Fantasy Vacation Chapter 14

By Silverfox060

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Chapter XIV


Back on deck Carol and Lori were exchanged small talk about everything from cloths, men and sex.


Lori was the first to bring up the subject of marriage and sex. "Are you and Don married, Carol?" Lori asked.


"Oh no, we're not married!" Carol replied. "I've been divorced for two years and I met Don about six months ago. I was out looking to buy a new car and we meet at the car dealership where he works and have been dating since."


"How about Mike and Terri?" Lori asked again with interest.


"Yes they are, but we only meet them yesterday so I don't really know too much about them," Carol answer her back.


"I was married once myself, but I caught the bastard cheating on me," Lori told her. "When I confronted him about it he told me to get fucked, so that's just what I did. I went out and got fucked and it was the best thing I ever did."


"What do you mean you did just that?" Carol asked her with interest.


Lori started to describe what happened. “Frank, that was his name, and I went to a party one night at some friends of his from where he works. What I didn't know and he didn’t bother to telling me at the time was that this was a wife-swapping bash. During the whole evening I become aware of people coming and going from one room down the hall. Being female my curiosity got the best of me so I decided to see what was going on in there. Boy was I shocked when I first opened that door. The room was very large and chock-full of naked people having sex of all kind. I was shocked at first but I started looked around inside and all I could see were mattresses on the floor everywhere and there was so much fucking and sucking going on that I didn't know where to look first.”


"Boy, I bet that was something to see?" Carol’s voice showing a sign of excitement.


"Oh, but that's not the half of it." Lori went on.


"When I got my nerve up I went inside to get a better look and that's when I spotted my so called “loving husband.” He was laying naked on the floor with some young white bitch riding up and down on his cock. After seeing that I really got pissed off and wanted to rip his dick off then and there but something came over me and I change my mind. I figured if he wanted some strange, young white pussy then why shouldn't I have some strange cock myself." Lori went on.


"Good for you, Lori," Carol said to her. "What happened next?"


"Well, I looked around the room and spotted this good looking white dude sitting all alone on a couch in the middle of the room and I swear he had the biggest cock I'd ever seen on a white dude. It must have been close to 8 inches long and thick. I walked right by my husband without him noticing I was there and crossed the room stripping off my cloths as I went. By the time I got to the sofa I was completely naked except for my heels and my pussy was on fire. I was standing directly in front of this gorgeous white dude staring down at his monstrous cock when he reached up, took my hand, pulled me down between his legs, and placed my hand on his cock, which was getting harder by the second. I don't know what came over me but I knew I had to have it. I straddled his legs, placed his huge cock head against my pussy lips and pressed down. I didn't know if I could fit him all inside of me but I was sure going to give the old college try. I slowly eased myself down on him until I was sitting on his lap with his tool buried completely inside me. After a few minutes and my pussy adjusted to his size I started to slide up and down that piece of white meat of his and you should have seen the look on his face. His eyes had a sparkle in them and I rode that cock having one orgasm after another." Lori explained.


"Just hearing you tell that story has me envious of you," Carol moaned. "The biggest cock I've ever seen or had is Don's and his is eight inches."


"It's not the size that counts, honey but how well the guy uses it!" Lori replied.


"Well, I guess your right about that." Carol replied.


"So tell me what happened after all that." Carol asked, her pussy continuing to leak as Lori continued with her story.


"Well, I don't know how long we were at it but it must have been sometime because when I opened my eyes we had a crowed of people standing around us cheering and clapping. By this time I didn't care who was watching me because my pussy was on fire and needed relief. That's when this young man looked up at me and smiled and that's when I felt it! His cock swelled up inside of me more and he let loose with a load of hot cum that burned my insides. I felt his hot payload hit my womb causing my own orgasm to start and I was lifted up on cloud nine. I can't remember how many times I came. All I know is that I just kept on riding that giant monster of his until his balls went empty. When I finally came back down to earth that's when I heard the familiar voice coming from behind me."


"Who was it?" Carol asked, still squirming in her chair.


"Turning my head around, I saw my loving husband standing there. He had been watching us along with all the others in the room. I was hoping he would be a little jealous or at least upset with me but instead he gave me the thumbs up. I don't recall if it pissed me off more or just excited me when I saw that. What I do recall is seeing him standing there at the same time feeling this strangers cock beginning to move inside my excited pussy again. The white dude was beginning to giving me a few hard thrusts again when I told him I wanted to change positions so that my husband could watch me getting fucked by his giant cock." Lori went on.


"We both moved to the floor right in front of Frank and he mounted me from behind and shoved his dick back inside my pussy. I went out of my mind with pleasure when suddenly somebody grabs my hair, pulling my head up. There, standing in front of me was my husband; his cock aimed at me. I was so excited from the pleasure I was receiving from behind that I opened my mouth and sucked Frank's hard cock down my throat. When I felt him ready to cum, I sucked on him hard. I wanted to taste his sperm but he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and called me a SLUT."


"Man, you must have had a great time at that party?" Carol said to Lori.


"Oh, I did but that's not the best part, Carol," Lori went on. "Before that night was over, I had every male at the party inside me, including Ed."


"Your girlfriends husband, Ed!" Carol exclaimed with excitement.


"Yes, that's the one." Lori replied. "I didn't know it at that the time but Ed and my best friend was into wife swapping. It was a real shocker when I found out later that they’d been swapping for a couple years."


"I'll bet it was" Carol replied getting more excited. "How did you end up fucking Ed?"


"To be real honest with you, I don't remember." Lori went on. "After that stud with the 8 inch cock left me, every male in the room got in line wanting to fuck me. It was one big gangbang and I really enjoyed it."


"Do you still go to any of those parties now?" Carol asked.


"I don't have the need too now," Lori replied. "I still see my white stud with the big cock from time to time, but Ed keeps me well satisfied when he's not available."


"You mean that you and Ed still fuck each other?" Carol asked. "What about Janice, does she get jealous and do you two swing together?


"Janice gets jealous!" Lori laughed. "That girl likes a cock in her pussy almost as much as I do." Lori laughed again. "I've seen her at some of the parties fucking three guys at the same and be ready for more when they were through. And yes she likes pussy too."


"That's something I've always wanted to try." Carol went on. "I've had two men together before but that's all."


Both Lori and Carol were laughing when Terri made her appearance. "What are you two laughing about?" Terri asked.


"Oh, Terri you should have been here!" Carol spoke up. "Lori was just telling me the juiciest story about a party she and her ex-husband attended that would make you pussy water."


"What kind of party was it?" Terri asked, sitting down across from the two women.


"Wife swapping party that her ex-husband took her too." Carol replied. "But that's only part of the story. She was also fucked by Ed while his wife watched and cheered them on!"


"A wife swapping party and she did what!" Terri exclaimed. "I want to hear about that!"


"I don't know if we have the time to start from the beginning but I'll try." Lori said laughing as she started to repeat her story.


Lori proceeded to recount the story from the beginning for Terri, striving to hit all the high spot before being interrupted again. By the time she arrived at the part about her and Ed, Terri was on the edge of her chair. Her pussy was in a state of necessity and she didn't bother to hide the feeling between her legs. Her hand drifted down between her legs and she began rubbing the sensitive area around her mound.


"I could sure use a stiff cock about now!" Terri said continuing to massage the wet spot showing on her swimsuit.


Carol agreed with her and Lori continued her story. She was just about finished when they heard Janice's voice coming from behind her. "What are you ladies talking about?" Janice asked, walking over to join the them.


"Oh, I was just telling Terri and Carol about Frank and the party he took me too." Lori replied.


"You didn't tell them the whole story did you?" Janice asked sitting down next to them.


"I sure did, why?" Lori asked her friend. "Is there something you didn't want them to know about?"


"Not really, I'm just sorry I wasn't here to add my comments." Janice replied smiling.


"I was just about to tell them what happened afterwards when you came out." Lori said to co-worker.


"Well you better save it for another time because the guys are on their way out."


"Oh hell!" Carol replied. "I wanted to hear more about how you and Ed made out."


"Maybe we can all get together sometime soon and we can tell you the rest of the story. But I think we'd better cool it for now." Lori said as the guys made their appearance.


"Hi girls, did you miss us?" Don asked sitting down across from the four horny women.


"Not really!" Carol replied. "Lori was just telling us a story about a party that she and her ex-husband went to that sounded like fun."


A frightened look over came Ed's face when Carol mentioned the party. He didn't want the tale spread around to any unfamiliar people. All people did not accept something like "wife swapping" and he just wanted to keep it quit.


"What kind of party?" Don asked, as his eyes traveled over Lori's half-naked form.


"A wife swapping party!" Carol shouted.


"Wife swapping!" Don echoed, his eyes shifting to where the girls were sitting. "That sounds like it could be very interesting?"


"Oh it is, Don." Lori answered him. “Are you interested in swinging?” She asked looking towards Don and Mike to catch their reaction.


"Have any of you ever been to a swap party before?" Janice asked.


Before Don or Mike could respond, Ed broke into the conversation. "I don't expect these folks would be interested in something like that."


"What gives you that idea Ed?" Carol asked. "It sounds like it could be fun if suitable folks are involved."


"I couldn't agree with you more Carol!" Janice interjected. "It can be very exciting for all the parties involved if they maintain an open mind and just enjoy themselves."


"The true fact is, you have to possess a strong and trusting marriage and mustn't be jealous of your spouse." Lori added.


"Do you and Ed still go to any parties?" Carol asked Janice with interest.


"We haven't attended a swap in over a year now." Janice went on. "Ever since Lori moved in with us, Ed and I have all the variety we need."


"You mean to say that Ed takes care of you both, sexually?" Don asked.


"Oh yes! And he does a mighty fine job of it too if I do say so myself." Lori spoke up before her friend could reply.


Don and Mike both looked in Ed's direction. "You lucky dog you!" Don exclaimed loudly as he watched Janice's hand move up and squeeze her husbands’ huge member. "How do you manage to keep both of those women happy, Ed?"


"It's not as easy as you think but I try to give it my best shot." Ed answered as Janice continued to tease his hidden member.


"Don't be so modest, Ed!" Lori interrupted. "That guy has the longest staying power of any man I've ever been with. And he can keep that cock of his hard for hours before he decides to shoots his load!"


Terri's and Carol's attention was focused on Janice's hand as it traveled the length of her husbands hard cock causing it expand inside his trunks. Noticing the girls' aspirations Janice was about to offer them the opportunity to examine Ed's cock more closely when the sound of another boat broke the silence.


"I wonder who that could be." Mike said as the sound of the approaching motor became louder.


"It looks like the lake patrol." Don said. "I wonder what they want."


"Ahoy there on board!" Came a voice from the small boat. "This is Deputy Adam's of the lake patrol and I like permission to come aboard and inspect your craft?"


"Good afternoon deputy, is there any thing wrong?" Mike asked.


"Nothings wrong sir, we're just making spot checks to make sure all boats have their proper safety equipment on board," he said.


"Well come aboard and make yourselves at home." Don said helping him secure his boat.


Hearing the officer was about to come on board Janice released her grip on Ed's hard cock. That would allow him to sit down and conceal the bulge so it wouldn't be so noticeable to the official coming to do his inspection.


Once on board the deputy asked to see certain items required by the Coast Guard for boat safety. Don escorted the deputy around the boat to where the life vests and other items were stored. When they approached the group he tipped his hat as his attention converged on the four beauties on deck.


"Good afternoon folks." The deputy said. "I'm sorry to disturb you today but I'm required by law to check all the water craft on the lake to insure all safety requirements are upheld."


The girls returned the Officers greeting then returned to talking only they changed their discussion from sex to a general conversation about the lake and fishing. When the Officer completed the safety check and was satisfied with his evaluation he issues the States Safety decal, thanked Don for his time and excused himself and departed, leaving the group alone once more to continue with their original conversation.


As soon as they were alone, Carol picked up where she left off filling in the parts of the story that Terri had failed to hear when she was below deck with the others. Quietly, Mike walked over to the empty lounge chair across from the ladies and sat down to listen in. After Carol brought Terri up to speed on the story the girls looked in Mike's direction and grinned. Noticing Terri and Carol were squirming in their chairs Mike figured that those two were seriously horny. Mike also understood that before this night was over he and Don would have to satisfy them again as best they could after such a demanding day or pay the consequences.