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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 10

Ed and Family Join the Games

Chapter X


Lori's succulent cunt lips were stretched out so far apart it looked as if you could drive a truck between them! Ed licked his lips and knew what his oversexed wife’s girlfriend was up to. "What the hell are you doing?" Ed gasped.


"Why don't you come over here brother and find out?" Lori said.


Her naughty grin causing Ed's dick to throb as he watched her. "Where is Janice?" he asked his wife’s girlfriend as he undid his belt, letting his pants drop to the floor.


"Screw Janice, and screw you too!" she teased, sliding a long dark finger deep into her exposed and tantalizing pussy. Then wiggling it around she whimpered lustily, "I'm here to have a good time, and you're wasting time."


"You know she's right, Ed," a female voice from behind him said. "Go on and eat her pussy, baby. You know you want too."


Ed turned around at the sound of his wife's voice and saw Janice standing in the bathroom doorway. She was as naked as her girlfriend, one hand cupping a monstrous black tit topped off with a long hard nipple and the other hand buried in her pussy. Ed was thrilled at the proposition and showed both women he was as eager as they were to play their forbidden games.


"That's it!" Lori grinned; fingering herself deeper and faster as Ed walked to the bed and knelt down at her crotch. "You catch on fast!"


Forgetting that this woman was his wife's girlfriend Ed hungrily licked the insides of her rich dark thighs and inhaled her ripe smell of her pussy. It smelled like sweat and funk and something uniquely her own. It was like an aphrodisiac as he tongued closer to the source.


"Come on, sweetie pie," Lori urged as she spread her pussy lips wider still. Ed was looking into a juicy, pink tunnel that seemed to have no end. It was like dangling a carrot in front of a horse, and Ed took the bait without hesitation.


"Yeah!" Lori moaned as Ed grabbed her thighs, took a deep breath then plunged his head between her legs. When his tongue raked against her soft cunt lips, she squealed in delight. Faster and faster Ed licked her cunt, driving her wild with his calculated tongue thrusts. With his face shoved hard between her legs and his nose compressed against her mound of dark wet fur, her cunt lips were juicy and tangy and he drove his tongue so far inside her that it would completely disappear.


"You're so fucking tasty!" Ed moaned into Lori's pussy.


"Don't forget you get two for the price of one honey!" Ed heard his wife's voice seemed to drift from somewhere far away. She was standing beside him now her cunt only inches away from his head as he devoured this womanly twat eagerly. Then pulling his head back and seeing his wife's succulent snatch before him, he gave Lori's pussy some parting slurps then turned his full attention to his wife, Janice.


"That's it, baby," she moaned, stroking the back of her husbands head as he shoved his face between her legs. "Lick my pussy real good too."


While Ed tongued his wife's tasty gash, Lori dropped to the floor and went to work on her girlfriends husbands throbbing black cock. Lori yanked his underwear down and grabbed his meat tightly. She then squeezed it before popping the swollen knob between her puffy lips and sucked greedily. A shock wave of pure, raw lust coursed through Ed's crotch and sent a hearty tingle to the bottom of his balls when he felt Lori's succulent mouth cover his cock.


"Suck it you horny bitch!" Ed grunted taking his face from his wife's muff long enough to check out the action between his legs. "Take it all, sister!"


Lori didn't need any advice from him. She knew exactly what she was doing and went to work on his dick like she was starved for it. She gnawed gently on the tip and tongued that super sensitive stretch below the head until he was writhing with pleasure. Ed didn't know how much more of this he could take before he shot his load so he announced to both women that he needed to get his cock inside some pussy damned fast. Janice said she wanted him to keep his tongue right where it was, so that left him with only one alternative.


"Okay, sister," he said to Lori. "Spread'em!"


Somehow, the three of them twisted around in record time so they could accommodate their individual desires. Lori sprawled on her back and opened her legs wide so Ed could crawl between them and plant his meat where it was needed most. When he began plowing Lori's snug snatch, Janice knelt at his head and fed him some of her juicy cunt. This wasn't the first time Ed had fucked the two women at the same time before, and the sensation was always overwhelming. He didn't even bother to consider the fact he was cheating on his wife (sort of) or that the third party was none other than his wife's girlfriend from work. Subconsciously he'd always had the secret burning for Lori. Lori had a tendency to flaunt her big tits in low-cut dresses, skimpy swimsuits, and he was all too eager to check them out. More than once, he'd gotten a hard-on from nothing more than watching her sunbathe, and apparently his wife and her were all aware of his secret desire. He couldn't be certain about his motivations but as he plowed, deeper into Lori's ravenous snatch and crammed his tongue between his wife’s loudly sucking lips he didn't analyze it further. All he knew for sure was that he had two pussies to work on his cock and that was more than enough for him!


"Gonna cum soon," he said as the first early warning signs of orgasm made his nuts tingle.


"How about letting me have a taste of that pussy?" Lori grunted as Ed pumped his cock into tight pussy.


"Great!" Janice agreed. "Oh yessssssssss! That's it honey more!" Ed wasn't really shocked. He knew his wife and her girlfriend often engaged in oral sex together when he wasn't there. Ed pulled his face from Janice's snatch and watched as she squatted down on Lori's face.


As he watched his wife's pussy being devoured by her horny girlfriend, his nuts really started humming. He couldn't believe how much Janice seemed to be enjoying the feel of another women's tongue up her twat and how eagerly Lori devoured her succulent target. Ed's dick really throbbed as he drove it even deeper into her girlfriends’ pussy. His pounding prick made sticky, wet sounds as it stretched her snug twat to the max. It was almost drowned out by Lori's hungry slurping as she sucked out his wife's cunt juices. Ed was so hot his balls felt like they were going to explode and as he felt the juices rushing toward release he surrendered to the feeling.


"Gonna cum!" he roared as he moved his ass faster, driving deep into the hot pussy of the woman beneath him.


"Me too!" Janice screamed. "NOW!"


As his juice gushed into Lori's waiting snatch, he felt her peak beneath him. At the same time, Janice washed Lori’s face with her own juice, soaking her lips with cunt juice that were eagerly licked away. They all three laid there for a while, sort of stuck together, until Lori suggested they get dressed and head for the boat. Ed and Janice watched as Lori's bare bottom moved toward the bathroom to get ready.


Janice leaned closer to her husband and grinned. "Looks like it's going to be a long, hot summer honey. Think your up to it?"


Back at the boat Terri and Mike went below to dress for the days' activities. Terri put on a pair of white shorts, omitting her underwear, and a red halter-top that allowed the tops of her breasts to show. When they both finished dressing, they made their way over to join Don and Carol. Once on board the houseboat they prepared to lift anchor and get underway. Mike helped Don untie the boat from its moors and headed the craft away from the dock and onto the lake. When they were out about a 1/2 mile, Terri and Carol excused themselves and went inside the cabin so Mike joined Don at the wheel and both men exchanged small talk as the pontoon made its way further out on the lake.


When they had been out for about an half hour both girls made their appearance on deck this time they were dressed in the sexiest swimsuits ever. Mike felt his cock beginning to swell as he inspected both the beauties from head to toe. His wife was wearing a black string bikini that consisted of two small triangular patches covering her full, 36DD breasts and her nipples were making detailed impressions against the material. Her matching bikini bottom covered most of her pussy but a few strands of blonde pubic hair could be seen around the edges. Carol was wearing the same style outfit, but in white. Both girls wore matching slide heels and when they walked across the deck their breasts jiggled beautifully.


Mike's cock jumped again inside his tight jeans as he watched the girls walking away from him toward the rear of the houseboat. No evidence of clothing could be seen covering their naked asses as they walked across the deck sit down on lounge chairs. Peeping over at Don, Mike caught him eyeing the two women too and wondered if he was thinking the same thing.


"They sure look good enough to eat, don't they?" Don asked, having trouble paying attention to his driving the boat.


"You must have read my mind," Mike said, with a smile on his face. "I haven't had any breakfast yet either."


Both men laughed then Mike spoke up again. "I know a place just south of here about two miles that has a nice cove where we can be alone and spend a nice quite afternoon relaxing."


"That sounds excellent to me," he said. "Why don't you steer the course and I'll go inside and get us a couple of cold beers?"


Don left and went inside to get the beer as Mike piloted the boat to the small cove he had just mentioned. Terri and he had come here before to spend some quiet afternoons in the past and the water was always calm and there was a nice shallow area at the far end where they could swim alone and get naked if they so desired. The banks were lined with trees and heavy brush making it almost unapproachable from shore and that also made it private from prying any eyes. Mike swung the pontoon from the main stream of the lake and into the small channel leading to the cove. By this time Don had returned and handed him a cold can of beer. Taking a quick swallow, Mike maneuvered the boat close to the shoreline, making sure not to hit any low tree branches that loomed out over the water. When they arrived at the spot, Mike navigated to the far end of the lagoon, shut down the engine and told Don they to cast the anchors overboard. Once the pontoon was secure, they joined the girls on deck.


Carol was lying on her stomach with her legs spread slightly soaking up the late morning sun and from where the guys were standing she looked absolute gorgeous. The small strip of cloth from her swimsuit was concealed between her perfectly shaped buttocks. This really turned Mike on. He couldn't wait for the chance to get his hard member between those soft hills of flesh and penetrate her asshole like he had witnessed Don due earlier. Just the thought of it caused his cock to grow further, making it impossible to conceal the bulge inside his jeans. Mike looked over at his wife who was reclining back in her chair with her legs spread just enough for both men to notice the outline of her pussy which was barley covered by the black triangle strip.


Making an effort not to interrupt them, Don and Mike sat down across from the two beauties, dazzled by the sexy sights in front of them. Don eyes converged on Terri's pussy causing his cock to harden inside his shorts making it uncomfortable for him to sit still. Mike noticed him reach down to adjust his growing member until it was laying flat against his lower stomach, causing a noticeable bulge in his lap. Don looked over at Mike and noticed he wasn't the only one sporting a stiff dick. Mike's cock was every bit as hard as his own but both men sat there, quietly watching the girls before they realized that they had company.


Carol rolled over onto her back to get some sun when she noticed the guys had joined them. "Well hello there, glad to see you two could join us."


Terri heard Carol's voice, opened her eyes, and smiled at the two male figures sitting across from them. Her eyes glanced over toward her husband, then to Don who was still staring at her crotch. Conscious that Don eyes were staring at her pussy Terri raised her legs a little higher and spread them further apart showing off her camel toe. The movement caused the tiny patch of black cloth to disappear between her puffy cunt lips rendering Don an excellent view of her pussy. At the same time she was checking out the hard cock hidden inside Don's shorts and a broad smile appeared on her face knowing that it was her pussy causing the uncomfortable condition inside his pants, she felt proud of herself. She was getting very excited and hoped it wouldn't be long before she would feel his manhood penetrating her hot pussy again. She wanted and needed to feel his cum inside her cunt to help extinguish the fires that were burning deep inside her.


"You look mighty uncomfortable sitting there in that condition?" Terri said, looking over her sunglasses and not taking her eyes off Don's cock.


Taken by surprise at Terri's observation, Don looked up at the two females. "What do you mean by that remark?" he asked, shifting in his chair.


Both Carol and Terri laughed as they both pointed at the bulge inside Don's tight shorts. "Why don't you take that thing out and give it some room to breathe, honey?" Carol said, winking at him.


Don gulped then lowered his head and saw his cock straining against his shorts. He didn't know what to say knowing he'd been caught staring at Terri's pussy.


"You guys don't have to be embarrassed." Carol said. "We're all adults here so why don't both of you guys take your cocks out so Terri and I can see them? Besides it would make you both more comfortable."


Mike was the first on his feet, removing his shirt then unsnapping his shorts and pushing them down his legs allowing his stiff dick to spring free. “Oh that feels so much better,” He said laughing.


"Well if Mike can do it, so can I!" Don said, standing up and dropping his pants revealing his stiff manhood for all to see.


Both Mike and Don remained standing, their shorts around their feet and their hard cocks naked for the girls' inspection. Both women let out small gasps, while the guys' cocks harden even more. "They sure look real good to me," Carol said, her eyes looking at Don then over to Mike. Both girls smiled while the two men each took a deep breath and just stood there. Both of them were a little uncomfortable at first, but with the girls staring at their cocks with approval they got over that quick.


"They sure do," Terri replied, her hungry eyes looking at her husbands cock than over to Don's. "What do you think we should do with them two hard peckers, Carol?"


Carol's mouth was watering as she stood up and slithered out of her skimpy swimsuit. "I think it's only fair for us to show them ours too," she said, standing naked, except for her heels in front of the two naked men. Then walking over to where Mike was she knelt down at his feet and cupped his swollen balls in her hand. "You don't mind if I play with your husbands cock do you, Terri?" Carol asked as electricity shot through Mike's dick when her hand stroked his shaft up and down, causing it to leak pre-cum.


Terri watched the expression on Mike's face while Carol's hand slowly stroked her spouse hard cock, up and down right in front of her and her boyfriend. The sight was too much for her so she too stood up, and walked over to Don, and stood before him. "Only if I can play with your boyfriends?" she replied while her thumbs slipped inside the thin strip of material at her hips and she lowered the black triangle patch covering her pussy allowing it slide down around her feet.


"That sounds fair to me!" Carol replied. "How about it guys are you two up for game for a little switch?"


Don and Mike exchanged looks and then both spoke in agreement. "Let the games begin, ladies!"


With everybody in agreement, Terri shoved Don back down into his chair. Now with her crotch level with his face she parted her legs just enough to let him see that her pussy was juicy and ready. Don took a deep breath inhaling the aroma of her hot pussy while she reached down spreading the lips of her pussy even more. "Sometimes it helps to get closer look," she whispered, as her finger rocked her swollen clit from side to side. Don was unable to speak. He just watched as Terri played with her pussy until finally she looked down at his hard-on and smiled. "Think maybe it would help the swelling if I squatted down on that thing and let it soak inside me for a while," she gasped.


"Maybe," Don sputtered, as she squatted over his lap and teased his tingling tool with her sizzling, wet pussy lips. Don remained seated allowing her to tease his cock until his whole body was shaking with excitement. Then reaching up and grasped her hips he held her steady as she lowered her slick hot sheath onto his stiff dick.


Terri slithered down, taking the whole length of Don inside her tight passageway until she was sitting on his lap. With her leg straddling his, she planted her feet firmly on the deck and began to ride his massive cock up and down with long, slow strokes. The lubricant from her pussy coated his thick shaft as she rose up, until the swollen head was almost visible, then she plunged back down, engulfing him completely. Don was still holding onto her hips while he thrust his hips up to meet her as she descended onto his cock. Repeatedly, she worked her pussy up and down his hard length, squeezing the shaft with her inner muscles even as her orgasm approached. Don's hips were moving at a faster pace now, matching her every stroke when he felt his own orgasm approaching. Terri tried to lift up and off Don's cock, but he held her in position with the tip of his cock touching her womb and fired a large burst of cum inside her cunt. Terri screamed when the first blast hit her, causing the muscles inside her pussy to clamp down on his spurting member. Then feeling his next eruption hit her Terri threw her head back and closed her eyes tight. Her own orgasm started when the second, third then forth burst drenched her walls. Don's balls continued to pump shot after shot of hot cum inside her canal, at a slower pace now, until finally he was exhausted. Terri, squeezing her ass muscles tight, managing to capture and hold Don's hot sperm inside her pussy as they relaxed.


In the meantime Carol had released Mike's cock from her sucking lips and turned around with her back to him. Her fingers still holding his swollen member, she lowered her pussy onto his dick, until her ass rested against his stomach and he was buried to the hilt. Mike reached around her cupping a firm breast in each hand and squeezed the flesh tenderly at first, then harder, as Carol began riding him. One of her hands went to his balls gently squeezing the contents while her other hand she played with her clit. Her body performed at an accelerated pace at this point as her orgasm approached. Then moving back hard on Mike's cock, her climacteric orgasm over took her. Reaching his peak at the same time, Mike squeezed her breasts firmly, as his cock freed its cargo deep inside her hot pussy, coating her insides with large globs of his sperm.


The four of them remained in their positions, temporarily done in. Mike glanced over at Don and could see his eight-inch cock was still quartered inside Terri, even as she gently rocked back and forth. Sometime during their fucking, Don had freed her breasts from her suit and now she was holding them up to him while he sucked one hard nipple between his lips causing it to stiffen. Then he transferred his attention to the other pink tip, sucking it tenderly between his lips.


While Mike watched them, Terri turned her head in his direction and their eyes meet. A smile came across her lips and she continued to manipulate the hard cock inside her pussy and feed Don her swollen nipples. Mike winked at her and nodded at the dance she was doing on Don's lap. Understanding his meaning, she raised up slowly, allowing the shaft to appear, but keeping the head cradled inside her puffy red lips. The shaft was covered with a slippery mixture of their lovemaking and huge glob of cum lay matted in Don’s pubic hair. Her hips rocked back and forth, teasing the sensitive head, causing Don to groan as he continued to nurse at her heavy breasts. Then she lowered herself again, allowing the huge cock to rest inside her.


As soon as Carol had regained her strength she released the firm grip on Mike's cock and stood up. His crotch and shaft were covered with cum and glistened in the sunlight. Turning and seeing this, Carol bent over licking first the sensitive head of Mike's slippery dick then sliding her mouth down over his pole she used her tongue to clean the remaining fluid from his shaft. When she had finished cleaning him she released the still hard cock from her mouth and smiled at him.


"Boy, I sure needed that this morning," she said, looking over at Terri and Don, who were still coupled together.


Terri looked at Carol and agreed. "I know what you mean," she replied. "I always feel good when I have a stiff cock inside my pussy."


Both women laughed and Carol walked over to her chair and sat down. "You think you can tear yourself away from that cock in your pussy and come over here? I think we all have some chatting to do," she said.


Terri was reluctant to release her hold on Don's cock, but she gave in an with a final squeeze of her cunt, stood up, allowing Don’s member to withdraw from her pussy. Then she looked down at him and said. "You better keep him that way because I want some more of that big fellow."


Don smiled and slipped a finger along her clit, then pushed two fingers up inside her cunt. "You don't have to worry about that, baby. There's still plenty of cum left in my balls and your welcome to have it."


Terri turned around, walked over and took her seat next to Carol.


"I take it we all had a good time so far this morning and would like for it to continue, agreed?" Carol spoke up.


Don and Mike looked at each other, then back at the girls and shook their heads in agreement.


"Good, because I know Terri and I want that too," she said beaming.


"Since that's all settled, I think it time for the fun to continue," Terri said. "Anybody have any good ideas on what we do next?"


For starters Don suggested that they retreat inside to the bedroom so they could get more comfortable and they all agreed.



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