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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 09

Carol, Terri and Mike Plan a day on the Lake with Don.

Chapter IX



Mike lay in bed listening to the birds singing outside and enjoying the gentle rocking of the boat when he heard a gentle knock on the cabin door. Glancing at the clock hanging on the wall he saw that it was only eight o'clock . Wondering who it could be this early in the morning he rolled out of bed slipped on his robe over his naked frame and went to door to see who was there. When he opened the door he was greeted by Carol, who was standing there, dressed in a green thong swimsuit and open toed sandals.


"Good morning!" she said. "I hope I didn't wake you, did I?"


"No, I was just laying in bed trying to talk myself into getting up." Mike replied, as his eyes took in her smooth body.


"Good, I didn't want to wake you up too early but I wanted to talk with you and Terri before you made any plans for today.


"What did you have in mine,” Mike asked, when a voice from behind him spoke up.


"Who's at the door honey?" Terri asked, sitting up holding the sheet over her naked breasts.


"It's Carol." Mike answered over his shoulder. "She wants to talk with us.”


“Well let her in then,” Terri said from the bed.


Hearing this, Carol pushed past Mike, walked to the bed, sat down next to Terri and began telling her of the plans she and Don had for the day and wanted to know if Mike and her wanted to go along.


Mike walked over to the bed to listen in to the two girls as they talked. From his vantage point Mike had a perfect view of Carol's breasts in the string top. He could see the soft mounds of tit flesh straining against the two triangle patches of green material that just covered her nipples and threatened to pop free with each breath she took. His eyes subsequently trailed down her sleek body and came to a rest at the junction between her smooth white thighs. Mike's cock raised up inside his robe as he gazed down and focused on her pussy area. With the way Carol was sitting on the bed, one foot tucked under her ass the other planted on the floor, the green fabric of her thong swimsuit separated her pink cuntlips down the middle and Mike could see them perfectly. Suddenly Mike was brought back to reality when he heard both girls laughing. Looking at them both, he noticed that the bed sheet had fallen away from Terri's breasts and her nipples were hard and she was breathing heavily but she made no attempt to cover herself back up as she watched Carol’s hand slip into Mike’s robe and grasp his hard tool. Before Mike knew what was happening Carol fingers were wrapped around his now rigid cock squeezing and stroking it gently. She started to stimulate his cock with slow even strokes she reached up then with her free hand loosened the belt of his robe exposing the hardy erection in her hand. Mike froze looking at Terri for some kind of negative reaction while Carol's fingers increased the stimulation on his cock.


"He sure has a nice hard cock!" Carol said, breaking the silence. "It sure would be a shame to let it go to waste this morning, don't you think Terri?"


"Yes I do, Carol. What do you think we should do about it?" Terri asked, staring up at her husband then down to his hard member be slowly stroked by the sexy redhead.


"Well lets see. You wouldn’t mind if I had a taste of it, do you?" Carol asked, stroking harder and causing a droplet of fluid to appear at the opening.


"Only if we share it together," Terri replied sitting up on the bed allowing the bed sheet to fall completely away from her now nude body.


"That sounds agreeable to me," Carol answered. "How about you Mike, have you ever had two women suck you off, together?”


Before Mike could give them his answer, Carol's lips opened and her soft tongue licked the pre-cum that was leaking from the small opening at the top of his cock. Then her lips surrounded his cock and she began sucking on the swollen head. her fingers slowly jerking his shaft as she sucked him deeper into her heated mouth. With her other hand, reached for his balls and squeezed them gently while her head bobbed up and down on Mike's member, sucking him even harder. Mike placed his left hand on Carol's head and began to fuck his cock into her mouth. Her lips formed a perfect gasket around his cock as she continued to suck him deeper and deeper. Mike’s hips were moving back and forth thrusting his slick cock into Carol's mouth when he looked over at Terri. She winked at him, smiled and gave him the “OK” then watched as Carol slurped away at her husbands dick. Terri never in her life realized how exciting it would be to see her own husband having his cock sucked by another woman right in front of her. Now she wished she had let Mike persuade into swinging years ago when he'd bought the subject up, this was really starting to be fun. Terri got up from the bed, moved behind her husband and slid the robe off his shoulders letting it drop to the floor. Mike turned his head, her lips met his and she slipped her tongue inside his mouth. While they kissed, Mike reached up, cupped one of her large breasts in his hand and squeezed softly. He could feel the nipple burning into his palm as it became stiffer. The next thing he knew Carol was pulling him down on the bed next to her. That caused him and Terri to separate and he fell on the bed while Carol continued to administer mouth to cock stimulation. Terri looked on then she knelt down on the bed next to the two sexually involved bodies began to work her way down Mikes body, kissing and licking as she went. Her lips moved from his neck to his hairy chest and she stopped to suck on one of Mike's hard nipples. Then she continued downward across his stomach, her tongue leaving a trail of goose bumps as she went.


Glancing down, Mike keep an eye on Carol's head bobbing up and down on his hard cock. With his load building he felt Carol withdrawal his cock from between her lips and with her hand gently gripping his cock at the base that she now offered its swollen head to Terri, who was overjoyed at the idea of sharing her husband's tool for the first time with another woman.


Terri's lips now replaced Carol's, taking her husbands cock deep into her mouth and sucking hard. Then pulling back until the throbbing head was just inside her mouth she teased the underside of her husbands stiff cock with her tongue. Moving his hips in an up and down motion, Carol's hand continued to feed his cock into Terri's fiery mouth. Then suddenly the girls switched positions again. Carol was once more sucking Mike's cock and Terri reached between his legs, squeezing his heavy balls, rolling them gently between her soft fingers.


"Oh God, I'm going to cum," Mike yelled. His body stiffening as the hot juice began to flow up his shaft. Carol took the first shot inside her mouth then pulled back to allow Terri her share her husbands load. The next shot missed both mouths and landed on Mike's stomach before either one could catch it. The third blast hit its target as Terri's lips closed over the tiny opening. Both girls took their turn sucking until the last drop was gone. With his balls now empty, both girls licked Mike's spent shaft clean until all evidence of his sperm was gone. Completely satisfied with their work, both girls looked at each other and smiled then Terri moved closer to Carol and their lips met in a passionate kiss, sharing the remainder of Mike’s cum between them. Mike couldn’t believe his eyes. Here was his wife of 15 years in a woman-to-woman kiss with the sexy next-door neighbor. The girls broke their kiss Carol stood up and removed her swimwear and laid back down next to Terri began kissing Terri’s neck then she moved down toward her breasts. Terri returned the favor by stroking her breast and playing with her hard nipples. Carol then kissed down her body and stopped at her throbbing pussy.


“I want to feel your tongue on my clit!” Terri said.


Carol licked her clit slowly getting Terri further aroused wanting her to beg to be fucked. Carol then moved her tongue down and pushed it inside her and Terri began to push herself onto Carols’ tongue thrusting it deeper inside her. Her moans where getting louder and Carol needed to be touched too, she rolled round to a 69 position with Terri and lowered her pussy to Terri’s lips. Terri not knowing exactly what to do followed Carols lead and began to suck and lick Carols clit. Carol was licking Terri’s clit and could feel her getting closer to cumming. Terri opened her legs wide, Carol pusher her face into her, and sucked her hard clit into her mouth. Terri grabbed her ass, pulled her pussy to her face and returned the favor.


Carol then pushed 2 fingers inside her whilst licking her clit; her wetness was all over her face as she fucked her harder with her fingers. She pushed deep inside her until she couldn’t take anymore. She fucked her until she was screaming in pleasure because she wanted to make her explode all over her.


As she started to cum that got Carol off, Terri was fucking her face fast and hard making her fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy. Her clit was throbbing hard against Carol’s tongue and she began to cum as she pushed her fingers into her hole. Terri let out one final moan before cumming all over Carol’s face and it ran down the back of her throat. Carol came with her as Terri pulled on her clit with her teeth. Both ladies felt amazing and couldn’t be touch as they fell apart to rest.


Mike still couldn’t believe what had just materialized. He had just witnessed his wife suck, lick another woman’s pussy and enjoy it.


When both woman recovered they moved up next to Mike on the small bunk and laid next to him. “That was amazing; Mike said as he pulled the two naked females close to him and kissed each one. Then he looked at Terri and said, “I would never had believed this if I hadn’t seen it myself.”


“Did you like it?” Terri asked her husband.


“What do you think?” He replied nodding down to his erect cock. "I want to thank you both for a extraordinary time today." He went on. "Now what can I do to repay you both?"


The girls looked at each other across Mike's hairy chest and smiled. Terri spoke up making the suggestion. "Well, if are in agreement with my plan and Don and Carol agree I would like for us to swap partners for the day? Carol and you, me and Don? What do you say?"


"Well I don't have a problem with that, honey," Carol spoke up first. "In fact, I'd take pleasure in the chance to feel your husbands hard cock shooting off inside my pussy!" She said as her hand moved down and stroked Mike’s hard cock.


"Well, I guess there's not much more I can say then, except how do you two plan on suggesting the idea to Don?"


"Let Terri and me handle that part," Carol replied. "When we all go out boating today, we'll get him interested don't you worry? All you have to do is just play along with us, okay?"


"No problem ladies," Mike said. "But I do have just one request of you, Terri?"


"What's that, dear?" Terri asked.


"I want to watch you fucking Don?" Mike said. "I think it would be a real turn on for me to see you being fucked with another mans cock."


Both girls looked at one other and laughed. "I don't have any objections if Carol doesn't?" Terri replied. "Besides, I'd like to watch you and Carol too."


"Nope! I don't have a problem at all with us all watching each other. I think it would be a big turn on. Then maybe the four of us could get together and try some unique positions," Carol suggested.


"Well, it's all set then," Mike, said. "What time do you want us coming over?"


"You can come right now if you'd like," Carol replied. "The sooner we get started the sooner the fun can begin."


"I think I need to take a shower first," Terri remarked. "After all that smoke last night in the night club I'd like to freshen up some."


"Your right about that. I could use a shower this morning myself." Mike replied. "How about we meet you in about an hour?"


"That sounds great. I'll tell Don so he'll be ready to shove off when you get back." Carol replied releasing Mike’s cock and getting up from the bed. She wanted to hurry back and inform Don that Terri and Mike would be joining them around after they showered. She also wanted to reveal to him what happened this morning and what the plans for the day were.


Terri and Mike wasted little time getting things together then they headed for the showers room located at the top of the ramp near the parking lot. Walking up the dock hand in hand, Mike could feel the excitement building again in his groin. His cock slowly swelling inside his robe as he pictured Terri and Don locked in a passionate embrace with Don's cock pumping in and out of his wife's tight pussy.


Once they reached the shower rooms Terri gave him a kiss and went inside. Mike walked around the building to the "MEN'S" entrance. When Mike opened the door and stepped inside he become conscious of a tall black man standing at one of the many sinks lining the wall, shaving. The dark stranger had a towel wrapped around his waist and was looking into the mirror above the sink, scrapping whisker from his chin. Upon hearing the door open, he turned around to see who was coming in.


"Good morning. Hope you don't mind sharing your shower facilities this morning," he said, returning to the task of shaving.


"No, make yourself at home," Mike replied, walking toward the shower room.


The showers were identical to the kind you'd find in any type army barracks. The large block room, painted sea green, had six showerheads mounted on each side of the room. The floor was a red Spanish tile that matched the walls perfectly. Selecting the first showerhead, Mike adjusted the water temperature so as not to make it too hot or cold. Then hanging his towel on the nearby hook he stepped under the warm water allowing it to stream down his body. After a few minutes, the man that had been shaving in the outer room joined him in the shower room. Mike watched as the man removed his towel and hung it on the nearby hook. Then he turned around and Mike saw one of the thickest cock he'd ever seen on any man before. Hanging there limber it was must have been only four inches in length but it must have been 2 1/2 inches in diameter and it was hanging over a set of balls that gave the appearance of two dwarf oranges. Theorizing to himself, Mike knew it would take a special kind of woman to master a cock that thick. Mike looked away as the stranger stepped under the shower across from him. Then he heard the guy speak out.


"The name's Ed Brown," he said, as the water splashed over his brawny back.


"Nice to meet you Mr. Brown. I'm Mike Tanner," Mike replied. "Haven't seen you around here before, are you new to this area?"


"Just call me Ed, Mike," The stranger replied. "The wife and I come down here quite a bit to do some fishing," he went on as he soaped himself. "This weekend the wife’s girlfriend came with us and I can't get to the bathroom with two women around."


"I can just imagine what you're going through," Mike replied laughing.


"Do you have a boat down here, Mike?" Ed asked lathering up.


"Sure do. I have a 40 foot cabin cruiser docked down below." Mike told him.


"You don't mean that old wooden Chris-Craft cruiser do you?" He asked.


"Yea, that's the one. We bought her from a close friend then spent a couple years putting her back into shape." Mike told him.


"Well she sure is a beauty from what I could see. I'd like to get a closer look at her sometime if you don't mind?" Ed inquired.


"Stop by anytime. The wife and I will be here all week on vacation. You can drop by and I'll give you the nickel tour." Mike answered.


"I think I'll take you up on your offer," he replied. "I love old wooden boats. They're in a class all by themselves." Ed answer back.


Ed then proceeded to tell Mike that he was down here with his wife and her girlfriend for a week of fishing and relaxing. He also said that he had a small pontoon, 24 footer, but wanted to get something bigger next year. The small craft just wasn't large enough for the whole family when they all came down and they always had to rent rooms at the local motel to sleep in.


Finishing his shower, Mike informed Ed that it was nice meeting him and he hoped to see him again. He also told Ed to bring his wife and her girlfriend along too if he wanted. His wife and their next-door neighbor lady would love to have more females to chat with. Afterward he stepping out of the shower, dried himself off, put on his robe and went outside to see if Terri was ready yet. To his surprise she was already there waiting for him with her hair wrapped in a white towel and her robe around her shoulders.


"What took you so long in there? she asked as Mike approached her.


"NO. I meet this guy inside and he was asking me about our boat." Mike answered. "He also told me that he's down here with his wife and her girlfriend to do some fishing."


"Well I thought I heard voices over on your side but couldn't figure out who you would be talking with," she said. "I almost came over to see who you were with."


"He said something about staying in a motel and between the two women he can never get into the bathroom so he came down here." Mike explained.


"Very funny!" Terri answered. "You guys are always complaining about us women taking too long in the bathroom."


"Well it's true and you all know it." Mike replied. "And besides, if you would have come over to get me, you would have had the shock of your life."


"Why is that? Were you two guys getting close or something?" Terri asked with a grin.


"No we weren't smart ass! It's just that the guy was black and had the thickest cock I'd ever seen before. He must have been five inches long and very thick and he wasn't even hard."


"Sounds interesting, Mike. I wish now that I would have come over to see for myself." Terri replied, taking Mike’s hand as they walked together down the wooden dock. “I’ve never seen a naked black man before. It might have proved to be another new experience.”


Then Mike thought to himself but shook it off. His wife would never consider fucking a black man, or would she?


To be continued ..........

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