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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 22

Chapter XXII



The guys returned around 7 PM to find the four women sitting around a small table laughing and talking about things women love talking about, cloths, money and sex. When the guys approached Janice was the first to speak up.


“Well look who decided to return,” she said getting up and walking over toward the three men, her 36D breasts bouncing as she walked. “We thought you guys forgot all about us.”


“Now how could we do that?” Ed replied to his wife as she now stood in front of him, her bare tits just inches away from his hairy chest. “We just lost track of time, that’s all.”


“If you say so, darling.” She said kissing her husband on the lips while her left hand reached for his manhood and began stroking him.


Feeling his cock responding to his wife’s stroking, Ed reached up, cupping her breasts, squeezing and pinching her sensitive nipples. “You keep that up baby and I’ll cum in my pants.” Ed said.


Janice released his now hard cock then pushed his shorts down leaving him standing there naked with his pants around his ankles and his black pole standing straight up against his lower belly. Falling to her knees in front of her husband, Janice reached out and stroked his manhood causing the head to swell even more and leak out a nice flow of pre-cum. Spotting this she lowered her head, opened her mouth and licked the sticky fluid from Ed’s cock. Then she opened her mouth further and began to suck him inside her hot caravan until she had his cock completely inside her mouth.


“Oh baby, suck me.” Ed moaned as his wife continued to devour his black cock.


Seeing what was happening the other ladies got up and moved closer to the action. Standing next to Ed and Janice they cheered her on hoping that she would bring Ed to a whopping orgasm and fill her mouth with hot cum.


“Go girl!” Lori shrieked. “Suck him good! Make him cum!”


Hearing this Janice put all of her effort into sucking her husband’s cock. Greedily she sucked more of him into her hot mouth, eager to feel as much of him inside her as she could before he grew too much. She loved to feel Ed’s cock growing and hardening as she sucked him. She wanted the rest of the group to watch her take Ed’s load into her hot mouth. Easing his cock out of her mouth, she ran her tongue around the head, concentrating on the sensitive ridge between his cock head and his thick shaft. Janice pulling his foreskin back, holding him tight and sucking on his tip, rubbing the tip of her tongue into the small hole. With her free hand, Janice reached up and gently grasped his swollen balls and squeezed them tenderly feeling the large contents inside and knowing it wouldn’t be long she released his balls and moved her hand to his ass and placed a finger at the opening of his asshole and pushed her middle finger up his ass and began massaging his prostate. Squeezing his balls with one hand, fucking his asshole with the other, his cock jerked in her mouth. Ed let out a deep, rumbling groan as he came, his cum pouring into her mouth.


“How was that?” she gasped through a mouthful of cum.


Pulling her up and holding his wife in his arms they held each other tight.

Ed held Janice so that her breasts pressed against him, his hands running lovingly over her naked body. They kissed, Janice sucking hard on Ed’s tongue, wanting more, wanting to feel him inside her.


She reached for his cock, and it wasn’t long before she was rewarded as it started to grow in her hand. Janice smiled through their kiss, loving Ed's power of recovery.


“OK you two I think that’s just about enough of that!” Carol yelled out bring the husband and wife team back to reality.


The rest of the group stood around the couple smiling and laughing when all of a sudden the sound of another boat approaching brought silence to the group.


“I wonder who that could be?” Don asked putting his hands up over his eyes to block the sun and looking out over the water and making out the small speedboat approaching them.


“I don’t know but I think us girls’ should get inside before they get here!” Terri said making a dash for the cabin door with the other three girls’ following close behind.


Mike and Don went over to greet the approaching boat while Ed pulled up his shorts and joined them. As the small craft go closer they could make out two young men, one driving and the other in the back seat watching the skier being pulled behind the speedboat. When the boat got closer they saw that the third party was also a young male. As the speedboat came closer to the houseboat the young men waved, turned the boat and retreated from the same direction in which they had come.


“I wonder who they were?” Don asked looking toward the cabin door spotting Terri and Lori standing there watching the speedboat disappearing in the distance.


“I never seen them before,” Mike answered turning and also spotting the two women in the doorway.


When the mysterious boat had disappeared the four ladies came back on deck and joined the guys. “It’s getting late Don.” Carol said as she moved closer to Don then whispered something into his ear.


“Yea, it is,” Don, answered. “Fellas I think we should start back if we want to arrive back home before it get dark, what do you think?”


“I agree with you, Don," Mike replied. “I’ll get the anchor and you start the engine.


Ed looked over at the girls and told them that they should secure all loose items inside and he would gather up all the chairs and table and tie them down so nothing would fall over board on the way back.


“And I think maybe we should all get dressed before we get out onto the main part of the lake.” Mike yelled out as he hoisted the anchor and secured it. “I don’t think we should be advertising our activities, agreed?


Making their way back to the dock Mike and Terri sat together like two lovebirds while Ed, Lori and Janice all sat around Don at the helm talking as he piloted the houseboat home.


“Well how was your day?” Mike asked Terri as she scooted closer to him loving the warm feeling of his body next to hers.


“It was great, but do you think that maybe tonight it could be just the two of us, together? Terri asked reaching over and squeezing Mike semi-hard cock.


“Yea, I think that might be a good idea.” Mike replied cupping his wife’s breast and squeezing gently. “I would love to spend the night alone with just you.”


“Me too!” Terri responded laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.


They arrived back at the dock just as the sun was setting and everyone gathered up their belonging and said goodnights and went their way. Lori, Ed and Janice left and went back to their motel room while Don and Carol went inside and settled in for the night.


Honey, I’m going up and take a shower, would you like to join me?” Terri asked Mike as she picked up a fresh towel and headed for the door.


“Sounds like a good idea. I could use a good scrubbing after all the activity from today.” Mike replied grabbing his towel, shaving kit following Terri out the door.


Mike finished his shower first and waited outside the ladies shower for Terri. When she appeared she was wearing her robe and her hair was wrapped up in a white towel. Together, holding hands like two teenagers they walked back to their boat and went inside to settle down for the night. With lights down low Terri dried her hair, dropped her robe and stood naked in front of her husband.


“God you’re beautiful.” Mike said his eyes feasting on the body of his wife and lover of 15 years. “You as beautiful today as the day I married you.”


“Thank you, Mike. I love you too.” Terri said walking over to him and putting her arms around his neck and kissing him with lust. Then she back away, laid down on the bed and she beckoned Mike to join her, urging him to give her his cock, to feed it deep inside her, to fuck her. He quickly did what he was asked. He knelt between her legs, and slipped his cock into her, her pussy opening up to him. They began to fuck, slowly at first, but then faster. Suddenly Mike rolled over and brought Terri over until she was on top of him, his cock buried deep inside her body. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, like an explosion going off inside her. Mike filled her completely, her pussy wrapped tight around him, unable to move. He held her hips and began to fuck her slowly at first, and then harder – and then harder still. Her body jerked about as he ploughed into her, her pussy screaming out with sheer lust.


Her screams echoed around the cabin, as she came again and again. Mike held back for as long as he could before pumping jet after jet of his hot cum inside her. Then she slumped down on Mike, their bodies’ slick with sweat.


Ultimately, Terri delicately rolled off Mike allowing his cum to flow out of her leaving a puddle warm sperm on his lower stomach and thighs. Both now fully exhausted, they laid back on the bed, satisfied from the lovemaking they had just shared together.


Quite now filled the small cabin as the snuggled closely together listening to the cries of ecstasy coming from next door, and then to silence.


“Do you know?” Mike said, “I think this is going to be our best vacation ever!”


“I think your right darling and just think, we still have two more days before we have to leave.”




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