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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 18


Chapter XVIII



The morning hours passed by quickly and everyone was on board the houseboat by early afternoon. The sun was still high in the sky as Don shoved off and headed out over the lake to find a good location to have a nice lunch and maybe do some fishing with Mike and Ed. It would also allow the women to get better aquatinted while the men did the fishing.


Don was sitting at the wheel with Ed next to him discussing the new houseboat they had looked at this morning while Mike prepared the grill with charcoal. With the afternoon sun getting hotter, than hell (90 degrees) when Mike shouted up to Don to make sure he found a nice secluded location with plenty of shade because the fishing would be better and they would all be a lot more comfortable.


The women were all inside the cabin preparing the typical picnic menu of hamburgers, hot dog, potato salad and Cole slaw and Mike could hear them all laughing and carrying on. What he didn't know is what they were all so ecstatic about.


After a thirty-minute ride Don located the perfect spot for them, shut down the boats engine and dropped anchor. Then he and Ed joined Mike at the grill and they sat around talking about the boat they went to see at the marina. Ed was very interested in the nice fifty-footer Don had told him about but he would have to talk it over with Janice first before he made any kind of deal. They always did everything as a couple and this helped keep harmony in their family. Besides, he wanted to take her down to the marina so she could have a look at it for herself.


The guys were in a serious conversation when the girls made their appearance on deck. Terri and Lori were each carrying a tray of unprepared meats food for the cook out. Janice followed close behind with a large bowel of fresh tossed salad. Carol was the last one out and she brought cold drinks for everyone. The guys’ conversation stopped and they just stared at the girls with their mouths open. Each of them had changed into their respective swimwear before they made their appearance on deck.     


"Who's going to do the honors of cooking?" Carol asked as she bent over and making sure they all had a perfect view of her tits and offered each of them a cold drink.


"I think I can handle that job!" Mike replied, trying to hide the bulge that was forming in his shorts before walking over to the grill. Then he picked up a hot dog and held it up but before he thought of what he was asking, he looked over at the girls, who were now sitting together and asked a stupid question. "How would you ladies like your meat?"


Looking over at Mike and grinning, Carol yelled out loud enough for all to hear. "Big and hard!"


Everybody laughed at Mike but he just looked over at them with a broad smile.


"You know what I meant. How do you want you hamburgers cooked, rare, medium or well done?"


After everyone stopped laughing Mike took their requests and prepared the hamburgers and hot dogs to everybody’s' satisfaction. Then they all sat at the table, ate lunch and exchanged small talk. When everyone was finished the women took the remainder of food back inside so it wouldn’t spoil in the hot sun then re-joined the men on deck.


The girls all sat together exchanging small talk when Carol brought up the subject of mate swapping.


"Janice, why don’t you finish telling us how you and Ed got involved in wife swapping?"


"I don't know?" Janice warned. "The story gets pretty heated and probably makes us all horny as hell?"


"That's Ok. If it does we have three healthy studs over there who I'll bet will be more than happy to help us out with that problem?" Carol replied, nodding in the guys’ direction.


"How about you, Terri? You interested in hearing the rest of the story?" Lori asked, hoping her answer would be positive.


"Sure, why not!" Terri replied. "I'm kind of interested myself."


"Well it's a long story but I'll try and shorten it a little without leaving out too many of the details." Janice said. “It all started when Ed and I were having some problems in our sex life and didn't know what we could do about it. We had tried everything from watching X-rated videos; reading trashy paperbacks together or anything else we could think of but nothing seemed to help. Then one day a friend I work with, her name was Ginny Carter and I were having lunch together and I told her about our predicament. She told me that Randy, her husband and herself had the same kind of sticky situation a few years back but they found a sure fire remedy for it. When I asked her what it was she was kind of reluctant to tell me at first. She said that maybe after we all got to know each other a little better she'd tell me. We had lunch every day for the next two weeks together and Ginny kept asking me how thing were going at home. I told her there was no change; the sex was all but non-existent.


I didn't know it at the time but Ginny had been describing our dilemma to her husband every night when she got home. Then the next day at lunch she suggested that Ed and join her and her husband for dinner on Friday night at their place. Little did I know that they had designed a plan between them to seduce Ed and I before the evening was over?  


When we got back from lunch I called Ed at wok and asked if he would like to go to dinner Friday night with a friend I work with and her husband. He said that would be fine so I told Ginny everything was a go for Friday.


When Friday night arrived we meet Ginny and her husband at the Brickhouse at 7:00 o'clock. I was really surprised to see how Ginny was dressed. First let me describe her a little. Ginny is 33 years old, 5’ 3” and weights about 120 lbs. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes and her figure was something else. At work she always wore bulky unattractive clothes so I never really pictured her like this but tonight was different. She had on a black strapless outfit that showed off 36C-24-36 body extremely well. You could tell that she wasn't wearing any kind of underwear under her dress because of the bare columns of slit running down each side of her dress. To top it off she had on a pair of 5-inch sling back sandals with spaghetti straps that wrapped and tied around her ankles. If anybody from work would have seen her tonight, they would have never recognized her. She was dressed to kill but what I didn't know was that my husband was her victim.


Randy, her husband who was Hispanic was a little different than I expected. He was a little on the stocky side for his 5’6” frame, but he carried it very well. He had thick black hair and brown eyes and he dressed very casual that night. If you would have bumped into the two of them somewhere and you didn't know them you would never suspect that were a couple. They just didn't look like a match.


After dinner we had a few more drinks then decided it was getting late and we should be getting home. That’s when Randy invited us to their house for a nightcap. It being a Friday night and none of us having to work the next day we accepted. Since we each had a car Ginny suggested that I ride with Randy and she would go along with Ed just in case we got separated on the way to their house. I know that she just wanted to be alone with Ed so she could feel him out about her plan.


When we arrived at their house, Randy asked Ed if would like to select a bottle of wine from his wine cellar. Before he could give him an answer, Ginny grabbed his hand said that she would show Ed the wine cellar and off they went to the basement. When they left Randy asked me if I would like to join him in the kitchen while he sliced some cheese to go along with the wine. When we got to the kitchen, Randy told me to have a seat then he went after the cheese. I was all alone in the kitchen and that's when I heard the racket coming up from the basement stairway. I tip toed quietly toward the stairway and stood there listening when suddenly Randy's arms circled my waist, he jerked me back against him and that’s when I felt his hard cock pressing up against my ass. At first, I was dumbfounded; I didn't know what to do so I just froze. I could feel him rubbing his cock up against my ass while he told me that Ginny had told him of our problem and they wanted to help us out it we’d let them then he told me that his wife was probably sucking my Ed's cock about now and that they might not want to be disturbed. At first I was shocked and couldn't believe my ears. I thought to myself, my husband would never allow another woman to suck his cock, or would he? Then Randy proceeded to explain that Ginny just loves to suck cock whenever she can. I didn’t want to believe him at first but then I heard Ed’s voice from the basement. He was telling Ginny to suck his cock harder because he was ready to cum.


I was so mad that I just wanted to go downstairs and ripe the white bitch's head off when suddenly Randy’s hand went under my dress and slipped into the crouch of my panties. I knew I should stop him but he was rubbing my pussy and it felt so damn good that I couldn't, no I didn’t want to stop him. By now he was trying to work his finger inside my wet pussy but my legs were closed too tight. Then I visualized what Randy said was taking place in the basement and I decided if Ed could have some fun with Ginny then why shouldn’t I have the same with Randy. For that reason I spread my legs and pushed my ass back against his hard cock to let him know that what he was doing was just fine and to keep going. Then without warning, Randy lifted my short dress, hooked his thumbs under the waistband of my panties and pushed them down around my ankles. Then he turned me around, picked me up and carried me over to the kitchen counter where he sat me down on the countertop and removed my panties from around my ankles. Next he spread my legs, buried his face in my pussy and started tonguing my clit. What he was doing felt so good that I propped my heels up on the kitchen counter, leaned back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure his tongue was doing on my clit.


After a few minutes of this I felt one of his finger working inside my pussy. I thought he was looking for my G-spot but he was only getting it wetter. Then he removed it and gently pushed it at my asshole. Before I could protest he shoved it inside my tight asshole and sucked harder at my clit and that’s when I had my first real orgasm in over a month. What I didn't know was that it was the first of many more to come before this night was over with.


“Oh god, this is making me so horny!” Carol blurted out. “I could sure use a tongue in my pussy about now, myself!”


“Me too!” Terri replied before she had time to think of what she just said.


They all laughed at Terri’s out burst but she just looked around at the rest of them and grinned back. Then she told Janice to continue.


“Well I can’t remember how long is was before Ed and Ginny joined us but when I opened my eyes, they were both standing in the room, watching. I looked over at Ginny and saw that she was pleased. Then I looked over at Ed who was standing beside Ginny and I saw the angry look on his face. Being a little frightened at first I dropped my legs from Randy's shoulders and tried pushing his face away from my crotch but he wouldn't budge. Then Ed started to say something but I stopped him before he could open his mouth. I explained to him that I over heard him and Ginny in the basement and that it made me horny. Besides, if he could get his dick sucked by Ginny, why couldn't I have my pussy licked by Randy? Then I raised my legs up locked my heels on the counter so that he and Ginny could both get a better image of Randy eating my pussy.


Terri pussy was getting wetter and wetter as Janice went on with her story. She wanted to hear more but she also wished that they were alone so she could have either Mike or Don or maybe both of them together give her a good fucking. Her pussy was on fire and she knew the only thing that would put it out was a hard cock. She tried to put the thought out of her mind as she listened to Janice go on with her description of what happened next.


After a few minutes of close watching, Ginny unbuttoned the sides of her velvet dress and hopped up on the counter next to me. Then I saw her raise and spread her legs, exposing her clean-shaven pussy to Ed. Then gesturing for him to come over and eat her pussy just like Randy was doing to me. Staring at Ginny's naked pussy, Ed walked over to her, drops to his knees, buried his face in her pussy and began licking and sucking. I watched them for as long as I could then I felt Randy's lips clamp down hard my throbbing clit and suck hard. I turned my attention back to him as he was now fingering fucking my pussy and apply pressure on my asshole with his thumb while his lips and tongue worked magic on my clit. I started to hump his face and then closed my eyes tight and had another huge orgasm, my second for the night.


When I finally calmed down I head Ginny's shrill intake of breath next to me. I looked over and saw she was thrashing around in her own delightful orgasm, moaning and groaning as Ed kept licking and sucking at her pussy until she couldn't take anymore and she pushed his face away, grabbed her pussy and closed her legs tight.


“Man, I could sure use some of that myself right about now!” Carol declared. “How about you Terri?”


“You better believe it.” Terri blurted out in front of their new friends before she could stop herself. A little embarrassed she smiled then looked over at Janice waiting for her to go on.


“Well, after we all regained our composure Ginny told us that she had been telling Randy about our daily talks over lunch and that they had planned for all this to happen tonight. They were also hoping we would go along with it and maybe it would help us out of our sexual depression, Besides, she admitted that she had seen Ed at the last Christmas party and was attracted to him. Ed and I looked at each other then both laughed. I asked Ginny where we went from here. That’s when she made the suggestion that we move up to their bedroom to get comfortable if we were interested. I looked over at Ed and he shook his head in agreement so off we went to their bedroom. Before Ginny and I went into the bathroom to freshen up she told the men to strip to the buff because when we returned their was some serious fucking going to take place in this bedroom tonight and better be prepared to give us both a good fucking.


Once we were in the bathroom, Ginny asked me if I ever had sex with anyone other than Ed before and I told her not since Ed and I were married but before that, I was no stranger to having my share of the boys or men. Then she asked if me if had ever fucked a Hispanic before and I told her no, but I always wanted try it. Then she told me not to believe everything people say about Hispanic lovers when it comes to bed. She went on to tell me that Randy has an average size cock, (6 inches) but he sure knows how to use it and that’s what counts. Then she went on to tell me that before this night was over I'd understand what she was talking about.”


“How did everything work out for you guys that night?" Carol asked.


"Oh, it was wonderful!" Janice exclaimed. When we got back to the bedroom Ed and Randy were laying on the bed stroking their hard cock while they waited for us. I walked around to Randy’s side of the bed and looked at down at his cock. It was larger than Ed’s but what I found out was what he lacked in size he sure made up for it in experience. That man had me climbing the walls every time he fucked me that night. Another thing I learned that night was that I was always under the impression that a man could only get off a couple times a night, but Randy must have climaxed at least 6 times before the night was over. All I know is that between him and Ed, my pussy was so overflowing with sperm that it just kept running out of my pussy like a river.”


"Tell them some of the things you told me you all did that night, girlfriend?" Lori said, looking over at her companion.


"Yea, tell us, Janice!" Carol repeated.


"Well, we did so many different things that it's hard to remember them all." Janice replied. "But there is one thing I do remember very well and that’s watching both Ed and Randy fucking Ginny at the same time. I didn't think I could handle watching my husband fuck another women while I watched but it was really a turn on. My pussy wouldn’t stop running."


“What was so special about that?” Carol asked. “Did they do something out of the ordinary?”


“They sure did.” Janice replied. “Ginny was sitting with one leg on each side Ed’s hips riding his hard cock up and down slowly when I heard her tell Randy she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. I was a little shocked when I heard her but I stretched out on the bed next to them and watched. Randy picked up some kind of lubricant from their nightstand, and smeared it all over his hard cock. Then he crouched down behind Ginny, who leaned forward, lifting her ass off Ed's cock a little allowing him to smear some of the cream around her asshole. Then he worked a couple fingers inside her asshole to get her ready. When he was sure he had her butthole oiled enough, he moved closer and placed the tip of his cock against her puckered hole. Then I watched as he very slowly eased it inside her butt. You should have seen the look of surprise on Ed’s face when he felt Randy's cock sliding inside Ginny’s ass."


“Was this the first time you ever seen someone getting it up the ass before?” Carol asked.


"No, it wasn’t. I've seen some ass fucking in a few of the movies we've rented but never a live show before. Ed and I have even talked about trying it ourselves but his cock is so thick, I don't think I could take it." Janice replied.


Suddenly the girls' were interrupted by a male voice coming from behind them. "What are you ladies talking about that's so interesting?" Don interrupted as he stood behind Lori chair and placed his hands on her smooth dark shoulders.


Looking over her shoulder, Lori saw all three of the males were now standing behind her. Her eyes traveled from one man to the other then she told them that Janice was telling them a story and wanted to know if they wanted to sit down and join them.


"What kind of story is Janice telling you all that’s so interesting or is it something we men really don't want to hear?" Don asked as he walked over and sat down next to Carol.


"She was describing how Ed and her got involved with wife swapping with a couple she works with." Terri replied as she looked over at Mike and patted the cushion next to her.


"This I've got to hear!" Don said placing his arm over Carol’s shoulder and his hand coming to rest just above her breast. "Go ahead Janice; let's hear the rest of your story.”


"Yea Janice, tell us what happened after Randy had his cock inside Ginny’s ass?" Carol said as her bare leg encountered Don’s.


“Who are Randy and Ginny?” Mike asked.


“Ginny is a woman I work with and Randy is her husband.” Janice replied, making room for Ed to sit next to her.


“That’s cool!” Don replied. “Let’s get on with the story.”


"Like I said, after Randy had his cock buried inside his wife's pretty ass, she went totally wild. She started riding both their cocks, first one then the other. She set up a rhythm between the three of them and I just watched in amazement while she fucked both of them. From the way she was riding those two cocks I realized that this girl was no stranger to having two dick inside her at the same time. Then after about ten minutes Ed yelled that he was "cumming.” Then he blasted his load inside her pussy and she let out a scream that filled the entire room. Her whole body was shaking in orgasm as Ed continued pumping his hot cum inside her pussy.”


Carol felt the excitement mounting inside her own pussy as she listened to Janice go on with her account of what took place. Suddenly she felt Don’s hand touching her leg and he started massaging her thigh so she spread her legs to make it easier for him to get closer to her overheated pussy. At this point she didn’t care that they were sitting here in front of strangers, all that mattered now was that extraordinary feeling of pleasure between her legs and she wished that she were naked so Don could shove his fingers deep inside her wet pussy and bring her off.


“Go on. What happened next?” Terri asked all excited herself.


“Well Randy went off next. He had both hands on Ginny’s hips and he pulled her ass back against him hard, almost pulling Ed’s cock out of her pussy. From the expression on Randy’s face, I could tell he was blasting her with his sperm now and feeling that, Ginny let out another scream and shoved her ass back against him, wiggled her hips around make an attempt to milk every drop he had out and drain him dry. Then the two of them fell forward on top of Ed and the three of them laid there, exhausted.


After a few minutes, Randy’s cock popped out of Ginny’s ass and he rolled over next to me. Then I Ginny moved next to me and I looked over to see what she was up to. She was standing up, with thick globs of cum running out of her cunt and asshole leaving huge puddles white cum on Ed's stomach.


"What were you doing while all this was going on, Janice?" Don asked as he openly adjusted the huge bulge that had formed inside his pants for everyone to see.


"What do you think I was doing?" Janice responded watching Don adjust his cock inside his shorts. I was horny as hell and Ed's cock was still hard so I pushed Ginny out of my way and moved over to him. Knowing my husband as I do I was confident that he still had another load left in his balls so started sucking his cock. The taste of Ginny's pussy mixed with Ed's sperm was still on his tool and that really turned me on. I had never before tasted another female until that night and it was really tasty. When I had Ed's cock nice and clean I straddled him, placed the head of his cock against my pussy and then shoved it inside. I knew he was tired but I didn't give a damn if he could move or not, I just wanted to feel a hard cock inside my pussy so I could get off again!”


"It sounds like you all had a bang-up time?" Terri said and she felt Mike’s hand gently caressing her bare shoulder and causing her nipples to stiffen inside her summer dress.


"Oh, it was great." Janice replied. "We spent the rest of the night doing things with each other that you only read about or see in those X-rated movies. Ginny and I fucked those two men until they couldn’t get up anymore then we spent the rest of the night licking and sucking each other’s pussys."


"So that’s how you got involved in the swapping parties?" Carol asked as she brazenly stared at Ed's cock now.


"Yes it was the start of it, but I’ll let Ed describe how that happened?" Janice replied, watching Don's hand play with Carol’s leg. "Go ahead honey; tell them how all that got started."


"I don't know if I can describe things as skillfully as Janice, but I'll try." Ed replied looking around the group until his eyes made contact with Carol. He was aware that she was staring at his hard cock while Don rubbed her pussy through her shorts. He wished he could remove his shorts so she could have a better look but he knew that was impossible so he shifted in his chair and went ahead with the story.


“The next morning when I woke up, Janice and Randy were already gone. Ginny was still asleep next to me so I quietly got up went to find them. I found my underwear on the floor so I slipped them on and was on the way down the hall toward the guest bathroom when I heard some noise coming from the kitchen. Guessing from the aroma of fresh coffee brewing I figured maybe Janice and Randy were preparing breakfast for all of us so I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I was finished I went down the stairs to the kitchen to get a cup of that fresh coffee But just as I was about to enter the kitchen, I recognized Randy standing behind Janice. They were both naked, except for Janice, who had her 4-inch heels on was leaning over a kitchen chair with her ass pointed at Randy.”


"What were they doing?" Terri asked.


Ed looked over at Terri and noticed her thumb size nipples poking out the front of her dress. His cock twitched when he thought of how he would love to put his cock between her huge tits of hers and fuck them until he shot his wad all over her.


Terri become aware of Ed staring at her breasts and that he didn’t hear her question so she repeated it. “What were they doing, Ed?”


"Oh, I'm sorry!" Ed replied. "They were fucking like a couple of dogs in heat!"


“Standing in the doorway I saw Randy driving his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy like a jackhammer. I watched them for a bit then figured what the hell, why not join them. I removed my underwear, tiptoed over to Randy and tapped him on the shoulder. Without stopping his tempo he turned his head, smiled at me, and winked. I made hand gestures telling him that I wanted to trade places with him but he didn't understand what I meant until I pointed down stiff cock at my cock.”


"Didn't Janice realize something was different when you guys swapped places?" Carol asked.


"Not at first!" Ed answered. “When Randy removed his cock she started to turn around to see what was wrong but he told her to close her eyes and stand still. That's when I stepped up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy, getting it good and wet. Still under the impression that it was Randy standing behind her she didn't move. Then I shoved my cock inside her pussy and that's when she knew that it wasn’t Randy standing behind her and she didn't even bother to turn around; she just shoved her ass back and yelled for me to give her more cock. When I was completely buried inside her, Randy went walked around and stood in front of her, his cock sticking straight out from his groin. Janice saw him standing there with his cock pointing straight at her she reached out and pulled him closer then she started sucking his rod. That’s when I started working my cock back and forth inside her pussy and she relaxed and enjoy her first double fucking she was getting. After a few minutes her pussy started pulsating and I heard her sobbing around Randy’s cock then I felt her having her first orgasm. Feeling this, I held onto her hips and blasted my load up her pussy. The next thing I heard was her shouting, "Fill my pussy with your hot come!"


Then with me still squirting inside her, she went back to sucking Randy's cock urging him to shoot off inside her mouth, which he did. After the three of us regained our composure and separated we heard applause coming from behind us.”


"Who was it?" Terri asked while she enjoyed Mike's hand caressing her right breast.


"It was Ginny!" Janice interrupted laughing. "She had been standing in the doorway, naked the whole time watching us and playing with her pussy."



To be continued……………………………….


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