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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 03

Mike Terri discuss what has happened so far and what they want to do.

Chapter III

The morning sun came peeking through the window and the birds were singing outside and Mike knew it was time to get up. He had quite a few things to accomplish around the boat before he could settle down to a leisurely vacation. Carefully slipping out of bed so as not to wake Terri , who was still sleeping after their evening of fun Mike headed for the bathroom. Normally he didn't take the time to shave when they spent time on the lake but today was different. They had new neighbors and he wanted to make a good impression. Besides, he was hoping to get a closer look at the sexy redhead next door.


Finished with the normal morning routine, Mike slipped on his swimsuit and made his way to the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee. It was going on eight o'clock and he hadn't even started his inspection. Quietly, so as not to disturb Terri , he made my way up the steps and outside to begin the day. Topside, the morning sun shinned brightly in the sky. It looked as if the day was going to be great for a boat ride and maybe some fishing. Sipping his coffee from the spill proof mug he walked over to the two chairs still sitting there from last night. Thinking maybe he would sit down and finish his first cup of coffee, he glanced over to the houseboat anchored across the dock. What he saw caused the blood to rush from his brain down to his cock.


Lying naked on her back was the sexy young redhead. Mike could get a better look at her now in the daylight and the sight was breath taking. She had a saucy set of knockers with big, fat nipples, just right for sucking and her stomach was flat, and at the Y-junction of her thighs was the hairiest, red bush he had ever seen.


His concentration was suddenly interrupted when her partner made his appearance on deck. He was also naked and carrying two cups of coffee, one in each hand, as he walked toward her. Mike saw that he was tall, blonde, and very muscular with a good tan. As he approached the naked form on deck, Mike also noticed his cock was limp but it was very impressive. Not being an expert on cock sizes, he guessed it must be a good ten inches and at least two inches in circumference when hard. Mike watched as the guy knelt down in front of the chair and set both cups down on the deck then places his hands on the girls' smooth thighs; he began working his way up. When he reached her mound, she spread her legs further apart allowing him to tease her steamy snatch. Then Mike heard him say to her, "You're very wet this morning?" Then he watched as he buried his face in her crotch and lap up her flowing juices. The guy's lips were teasing her clit steadily and Mike could see the pleasure building on the girls' pretty face. After a few minutes, he replaced his tongue with two fingers and plunged them in and out of her dripping pussy. Looking up, he grinned at her and Mike could see that his lips were shiny wet and covered with cream.


"You like?" he asked putting pressure on her clit.


"Oh yes baby," she groaned, lifting her hips off the chair to get more of his fingers inside her.


With a chuckle, the guy lowered his head again and returned his tongue to lick her erect clit.


"I'm Cumming, Don !" she squealed and grabbed his curly blond head, shoving her pussy up to him.


The guy was sucking on her swollen nub, trying to keep up with her but the redhead humped faster then clamped her thighs around his head and shuddered through what looked like an explosive orgasm. After a few minutes, the girl caught her breath and the guy sat back on his heels revealing a meaty hard prick.


Mike stared at the couple as the girl turned around and now laying on her stomach facing her lover opened her mouth wide and swallowed half his hard prick at the same time she squeezed his hairy balls. Her tongue teased and swirled around his cock as it grew longer and harder.


"Oh, yeah," he moaned. "Suck it, baby!"


Mike kept an eye on the young woman as she sucked the guys throbbing cock steadily. Every so often she would raise her head and lick the pearly drops of pre-cum that oozed from huge head then she eagerly sink back down taking the whole thing inside her mouth without ever so much as gagging. When her lips surrounded the hard pole, his hips began to drive upward, forcing more flesh into her sucking mouth. She now had his throbbing cock lodged deep inside her throat while she lightly squeezed the globes below.


Mike didn't know how or when it had happened but his own leaking cock was in his hand and he was pumping it to match the rhythm of the girls bobbing head. He watched as her cheek bulge out every time the young male cock slid into her mouth and then he heard the speak out. "Get ready, I'm going to cum!"


"No!" she shouted, releasing his cock from her lips. "I want to feel you coming inside my pussy."


"OK, but hurry," he replied. "I can't hold out much longer!"


Turning her back to him, she moved to her hands and knees on the carpeted deck. Don , that is his name, knelt behind her and eased his cock between her legs. When his rod entered her pussy, she lifted her head and moaned then looked over towards Mike’s boat and become aware of him standing there, watching. When their eyes met, she smiled at him and shoved her ass back taking more of Don 's hard cock inside her. Mike continued to watch as her breasts swung back and forth and their eyes remained lock on one another. It didn't appear to annoy her in the least that she had an audience and Mike thought maybe it excited her especially when she saw his hand moving up and down his own stiff cock. Her eyes were fastened on Mike 's cock and she moaned as she hard-pressed her hips back at Don , taking more of his dick.


Kneeling behind her with his eyes shut tight, Don unremitting held her hips and plunged his monster cock into her juicy cunt humping like a wild man. All the while Mike was stroking his cock recklessly, matching Don 's tempo stroke for stroke.


The redheads' eyes remained locked onto Mike 's stiff cock, as her hips were mashing back against Don 's thighs, taking him deep inside her cunt. Then reaching another of many orgasms she screamed as the first wave of enjoyment hit her. This caused Mike to beat his meat faster, pulling the juices up from his balls and feeling his shaft getting harder and harder as his cum moved from my balls to the tip of my cock. Mike came, exploding great globs of cum all over his hand and chest as the beautiful girl across the dock looked on.


"Oh yeah!" she gasped when she saw the strangers cum blast out of his cock and splash over his hand. This caused her to push her hips back against Don , taking his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy and feeling him shot off as well. As Don 's cock was pumping and filling her hot pussy with hot, white cum.


"Oh, yeah, woman" he sighed deeply. "Yeah!"


Tugging his trunks back over his cock, Mike made a hasty retreat. Heading for the cabin door, he heard movement coming from inside. When he entered he saw Terri standing at the small kitchen counter dressed in her new white two-piece crochet bikini. Mike noticed that the two triangle patches, covering each breast, were struggling to harness her firm pair of 36DD's from spilling out. Mike walked over and stood behind her placing a series soft kiss on her naked shoulder then she tilted her head back allowing him better access to her neck as she pushed her ass back against his cock and began rotating her hips. Even though Mike had just dumped a load, topside his manhood started to grow inside his bathing suit as Terri 's ass rubbed against him. Feeling the excitement he reached around her, cupped both of her breasts and squeezed the soft flesh gently causing her nipples harden instantly under his touch as she moaned


"Oh, honey, that feels so good," she whimpered, pushing back against the growing bulge in Mike 's pants.


Mike's cock, now fully hard for the second time in ten minutes began to jerk with excitement against her gorgeous ass as he released one of her breasts and slipped his right hand inside the bottom half of her bikini. Her twat was leaking a generous amount of juice, allowing his fingers to slide into her opening with ease.


"Damn, darling, don't tease me!" Terri hissed. "I want your cock, not your fingers! Fuck me!" Shoving her full ass seductively against his hard cock.


"Your wish is my command," Mike murmured. Stepping back, he stripped away the bottom half of her bikini, exposing her fine ass. Terri stepped out of the white material at her feet and braced herself against the counter, pointing her luscious ass at him. He could see the pink lips of her pussy peeking out at him from the jungle of dark hair covering her mound. Moving closer he began rubbing the blood-gorged head of his cock in the deep cleft of her ass.


"Oh, baby!" Terri gasped feeling his member against her ass. "Hurry up and stick that thing inside I need to cum bad!"


Her feverish love tunnel felt like a water soaked sponge. Shivering and moaning Mike rubbed her pussy, with his fingers. Her pussy was dripping then he slowly pressed the head of his cock inside her opening. Terri moaned pushing her squishy, hot pussy back as Mike slide inside her with his hefty lance.


"Fuck me, Mike , shove that hard cock inside my pussy and fuck me!" Terri sighed.


Take hold of her hip, Mike 's impaled her, sliding into her depths as her ass pushed back to met him. The crown of his cock banged against her womb with each thrust and her juices gushed down her channel and soaking her pussy. "Ohhhhhh, yessssssssss!" Terri hissed, caught up in fucking herself on his cock. With her passion soaring higher she shouted loud enough for anyone close by to hear, "Fuck me. Ram your cock in my hot cunt! Come on, Mike, fuck me, and make me come!"


Giving his wife the full length of his cock, Mike stretched her love tunnel to the limit, and then gave her an extra nudge just to be sure. "Damn, your wonderful!" He moaned. "Your cunt is hotter than an oven."


"God, yes!" Terri groaned. "Fuck me, darling! Give it to me good and hard!"


Watching the puffy lips of his wife's pussy cling to his shaft as he pulled back, leaving only the knobby head of his cock inside her. Terri shook her ass impatiently. "Don't tease me!" she begged. "I'm not far off from Cumming. Now ram your cock back in and fuck me hard!"


Reaching around, caressing her full, swinging tits Mike thrust into her deep and hard, lifting her onto her toes with each furious barrage of plundering plunges. "Oh. Mike !" Terri yelped. She loved it when her and Mike fucked this way. Getting dicked from behind was always one of their favorite positions and increased the depth of Mike 's penetration.


A florid flush covered Mike 's face and his chest heaved as the tension in his belly warned him that he was about to deposit his load into his wife's horny snatch. With one last heave, he slammed into Terri 's cunt and hunched against her smooth ass like a male dog. Then his cock erupted pouring his load hot sperm into her pussy.


Terri grunted from the force of his final thrust and shoved her ass back eager for every drop of his love juice he could squirt into her. She really didn't think he had much left after she spied him blasting a load on deck ten minutes earlier while that sexy redhead watch him, but he surprised her.


"You really gave it to me, Mike !" Terri muttered pushing herself upright. "I didn't think you had any left after last night and this morning?"


Mike 's cock slid out of her pussy and hung limp and red, covered with semen and pussy juice. Looking down, he saw a few drops fall from his spent cock and land on the floor between them. "I didn't either," he said moving over to the small kitchen table.


"Let me go to the bathroom and clean up then we'll have breakfast and talk about last night," she said as she retrieved her bikini and walked to the bathroom closing the door behind her.


Not understanding what she meant by her last statement Mike sat down at the small kitchen table sipped his coffee and waited for her to return. Little did he know she was about to surprise him with what she catch sight of this morning.


"I noticed you watching them this morning," Terri said, sitting down across from him at the table and taking a sipping of her coffee.


"You saw me, where?" Mike replied trying not to sound surprised.


"You don't have to play dumb with me, Honey. I saw you on deck this morning jacking off while you watched the couple on the houseboat," she responded.


"You did! Well, that explains why you were so horny this morning?" he laughed.


"Maybe you'd like to fuck her too?" Terri asked, with a slight tone of jealousy in her voice.


"What makes you think that?" Mike replied.


"Well, from the way you were enjoying yourself it sure looked like it to me!" Terri replied.


"No, I don't want to fuck her," Mike replied. He was speaking truthfully, but not telling the whole truth. The idea of threesome or even a foursome had crossed his mind repeatedly but he knew the thought of it was just a fantasy. His wife would never go for the idea of a threesome let alone all out wife swapping.


"You enjoyed watching them last night, didn't you?" Terri asked taking another sip from her cup.


"Sure I enjoyed watching them." Mike replied. "Didn't you?"


"Well, it was all right, but that's as far as it goes," she lied. She wanted to see more of their new neighbors' cock but she sure didn't want Mike to know. She might even consider a little swapping if Mike would make the suggestion. He had brought the subject up a few times in the past but Terri didn't know of anybody that really interested her. Oh sure, a cock is a cock and a pussy is a pussy like Mike always said but she just didn't want to fuck just anybody. They had to be careful of who might find out because if the word got out around town they would be sunk. Besides, they had children at home.


"Oh, then the glimpse of that huge cock didn't excite you any I take it?" Mike asked, looking straight into her green eyes. "Now tell me the truth and don't lie because I'll know?"


Staring across the table at Mike , their eyes met and locked. Terri knew he could tell when she was lying but she could not admit to him that she was even interested in the strangers cock. After Mike had fallen asleep last night, she lay there and thought of how exciting it would be to feel him spurting his cum inside her pussy. It had been over 15 years since she had felt another dick shoot off inside her body and that was at a college party.


Mike figured now might be a good time to ask her about the response she gave him last night when they were watching the couple next door. "Do you remember your answer last night when I asked you if you wanted to feel his cock inside of you?"


"Yes, I remember," she replied looking away. The thought of her fucking another man caused her to feel excited but also guilty. Then she wondered if Mike ever fantasized about fucking another woman or her doing the same with another man.


"What are you thinking about, honey?" Mike asked, reaching across the small table and holding her hand.


"I was just wondering if I could handle watching while you made love to another woman in front of me?" she replied, as she raised her bare foot to the edge of the chair he was sitting at and gently placed her red polished toes between his legs.


"What makes you think I want another woman? Mike said. Besides, it's all I can do sometimes to take care of the one I have now."


"Don't give me that, I know you," she said, smiling as she gently rubbed her toes over his dick. "Is there anyone special that maybe you would like to fuck?"


"No one we really know," Mike said. He then realized she was being sneaky and had trapped him into admitting that he had fantasized about fucking another women. She had a way of doing that naturally.


"What about you, have you ever fantasized about me fucking another man?" she asked while her foot played games with his cock under the table.


Mike glanced at her quickly. She looked seductive, maybe even a little wanton sitting across from him. Something was up and he wanted to find out what she had on her little mind. "I'll have to confess the thought did pass through mind now and again, but that's all," he said.


"When you let your imagination run wild, who was it and what kind of things do you think about us doing?" she asked.


"You're really getting off on this, aren't you?" Mike demanded. He had brought up the subject of threesome and maybe even a swap but she wasn't receptive to the idea. Maybe now she is having a change of heart after give it some thought to that hard young cock next door "Why do you want to know?


"I'm just curious that's all," she said with a lewd grin, still rubbing his dick. "Tell me what did you imagine us doing?


"Well there was this crazy little plot I had about a guy coming on to you where you work after everybody else left." Mike then took a drink of his coffee and replied, "I was out of town on a business trip and you I wouldn't be home until late the Saturday night. You knew the kids were going to be gone for the weekend so you invited him home figuring everything would be safe and nobody would find out. What you didn't know was that I finished my business early and came home without informing you. When I got home, I found you sitting on the edge of the couch, your skirt up to your waist and your panties dangling from one ankle. This guy was between your legs with his pants around his knees sucking your pussy and jacking off. Other times I imagined that he's leaning up against the kitchen counter and you're kneeling in front of him.


"And just what am I doing on my knees?" she asked.


"You're giving him a blowjob while you play with your pussy." Mike replied.


"And while he and I are making out, what are you doing all this time, just watching?" Terri asked. Mike nodded, grinning sheepishly. "When you catch us are you jealous or hurt?


"They're just fantasies so I try not to think about those things -- just about how sexy it is watching you." Mike replied.


Leaning forward across the table, Terri kissed Mike snaking her tongue between his teeth. "Be honest with me. Would you really like to see me doing that with someone else?" she whispered. "Or do you just want it to stay a fantasy?"


"I don't know?" Mike replied. "Besides, it'll never happen because we're not that kind of a couple."


"I guess you are right, Mike ," she replied. "We have plenty of fun all by ourselves. We don't need anyone else, do we?"


Not answering her last question for fear of upsetting her, Mike changed the subject. "I have to go check out the boat and go into town for some supplies. Do you want to tag along or stay here and finish unpacking?"


"I'll stay here and unpack so we can leave when you come back," she said getting up from the table. "You should put some cloths on before you go topside. You don't want the new neighbors to get embarrassed, do you?"


"I guess your right there," Mike said standing up and going over to the dresser to get his shorts and a t-shirt. After he finished dressing, he went topside to finish looking the boat over and making a list of item he would need before he went into town. When he walked to the port side of the boat, he spotted the redhead again. She was alone this time and still naked getting some sun on her already tanned body. Mike purposely made some noise to let her know that she wasn't alone. Hearing the racket, she turned and looked in his direction but did not attempt to cover herself when she spotted him. She raised her arm and smiling, she waved. All Mike could do was smile and return the gesture.


Completed with his inspection, Mike returned to the cabin to inform Terri that he was ready to leave for town. " Terri , are you sure you don't want to come along?"


"Yes, I think I'll stay here and clean up a little. I need to put fresh sheets on the bed and wash some dishes," she said.


"Are you positive there nothing you need for me to pickup for you in town?" Mike asked picking up his wallet and keys.


"Yes, stop by the store and pick up some milk, fresh bread and some lunch meats. I forgot to get the package out of the freezer before we left home."


"OK, I'll be back in a couple of hours or so," I said. "If you can think of anything else call me on the phone." With that, Mike left the boat and walked up the dock toward the van.


To Be Continued..........

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