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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 19

Chapter IXX



“After the three of us regained our composure, Janice and Ginny made breakfast and we sat around the kitchen table eating while Randy and Ginny told us how they were having problems in their marriage too. They decided that they better do something about it before it was too late and their marriage fell apart. Ginny told us that before they were married she was a dancer at a nightclub downtown and that's where she and Randy first met. The story goes that he came in one night with a group of his friends and saw her dancing and they bet him he couldn't get her to sit down with him. When she was finished with her set, Randy told the bartender to send her a drink. When she came over to thank him he offered her a chair she and sat down with him and they talked for quite awhile. One thing leads to another and he asked her out she accepted. They dated steady for about a year when she gave up her dancing job and they were married. That was about five years ago now. She had a college degree in HR and applied for a job where Jan works and that’s how they meet.”


“Randy continued telling us that they started have problems like ours and almost filed for a divorce when a close friend of theirs suggested that maybe they should try wife swapping. Their friend told them about this party for swingers he knew about and after discussing it thoroughly among themselves they decided to give it a try it. They both agreed that it made a big transformation in their lives and marriage and the sex between them has never better. Randy also told us that they still attend a few parties and have a ball meeting some of the new people.


"When did you and Janice go to your first party?" Carol asked.


“It was the following weekend at Ginny’s house." Janice interjected. “Ginny told me over lunch on Tuesday that she had arranged for a small gathering at their house on Friday night and wanted to know if Ed and I would be interested in coming. She explained to me that there would be six other married couples there for us to meet. I told her that I would have to talk it over with Ed first and I would give her a call later that evening and let her know our decision. Just thinking about the party had me horny as hell and I thought the workday would never end. When I got home I had about an hour before Ed was due home from work so I went up to the bedroom and took a warm shower. When I was finished, I picked out my new apricot-colored teddy that I pick up at Fredrick’s and slipped it on. Then I laid down on our bed and waited for Ed to get home. That last 30 minutes waiting seemed like hours to pass, I could feel the crotch of my teddy digging into my pussy and it was making me so hot that I was tempted to masturbate but then I heard the front door open and Ed yell out that he was home. I promptly slide into a pair of black leather high-heel shoes and headed for the stairs. Ed loves a woman in heels, it really turns him on.”


Just as I got to the bottom step Ed was standing there waiting for me. His eyes almost bulged out of his head when he saw how I was dressed and he knew what I needed. He picked me up and carried me back upstairs to the bedroom where he undressed and we laid down on the bed. The next hour was spent having some wild sex before we finally took a break. That’s when I told Ed about Ginny inviting us over to their house this weekend for a party. We talked it over and agreed that it might be fun and that we should go. After our talk I noticed that Ed was hard again and I was still feeling horny too, so we went at it again until both of us finally feel apart exhausted then drifted off to sleep.


When I got up the next morning for work Ed was already gone. I was running late so I dressed in a hurry and headed off to work myself. When I arrived at the office I telephoned Ginny office and told her that Ed and I had talked it over and we would be at her party. Before I hung up I asked her if we needed to bring anything and all she said was “just my pussy and Ed's dick.” We talked a few more minutes then she said that she had a few more calls to make and that she would see us Friday night around seven o'clock. Well the rest of my day was a blur and I was so happy when it came time to go home. After Ed arrived home, I told him of my conversation with Ginny and that everything was all set for Friday night.


Ed and I were so happy to see Friday roll around. We hadn't had any kind of sex all week long and both of us were horny as hell. Friday evening we both showered and got dressed for the party. Me, I wore a new black strapless dress that was slit up the left side and my new red lace garter belt along with sheer red stockings and no panties. I didn't bother wearing a bra either because I knew it would just get lost. To top the outfit off I added a pair of red 4-inch slide heels.


Ed dress in a pair of casual slacks and a sport shirt but under the slacks he wore the tiniest pair of red silk bikini briefs you've ever seen. They were so small that he had a tough time keeping his cock inside them.”


"His what?" Terri blurted out.


"His cock!" Janice repeated then went on to explain. “Ed's cock is only 5-inches long but it’s thickest you've ever seen. The head looks like a giant mushroom.”


"That's what I thought you said." Terri replied then she looked at Ed who was sitting next to his wife, sporting a thick bulge inside his pants.


"I'll bet his balls are pretty good size too?" Carol asked.


"Especially when full?" Lori answered. "They're as big as two Florida oranges and he has enough cum inside them to fill a glass.”


"That I'd like to see for myself?" Carol replied. “How about it Ed?”


"Ok ladies. Enough of this. Let Janice finish her story!" Don spoke up. "Go ahead Janice tell us what happened."


“By the time we arrived at Randy and Ginny’s house I was so horny that I almost came in the driveway before getting out of the car. As we left the car Ed asked if I was nervous and I told him yes. He said that he was too and if we didn't hurry he'd come in his pants. At the front door Ed turned and grinned at me then rang the bell. There was no turning back now. Then I felt my body quiver with excitement causing my pussy to leak even more.


Suddenly to door opened and Ginny was standing in front of us looking like a million dollars. She was wearing a green mini-skirt that barely covered her naked pussy with a matching knit top that was cut high above her waist so the bottoms of her braless tits were visible. Ed told me at home later that he almost dropped his load in his pants when he first saw her.


She gave me a kiss on the cheek then invited us inside and escorted us to the living room where we were met by Randy who handed us each a glass of champagne. Ginny was now standing next to Ed with her arm around his waist and I could see that she was mashing her tits against his arm. Not wanting to be left out I kissed Randy while rubbing my pussy against his hard cock. After a few minutes of this Ginny asked if we were ready to meet the rest of her guest then ushered us to the party room down in the basement.


When we entered the large family room in the basement we saw a blonde-haired woman, who must have been in her middle fifties in one corner of the room being fucked doggy-style by a young tall black man of about 25. Elsewhere in the room couples were happily engrossed in other aspects of fucking, sucking or just watching. As I looked around the room myself, never before have I seen so many hard dicks in one place in my whole life and I knew that before this night was over I was going to have the opportunity to sample everyone of them.”


"What happened next?" Carol asked getting more aroused.


“Ginny and Randy escorted us around the room introducing us to the other couples that were there. Then as we stood at the bar the doorbell ring Randy and Ginny excused themselves leaving Ed and I alone. Suddenly a older blonde woman in her late fifties came up to Ed and I and asked if she could suck his cock. Before Ed could even answer her she knelt down on the floor in front of him unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Then after pulling his briefs down she began to sucking his cock right there in front of me.”


"What did you do while all this was happening?" Mike asked as he continued to caress Terri's breast more openly in front of everyone.


“I just stood there watching this mystery woman sucking my husbands' dick in disbelief. Then someone came up behind me and began unzipping my dress. I didn't know who it was and I really didn't care at this point, I was so horney. I let the dress slide off my shoulder and fall around my feet while I watched this strange woman lips work around Ed’s cock like a pro. With my dress now around my feet I felt a strange pair of hands gliding over my body exciting ever nerve inside me. Then those hands moved under my arms, cupped my naked tits and squeezed. At the same time, who ever it was, moved closer to me and I felt this huge cock move between the cheeks of my bare ass and push me forward. It was the biggest cock I have ever felt before and I know it was bigger than Ed's and it sure was thicker.


The next thing I knew he had me down on all fours slipping that huge cock inside my wet pussy and fucking me as I keep my eyes on Ed and his cocksucker friend getting hotter and hotter. Then I lost complete control and started fucking back whoever it was when I heard Ed yell that he was about to cum. I looked up just in time to see her pull his cock out of her mouth and pump his cock faster forcing him shoot his load all over her face, neck and extremely large tits. The sight of that drove me over the edge, not to mention the cock plunging inside my pussy and all I wanted was whoever it was behind me to fill my pussy with his cum. I didn't have to wait long before my wish came true because I felt this huge cock swell inside me then exploded. When I felt him unleash his hot cream inside me I shoved back against him and squeezed his cock hard as we both reached our sexual peak together.”


"Oh, god that was hot!" Terri sighed as she reached over and squeezed Mike's cock almost causing him to cum on the spot.


"Did you ever find out who was the lady was that gave Ed the blowjob?” Carol asked while her hand massaged Don noticeable bulge in front of everyone.


“Yes, we found out later that night that the woman was Ginny's 58 year old mother. It seems that after her husband passed away, she started falling apart from loneliness. They had been married for 40 years and she had led a very sheltered life. So one Saturday night she decided to drop over and pay her daughter and son-in-law a surprise visit. When she arrived, she found one of her daughters' parties in full swing. After adjusting to the shock she walked through the whole house looking for her daughter. When she found her, Ginny tried to get her to leave but she persuaded her to allow her to stay the evening and enjoy herself. She told Ginny that it had been a long time since she had felt like a real woman and she wanted to feel that way again. Now she's a regular at all there get together.”


"How did the rest of the evening go?" Don asked as Carol stroked his cock, harder.


“The rest of the evening was one fabulous new experience after another for Ed and I. Never in our wildest dreams did we realize that having sex with so many different people could be so much fun. When we finally got home, the next afternoon we were so exhausted that we both went straight to bed and didn't wake up until Sunday evening.”


"Sound like everything worked out and you both had a great time?" Carol said as she continued to stroke Don's cock in front of everyone.


"Oh, yes!" Janice replied. "After that weekend, Ed and I decided that we would continue our swinging and maybe have our own private little group someday.”


"Well if you and Ed are looking for volunteers to join, you can give Carol and me a call, right Carol?" Don spoke up. "I know we’d be interested.” Then he looked over at Mike and Terri. “What about you and Terri, Mike? Think you two would like to join and we could have our own little group when we’re he at the lake?”


"I think it would be a great idea myself but I can't speak for Terri?" Mike answered. “It’s up to her?”


"How about it Terri? Think you might be interested in having our own little swing club here at the lake and add a little more variety to our group?” Carol asked.


Terri looked over at her husband. She wasn’t in the least bit surprised that Mike was interested in starting their own little group especially after meeting Janice and Lori. They were very beautiful and well build black women. And besides, Ed was a very good-looking man and she wanted badly to know what it would feel like to have his black cock pumping away inside her pussy and filling her up with his cum.


“I agree. I think it would be nice to have our own little group while were here at the lake but I think we have one small problem. We’re one male short.” Terri answered.


“Don’t worry about that dear,” Lori replied. “I know quite a few males that would just love to join our little group. When I get back home I’ll do some asking around.


"Well then what's wrong with us all getting started right now?" Carol shouted and stood up pulling Don with her. "I don't know about the rest of you ladies but I'm horny as hell after listening to Janice’s story. Besides I could sure use a stiff dick inside my pussy right about now! How about the rest of you girls?"


Before any of the girls could reply Carol had Don’s his shorts down, exposing his hard cock to everyone. "Any of you lovely ladies want a sample of this stiff cock first?"


That was all it took. Lori started removing her top and Janice stood up and removed her bottom. Within minutes they were all naked and looking at each other. The three men were now standing together admiring the four naked beauties before them not knowing what or who they wanted to do first. Then Janice came up with an idea.


"Let's see how we can work this out so nobody gets left out.” Janice said. "Since Don fucked me this morning, I think he should take Lori. Mike, you and I can pair off and that leaves Ed with Terri and Carol. How does that sound for starters?


“What just one damn minute here!” Carol yelled out. “What’s this about you and Don fucking this morning? Where and when did this all take place, Don?”


“It’s a long story, Carol and I don’t think we want to waist anymore time with stories?” Don replied. “I promise you I’ll tell what happened later, OK?”


“OK big boy. I’m holding you to your word on that.” Carol answered him back with a grin. Then she turned her attention to Ed and said. "I guess it'll have to do for now since we're one male short." Carol replied. Then she walked over to Ed, "Come on Ed. You've got two horny white girls here that have never sampled a black cock before and we want to see if what they say about “once you have black you’ll never go back.”


“I’ll do my best ladies, trust me?” Ed replied joining the two beauties.



To be continues …………….


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