over and over again.

When a fresh cube was drawn along her inside thighs, circling ever closer to her engorged pussy, she squirmed, wanting more and more contact. Sensing her need, Tyler took a fresh ice cube and touched her clit, ever so gently, holding it there. He didn’t move it to stimulate her, but simply held the cube in place, freezing her erotic button and sending a shock wave through her body. Jaylyn let out a moan as the shock of the cold touched her, and the pressure of the cube did not relent.

“What’s wrong darling? Were you hoping for more? “Tyler teased her.

By now Jalyn was panting, and clearly needed more. She was on stimulation overload.

“You bastard. You’re torturing me!”

“Yes, I am. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to torture you.”

There was a long pause as Jaylyn whimpered, and then, without warning, without a hint of what was to come, Tyler thrust the frozen ice cube into her pussy, and held it inside of her as it quickly melted in the heat of her lust.

“Aggghhhhh! God, that’s so cold!” It was a scream of sorts, but full of pleasure.

Quickly replacing the melting ice cube with a fresh one, Tyler pushed it into her waiting cunt again, and once again was rewarded with the same reaction.

The walls of her pussy clamped around the object, squeezing it and soaking the deep cold into the heat of her walls. The feeling of extreme cold and extreme heat thrown together in the tight confines of her pussy was indescribable. It was almost enough to make Jaylyn come, she was in such a sexual frenzy. But not quite enough, and Tyler knew that. He was toying with her, bringing her up the mountain of climax, but holding her back for the real climax that would come later.

As her pussy was contracting around a frozen cube her nipples were screaming in pain from the clamps he had left on them, and the combined sensation was overwhelming. He brought her to the point of hysteria as he pulled on the nipple clamps, sending shooting pain through her body.

“Oh god, oh god, I don’t know if I can take much more of this. Damn. Fuck. Oh, oh, gaaawwwd.” She kept rambling on in a stammer.

By now the pain in her nipples was becoming unbearable. Jaylyn was moaning in pain and stimulation, but she was loath to admit to him that she could not take everything he threw at her. She was in torment, and right on the edge of pleading with Tyler to remove the clamps. Just when she thought she had reached her breaking point, Tyler reached down, and gently removed the clamps from her nipples. He seemed to know intuitively just how much she could take.

The impact of her nipples being released from the painful metal clamps was instantaneous and overwhelming. The searing pain was gone, replaced by a feeling of relief that washed over her body like an ocean wave crashing onto shore – followed by a rip tide of sexual stimulation that radiated through her entire body.

Her breath caught in her throat, as if the air had been knocked out of her lungs, and she gasped over and over again for breath.

“I bet you never dreamed that being released from pain could provide so much sexual stimulation.” You could hear the dirty smile in his voice as he spoke to her.

Tyler was enjoying the power he held over Jaylyn’s body, and the pleasure he was bringing her. Jaylyn moaned before she could speak.

“God no!” she gasped. "I never dreamed ….” and her words trailed off into silence.

“I think it’s time for you to see what comes next,” he said, with amusement in his voice.

Jaylyn blinked her eyes when the blindfold was removed, adjusting to the light. Tyler was sitting on the bed next to her, and for the first time, she saw him naked – and obviously stirred in arousal for her.

“I can’t give you all the experiences I want to tonight, but there is still a thing or two I want to use on you before I fuck you – all the better to build your anticipation.”

Tyler’s eyes lit up as he said the words, and an eyebrow arched as he looked at her. A shudder passed through her body as she saw the animal in his eyes that wanted to consume her.

When Tyler pulled a large, shiny, smooth, metal dildo out of his bag, Jaylyn’s eyes went wide. When he asked her if she had ever had anything this big in her ass before, her mouth gaped opened in disbelief.

Tyler was reassuring as he toyed around her anal opening with the lubed probe. He was giving her confidence that her virgin ass could take this, and at the same time insisting that she would take it.

“You’re not truly a slut until you take it up the ass. This will help prepare you for another time when I fuck you in the ass. Consider it your breaking-in, darling.”

There was that word again. Her mind was spinning. Still tied to the bed, she was an animal, being broken in by this beast of a man. And a dirty rush of sexual excitement washed over her.

She exhaled deeply, and then held her breath, tensing as he pushed the dildo into her anal opening. The lube made it slide in easier, as had the work of his fingers, as he had toyed with her earlier, priming her for something larger. Jaylyn was surprised at how good it felt to have him playing with her ass. Her fear was being replaced by a deepening lust for more.

“Relax. Just relax and take it inside of you. That’s it. Good girl.”

Tyler’s words encouraged her.

Tyler was a gentle beast. He knew when to ease in, and when to be forceful. And as he worked his toy, he pushed it deeper and deeper into her ass, as she gasped and moaned in pain and pleasure.

It was hard to describe the feeling of her ass being filled like this, rubbing against the already over-stimulated walls of her pussy, filling the void, the constant pressure and the surges of pain. But she revelled in the dirty feeling of what was being done to her. More than anything else, that is what increased her sexual arousal, the feeling of sinking to a new, debased, debauched gutter of sexual pleasure. She felt so dirty, and revelled in that feeling. Jaylyn thrilled at being the dirty slut that she had now become. That thought pushed her over the edge of arousal as her body began to climb the hill yet further to an orgasm.

That climax came ever closer as Tyler began to fuck her ass with the smooth dildo. Tyler enjoyed the moans escaping Jaylyn’s mouth; moans that spurred him on to fuck her ass harder with the new toy. But it was clear that as stimulating as this was, Jaylyn craved more, and Tyler was ready to give it to her.

With one last deep thrust, he pushed the dildo deep into her ass and left it planted there. Then he removed the silk ties that held her to her bed. Pulling himself between her legs, he rested on his knees in an upright position, towering over her prone body. She looked up at his hard cock, so close to her body, but not yet touching her.

“What do you want, Jaylyn?”

Her eyes moved to his cock, transfixed by the object of her desire, and the answer to her need.

“Say it. Tell me.” It was a command.

“You. I want you.”

It was clear enough, and forceful enough, but Tyler wanted to hear more. Tyler demanded more. Tyler wanted to hear her explicitly ask him, and so he pushed her and pushed her to tell him exactly what she wanted. And as she spoke, it was never enough, never satisfactory, so he pushed her some more.

Finally, with great frustration she finally poured out the words, the rush of words; more words than he could ever have hoped for. They ended with this:

“I want you to fuck me. Stick your hard cock in my cunt and fuck it. Fuck my married cunt. Just do it. Fuck me!”

They were dirty words and they aroused a deep lust inside of him and also inside of her. She could hardly believe that she said them, but she was glad she did. Her lust fed off the dirty talk even more.

It would have been easy for Tyler to simply plunge into her waiting pussy, but he still wanted more from her.

“You do it. Reach out, take my cock, and you guide it into your pussy. I want you to do it. And look me in the eyes when you do. I want to see your face when you take another man’s cock into your cunt; when you cross the line and betray your husband; when you break your marital vows and commit adultery. You guide my cock into your pussy, and look at me when you do.”

Once again the power of his words overwhelmed her, and the fact that she was crossing the line of fidelity into infidelity, excited her more. There was no guilt, only dirty arousal. It should have shocked her, but instead she revelled in her debased lust.

And so she did as he asked. She reached up, grabbed his cock, pulled it down to her tight opening, and pushed it in, all the while looking deep into his eyes.

“Good girl. Jaylyn is a very, very bad girl, and that makes you my good girl.”

Once his cock was at her opening, Tyler rammed into her hard, and in one deep thrust, penetrated Jaylyn firmly and forcefully. He completely filled her and held it there as he spoke to her.

“How does it feel, having another man’s cock deep in your cunt while you lay in your husband’s bed? Do you feel dirty? Do you feel like the adulterous wife you are? Do you feel like a dirty slut? You are a slut, Jaylyn. You’re my slut.”

Their eyes were locked on each other’s, staring deep into one another’s lust filled souls, and it sent a shiver of electric shock through both their bodies.

“Shut up and fuck me.”

It was the perfect dirty reply to his dirty question.

Tyler was happy to comply. With deep, hard thrusts, he fucked her roughly, like an out of control animal. As Tyler looked into her eyes, he saw a raw animal lust that was rare, and it fed his own lust more. They fed off each other’s beastly lust.

Tyler reached down with one hand and wrapped it around Jaylyn’s throat. As he fucked her - pummelled her really - he tightened his grip on her throat. He held her tight as he fucked her pussy. Tyler was pounding into her, deep, hard, fast and rough. His body was slamming into hers with abandon. Struggling to speak as he fucked her, his words came out in grunts.

“You’re – mine. You’re - cunt – is – mine! I – own - it!”

His one word grunts washed over Jaylyn, and his tight grip around her neck poignantly confirmed what he said was true.

As he pushed down her neck, with a tightened grip, and fucked her like an out of control beast - pounding against her body and in and out of her contracting cunt with a speed and fever of a possessed man - she began to feel another climax coming. Jaylyn couldn’t speak. Tyler’s tight hand around her throat prevented that. But she was making noises, moans, animal sounds that only fuelled Tyler’s passion, and her cunt was gripping his cock like a vice, tightening harder around his shaft; trying to squeeze his cum out and into her hot pussy.

“I’m going to cum in your married cunt. I’m going to fill your tight little pussy up with my seed!”

And as Tyler yelled that out, she felt it; hot cum shot deep into her cervix, over and over again as he spent himself with each thrust into her. It sent Jaylyn over the edge and her muscles clamped down on his cock, her body spasmed in orgasm and she let out a loud scream that sounded like something from the animal kingdom. Her nails scratched down his back and drew blood as he ravished her body, and her legs tightened around him in climax. It was a dirty, base mating of animals; raw and craven. The release of beastly passion in fulfilment of animal desire – animal need.

That’s what they had both become; animals. They were nothing but beastly animals using each other’s bodies for decadent pleasure. And Jaylyn knew, from the evil grin on Tyler’s face, that this weekend was not over. He came in her cunt hard, with the dildo still planted in her ass, and she knew that he had many more things in store for her. It both scared and excited her. And as she lay there in her marital bed, a “stranger’s” cock deep inside her cunt, his sperm leaking out of her onto the bed, Jaylyn smiled a satisfied, but slutty smile.

Tyler spoke into the silence what Jaylyn was thinking.

“Look at the depraved woman you have become, the animal, the beast, the dirty adulterous slut.”

Looking down at the marks on her body, and his cum running out of her gaping pussy, she smiled back at him, a longing, lusty smile – and a smile of complete satisfaction and release.

“Yes, just look at the slut you have made of me… god it feels good.”

A wicked laugh escaped her lips and Tyler grinned back at her. Enjoying her embrace of her darker side, Tyler pulled her chin up and looked deep into her eyes as he spoke.

“You know, I’m not done with you yet. I have a lot more in store for you, darling.”

Jaylyn’s reply was quick and confident, as she gave him a wink.

“I was counting on it.”

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