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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 05

Chapter V

Mike immediately left the houseboat and headed up the dock to the van. He knew Terri would look there first to see if he had returned early so he backed up the narrow drive and parked out of sight. When he figured she had had enough time to get back on their boat, he drove back down the road parked the van and walked to the cruiser. When he stepped inside the cabin, Terri was standing there clad in her bathrobe with a fresh towel underneath her arm. Mike suspected she was going to the shower to clean the traces of Don's cum from her body before he could detect it and he was right.


"Hi darling," greeted him as soon as he walked inside. "I think I'll take a quick shower before we leave for our outing if you don't mind. I worked up a sweat cleaning while you were gone and I'd like to clean up?"


"That's fine baby," he replied. "I'll change the ropes and get things ready while you're gone and we can leave when as soon as you get back."


"That sounds great. Be back shortly." Terri replied leaving for the shower.


Mike went topside to install the new rope and had just finished the last line when their new neighbor, Don leisurely walked over, stuck out his hand to introduce himself.


"Good morning! My names Don Patterson and I just bought the houseboat across from you," the young man said still holding out his hand.


"Good morning Don, glad to make your acquaintance." Mike replied shaking the young mans hand. "I’m Mike Tanner but you can just call me Mike since we're neighbors and have the same interest."


"Do you come down here often, Mike?" Don asked, feeling the strength in the older mans grip.


"The wife and I try and get down here as often as we can." Mike responded. "Usually about twice a month, work schedule and weather permitting."


"Sounds like you enjoy being around the water whenever you can?" Don answer back.


"You bet we do. The wife likes to sunbath and I like to fish so everything works out great." Mike replied. "How about you? What bring you down this way?"


"I live and work up in Lexington at a new car dealership and one of my customers told me about this lake an this houseboat that was for sale so I decided to make the trip down here and check it out. When my girlfriend and I got here yesterday morning we fell in love with her and I put down a deposit," he explained. “Do you know anything about the boat?”


"The boat belonged to a guy by the name of Frank McNutt and we meet him and his wife down here a few years back and became good friends." Mike explained. "Frank had a heart attack last year and can't get around anymore so he decided to sell her."


"That's too bad." Don replied. "I'll bet he really enjoyed her too?"


Before Mike could answer, he caught sight of Terri walking down the landing looking all refreshed from her shower. He also noticed the worried look on her face as she comes close to them.


"Hi baby, did you have a nice shower?" Mike asked noticing her uneasiness.


"The water was a little cold, but it felt refreshing," she replied make an effort not to look nervous as she continued drying her hair.


"I'd like for you to meet Don Patterson, our new neighbor," Mike said. "He's just put a deposit down on the McNutt's houseboat."


"I know, we meet while you were in town," she replied. "We were out of cream so I went over and asked Mr. Patterson if he had any to spare until you got back from the store."


"Well I trust he was able to help you out!" Mike replied, with a shrewd smirk on his face. "I know how much you enjoy your cream, especially when it's fresh."


Terri glanced over at Don then to Mike but before she could say anything Don spoke up. "I always try and have some extra cream available." Don said look intently at Terri, then back at Mike. "You just never know when somebody will have need for it?"


Terri was getting a little nervous standing there with her husband and the new neighbor, who she didn't even know that well but had spent part of the last hour having sex with. She figured that it would be better to leave now before something was said to tip off Mike. "Well, you two men carry on while I go below and get dressed then we can shove off for our ride, Honey," Terri said turning away to leave. "And oh, before I forget, thank you again for the cream, Don. If there's anything you need while your here, just feel free to ask."


"Thanks for the offer, Terri. I'll keep that in mind." Don responded as he watched her walking away. For a woman of her age she sure took nice care of herself and he definitely wanted to fuck her again and soon. Older women were always good fucks and Don wanted to have her again.


After a few more minutes of conversation Don and Mike parted company but not before arranging for the four of them to get together for dinner and drinks when they got back later in the day. His priority now was to see if he could trap Terri into telling him what happened this afternoon while he was in town.


"Is everything secured below?" Mike asked looking up from the control panel as Terri stepped on deck.


"Yes, everything put up and secured," she replied, sitting down across from him as they shoved off.


When they were out on the lake about two hundred yards Mike glanced over at his wife. "Well, what do you think of our new neighbor?" He asked watching the expression on her face change.


With a grin on her face she replied, "He seems like a real nice young man and I can't wait to meet his girlfriend, Carol."


"She seems friendly too," he answered. "I ran into her at the market this morning just as I was leaving. She introduced herself and we talked over a cup of coffee. She's very eager to meet you too."


"Well, why don't we invite them to have dinner with us tonight?" Terri suggested. "I think it would be very pleasant to get acquainted know our new neighbors."


"I'll bet you would?" Mike answered suggestively while setting course for the middle of the lake.


"And what are you implying by that wisecrack?" Terri asked her face flushed.


"Well, if you really want to know I tell you. I got back from town a little earlier than you thought this morning and when I couldn't find you anywhere I went looking. At first, I thought maybe you went for a walk so I decided to go ahead and replace the old ropes on the boat. That's when I overheard the moans and groans coming from the houseboat. I knew Carol wasn't there so I boarded Don's boat and peeped through the window and guess what I saw?"


The expression on Terri's face changed from a smile to sudden fear as she responded to her husband. "I'm sorry Mike. I didn't intend for that to happen but when I went over there," she went on. "I just wanted to borrow some cream for my coffee and things got out of hand!"


“They sure did! I don't know if you got the cream you went after, but from where I was standing you sure get two loads of his." Mike remarked smiling at her.


"You mean to tell me that you stood outside the window and witnessed everything we did and you're not pissed off?" She asked with a sigh of relief.


"No, I'm not pissed off but I am surprised, that's all," he replied. "I never in my life thought you would do something like that. Do you want to tell me how it all happened?"


"Well after you left this morning I got to thinking about last night and it really made me horny. I knew Don was alone because I caught sight of his girlfriend leave just after you did. That's when I came up the justification about the cream and went over to borrow some. When I got over there, I introduced myself and asked him if he had some cream I could borrow for my coffee until you got back from town. That's when he invited me inside we started talking. He wanted to know about the lake and places to eat, if we were married and how long we'd been coming here. You know the usual kind of stuff. The next thing I remember was him standing behind me rubbing my shoulders. I should have known that he was up to something but I didn't see anything wrong so I let him go ahead. After a few minutes, I felt his cock up against my ass. When I tried moving away, he took hold of my hips and pulled me back against him. The next thing I felt was his hard cock wedged between my ass cheeks and I just froze."



"Why didn't you tell him to stop?" Mike asked, knowing full well why she didn't. Since the following night, she wanted to feel this young, hard cock and now was her chance.


"I don't know what came over me," she replied. "I wanted to stop him but I couldn't. He was pushing his cock against my butt harder and it was driving me crazy but I knew if I didn't stop him now it would be too late. I pulled away from him and turned around to tell him to stop but before I could say anything, he pulled me close and kissed me. Now his cock was up against my pussy, he was grinding it against me, and his tongue was inside my mouth. After he broke the kiss my legs were shaking so bad, I could barely standup. When I opened my eyes and he was standing in front of me, naked. Sometime during our kiss, he had removed his swimsuit and his huge cock pointing straight me. The only other cocks I have ever seen that were that huge were in those movies we used to watch. Then he took a step closer to me, took my hand and placed in on his cock. It was so hard and hot that I just wrapped my fingers around it and began jerking him off."


"What happened next? I want to hear everything and don't leave out any of the details," Mike told Terri.


"Well, I uncontrollably stroked his cock and I felt it grow even more in my hand. It must have been a good 10 inches now and very thick. Then suddenly he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where he removed my bikini. Then he laid me down on the bed and stood in front of me with that giant cock of his pointing at the ceiling. By this time, I was so hot that all I wanted was for him to hurry up and stick that cock inside me. Then he moved closer and pushed my legs apart and then I felt him on top of me. By now, I wanted that monster of his so badly that I eagerly opened my legs wider and then I felt him shoving the swollen head against my pussy. Then he pushed, hard and buried himself inside me. I could feel his thick shaft stretching me apart but I soon adapted to his size and it felt wonderful. When he knew he wasn't hurting me he withdraw slowly until the head was almost out then he slammed it back inside me and I thought I would lose my mind. I was surprised that I could take all of it because I've never had anything that big before but I didn't care, I knew I had to have every inch of it inside me."


"From where I was standing, it didn't look like you were having trouble getting it to fit," Mike said.


"I know, it surprised me at first too," Terri went on. "I must have cum four times before I felt him shooting inside of me."


Listening to Terri tell her story had Mike's cock so incredibly hard inside his swim suit that the swollen head was peeking out over the top. When Terri caught sight of it, she knew he wasn't in the least bit upset with her.


"Would you like to go below and get more comfortable," Mike asked, standing up and removing his swimsuit from his swollen member.


Terri, seeing Mike's state of arousal reached over, wrapped her small fingers around his seven-inch cock, and started stroking it up and down slowly. A pearl drop of white fluid appeared seeping from the tip and Terri leaned over and with a gentle caress of her tongue, licked it off. Then looking back up at her loving husband and asked. "What do you have on your mind, darling?"


"I want you naked so we can fuck while you tell me more." He replied.


"That's an excellent idea." Terri replied. "Telling you this has me horny again too and I could sure use some more cock."


Still holding Mike by his 7-inch cock, Terri leads the way below deck to their bed to get more comfortable. Once inside Terri released her grip on Mike, stripped off her own suit and fell back on their big bed. Then with her legs spread out wide so Mike could see she shoved her middle finger inside her wet hole then withdraw it all shinny with her juice. Then she moved her fingers up her puffy cunt lips and stopped at her clitoris, rubbing the swollen nub and almost causing herself to have an orgasm.


Mike stood next to the bed, stroking his throbbing cock up and down, watching the lustful display of his wife laying before him. His cock was now leaking large amounts of pre-cum that coated his fingers allowing his thick shaft to slip freely through his tight fist. Terri was watching this through half closed eyes and continued to tease her clit. Then she reached up with her foot and pushed Mike's hand away and with the bottom of her foot against his throbbing member, she began teasing the most sensitive area, just below the head with her toes. Mike couldn't take anymore and shoved her foot away. Then climbing onto the bed he knelt between her creamy white thighs when he heard her voice.


"Give me all your gorgeous cock, darling," she said, lifting her head and grabbing Mike's cock and placing it against her wet opening. She then cuddled the broad head against her pussy and forced the swollen knob halfway inside her cunt.


"Oh baby! Your pussy feels like a bucket of hot boiling oil inside," Mike grunted, shoving deeper.


"Oh, God, baby, I love having your big fucking cock in my pussy! Give me more, baby! Fuck me."


Terri jerked her knees upward and spread her legs wider, giving him deeper access to her cum hungry pussy. Her hole felt as if it was being stretched to the limit but she knew differently now. Don's 10-inch cock was longer and a least 1-inch thicker than her husbands but Mike's would always remain her favorite. Besides, Don's was only the second cock she had since they were married and it wouldn't be fair to judge all men by just those two. She would have to have that talk with Mike again and see if he was still interested in swinging, but for now, she just wanted him to fuck her like never before.


"Aaaaahhhh, yes!" That's the way! Now fuck me! "Give me all that gorgeous cock!" Mike heard his wife scream.


Mike pushed slowly, feeding more and more of his hot cock meat into his wife's gaping gash. Her tight, liquefied tunnel eased the stinging agony of his swollen cock and he fought back the impulse to throw himself on her and bury his prick in her with one powerful lunge. He was having trouble maintaining control and wanted to hold on as long as he could. Terri lay under him with her thighs splayed as wide as she could get them, eagerly waiting for him. She clutched at the bedspread with her fingers and moved her hips around and around in sensual circles to spur him on. Mike fought back the stupendous need to discharge his load into her and rid himself of his heavy burden. Then without warning, Terri's sudden movements crushed his control and he was grunting hoarsely and hunched up against her hairy crotch with short, strokes as his jism gushed into her. Terri undulated her ass more impetuously when she felt the first hot blast of Mike's cum bathing the inside of her pussy and not wanting to miss any of him she clamped her legs tightly around his and held onto him.


Mike's cock was buried deep inside his wives tight passageway squirting his cum and filling her pussy full. When his discharge of cum had diminished, Mike's cock remained hard and swollen. With a feeling of triumphant exhilaration surging through him a raging desire to plunder Terri's pussy again he grabbed her ass, lifted it off the bed and turned her over. "I want you again, doggy-style," Mike shouted out at her.


She moaned rolled over and sticking her round butt in the air. "Fuck me hard honey and I'll cum with you."


"God, you're a fantastic fuck!" Mike grunted as he rammed his cock in and out her pussy from behind harder.


"Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum!" Terri wailed. With her face, contorted in ecstasy and her head rolling from side to side she screamed with sheer rapture at her orgasm.


Mike hammered his prick into her with a battering rhythm, pushing her to heights of new pleasure. He maintained his torrid pace until the writhing and twisting of her body diminished. Terri swallowed hard, drew in a deep breath and began to twist and hump her ass in time with Mike's strokes.


"You're marvelous, honey!" She yelled hotly then asked, "Are you going to cum again?"


"Yeah," he panted, watching his cock sliding in and out of her hairy grotto.


"Good, I want another shot of your boiling cream," Her voice trembled. "I'm going to suck the cum right out of you hard cock with my pussy!" Her body shook and shimmied from the force of Mike's pounding. He was banging he backside with brute force when he heard her scream out. "Come on, baby, fill my greedy pussy with your cum, NOW!"


Grabbing hold of her hips, Mike drove his cock deep inside her sizzling pussy and when he hit bottom he stopped. "Here it comes! Baby, here it comes!" With his balls, resting against her tight ass, Mike let loose with spurt after spurt of boiling sperm. He could feel the muscles of her pussy milking his shaft as each burst left his swollen cock and splashed against her walls.


Terri's own orgasm was being driven higher and higher as Mike's cum bathed her pussy. "Oh God, please! I want more," she screamed. "Fuck me more."


Mike started to plunge his cock in and out of her again. He was surprised that his cock was still rigid after just releasing two enormous loads. With Terri's hips, still thrashing around Mike continued to hammer his cock into her. Terri's mouth was open and she was gasping for breath with each thrust as Mike's thighs were slapping against her round bottom with every thrust and he knew it wouldn't be long before she would cum all over his cock. Then he felt the muscles inside her pussy gripped tight and she came.


"Oh God, I'm cumming, fuck me!" She yelled. "Fuck me harder. I want you to fill me with your dick." Hearing this Mike withdrew his cock until the purple head was all but visible, then vigorously propelled forward until his swollen shaft reached her depths. "Yes!" She screamed, as she rode his cock, not missing a beat. "Fuck me!" Terri reached yet another orgasm. The muscles of her pussy now clamped down on Mike's shaft as she tried desperately to draw more liquid from his already drained balls. Her hand went to her swollen clit and rubbed vigorously as she reached another orgasm. "Oh God! I'm coming again!" She screamed.


Mike's weary cock remained buried inside Terri's tight pussy as they both fell forward exhausted. After a few minutes rest, Mike's sperm coated cock slipped from his wife's pussy and he could see his juice trickling from her hole, as she remained motionless. Moving next to her, Mike ran his hand over her shoulder and down her back coming to rest on her hip. Terri, feeling the gentle touch, opened her eyes and they stared at one another. Mike knew that he had made her happy when she smiled at him and winked.


"Tired?" He asked as they lay next to one another on the bed-crumpled bedspread.


"Yes," she replied, rolling over on her side and kissing him on the lips. "And I'll bet he is too?" She smiled, gasping his cum covered cock.


"Let's take a short nap." Mike said as they snuggled together. "We have some things we need to discuss when were rested."


To Be Continued..........

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