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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 23

Mike And Terri Enjoy a morning love session together

Chapter XXIII



It was Friday morning and Terri was the first to wake up the next morning feeling the hard object poking her in the rear. Recognizing the familiar object she slowly shifted her position on the bunk and ever so gently pulled back the covers to expose her husbands morning woody. Taking a closer look at the stiff cock she was more than happy with the size of her husbands manhood. Even though Don and Ed had cocks that were a little larger she new that size wasn't everything. Mike was still the best lover she had ever had and always would be. Even after 15 years of marriage he always made sure that he never left her hanging, she was always number one in his eyes and she loved him for that.


Staring at Mike's beautiful cock she didn't know how this weeks activities got out of hand but she knew one thing for sure she wasn't sorry that it did. The new sexual experiences for her and Mike was great and the chance to come into contact with someone new had made their lovemaking even better. With both of them working eight to ten hours a day and sometime six days a week, the kids and their after school activities and all the other day-to-day dealings she forgot how hot and wild sex could be. She knew that when they got back home they both would have to figure out how to continue this swinging scene without being discovered. She and Mike would have to discuss that later but for now the object of her desire was right before her eyes just begging for attention. Ever so carefully so as not to wake him, Terri lowered her open mouth over her husbands hard cock and slowly and gently sucked the swollen head between her lips and began a gentle sucking action. With a gentle but firm grip at the base of his cock she pumped very slowly up and down taking more and more of her husbands beautiful cock into her mouth. Once she had his entire shaft in her oral cavity Terri began bobbing her head up and down licking and sucking Mike's cock with vigor.


Opening his eyes and feeling the warm sensation building within in his balls Mike looked down and watched closely as his lovely wife sucked his manhood with love. This week had really turned her into a new woman and he was enjoying it and hoped she was too. Feeling the warmth building up in his groin from Terri's soft tongue sliding along the underside of his shaft he tapped Terri on the head to get her attention. Raising her head she saw what Mike wanted and she moved around on the bunk and straddled his head then lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth where Mike began giving her the same pleasure she was bestowing on him. His tongue touch the area close to her sensitive pussy lips and licked the sweet juices that were now flowing from her opening.


With his tongue, Mike parted her cunt lips then licked inside her as far as he could reach then drawing back he searched for her clit and finding the swollen nub he licked then sucked it tenderly causing Terri to moan and push more of her pussy on to Mike's face while she continued to suck on his swollen cock.


With the sexual tension building fast between the husband and wife team all of a sudden Mike tensed up, the opening on the head of his manhood opened up, and a huge gush of hot, sticky sperm shot out and sprayed into Terri's waiting mouth. Swallowing as fast as she could, Terri managed to capture most of Mike's hot load but some eluded her talented lips, escaped and flowed down Mike shaft coating her hand as she pumped the slick shaft as fast as she could forcing more hot juice out of Mike's balls and into her hungry mouth. With his orbs pumping hot, sticky cum into his wife's mouth, Mike licked and sucked Terri's pussy with increased vigor causing her to cum right along with him.


Over come with lust, Terri hard-pressed her pussy down onto Mike's face and rotating her ass around smeared her sweet juices all over his tongue, cheeks and chin as her body shook in her first orgasm of the day. Feeling His wife shudder in orgasm Mike maintained his licking on her clit and Terri's body went completely wild as her second orgasm over took her flooding his mouth with another tasty bath of female nectar that he lapped up and swallowed with enthusiasm.


Spent, Terri moved off of Mike and rolled over and laid on her stomach with her legs spread wide to regain her composure. Mike, his cock still hard moved in between his wife's lovely legs bent down kissing first one of Terri's soft ass cheek then the other. As he continued to place small kisses on his wife's ass he could feel Terri respond to the gentle touch of his lips and she began to push the soft mounds of ass flesh back at him. Taking this as a hint, Mike took hold of her hips and pulled her up onto her hands and knees getting her into position to receive his cock. Gently he moving his hips forward and pushing the head of his cock through her thick blonde bush until he made contact with her tender cunt lips then slowly inched his way inside her wet pussy until his cock was buried completely inside her with the bushy patch of hair above his cock was planted tightly against her ass. Motionless allowing his cock soak in her pussy, Terri moaned and squeezed her husbands shaft that was not buried deep inside her body where it belonged.


Feeling his manhood being squeezed inside his wife's pussy, Mike began a slow in and out motion, his cock rubbing the sensitive interior of her pussy causing her to moan even louder and shove her ass back and forth in rhythm with Mike's strokes.


"Oh yes, baby fuck me! Fuck me!" she moaned as their pace picked up. "Your cock feel so good inside my pussy, Mike!"


Mike picked up the pace and thrust his cock faster into her pussy. Her ass was now moving back and forth, rubbing against Mike's lower stomach causing him to move faster. He loved the feeling of Terri's ass grinding against him while his hard shaft worked her wife toward another orgasm.


"Oh Mike, give it to me baby. Fuck me hard. I love your cock inside me." Terri moaned as she worked her magic on the hard man meat inside her cunt.


Mike worked his cock inside her love tunnel while watching her ass making contact with his lower stomach, spotted the tiny brown opening of her asshole opening, and closing with every thrust. Wetting his thumb he placed it at the puckered brown opening then gently worked it inside. Terri responded with a loud moan pushing her ass back harder trying to get more of Mike's cock inside her and at the same time loving the feeling inside her ass caused by Mike's thumb.


"Oh my God, Mike that feels so good. Your cock in my pussy and your thumb inside my ass is driving me crazy!" Terri exhaled noisily.


"I sure would like to fuck you in the ass baby?" Mike said not letting up his thrusting inside her pussy.


"I'd like that too Mike, but maybe later. Right now I want you in my pussy. I want to feel you're hot cum shooting off inside me." Terri said, shoving back harder and harder on the hard cock inside her. "Oh God! Oh God! Here it comes baby. FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! I WANT IT REAL HARD, NOW!"


Mike picked up the pace and slammed his cock inside her as fast and hard as he could without pulling all the way out. He knew this load wouldn't be as big as the one Teri had sucked out of him earlier but he didn't care. She would be just as happy to get what he had now knowing that there would be more to come later.


"FUCK ME, MIKE!! FUCK ME I'M COMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!" Terri yelled working her pussy around the hard cock inside her.


Feeling her pussy clamp down on his cock, Mike grabbed her hips, slammed himself deep inside her spasming hole and froze. His cockhead swelled and his balls tightened then his sperm shot up his shaft and exited coating the wall of his wife's pussy with hot, sticky sperm.


"Oh baby! I'm COMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG too! “Mike said as pulled her back against his stomach and shot squirt after squirt of love juice inside her pussy.


Exhausted, Terri fell forward with Mike still inside her. He laid on her back for a few seconds until his spent shaft slipped from her hot hole and rolled over onto his side facing her. Terri turned her head, their eyes met, and they both smiled at each other.


"I love you, Terri." Mike said leaning over and kissing her on the tip of the nose.


"I love you too Mike." She replied smiling over at him.


Both of them were now tired and decided to take a little nap before they joined the other. Terri rolled over on her side, Mike moved up behind her, and pulling her close to him and kissed her on the neck as they both drifted off to sleep.


It was a little past noon when the couple woke up.


"I think I need to take a shower before we do anything today." Terri said as she rolled over and out of bed leaving Mike laying there with another big hard on.


"I agree but what am I suppose to do with this?" he said stroking his stiff cock.


Before Terri could answer him the cabin door open and in walked Carol dressed in a two piece swim suit that did very little to conceal huge tits or her pussy.


"Well looks like I arrived just in time?" she said passing by Terri and walking to the bed and sitting down next to Mike. "Can I help you with that?" She said bending over and taking his cock in her mouth and began sucking.


"Looks like you're in good hands, darling." Terri said as she grabbed her towel and walked toward the door. "I'm going to take a shower, you two have fun."


Carol raised her head allowing Mike's cock to slip free replying as she left. "Don't worry, honey. I'll take good care of this big boy while your gone." The she resumed her sucking on Mike's shaft.


Terri laughed the replied. "I'm leave you in good hands Mike, or should I say mouth?" she said laughing as she closed the door behind her and headed up the ramp toward the shower.


Raising her head again from Mike's cock, Carol looked up at him. "Taste like you've been busy this morning, lover. I hope you have something left for me?"


"I don't know. Terri did a pretty good number on me this morning." Mike replied.


"She did? Well now lets just see if I can get that big cock of your to blow again." Carol said as she went back down on Mike's cock.


When Terri returned from her shower Mike was sitting naked on the edge of the bed.


"Where did Carol go?" she asked hanging up her towel and walking toward Mike, naked.


"She left right after you did." Mike said standing up to embrace his wife. "She was kinda disappointed because you drained me this morning."


"Sorry to hear that." She said smiling to herself. "You know what they say about the early bird getting the worm, don't you?"


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