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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 07

Mike,Terri,Don and Carol go out to dinner. The game begins

Chapter VII


"Well how are you two getting along?" Carol asked, walking up and standing next to Don and Terri's table.


"Just fine, Carol." Terri replied. "We've been sitting here listening to the music and talking about different things. How about you and Mike?"


"Mike and I are getting along great," Carol replied. "He was telling me all about you and himself and what you all do when you come down here on vacation. It sounds like this place can be a lot of fun if you know where to go and who to be with."


"Mike's right about that. When we first started coming here, we didn't know a soul until we got aquatinted with the McNutt's." Terri explained. "They showed us some of the hot spots around the lake and also pointed out some of the better coves where other boaters seldom visit."  


"You and Mike will have to show them to us sometime." Carol said. "But right now it’s getting late and I'd like to have a dance with Dan before we head for home tonight."


When Don stood up Mike noticed the stain on the front of his jeans then thinking to himself that Terri must have been the one to cause that spot while playing with his cock under the table. "How about you, honey? Would you like to dance?" Mike asked, holding out his hand to his wife.


Terri slid her chair back and took Mike's hand and they walked to the dance floor. Once they started dancing, Mike asked his sexy other half what was on her hand to make it so sticky? She gave a small chuckle, pressed her body closer, then whispered in his ear, "I had Don’s cock out and was jacking him off under the table and before we could stop he shot his load all over my hand and leg."


"I hope you didn't drain him too much because I've got a big surprise for you tonight?" Mike informed her.


"What kind of surprise?" she asked, her lower body mashing tight against Mike's and feeling his rock hard cock against her mound. "Is it something to do with us or with Don and Carol?"


Mike proceeded to tell her about the plan that he and Carol had come up with. What he omitted telling her was that they came up with the plan outside in the van. The plot agreed with Terri because Mike felt her jam her mound tight against his cock and moan. When the music ended, Terri returned to her table to re-join Don and Mike went join to Carol, who was now sitting down waiting for him to return. "Don's all in favor of the idea," she said. "He said he can't wait to get Terri into bed again."


"Good, then I guess we better get this show on the road." Mike said. "I can't wait to watch them two together again."


Time seemed to stand still as Mike thought about what might take place later tonight. After about an hour or so of dancing and drinking, Mike informed Carol that it he couldn't wait any longer and that she should tell Terri that he was smashed and needed to go home. "I think your right, love," she replied. "I'm getting horny again myself just thinking of what might happen tonight."


On the drive home, Mike sat in the back seat with Terri pretending to be drunk while Don drove back to the boat. What the two up front couldn't see was that Mike had his hand under his wife's dress the whole time teasing her dripping pussy. When they arrived back at the boat dock, Carol helped Terri get Mike out of the van and go along with him and Terri to their boat. Once inside the small cabin Terri pushed Mike down on their bed and began undressing him not in the least bit concerned that Carol was standing next to her the whole time she removed Mike's shoes, socks, shirt and finally his pants and lay them on the chair next to the bed. Then without thinking she slipped her fingers under the waistband of Mike's underwear and removed them too leaving him totally naked. Both women remained motionless, staring down at Mike whose cock was hard and laying flat against his abdomen.


"Boy, that certainly is a waste of a good hard cock," Carol remarked as they both stood there staring at swollen member.


"It most definitely is," Terri answered. "And with me in the mood for some good heated fucking tonight and he had to drink too much."


"Since your plans seemed to be ruined, why don't you come over and join Don and myself for a night cap then?" Carol suggested.


"Sure, why not." Terri remarked. "He'll probably sleep until noon tomorrow anyway and besides, from the way he looks there won't be any fucking going on in this bed tonight!"


Hearing the two exiting the cabin Mike peeked out the corner of his eye and watched the two women walk out. Then he felt the boat rock gently as they both stepped over the side and he could hear the sound of their high heels on the wooded dock as they crossed over to the houseboat. When he was positive that they were inside he got up and carefully went up on deck to where he had a perfect view inside the room. He noticed that Carol had purposely opened the drapes and he could see Terri sitting on the couch talking with her. Then from out of the kitchen he saw Don enter the room carrying three glasses and a bottle of wine.


"The wines warm and the ice maker is on the fritz and we don't have any ice on board," Don told them. "I think I'll run down to the carry-out and pick up a bag. Why don't you two swap girl talk and I'll be right back?"


"No darling, you stay here and entertain Terri and I'll go," Carol replied. "I'll run over to the gas station and be back before you know it." Carol stood up and snatching up the keys to the car and her purse and out the door she went leaving Don and Terri alone.


As soon as Don heard the car start up he walked over to the couch and sat down next to Terri. The way she was setting allowed her skirt to hike up, revealing to top of her nylon covered thighs. Mike watched as Don reached over and placed his hand on her leg, and then slowly ease his fingers upward until they made contact with the bare flesh above her stockings. Terri, hot and horney spread her leg instinctively, allowing him a clear channel to her wet pussy and at the same time he leaned over and kissed her. With his arm now over her shoulder he pulled her closer while his hand cupped her breast and he squeezed causing the nipple to harden against his palm. Then his fingers came in contact with Terri’s pussy and Mike could hear Terri moaning into Don’s mouth.


"Oh Don, we shouldn't be doing this!" she moaned. "Carol will be back soon and catch us."


"Don't worry about her, honey we have plenty of time. It will take her at least an hour or maybe longer to get back," he told her.


Terri's whole body was aching for release as Don had managed to work two fingers into her inflamed cunt. Casting all caution to the wind, Terri raised her leg and hooked the heel of her shoe into the couch and with her pussy clutching Don’s stroking fingers; Terri's body went wild. "Oh God that feels so good," she moaned. "Harder Don, do me harder. I need to cum!”


With her dress now bunched up around her waist, Don plunged his fingers harder inside her tight, hairy bush that was now all matted and sticky with her juices. Don then slipped off the couch, knelt between Terri’s legs, and begin kissing the inside of her smooth thighs, working his way up to her cunt. Now sticky with her own juices Don playfully lapped at her cunt hairs tasting the sweet nectar of her before moving his mouth to her dripping vaginal rim. Don’s tongue slithered along Terri’s slick lips and he was collected the sweet nectar that was flowing freely from her female opening.


"OHHH lick my pussy!" she gasped. "Stick your tongue in me deep, please!" Don now licked her clitoris repeatedly bringing sexy squeals of delight from her as she reached down and grabbed the back of his head, pushing it deeper into her cunt. "Oh God, make me come, please make me come," she begged with great urgency. "I need to cum bad!" Don continued lapping at her pussy as he worked a finger under her writhing body, moving it to her tight virgin asshole so he could pleasure her from two angles. Terri's cries now became louder and Mike knew his wife was rapidly approaching orgasm.


With his tongue against her labia and clitoris, Don caused her to erupt with a blast that was strong enough to sink a boat. A flood of sweet female cream gushed onto his tongue followed by several more blasts leaving her breathless. With her knees clamped tight around Don's head Terri continued spasming as her orgasms struck in rapid succession and Don kept licking her gash, trying to soothe her, long after the final droplets of tangy juice dripped onto his tongue.


Mike still outside the window with a fresh hard-on watched while Don stood up after licking Terri into a series of quivering orgasms. His mouth still sticky with her juices, he leaned over kissing Terri while his hand remained between her legs, rubbing her pussy with an insistence that ensured her arousal remained.


"Carol will be back soon!” She gasped between their wet kisses.


"I don't care if she does," Don replied. "I've need you. I want to empty my balls inside of you, Terri!"


"Oh! Yes baby, I want that too. I want to feel your hot cock inside my pussy!" Terri moaned. "Hurry, Please HURRY!"


Stepping back and dropping his pant to the floor, Don stood before her in the tiniest pair of silk briefs Terri had ever seen. His wide cock head was sticking out over the top of his briefs oozing pre-cum as he tugged them down too and his enormous cock came lurching out in full view.


"Suck it for me, Terri," he told her as he stroked the monster up and down. "Get it good and hard for me!"


Dropping to her knees in front of him she hefted his large balls in her hand as though weighing them. "Hmmm, nice and heavy," she murmured. "So full of tasty cream. I'm going to enjoy emptying them again." Then she put her left hand over his cock head, extended her fingers downward, and caught the sensitive knob with the tips of her fingers. She wrapped her right hand around the shaft of his cock, twisted her fingers and pumped her fist up and down slowly.


"Damn, baby!" Don snarled. "That feels good! Where did you learn to do that?"


Terri grinned. "Yeah, I know it feels pretty good and I'm going to make it feel even better. Mike loves it when I do this to him too." Then Terri licked Don's nuts and then took them into her mouth one at a time and sucked them tenderly. Beginning at the base of his cock, she licked the shaft all over, touching it only with her tongue. Then putting her mouth on the very tip, she slowly lowered her head going lower and lower until she had swallowed the whole damn thing! Then pausing to allow his knob to soak in the hot confines of her mouth for a moment she lifted her head slowly without loosening her lips, and then went down again taking him into her throat.


"Jesus," Don moaned. "You're driving me nuts."


Terri teased his cock with the tongue as she tightened her fingers around his shaft and felt the head swell to almost twice its normal size. She jerked him rapidly several times then relaxed her fingers and jerked him slower, up and down the full length of his rod. She was delighted with the smooth, slippery sliding of his hot flesh rubbing through her sweaty palm.


"Damn, girl, suck it already!" Don moaned, arching his hips forward assisting her movements by driving his dick through the hollow of her fist. "Suck it before I cum all over your face!"


Terri grinned and jerked him faster. "That would be nice. I'd like to jack off your cock and feel it cumming all over my face and hands!"


"Jesus Christ... just suck it please!" he moaned, feeling his balls tighten. "You're driving me crazy!"


Terri hesitated just to tease him one last time, then leaned forward and gobbled up his dick. The huge shaft spread her lips wide and she lapped his bulging knob impetuously as it slid into her mouth, relishing the weight of his heavy prick on her tongue.


Don ran his fingers through her hair, and felt her tongue lapping his cock in her hot mouth. With one hand, she gripped his thigh and with the other she snaked up between his legs and stroked the small of his back, all the way down to his ass crack to his balls. It was too much for Don and he felt the cum rolling in his nut sack. He tightened his grip on her hair as a warning but Terri squeezed his balls firmly and began slowly fucking his raging cock with her hot mouth, all the way out, then all the way down her throat. She continued to work on his cock, then she felt his cock swell even more then looked up at him asking, "Are you ready to cum, baby? Are you ready to feed me all you hot cum?"


"I couldn't stop it now it if I wanted to!" he gasped. "God, girl, you have a wonderful way with your mouth."


Terri reached between his legs again to fondle his balls then stuck her right index finger up his asshole and gurgled around his cock. Don put a hand on top of her bobbing head and spread his fingers through her long blonde hair. The tingling in his balls intensified. He humped feverishly, fucking her hot mouth with his hard cock.


"Oh, Christ," he moaned softly as he drove his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. "Suck my cock, baby! Suck it!"


Terri drew him deeply into her mouth, pushing her lips down to base of his cock. Then she paused with her nose buried in the blond bush of his pubic hair. His cock twitched and throbbed fiercely against her tongue as she swallowed it whole.


Don now put his hands on either the side of her head and helped her bob up and down. "Christ, baby, I'm going to cum! I can't hold it back any longer."


Terri pulled back and his long hot cock popped from her mouth and rested against her flushed cheek. She clutched his shaft and rubbed the head over her cheek, breathing softly, wetly. "I want you to cum, Don!" she whispered. "I want you to cum in my mouth." Terri squeezed his hard cock and jerked it rapidly. "I want to feel you're cum pumping into my mouth and sliding down my throat!" Then she licked his swollen cock head as if it was a piece of obscene, sexual candy. Then she took his dick back into her mouth and bobbed her head rapidly. Feeling his prick swell she tightened her lips around the shaft sucking as hard as she knew how, trying frantically to siphon his sperm into her mouth.


"Oh, baby, I'm going to cum!" he groaned. "I'm going to cum. NOW!"


Don's hot; gluey discharge suddenly flooded her mouth. Terri gobbled noisily, swallowing his slippery seed with an insatiable greed. The sticky liquid coated her teeth, tongue, lips and the inside of her cheeks. She gulped and swallowed, and swirled her tongue across the tip of his cock so she could feel the spatter of his cum.


"Drink it, baby!" Don shouted. "Drink it all!"


Like a bee to honey, she lowered her head and lapped out her tongue to catch Don's briny load. Trickles of cum ran from her lips, down her chin, but she had swallowed enough to leave a warm feeling all the way to the pit of her stomach. Then lifting her head, Don's shaft popped from her lips, a thick dribble of sperm oozing from its tip. Terri remained before him, her lips still sticky from his sperm, her hand busy between her own thighs, and said, "I need you to fuck me, now!"


Don fell back on the couch his cock, sticking straight out from his belly, amazingly it was still hard. Terri stood up, still rubbing her clit and straddled his thighs. She wrapped her fist around his prick and stroked it lovingly. "This is going to feel so good in my pussy." Then she rubbed the sticky cock head up and down on her clit then she stuck the head in her humid hole and slid down onto his shaft, engulfing him completely within her.


Now riding his erect dick, Don reamed her cunt mercilessly. Her juice ran down his shaft, leaking out of her with each fresh stroke their pubic hairs matted and tangled with wetness. Repeatedly they slammed together, his pelvic thrusts sending shock waves of stimulation to her clit with each connection. Suddenly, Don rolled Terri onto her side, not missing a stroke, and came atop her, still shoving her full of his hard prick. Terri humped her ass up and down and swung it from side to side as he slid his sword in and out of her delightfully dynamic scabbard, going slowly so both of them could thoroughly enjoy the splendid sensation to the utmost.


Terri's hands ran all over his pulsating body as he thrusted into her cunt. Cupping the cheeks of his firm, taut ass she urged him on. He was fucking her now with the full length of his cock, pulling back until only the head was between her clinging lips, then pushing forward until his shaft was completely buried in her vibrant opening. His heavy balls bounced off the cheeks of her ass as she jiggled and twisted beneath him. "Fuck me!" She moaned, pushing her right hand between their bodies into her crotch, fingering her clit and humping her ass faster. "Fuck my pussy!" Don fucked Terri's cunt easily, with long easygoing strokes then he felt another orgasm building within him and made no effort to delay it. He reached down and kneaded Terri's tit as he speared his cock into her splendid snatch.


Terri suddenly twisted and bucked harder. "Ohhhhhh," she wailed. "I'm going to cum, NOW! It feels so fucking good! I'm cumming!" She didn't have to announce the arrival of her carnal eruption. Her body movements told the whole story, but that did not stop her from vocalizing her ecstasy. The pressure behind Don's cock grew to an intolerable intensity. His control suddenly evaporated and he exploded in another shattering orgasm. Hoarse moans poured from his mouth as the cum spurted from his prick and he drove his plunger deeper into Terri's bucking body with formidable lunges. Terri's voice rose in a wavering howl when she felt Don's hot spunk gush into her. They both writhed in a pile of naked bodies and thrashing limbs, wailing and grunting and cumming.


When Don finally had the energy to straighten up he was still between Terri's thighs with his cock still embedded inside her lively twat. "God damn women," he muttered, "your cunt is still sucking on my cock." Don then moved back and sat down and Terri's right leg slid down between his back and the couch. He could see the inflamed red lips of her twat covered with a frothy gobs of his sperm. Terri looked down at her pussy and giggled softly as the river of fresh male spunk trickled out of her fuck hole and down her to her ass. Then she looked at her lovers cock as it lay flat against his thigh, big, solid and thick surrounded by a tangled mat of blond hair. His heavy balls, lighter by several loads of cum, dangled between his legs. Her fingers shook a trifle when she reached over and touched his exhausted meat. "You have a gorgeous cock, Don," she murmured. Then she bent down and kissed the sticky tip of his cock.




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