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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 17

Chapter XVII




The next morning Mike and Terri were awakened by the sound of someone knocking at the cabin door. Wondering who it could be this early in the morning Mike rolled out of bed put on his robe and went to the door. Just as he was reaching for the knob, the door suddenly opened and their stood Carol, dressed in blue shorts, matching halter top and white sandals.


"Good morning sleepy heads!" She said, stepping inside the small cabin and strolling past Mike. "I didn't won't to wake you, but it's time to get a move on."


"No, I've been up about ten minutes or so." Mike replied. "I just couldn't bring myself to getting up."


"I know what you mean." Carol said. "After everyone left last night, Don and I had a long talk then we fucked," she went on. "That's why I came over here this morning so early. I thought maybe Terri might like to go shopping with me and we could have a little girl talk before we all go boating this afternoon."


"Going shopping sound like a wonderful idea Carol, but what do you want to talk to me about?" Terri asked.


"Yea, what so secret?" Mike asked, his curiosity get aroused.


"It's a secret and I can't tell you until I've had a talk with Terri first." Carol replied. "Then when we get back she can tell you the idea and see what you think?"


"Ok, I guess I'll just have to wait?" Mike replied shrugging his shoulders.


"Just give me time to take a quick shower and get dressed then we can leave." Terri said, getting up from bed and slipping on her robe over her naked body.


"Well, I guess that's it then. While you two ladies go shopping I think I'll refuel the boat and get things ready to go here." Mike said. "But first I think I'll take a shower myself."


"That's a smart idea, honey!" Terri said pouring herself a cup of coffee. "We should be back in a couple of hours, don't you think Carol?"


"Oh yes!" Carol replied. "We'll be back before you know it then Terri can tell you about our talk."


"Has Don left to met with Ed yet?" Mike asked while he gathered his towel and shaving gear.


"Yes, he was up around eight thirty, showered then left. Said he didn't want to be late meeting Ed." She answered.


"Well then, I guess I'll see you two girls later." Mike said strolling out the door leaving the two females alone to discuss their plans.


Don arrived at the motel a little early. He didn't know for sure if they would be up yet since he wasn't due to meet him until nine-thirty. He thought maybe if he arrived a little early, they could grab a quick breakfast before they left for the marina.


The motel Ed was staying at was one of the better ones in town. It was one of those locally owned family operations that catered mainly to the summer tourist that came to the lake during the summer months for vacation. Mike told Don that this motel had a small restaurant where they could eat a good breakfast before they left.


Finding a parking space at the motel was easy. The weekend guests and vacationers were all but gone except for a few who stayed on for the remainder of the week. Getting out of his car and walking toward the main office, he noticed the house cleaner. Walking over to the young woman he inquired about Ed and the room he was staying in. Thinking for a minute, she told him to go down to the end of the corridor then turn right. That his party would be in the first room to the left, number 102. Thanking the girl, Don followed the young woman's instruction. When he located Ed's room he knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. What Don didn't know at this time was what was going on behind closed doors.


Inside the room, Lori was kneeling on the king size beds, her smooth black bobble ass up in the air and her 38D tits swinging back and forth. She had one hand between her firm thighs toying with her swollen clit, supporting herself with the other the whole time Ed fucked her from behind, doggie style.


"Oh yes, baby" she moaned, fuck me harder. That's it. Ram it to me hard. Give me your black cock, baby. FUCK ME!"


Janice, who was sitting across the room, concentrating on her husband and friend had her left hand pinching her nipple while the other was vigorously shoving a eight-inch dildo in and out her pussy.


"Fuck her good honey," she cried out. “Fuck her real good!”


Then she glanced down at the two-inch thick dildo covered with her juice, ramming in and out of her pussy while she wished Ed would hurry so she could have her turn. She needed to feel his hard cock in her pussy too before he left for the morning.


Without warning there was a sudden knocking at the door. "Oh damn! Who could that could be this early in the morning?" Janice queried, removing the sticky dildo from her pussy and marching to the door.


With her firm breasts against the smooth surface of the door, Janice peered through the tiny peephole. Her dark nipples stiffened more and her pussy began to heat up when she discovered that Don, there new friend was standing on the other side of the door.


"Who in the hell is it Janice?" Ed demanded as he continued thrusting his swollen cock into Lori's tight pussy.


"It's Don!" She declared pressings her tits harder against the door. “You think I should let him in?”


"Well if you want to fuck him I suggest you let him in." Ed roared. "I could sure use some extra help here this morning."


Not waiting for Ed to tell her again, Janice took a step back, opened the door and took a step back. With her nipples swollen and her pussy very wet with excitement Janice remained perfectly motionless while Don stood there in total surprise and stared at the beautiful dark, naked body before him.


"Come on in and help me out?" Ed shouted from the bed while he continued to plunge his cock in and out of Lori's pussy from behind.


To dazed to move Janice grabbed his hand, pulled him inside the room, and closed the door. Once he was inside the room, Don had an excellent view of the bed where Ed standing directly behind Lori, sliding his cock ball deep in and out of her pussy.


"I'm sorry if I got here too early." Don declared, all the while witnessing this arousing performance on the bed. "But I thought maybe if I got here a little early we could get breakfast before we left?"


"That sounds like a good idea but for right now I could sure us some help here with these two." Ed replied not missing a stroke.


"What would you like for me to do?" Don replied glancing at Janice who was standing naked next to him.


Hearing Don's positive reply, Janice got hold of his hand and escorted him over to the king size bed then sat down next to Ed and Lori. Then lying back, she raised her legs and spread the lips of her pussy with her fingers.


"You can start right here honey!" Janice uttered displaying her wet pussy to him. “EAT ME!”


Don dropped to his knees between her wide spread legs and smelled the steamy, pungent odor of her female heat and began frigging Janice pussy with his tongue and spreading, her lips wider with his fingers. Her hips gyrated as Don muff-dived her and she was loving it. Don licked and nibbled on her clit until she was going wild with desire. Janice began bucking her pussy against Don's face, trying to drive him deeper inside of her.


"Ooooh! That feels awesome!" Janice moaned. "Lick me more!"


Don slid his body closer to her pussy and pushed his face into Janice’s lewdly displayed pussy, slowly swiping his thick, wet tongue into her slit.


Panting and shaking, Janice’s fingers found the back of Don’s head, tangling into his hair, her back arching as she offered her sex-starved center to his hot, hungry mouth. "Oh god yes-oh yes," she gasped as she felt his tongue slithering slickly into her rapidly overheating fuckhole, flicking and probing, her head twisting from side to side as she humped her hips, working more of his darting tongue into her. The horny black wife felt her head starting to spin as don's strong hands reached under her, grabbing her ass and lifting her slightly, tongue fucking her oozing pussy deeply, frantically, his muffled groans adding a delicious vibration to her wildly throbbing cunt.


"Oh shit oh god so good, so fuckin' good," she gargled wildly, expressing her lust with words. "Oh yeah, tongue-tongue me, eat me, oh shit, oh Don, I- - -."


Her words trailed off into a long, low groan as Don slid his tongue out of her tight cunt and swabbed it roughly across her swollen pink clit. her hips thrashing as he lapped it again and again, soaking it in his spit before letting his lips slip over it and sucking deeply, almost roughly, stretching the tender bud slightly inside the steamy cavern of his mouth and simultaneously slapping at it with his thick, slick tongue.


"Ohfuckkkkkkyessss," Janice squealed loudly as her voice returned, the sound seeming to inspire Don, who lifted her higher and sucked with even greedier intensity on her deliciously aching clit. his mouth clamped tightly around the soft bud, his tongue swirling wetly as he suckled like a starving animal, the obscene slurping sound finally drowned out by the power of Janice’s eruption into orgasm.


"OHFUCK-SHIT-GODDDDDDYESSS OH ROD OHFUCK I'M CUMMING-OHSHIT-OHSHIT-YESSSSSSSS CUMMINGGGGGG!" Janice’s lust-laden scream echoed wildly through the small motel room as she thrashed and squealed through a chain of explosive orgasms, Don continuing to suck kiss her clit, carefully maintaining his suction as she thrashed and twisted around on the sofa. "CUMMING SO HARD OH SHIT YESSSS BABYYY OH CUMMING OHGODDAMN!"


Don smear his tongue down Janice’s spasming slit and slithered it fully into her cumming, clenching cunt, still cupping her ass in both hands as her body flailed. "Oh god-ohgoddam honey, that tongue, ohfuck, oh yes, that hot fuckin' tongue," Janice groaned, shuddering and shaking, her legs draped over the younger man's shoulders.


Don stood up, hands keeping Janice's firm, toned legs on his shoulders, kissing and nuzzling each soft limb as he whispered, "Take it baby, put this big while cock in your tight black pussy if you wanna be my little black cunt."


"Oooh Yeahhhhhh, fuck it's so big," squealed Janice with delight, her eyes glowing happily, her face radiating pure bliss as she gazed worshipfully into Don's penetrating eyes. She slowly stroked his meaty, pole-like prick as she guided the shiny, oozing head to her hot fuckhole, twisting her hips to begin nudging it into her as she whimpered in a high-pitched, girlish voice. "Yeah baby, wanna be your little black cunt, make me your whore baby, please?" she cooed sexily.


With a slight lurch of his hips Don buried his oversize cockhead into the furnace-hot fuckhole of the now-groaning black wife. her womanly whimper replaced by a throaty, husky grunt of lust as the huge dickhead pushed open her entrance, the pressure intense, opening her wider than she had expected, Janice’s damp cunt lips stretching thinner and thinner as Don eased three throbbing inches into the clinging, soggy grip of her pussy. "Umm-god-ohshit it's huge," gasped Janice, eyes widening as she continued to stare up into the young man's face.


Don only smiled down at her in reply as he pushed more of his hard, huge slab of fuckmeat into the willing wife's hot cunt. Janice’s gurgling and groaning, her hands instinctively going to his chest, her palms flat against his smooth skin, causing Don to think momentarily that she was trying to halt the slow, steady burrowing of his battering ram-like cock as it snaked into her soggy, vise-like snatch. With a full two-thirds of now buried in the steamy sheath of her tingling, twitching fuck tunnel. Instead, after grunting though a quick shock of pain as another inch of hard, thick prick that was suddenly shoved into her, Janice's hands relaxed and stroked and caressed the young man's glistening chest lovingly, purring and whimpering. her smooth legs massaging his hips, a dreamy look of lust on her beautiful older face as she stared sensuously into her new stud's eyes. "Geezus what a man," she whispered. "You sexy hung motherfucker, you knew, knew I was dying for that big hard cock, knew I needed a nasty white stud to fuck me and keep my ass in shape."


Don responded by rocking his hips slightly, gently fucking the writhing wife with all but an inch of his cock, slow, easy strokes that instantly had her gasping and groaning in carnal delight, her legs clasping at his lower back, trying to force the final inch of his hardness into her drenched depths. "Oh shit, oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck your slut-girl," she whimpered.


Janice's obscene words turned into a loud, lusty scream as Don suddenly grabbed her hips and rammed his entire oversize fuck-organ into her tight, gooey twat. "Godddammmmmnnnnnnnbabyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The horny black wife's body briefly stiffened as a searing pain shot through her suddenly stuffed cunt. By the time the scream shot from her throat the pain was being replaced by a sensation of erotic fullness that began as slight ripples deep in her wildly stretched pussy, the pleasure growing until every nerve and fiber in her body felt like it was vibrating, sending electrical currents of ecstasy racing through every inch of her being. "Oh fuck yessss," Janice hissed, working her hips lewdly, wiggling on the impaling, animal-like erection, her pink, throbbing clit scraping roughly over the hard base of his massive, meaty dick, shooting sparks into her clenching, creaming cunt. "I'm r-ready," she gasped, her little hands sliding up to his neck, tugging at him, as her legs tightened around his hips. "Ready to cum."


Janice seemed starved for his kiss, pulling on his neck as she tried to struggle upward while keeping herself stuffed with his big prick, pink tongue wetting her lips as they opened submissively, looking pleadingly up into his eyes. Don gave a soft, almost cruel chuckle as he gave it to her, letting his weight descend on her writhing, mature body, clamping his open mouth nastily to hers as Janice wrapped both her arms and legs tightly around him, giving herself completely to the dominant, donkey-hung stud young fucking her. Janice whimpered loudly, lewdly as she sloppily sucked on Don's tongue, the obscene sound quickly joined by a soft, nasty squishing as the two of them fell into a perfect fuck-rhythm.


Their bodies stayed locked together as the two of them squirmed and slithered gracefully without losing their lewd lip lock, saliva streaming down Janice's chin as their mouths worked wetly at each other. They grunted and groaned through the torrid tonguefucking as Don speared his massive cock harder into the wet, willing mature pussy, the taut, tingling walls of her scorching cunt massaging his aching, enormous fuck-rod as it spasmed in pleasure.


The two seemed unable to break their wetly nasty fuck kiss. faces tilting and moving this way and that to keep it going as they started fucking harder, faster, Janice thrusting upward eagerly to meet each spear of the huge hard cock as it sliced through her parted pussylips, wiggling her hips as the log-like dick pushed through her clinging cunt channel, the big bulbous head smearing searing hot wetness into her womb each time he bottomed out.


Their bodies bucked and bounced, Janice using her legs to maximize each downward thrust of her hugely hung lover as he stabbed his big meaty cock into her with an animalistic passion, their kiss-muffled moans and groans getting louder along with the slapping of their skin. The power of Janice’s orgasm finally forced their hungry mouths apart as she wailed and moaned loudly, legs flailing at Don's pistoning hips. "Oh there-ohfuck-there ohgod baby I'm cumming," she squealed. "Oh don't-don't stop, fuck-fuck me, ohgoddam I'm f-fuckin' cumminggggggggggggg."


Don responded by growling deep in his throat and lifting back up on his arms as he hammered into the howling, humping black wife with renewed lust. He pummeled and pounded her pulsating pussy with almost savage intensity, driving his 8-inch dick deeper and faster. Janice kept pace with the powerful fucking, clinging to his shoulders with her arms as her hips churned lewdly. "Oh fuck yeah fuck me, ohhhgoddd d-don't stop baby, please don't stop," she sobbed her eyes filling with tears, her orgasms like chain explosions that kept building and building. "I'm cumming ohfuck I'm cumming f-fuck me, k-keep f-fuckin' me."


The Don had her completely under his spell. Don's hands toyed with Janice’s bouncing tits, fingers gently flicking her nipples, then swept up and down her undulating body, caressing her hips, her wickedly flexing ass, all the while slamming his fuck stick into her spasming, soaked pussy with surprising force, her cunt smashing wetly into his hard groin, clit pressing into his cock-base, on each full downward stroke.


Don had reached the same point. "Gonna blow," he grunted, easing his upper body down on Janice, her arms slipping back around his neck. "Suck my tongue while I cum in you." Janice clamped her limbs tightly around Don's humping body and slurped his tongue into her gasping mouth with a lewd whimper. Don spurted a load into her already gooey pussy as he watched the look on the older woman's face as her buttocks clench and he drilled the very last inch of his dick into Janice's creamy, cumming cunt.


They lay still for several moments, catching their breath. As they started to shift their bodies around, getting ready to break their clasp on each other, Janice giggled, followed Don's gruff murmur. "Oh god that was some good pussy.”


"Oooh yeah baby," Janice replied, her voice slipping back into the mature woman tone. "I agree with you, baby."


They were both laughing when Lori's voice attracted their attention. She was still kneeling on the bed in the doggy-position with Ed behind her round ass slamming his thick cock faster and harder into her pussy and she yelled. "Fuck me!" She begged. "Ram my pussy harder with that fucking cock of yours, honey! Fuck me like Don just fucked you wife."


Don and Janice looked over at them still locked together at the groin watching the two and squeezing Don’s cock inside her pussy. After watching Lori and Ed for a few minutes Don's tool hardened again for the second time in a short time.


Watching the couple fuck next to them, Don began to thrust his cock smoothly and completely inside Janice's excited pussy. When his balls encountered her smooth ebony ass, Janice lifted her legs and wrapped them around his narrow waist holding him deep inside her pussy.


"It's been a long time since I've felt a hard, white cock inside me," she said, staring at the tall white figure above her while she wiggled her hips. "I want you to fuck me again, Don! Fuck me good and hard, baby!"


Don began moving his hips, slowly at first making sure he touched every sensitive spot inside Janice's cunt. At the same time, her pussy squeezed his long, hard shaft every time it hit bottom. When Don began squeezing her tits hard and pinching her thumb size nipples, Janice bucked her hips up at his thrusts with skill and enthusiasm.


His balls were now slapping against her butt and her cunt juice gushed around his cock and down the crack of her ass. Pounded away like a mad man, Don felt his balls beginning to rise. Forcing her knees almost to her shoulders, he began pumping into her cunt harder, inducing her to yet another orgasm. Aware that he himself was about to cum, he quickly pulled out and told her he wanted her on top. Then he rolled over onto his back and held his pulsing cock up in his hand indicating for her to straddle him. Janice was flushed with excitement as she jammed down onto his waiting rod, feeling it slither into her body as deeply as it could. Don took a firm hold on both cheeks of her ass and fucked up into her for all he was worth.


With no more preliminaries, no more interruptions, Janice was hungry for sex and Don's rod filled her all the way up. She brushed her clit faster, in between his pushes.


"I feel you getting bigger and harder lover." Janice said panting. "That's what I love—a big burst of energy and size when a man cums." Then she concentrated on squeezing the cock inside her pussy.


Janice started bouncing up and down on Don's tool having three orgasms herself before she felt his cock jerk inside her, shooting hot wads of cum inside her slippery tunnel.


"Yes, oh yes," she gasped, feeling his hot, splashing cum filling her up. “Give me that white cum, baby. Fill my black pussy with your white mans sperm.”


Ed, who was still behind Lori ramming his cock in and out of her pussy watched as his wife rode Don's cock to orgasm. With the look on her face, he knew Don was filling her hot pussy with cum and that triggered his own orgasm. Grabbing hold of Lori's firm hips and pulling her back tight against him, Ed submerged his cock deep inside his friends’ wet pussy, releasing his own sticky load of sperm. Lori, impassioned by the burning liquid splashing against her inner walls screamed out in pleasure shoving her ass back against and grinding against his stomach captured every drop of sperm she could get from his firing manhood.


After a few minutes, both couples regained their composure, looked at one another and smiled. Janice, who was still sitting with Don's cock inside her, gently flexed her firm black buttocks, caressing the piece of meat that was still twitching inside her body. Then looking over at her husband, who was now laying on her girlfriends back, held up her hand giving them the thumbs up signal.


Lori stared at Don with lust in her big brown eyes and spoke to him. "I hope you saved some of that for me, Lover Boy?"


Don understood what she meant but after the great fuck Janice had just bestowed upon him it would be at least and hour before he could muster up the strength, or fluid, that she so much wanted.


"I think we'll have to wait awhile," he told her, noticing the disappointment in her eyes. "Your friend has completely drained me and I don't think I'm up to it right this minute."


"Don't fret Lori, I guarantee you'll get the opportunity to fuck him before we head back home." Ed said as his drained cock slipped out of her cum filled pussy. "But for right now we have to get going."


"Oh, okay, but I'd rather we stay here so we could all get to know Don better." Lori replied, getting out of bed.


Janice with a leg on each side of Don’s lower body keeps an eye on Lori standing next to them. He noticed that her breasts were firm and stood out from her body with no need of support and her thumb size nipples were erect and inviting. Looking downward past her slim waist and her wide hips, he stopped at the patch of thick black matted pubic curls that hid the lips of pussy. He could make out a trail of sperm that was leaking from her pussy and flowing down the inside of her long legs. The sight caused Don’s cock to jerk inside Janice's pussy and when she felt the movement inside her she smiled and leaned over and whispered to him. "Don't worry, lover. Before this week is over I’ll guarantee you'll have that marvelous cock of your in every hole the two of us have."



To be continued ……………………………


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