Fantasy Vacation Chapter 15

By Silverfox060

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Chapter XV



After two hours of having Ed, his wife and her girlfriend visit they all agreed to get together and have dinner and drinks real soon. Janice informed them that she had some juicy stories to tell about the wife-swap group they used to belong too and Carol and Lori wanted to hear them.


The trio said there farewells and let the two couples alone to continue on with there day which turned into a very hot discussion about Janice’s and Lori’s story then another round of sizzling sex between the four of them.


It was almost 7:00 o'clock when Don navigated the houseboat back to shore. Gently maneuvering alongside the boat dock Mike secured the bowline and Don shut down the power to the engine. Once everything was secure, the girls made their appearance on deck to help store all the chairs and any other loose items that were lying around and could cause safety hazard. As soon as everything was put away Terri and Mike said their farewells and prepared to leave for their boat when Carol approached Mike. Reaching out she put her arms around his neck and pressing her ample breasts against his bare chest she placed her soft lips against his and kissed him.


Mike's flaccid cock began to stir inside his suit when Carol also pressed her mound against his rising member and very slowly she started rotating her hips against him.


"What's wrong, darling?" She asked with a sneer on her face. "I thought you liked it when I rub my pussy up against you like this?"


"Oh do. I like it all right but I’m worn out and if we don't stop now we'll be late for our dinner date." Mike warned her.


"Oh OK, I guess your right." Carol answer back nevertheless she continued to tease Mike's confined member. "But I want you to know that I want some more of this big guy before the nights over?"


Moving apart, Mike turned towards Terri so they could leave but she was nowhere in sight. Wondering where she had gone Mike started to look around when he heard moaning coming from inside the cabin. When he come close to the door the moaning became much louder. Then he peeped inside the room he understood the reason for the moaning. Inside the cabin his loving wife was on her knees in front of Don, his bathing suit down around his feet and his giant cock standing upright. Mike stood in the entrance way watching as Terri gently held Don's hairy balls in one hand while the other hand efficiently stroked his hard fleshy tissue up and down resulting in his sperm to ooze from the top. Then pulling the shaft towards her lips, she opened her mouth and licked the sticky fluid with her soft tongue.


A sigh of pleasure escaped from Don when Terri's lips encircled his enormous cock completely and she set off sucking him. Feeling him responding to her sucking she worked her mouth faster up and down his length when suddenly Don shouted out. "Suck me Terri, harder!"


Terri required no encouragement as she continued to hold and manipulate his heavy sphere causing his sperm to shoot up his shaft. Realizing that it wouldn't be too long before she would be rewarded with his hot load, Terri stroked his shaft faster and sucked harder.


"I'm gonna cum baby, suck me, suck me harder!" Don roared as the first hot blast left his cock, spraying the inside of Terri’s mouth. Don's enormous globes keep going pumping his warm liquid up his shaft into Terri's hungry mouth until she couldn't swallow it fast enough. The white creamy mixture escaped from her mouth and dribbled down her chin but she continued to jack him off forcing even more of his sperm into her ravenous mouth.


As soon as Don's cock stopped its ejaculation, Terri removed her mouth from his tool and licked the remaining fluid from his shaft, cleaning up all the remnants of his liquid. Don was not leaning back against the wall pooped and watched her as Terri bend over and gently kiss the head of his shrinking cock before standing up.


"I'm counting on you to come up with some more of that later tonight, lover?" She said standing in front of him smiling.


"Don't you worry about that, Honey?" Don replied. "With lips like yours I won't have any trouble mustering up another load or two."


They both laughed together when Terri informed him that the next time she wanted him to shoot his load inside her pussy. Don started to pull his bathing suit up his week legs when he spotted Carol and Mike standing in the doorway watching them.


"Your wife sure knows how to give good head!" Don said adjusting his spent flesh inside his suit.


"I can see that for myself!" Mike said feeling Carol's hand squeezing his own hard cock.


Terri looked over in her husbands' direction and recognized his growing predicament. "Carol, you might want to suck my husband off too before he explodes and all that delicious cum goes to waste?"


Carol agreed and falling to her knees in front of Mike she released his throbbing cock from his clothing. Then her lips caressed his shaft and her tongue tickled his sensitive area just under the impressive head. Then seizing his shaft tightly between her lips she bobbed her head up and down his manhood.

Mike glanced over at Terri and Don who were standing nearby watching there respective partners. They were both watching the sexy exhibition when Carol suddenly slipped her hand between Mike's legs and placed a finger against his asshole. Slowly she moved her digit around his tight ring causing him to force his cock deeper inside her mouth. Then she felt his balls tighten and the head of his cock bulge inside her mouth. That's when she pushed her finger, knuckle deep inside his ass.


Mike shoved his dick deeper inside Carol's mouth and the knot in his cock loosened causing his jism to spurt into her throat. "Oh yes! Suck my cock Carol, I'm cumming!" Mike yelled out as she inhaled his dick not wanting to lose a single drop.


"Suck him good, Carol!" Terri shouted out. "Get all his cum!"


Carol's mouth was like a vacuum pump sucking Mike's cock as it squirted blast after blast into her mouth. When Mike's orgasm finally subsided, Carol removed her finger from his ass and allowed his spent cock to slip from her lips. Looking up at him, she smiled and spoke out for all of them to hear. "How was that for a blowjob, folks?"


Don and Terri applauded simultaneously. "That was some blowjob, Carol!" Terri said to her. "I just hope you left some for later tonight?"


"You don't have to worry about that. There's still more in me than you think.” Mike said laughing.


“We better get going, honey,” Terri said as she passed Mike on the way out. “We have a dinner date to get ready for. See you at the shower, Carol.”


Terri and Mike left and went across the dock to their own boat to get ready for dinner. “We only have about two hours before we meet up with Ed and his family for dinner, Mike and I have to pick out something nice to wear.” Terri said going to her closet and selecting her outfit. "Are you going up to take a shower now or wait for me?" Terri asked still looking for something sexy to wear. She wanted to make a good impression on Ed and wearing something sexy might give him the right idea that she was interested in sleeping with him.


"I think I'd better go now." Mike said, picking up his towel and shaving gear and walking out the door.


When Mike arrived at the bathhouse, he Don was already there and just coming out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his middle and heading for the sink when he spotted Mike enter the room.


"Hey Pal, What did you think of those two black beauties, Lori and Janice?" Don asked as he applied shaving cream to his face.


"They seem like a pretty nice people." Mike said wondering what Don had on his mind.


"Well I don’t know about you but I sure would love to fuck both of them, what about you?" He asked as he drew his razor across his face removing the day's stubble.


"I never gave it much thought, but yea, I think I’d like to have a go at them too." Mike replied, remembering how Lori teased his cock before Carol showed up. "What about Carol? Think she might go for the idea of swapping with them.


"Hell yes! After you left and we were getting ready to come up here and all she talked about was Ed and his black cock. She told me that she's never fucked a black man but after seeing Janice playing with his cock and hearing about that swapping party Lori told her about she said she wouldn’t mind giving it a try," he said. What about Terri, did she mention anything to you about maybe all of getting together and maybe swapping?”


"No" Mike went on. "But that doesn't mean she's' never given it any thought. I think I’ll have a talk with her when I get back and see I if can feel her out."


"Well keep me posted and if she’s in agreement maybe we can arrange something. Don said as he finished and prepared to leave. "See you back at the boat." Don said walking out the door leaving Mike all alone to finish his shower.


"Okay, I'll see you in a bit." Mike replied finishing up with his shower.


When Mike returned to the boat Terri still wasn't there. Reckoning she must still be up at the bathhouse he picked out a casual outfit to wear to dinner and started dressing. Just as he was finished dressing, except for slipping on his shoes Terri came strolling through the open door wrapped in a full body towel.


"Give me ten minutes and I'll be ready too." She said to Mike as she walked toward him and allowing her towel to fall from her beautiful body.


"Did you and Carol decide on what we're all going to do after dinner?" Mike asked knowing that they would end up back here fucking their brains out the rest of the night.


"Carol mentioned something about inviting Ed and his family back here for drinks after we eat so we could all get to know each other better." Terri replied. “What do you think?


"I'll bet I know what she means about getting to know them better." Mike said laughing.


"Do you know something that I don't?" Terri asked sitting down on the edge of the bed and rolling her stockings up her smooth legs.


"Don was telling me up at the shower that Carol wants to fuck Ed!" Mike replied checking out the expression on Terri's face as he told her.


"Yea she mentioned the same thing to me at the bathhouse too." Terri replied, looking at Mike. “What do you think of the idea?”


“I don’t know.” Mike hesitated then went on. “I guess there’s nothing wrong with it as long as they all agree and have a good time?


“What would say if I told you that I wanted to try it too?” Terri asked looking up at her husband who was standing there with his mouth half open in surprise.


“Well things have come a long way since we arrived here yesterday and who would have thought that we would be fucking our new neighbors that we just met and now we’re talking about adding a new group to the group. I guess all I can say is that if it’s want you really want to do then who am I to say no. I just want you to know that this whole scene will have to stay a secret so word of our swinging doesn’t get back home and ruin our lives there. Do you understand that? Mike asked.


“Yes, I understand and I agree with you. Teri replied continuing to get dressed. "You never told me what Don think of the whole idea of sharing his girlfriend with a black man?" Terri asked as she stood up facing her husband.


"He told her if that's what she wanted it was okay with him so long as he could fuck either Janice or Lori." Mike said, looking for some kind of favorable expression on his lovely wife's face. “Then she told him that he could fuck both of them if he wanted.”


Looking her husband straight in the eye, Terri asked her husband if he also wanted to fuck the two black beauties they had met today.


Mike looked straight into wife’s’ big brown eyes and said, “yes, I would like to fuck those two black beauties but more than that, I want to see you take your first black cock then I want to join in and get sloppy seconds. What do you think of that? Mike said to wife of 15 years.


“Oh Mike, I love you,” Terri replied then put her arm around her husbands neck and kissed him.