Fantasy Vacation Chapter 11

By Silverfox060

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Chapter XI


Once inside the bedroom Carol walked across the room to the sliding glass doors and closed the drapes, casting the room into semi-darkness then she turned around and walked over to the king size bed in the middle of the room. "Anybody have anything they want to do first?" Carol asked facing the other three.


"I think we need something to drink before we get started?" Don said excusing himself and heading for the kitchen. "Don't you all start without me?" He laughed as he left the room.


When he left, Carol and Terri both crawled up on the king size bed and patted the space between them inviting Mike to join them. Mike's cock was still hard even though he had just shot a hot load of cum up Carol's pussy and he took up his position in the middle of the bed between the two naked girls. Carol's soft fingers started playing with the dark hairs that covered his chest and trailed down to his stomach covering his nice size balls. Terri didn't waste any time either. She began fondling her husbands cum covered cock with slow even strokes while she watched Carol play with the hairs on Mike’s upper body. Enjoying the attention from the two naked females Mike leaned over and kissed his wife on the lips then turned to Carol and did the same.


Hearing the voice in the doorway the trio looked up and saw that Don had returned with a bottle of white wine and four long stem glasses. He was holding the tray just above his waist and his semi hard cock was pointing straight toward them. "I see you three have made yourselves comfortable while I was gone?" he said, moving toward the mahogany table next to the bed and setting down the tray. Then he came over to Terri's side of the bed and laid down behind her. His cock found the crack of Terri's smooth ass and he slipped the semi-hard shaft between her soft cheeks, as she continued to jerking her husbands cock up and down with smooth, steady strokes. When Terri felt the intruder slip between her asscheeks, she nudged back against it stimulating Don's swelling cock even more as she continued to manipulate her husband’s rigid member.


Terri was in seventh heaven. Her she was lying in bed between two men one of them being her husband and the other a 30-year-old stud with his hard cock knocking at her backdoor. Never in her dreams would she have ever thought something like this would have ever happen to her and Mike. She had always been faithful to Mike even though he wanted to try swapping years back but she refused. Now she wished she would have at least tried it before she told him no. The excitement of having a strange hard cock inside her pussy made her feel like a new woman and she was determined to have more of the same.


Feeling the softness of Terri's asscheeks squeezing his cock, Don reached over and seized her left breast, gently squeezing the soft flesh in his hand causing her sensitive nipple stiffen under his affectionate fondling. Her as felt good against his hard cock and he knew that before this week was over he would have his cock buried up her asshole and she would be begging him to fuck her hard.


In the meantime, Carol's fingers were traveling down Mike's torso her long painted fingernails arousing him even more as they went lower. When her fingers made contact with the head of Mike's cock, she teased it even as Terri continued to jack him off with long, sensual strokes. The fluid inside Mike’s balls was reaching the boiling point when suddenly Terri's hand was gone. Disappointed, Mike looked down just in time to see Carol's red lips open and her tongue snake out and lick the precum off that was oozing from the top. With his thickness now twitching in her hand, Carol's tongue removed the clear fluid then her lips encircled Mike's swollen head and she started sucking vigorously.


Terri watched while Carol sucked her husband’s swollen cock deep into her mouth at the same time she lifted her leg, capturing Don's eight-inch shaft in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her cum seeping pussy. Sensing the head of his cock against Terri's sopping wet hole, Don slowly began pushing his mighty monster past her outer lips until his swollen member was once again inside her, buried to the hilt. He remained motionless allowing her pussy to again adjust to his hugeness Don felt the tip of his cock nudging her cervix. Then the muscles inside Terri's pussy clamped hard around his thickness and she began moving her hips back and forth. Don held up leg as he slowly withdrew his cock until the purple head was just at the entrance of her cunt and stopped. Terri moaned, felling the emptiness inside her pussy then Don shoved forward impaling her completely on his cock.


"Oh God yes!" Terri yelled, her body shaking. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"


Mike could feel Terri being pushed up against him as Don's cock began to plunge in and out of his wife's pussy at a faster pace.


"You have a nice tight pussy, Terri," Don whispered into her ear as his cock moved back and forth inside her wet pussy.


Mike could hear the moans coming from his wife's throat as Don's huge cock worked it magic inside her. His strokes increased in speed when he heard the cries coming from her and his cock began attacking her from behind, faster and harder as his stomach bounced back and forth against her round ass. Don knew Terri was coming again when he felt the muscles inside her tunnel clamp down and squeezes his hard cock. Trying to remain passive, he felt the orgasm over take her and she squeezed harder on his massive tool. Not yet, ready himself he waited until her orgasm subsided. Then he withdrew his cock from her hole letting it slide over her hot asscheeks.


"No! No! Don't take it out yet," she cried. "I want you to cum inside me, please."


"Don't panic baby, I'm not done yet," he said, grasping her hips and pulling her up over him.


Terri was now kneeling with her ass facing him and Don reached around her and took hold of both her breasts. Terri's arms came up and crossed, cover his hands with hers as he squeezed her enormous tits and teased the receptive nipples. With his slick cock pressed against her cleft, he began slithering it up and down until it was fixed firmly between firm buttocks.


Carol continued stroking Mike's cock as he glanced over at his wife and her new lover. He saw Don's cock was wedged between Terri's tight asscheeks and her head was tilted to one side with Don teasing the sensitive area of her neck, close to her ear with his tongue, driving her crazy. Goose bumps had surfaced on her arms and legs as he slipped his fingers down her stomach to cover her hairy pussy. Don’s fingers brushed through his wife's brown patch of cum matted hair and until he detected her clit. Don teased the hard nub with his fingers and caused a moan of pleasure to escape from Terri's lips and her body shook in orgasm again. Before Terri could finish cumming, Don pushed her forward into a full kneeling posture and with her face now buried in the soft king size pillow Don knelt behind her, his cock, swollen with excitement found the hairy channel of her dripping pussy. Lacking any difficulty, the enormous head slipped past her outer lips and buried himself once again, deep within her cunt.


Carol and Mike watched as Don leaned over Terri’s back, capturing her swaying tits in his large hands and squeezed them. When he pinched the pointed nipples between his thumb and forefinger, Terri's muffled moans escaped her lips. With her ass snug against Don's stomach, another orgasm erupted around the stiff cock making contact inside her body. Her juices showered over Don’s eight-inch cock while her inner muscles squeezing him, almost causing him to dump his load. Not ready for this to happen Don slowly withdraw his cock until the massive head was just inside her then he begun his attack. His strokes became more and more hurried as his cock slammed into her from behind shoving Terri's face even deeper into the soft pillow. Terri raised and turned her head in Mike's direction and their eyes met. Having appreciation for the desire building inside his wife, Mike reached over touching her cheek softly and gave her a loving smile. Then leaning toward her their lips meet in a deep, passionate kiss.


Their tongues clashing together, Mike could feel Don's strokes became more hard-hitting. Releasing Terri’s sensitive breasts, grasping her hips, he began slamming up against her round buttocks harder. He was penetrating Terri's sensitive cunt with his eight-inch hammer, repeatedly forcing her body forward against Mike. The king size bed was rocking violently from the pounding he was giving her when a moan formed deep inside Terri's throat. Her cunt was riding the enormous monster inside her like a well-oiled machine when suddenly Don let out a loud groan as his balls tightened. Then thrusting his throbbing member deeper inside her pussy, his stomach pressed firmly against her upturned ass, the hot solution that had been building inside his sac began traveling up his shaft and sprayed the depths of her pussy. Blast after sizzling blast of cum coated the silky walls of her pussy as she milked his squirting cock. With their lips still locked, together Terri's orgasm erupted within her showering Don's cock with yet another steady stream of her cunt fluid.


Drained of his second load of cum for the today, Don removed his now wilting cock from Terri's pussy, rolled over to his side of the bed, dog-tired. Terri, feeling the rush of cool air around her now vacated opening a sigh of displeasure escaped her lips. Sensing his wife's abandonment, Mike moved away from Carol and took Don's place kneeling behind his wife's motionless ass with Don's cum dripping from her pussy Mike placed the head of his cock against her lips of her pussy and eased his member into her well-lubricated cunt until his balls came to rest against her smooth ass. Terri shuddered when she felt the familiar cock enter her.


"Oh, Mike, fuck me!" She moaned, squeezing her pussy tight around her husbands cock. "Fuck me, Fuck me hard, please!"


Impassioned by the combination of their cum lubricating his shaft, Mike began pumping his cock faster and faster in and out of Terri's pussy at the same time he squeezed and pinched his wife's buns. Humping her hard and fast he slammed his cock inside his wife's well fucked pussy and when he felt his ball tighten he slammed against her soft asscheeks, held it there, and shot another incredible load of jism deep inside her well-used pussy.


Terri's ass lurched back when she felt the first shot of her husbands hot liquid blast deep inside her already overflowing pussy and she encountered yet another orgasm. "Oh baby! That's hot," she yelled as Mike's rod continued pumping his hot sperm into her. As husband and wife orgasmed, together they were overjoyed with the way things were working out. This was going to be a vacation they will never forget or regret.