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Fantasy turned into reality

My ass now loved it
Fantasy turned into reality

“Hey cuckold, did you enjoy fucking Ann last night, would you like to fuck her again?” my wife shouted across the room.

“Oh yes, it was fucking great and please can I fuck her again,” I pleaded.

“If you are a good boy, I will arrange another meet but I have another surprise for you this Wednesday,” she said.

This had become our sex party night and I could not wait. A full six days to go. Was it a different woman, I wondered. I begged her to tell me more but she just laughed.

The not knowing aroused me and made me so hard every day. We fucked every night. I never lasted long enough and needed to use the strap on to satisfy her, well try and satisfy her. Could anyone satisfy my wife’s sexual appetite?

My wife kept calling me that name and laughing. I never got the joke so the joke was on her as I pretended to laugh along with her.

My wife brought in a pair of hand cuffs. She cuffed me, blindfolded me and used the strap on in me and kept using that name, “cuckold” but who cared. I had as much sex and pleasure a guy could want.

“Not bad for a cuckold,” I sniggered.

Wednesday had arrived; I loved our play night.

“Have you washed your ass, have you looked at our toys?” came a shout from the bath, where my dominant wife lay naked, covered in bubbles.

“Of course,” I replied, like I did every Wednesday I was now in a routine.

“Put your blindfold on, kneel on your chair with your ass in the air and cuff yourself,” my wife demanded.

“I thought I was not to wear the blindfold this week,” I pleaded, just in case she had forgotten.

“Oh that’s right,” she recalled. “You will begin the night with it on and if you are a good boy I will remove it,” she whispered in my ear, “but for now resume your position.”

I could not wait to get the party started but had to go through her ritual. Her phone rang, she went to the door, she then returned; verbally abused me, laughed, and then the role play began.

“What one of you guys wants to fuck me first and who wants to fuck his ass?” she said out loud.

I heard no reply but did feel my ass getting wetter with the “Lube” ready for the big 9 inch strap on which I was now beginning to love.

My wife was toying with me, “The cock you are getting is a smaller one than you are used to.”

My heart missed a beat, to my shock a smaller cock was inserted in my ass, my mind was blown.

“Had my wife really brought a guy home, was she really letting a guy fuck her husband’s ass?” I asked myself.

A sudden relief came over me; yes she was good, and a great actor. How had I not seen it, I chuckled to myself. She had now shoved her small vibrator into me; yes that’s what it was.

I was relaxed now and began to enjoy the smaller, vibrator; I’ll played along, “smaller cock” in my ass, as it pumped away at me. It was alright but I can understand now when a woman says, “size matters.” I could not wait till the bigger one fucked my ass.

I heard my wife moan from the bed, “Your cock is so big, fuck me harder, fill my pussy with your cum.”

What the fuck, who was pounding my ass if my wife was on the bed? My mind was racing, of course, I shot my load, I had been a good boy, Ann was back, that was it. I had a great wife.

I felt my ass get filled. I gave up trying to figure it all out. Ann now pulled the dick out of me and offered it to my mouth as usual, I sucked it dry. To my surprise I felt a hand on my dick then a mouth cleaning up my mess, I could not wait to fuck her again. I did not even care if I lasted a minute or an hour.

“Open your mouth,” I heard my wife say as I was brought back into reality.

I felt my normal big dick, the strap on, ease into my mouth. I could taste my wife’s pussy from it. I cleaned it up and longed for it to stretch open my ass.

My ass now swallowed my big dick, I loved how it filled me and could make me climax, which I did twice before I felt a twitch in my love hole and it seemed to get wetter.

“Do you want the blindfold removed cuckold?” my wife asked.

“Yes please, yes please!” I screamed.

“Have you been a good boy?” she said. “Tell my two fuck buddies what you have done all week.”

“Yes I have been a good boy, I have cleaned your pussy every night, I have licked the cum from your panties and done as I have been told,” I replied.

“See I have trained him well, my very own cuckold husband, he just love’s a guy’s cock up his ass, in his mouth and loves tasting another guys cum,” she laughed.

“Whatever,” I said to myself, “I can’t wait to get this blindfold off and fuck Ann again.”

“Before I remove it, I want you to do a few things for me. I’ll release your handcuffs, and then I need cleaned up,” she said.

I set to it and slurped the lot up, to my surprise my mouth was offered her ass hole as well to clean up. I did it anyway, so as to get the blindfold removed. I was rock hard.

I heard my wife’s voice again, “You need to fuck us both in the ass before it is removed.”

“Guide me to my first ass. “Will it be Ann first?” I asked.

I felt my wife’s hand grasp my cock and lead me to the entrance. I slid it in and thrust hard a few times.

“Don’t you dare cum, you have another ass to fuck,” she shouted.

I was guided to the second ass and pumped it hard until I exploded right up her ass.

“Clean up his ass, then I’ll remove your blindfold,” I was instructed.

I loved all this; as soon as I was finished I was led back to my chair and sat down.

“Are you sure you want your blindfold removed?” I was asked.

Bloody right I did, I wanted to fuck Ann again, to see her tits and hairy bush. “Yes,” I replied.

“Ok, if you are sure. You can now remove it when you’re ready,” she said.

I ripped it off there and then and opened my eyes; I could not believe what I was seeing. Two guys stood in front of my naked wife.

“Where is Ann?” I enquired.

As the guys got dressed, the good looking guy with the big cock asked me, “Did you like fucking my ass, did you like it when I cleaned up your dick? Did you like my big cock up your ass but most of all did you like tasting your wife’s pussy from my dick as you swallowed my load, yep you certainly are a cuckold.”

I went silent trying to get a grasp of this fantasy or was it now reality?

My wife screamed, "Do not be ignorant and answer Paul, you cuckold.”

“Yes,yes,yes fucking yes,” I screamed.

I was embarrassed to admit it but if this was reality, I really had enjoyed it.

“I have a good cuckold husband, same time next week guys, no blindfolds,” she said as she kissed them, right on the lips.

I need to look the meaning of this word up,”cuckold.”


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