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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 16

The group got to dinner and talk

Chapter XVI



Terri and Mike were wrapping up the discussion of today episode on the lake when Don and Carol joined them in the parking lot.


"Are we all ready for a good dinner?" Carol asked opening the side door of the van and moving inside.


"About as ready as we'll ever be!" Terri replied, getting into the front seat with Mike.


"Well let's get going then I don't want to keep our new friends waiting." Carol said to Mike.


“What’s you hurry, Carol? You have some special plans for tonight. Mike asked with a smirk on his face.


Starting up the engine and backing out of the parking lot, Mike directed the van toward the main highway. With the radio playing oldies, Mike listened to Carol and Terri recounting the wife-swapping tale as he drove. Both women were squirming in their seats by the time they arrived at the restaurant. With the lot almost full, Mike dropped his passenger off at the front door and went looking for a place to park. He also needed the extra time alone to allow his boner to calm down inside his pants so he wouldn't be so noticeable. It was hard for him to believe that his cock could still get excited after all the fucking and sucking that they did today. It had been a long time since he was able to have multi-multi orgasms and still have his cock respond to anything. He assumed it must have be all this new pussy he was getting and also the sight of his own beautiful wife getting fucked by some young stud while he looked on. Who would have thought is week’s vacation would have turned out to be this good. Now he was sure thankful that his wife’s parents had agreed to watch the kids while they came down to the lake to get away. When he got back home he would have to do something very special for them.


Locating an empty space, Mike backed the van into the space. Then shutting off the engine he settled back for a few minutes to allow his cock to settle down. When the noticeable bulge had disappeared, he headed for the restaurants rear door to join the others. Searching the dimly lit room filled with patrons Mike catch sight of his party sitting at the far corner of the room. Making his way through the crowded space he noticed that Ed, Janice and Lori hadn't arrived yet. Finally reaching the table Terri pointed to the empty chair between Carol and herself and indicated for him to sit there. Just as he was pulling out his chair to sit down he spotted Janice coming through the doorway followed by Lori an Ed. Mike raised his hand to attract their attention and Janice was the first to notice him and give orders to Lori and Ed to follow her.


Approaching their table Mike noticed that both women were dressed to kill. Lori and Ed followed closely behind Janice as she guided their way through the maze of small tables to finally join them.


Don stood up and offered the chair next to his to Janice who gladly accepted. When she sat down, Don noticed that her short red dress rode up high on her thighs exposing the dark tops of her stockings. Helping her with her chair his eyes shifted to her dress and he let out a soft whistle as he stood behind her, having a perfect view of her braless breasts down the front of her dress. Hearing the soft whistle, Janice leaned forward furnishing Don an excellent view of her full dark breasts.


"Are you just going to stand there all night with your tongue hanging out or are you going to sit down and join the rest us?" Carol asked Don bring him back to earth.


Everybody laughed as Don returned to his chair a little embarrassed. When he sat down Janice leaned over toward him and whispered something into his ear that brought a smile to his face. The rest of the group couldn't hear what was said but it must have been something promising because Don was smiling and shook his head in agreement. Carol was about ready to ask what that was all about when the waitress approached the table to take there order.


"Can I get you all something from the bar first or would you like to order dinner now?" The waitress asked holding her pad and pencil at the ready.


"I think we'll order drinks' first." Mike said glancing around the table to see if everyone agreed.


Writing down every one's request the girl thanked them and left to place the orders at the bar. Mike couldn't help notice the short skit the waitress was wearing when she left. It hugged her well-rounded ass very nicely. He continued to watch her until he felt a familiar hand on his leg running up toward his crotch.


"Did you get a good look at her ass when she left darling or would you like for me to invite her back so you can?" Terri asked her husband as her hand detected his semi erect cock and began stroke it gently.


"I don't think you'll need to do that," Mike responded, feeling his cock grow harder with her touch. "But if you keep that up I just might come in my pants." He whispered to her.


Releasing his throbbing member Terri smiled at him. "You'd better save that for when we get home lover." She said turning her attention back to the rest of group sitting around the table.


Everybody was listening to Ed's story of why he bought his boat and how he needed to buy another one, only this time bigger. He went on to say that he required more room for when the rest of their family came down to join them. That's when Don spoke up about seeing a bigger boat for sale at the marina.


"I saw a 60 footer for sale at Jacob's marina when I was there to buy mine." Don informed him. "It was about two years old and the salesman told me the guy who owned it was only asking sixty-five thousand for her."


"The prices don't sound too bad," Ed said. "Why does he want to sell her that cheep for?"


"The salesman told me that the owner and his wife had split up and it's in the divorce settlement that he has to sell her." Don replied.


"The poor guy must feel awful bad about selling her that cheep?" Ed said. "I think maybe tomorrow morning I'll take a run over there and have a look at her."


"If you'd like some company I'd be glad to go with you." Don said.


"That’ mighty thoughtful of you. What time do you want to go over?" Ed asked.


"How about ten o'clock or is that too early for you?" Don asked.


"That sounds just fine with me." Ed said as he took a sip of his double bourbon.


"How about if I meet you about 9:30 at your motel?" Don asked. "That way we'll only have to take one car so maybe Lori and Janice can take in some shopping while we're gone."


"That sounds like a excellent idea, Don." Janice replied. "I've always wanted to look around at some of the small shops in town when we were down here."


"Well then, what am I supposed to do while you’re gone tomorrow morning?" Carol asked.


"You can come over and spend the time with Mike and me." Terri spoke up.


"I think I like that idea." Carol went on. "Maybe we can meet up with Janice and Lori for lunch."


By the time everybody had agreed on the schedule for the next day the waitress had returned to take their dinner order. The service was excellent and dinner arrived in less than thirty minutes. They all ate while Ed and Don continued making plans for tomorrow while the girls chatted about shopping and buying new cloths. Mike just sat and listened to the conversations going on around the table when Lori said she wanted to go dancing. That's when Carol recommended the small country and western club the four of them had attended last night.


"What do you say guys?" Carol asked. "Do you all want to go do some dancing?"


Don said he was game if everyone else was. When everybody was finished eating, the waitress brought the check. Don and Ed agreed to split the cost of dinner after a brief battle. Paying the tab they left the restaurant and headed for the door and the parking lot.


"You all stay here and I'll go for the van." Mike told everyone and left heading around the building.


"I'm parked around back too." Ed said following close behind. Don was left standing there with the ladies while Mike and Ed went to the parking lot for the vehicles.


When Ed and Mike pulled around the front of the restaurant Don opened the sliding door to the van. Lori climbed inside and motioned for Don to join her by patting the seat next to her. Don opened the front door for Terri and helped her inside. Then he returned to the back and climbed inside to join Lori. Before Mike could make inquiries of what the plans were Don told him that Carol was riding over with Ed and Janice to make sure they didn't get lost on the way across town. Thinking that was a good idea Mike put the van in gear and drove off with Ed close behind.


There was very little traffic on the streets as they made their way through town. Most of the weekend visitors were already gone and all that remained were the local populace or some vacationers. While it took about fifteen minutes to make it to the small nightclub Mike could hear Lori and Don whispering quietly in the back. They were giggling about something funny when Mike pulled into the parking lot to discover that the club was closed.


"What do we do now?" Mike asked looking over his shoulder at Don and Lori.


"We could go back to my boat and play some music on the stereo and have a few night caps there if that's okay with the rest of the group." Don replied.


"That sounds like a wonderful!" Lori said scooting closer to Don.


"I'll go back and tell Ed that we're heading for our place and they should follow us." Mike said as he opened the door to get out.


When Mike arrived at Ed's car he walked to the passenger side window to tell him of the change in plans. Janice rolled down her window so Mike could warn them about the change when he noticed Carol sitting between Ed and Janice and she was openly stroking Ed's exposed cock up and down.


"Is there a problem, Mike?" Janice asked as she looked up at Mike smiling.


"The place is closed until Thursday night." He said as his eyes connected with hers then drifted down the cleavage of her dress. From his position he had a perfect view of her 36D breasts. Once he regained his composure he told them of the plan to head for Don's boat where they could listen to some music and have a few nightcaps.


"That's an awesome idea!" Carol said looking in Mikes' direction while her hand continued stroking Ed's member.


It would take about thirty minutes to get home from here and Mike wondered if Ed could hold out that long. Going back to the van Mike told everyone that they were Ok with the change in plans and headed for home. While he was driving his thoughts went back to the sight he had just witnessed in Ed's car when suddenly Terri spoke up. "What are you thinking about, honey?"


"Just thinking about what Carol and Ed are doing behind us." Mike answered.


"What do you mean?" Terri wanted to know as she leaned over in her seat to hear what her husband had to say so Don and Lori wouldn't hear them.


"Well, Carol's sitting in the between Janice and Ed and she’s got his cock out, jacking him off cock." Mike informed her as he drove.


"You're kidding me, aren't you?" Terri replied turning to have a look out the back window.


With the headlight shinning from Ed's car made it impossible for Terri to see anything except the back seat of their van. There she spotted Lori massaging the huge bulge in Don's crotch too. "You'd better be careful with that thing Lori or it might just go off." Terri laughed.


"I sure hope not!" Lori replied. "I hate to think of all that good juice going to waste."


"What's going on back there that I don't know about folks?" Mike asked making the turn onto the road leading to the dock.


"Lori's sitting back there doing the same thing to Don that Carol's doing with Ed." Terri replied turning back around in her seat.


Mike detected a slight tone of jealously in his wives' voice as she sat there looking out over the road ahead. The drive from the main road to the marina parking lot was a short one and Mike pulled the van up to his usual parking space under the streetlight. Shutting down the engine he turned half way around in his seat to see what Terri was talking about. There he saw Lori continuing to stroke Don's swollen member through his pants. “We’re here folk!”


"Thank God for that!" Don uttered. "I don't think I could have held out much longer."


Lori laughed and released Don's member from her firm grip then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek then whispered in his ear. "There was no way I was going to allow you cum in you pants, honey. I have a better place for you to deposit those goodies."


The seven of them made their way down the dimly lit dock to where the boats were tied up. Don and Lori lead the way followed by Ed, Janice, Carol, Terri then Mike. The night was very calm with a full moon bright in the sky and the sound of frogs and crickets could be heard coming from the nearby shore. At the pontoon Don helped Lori and Janice over the side rail so they wouldn't trip. Ed followed behind them then turned around to help Carol and Terri over the side.


Inside the cabin Don instructed everyone to have a seat and make themselves at home then he went over and turned on the stereo. Soft music filled the cabin and everyone settled down and made themselves comfortable. The cabin had two large couches sitting on opposite sides of the room that when opened up converted into double beds for guests. There was also a love seat and a recliner located at one end of the room. Janice and Carol chose one of the couches and tugged Ed down between the two of them.


Terri and Lori shared the other couch together while Mike occupied the recliner across from the two ladies. This gave him the advantage of looking up the short skirts his wife and their new friend were wearing.


"I'll get us all something to drink." Don said as he headed for the galley. "Does anybody care for something special?"


"What ever you have will be fine." Janice yelled back.


Don returned a few minutes later carrying a tray with wineglasses and two bottles of wine, one red and the other white. Then sitting the tray down on the small coffee table he poured everyone a drink of their choice and handed them out. Then picking up his drink he looked around the room for a place to sit. That's when he spotted Lori and Terri both taping the space between them on the sofa.


With everyone quietly sipping their wine Carol broke the silence. "I don't know about the rest of you but I want to hear more on how you all got involved with wife swapping?"


"Well it's a long story and I don't think there's enough time tonight tell it all." Janice replied.


"Can you tell us then how long you three have been involved in swapping?" Terri asked.


"We've been swinging about five years now." Janice replied. "And I can tell you that it’s sure been fun."


"I don't know about you folks, but it's getting pretty late and tomorrow's going to be a busy day for all of us." Mike said standing up. "Maybe we can all get together in the afternoon when Ed and Don get back from the marina and we can all go for a boat ride and you can tell us the whole story then?”


Looking at his watch, Ed agreed. "Tomorrow's another day and Janice and Lori can tell you all the whole story while us guys do some fishing tomorrow."


"That's a wonderful idea, Ed" Don replied.


Mike and Terri were the first to say goodnight and left for home. Both of them were dead tired from all the activities from earlier today and they would need some rest if they planned to continue at this pace the rest of the week.


“Good night all, we’ll see you all tomorrow.” Mike said as they got up heading for the door.


“Good night.”



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