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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 06

Chapter VI


When Mike opened his eyes from his nap, he caught sight of Terri standing naked in the kitchen drying her long blonde hair. She appeared completely revived after their long afternoon of lovemaking and he assumed she must have gone for a swim before he woke up. Then looking over at the clock, he noticed it was getting late and that he'd better get up so they could head back to the dock before it got dark. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bunk and standing up, he walked over to his wife, put his arms around her and kissed her on the smoothness of her neck. At the same time his hands moved up, cupped each of her 36DD breasts, and squeezed them gently paying special attention to her sensitive nipples.


"How do you feel, baby?" Mike asked standing behind her and feeling her nipples harden under his touch.


"Never better, honey." She replied enjoying the effect Mike's playing was producing on her breasts. "Why don't you take a quick dip in the lake and cool off then we can head back before it gets dark?"


"That great idea." Mike said, releasing his grip on her tits. "And when I get back we can talk some more about what happened this morning, okay?"


"I think that would be a good idea," she replied. "I suppose we need to get some things straight before something really bad happens."


Mike slipped into his swimsuit, left Terri and went topside. His body was drained and he knew the cool water would make it feel better. Jumping over the side he quickly made a couple of laps around the boat then returned. As he climbed the ladder, he noticed Terri waiting for him with a fresh towel. She looked absolutely beautiful dressed in her red shorts and a matching halter-top. Mike noticed her breasts straining against the thin material and her nipples were hard and very visible. Recognizing that stare, Terri tossed him his towel, turned and walked away, her sexy ass moving like a perfect timepiece as she smiled and walked across the wooden deck to the cabin door.


Drying himself off, Mike followed her inside so they could discuss their predicament. There were a few things that he needed to inform her to assure her that he wasn't upset with her and to let her that no matter what their decision was he would always love her. Not knowing how to begin the conversation Mike remained quite as he started to dress for the trip back. He had learned from past experience that Terri would question his silence and ask him what was bothering him then they could openly discuss it.


Watching Mike closely Terri sensed something was wrong. "What's the matter Mike? Are you upset with me for what happened today?"


"No, I'm not upset with you," Mike replied. "But I do think we need to sit down and talk about it some, don't you?"


"Your absolute right," she said sitting down on the bed and crossing her legs. "Were do we start?"


"The first thing I want to tell you is that no matter what happens I want you to know that I love you." Mike went on. "Secondly, I want to know if you want it to happen again?"


"I love you too, Mike but I think that all depends on how you feel about this situation? I don't want this to place any obstacles between us," she answered.


"The only predicament I'm mainly concerned about is by chance some gossip of this gets back home to somebody we know. That could cause us some considerable embarrassment and maybe even some unknown problems," Mike replied.


"I know, but if we're exceptionally cautious, no one should ever find out or even suspect anything," Terri said.


"I hope you right about that because I want you to understand that I have no objections to you having an fling with Don as long as we can keep it quite." Then Mike asked. "Do you want to fuck him again and I want you to give me an honest answer, yes or no?"


"If you honestly want to know I'd have to say yes I do but only if you can have some fun too?" She answered.


"What do you mean by me having fun?" Mike asked hoping that she was thinking along the same lines as himself.


"If it's OK for me to fuck Don, or any other men, then I think it’s only fair that you get to fuck some new pussy too," she blurted out.


"You really mean that?" Mike asked, surprised. "You're all in favor of us swinging?"


"That's what I mean. I think it only fair that if I get to sample some new cock you should have the same privilege of some new pussy," Terri replied.


"You know I tried to talk you into swinging a few years ago and you thought I was crazy." Mike replied. "Are you absolute sure about all this?"


"Yes, I know," Terri, replied. "I remember getting all upset about it when you brought home those swingers magazines. I didn't think you loved me anymore and just wanted the excuse to play around."


"I also remember you saying it was disgusting?" Mike replied.


"Well I did until today. Besides, when you brought up the subject I never knew anybody in our group of friends that turned me on until I meet Don." Terri answered.


"What made you change your mind?" Mike asked, knowing it was when they caught a glimpse of Don and Carol last night. When his lovely wife saw Don shoving his huge 10-inch cock into Carol's pussy it really turned her on. He knew that she was wishing it were her that he was fucking the whole time.


"I don't know," Terri lied. "I just think it sounds like fun and something we both can enjoy together."


"That's a hell of a change in your attitude," Mike said. "But who am I to complain?" Looking over at his wife, Mike noticed the gleam in her eyes and a smirk spread across her shrewd lips. He knew what she really desired and who was he to complain. He also wanted a taste of Carol and this seemed like an excellent way for both of them to have a good time together. Besides, she’s already had a taste, of Don’s cock so why shouldn’t he enjoy himself too.


"Do you think we'll need some kind of plan to see if they're interested in us," Terri asked.


"I don't think so, honey." Mike went on. "Carol explained that they met at some kind of private club where swinging is the thing to do."


"Well, we shouldn't have to much trouble getting together with them then?" Terri replied.


"I wouldn't think so, but let's play it by ear and see what develops." Mike told her. "I think we should let them make the first move."


"I agree, Mike." Terri went on. "I just hope it doesn't take them long to figure out we're interested."


"I don't know about you but all this talk about sex has made me hungry," Mike said. "How about if we head back to shore and go out to dinner? We can have a nice meal and discuss the possibilities."


"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Terri said. "I know just the place to go, let's go!"


It was getting late when the pair arrived back at the boat landing and as Mike was navigating the cabin cruiser closer to the dock, he recognized Don standing on the deck of the houseboat. When he pulled closer to the dock Don waved at him and Terri who was now standing by her husbands side. Cutting the power off to the engines Mike waved back just as the boat came to rest against the old rubber tires used as bumpers to protect the boats paint from scraps and scratches. Mike was preparing to hop over the side and fasten down the boat when he noticed Carol joining Don on deck. Mike attempted to ignore the quiver in his groin at the sight of Carol's trim figure ready to burst from her short skintight dress she was wearing. His eyes locked onto her full breasts and he thought to himself what he wouldn't give to burying cock between those two breathtaking tits when suddenly his concentration was shattered when he heard Terri's voice next to him.


"I've got an idea," she said. "Play along with me and let's see what happens."


Terri waived at the couple then yelled over to them, "Mike and I are going out to dinner and wanted to know if you two like to join us?"


Carol glanced over to Don then they both nodded. "We'd love to!" Carol yelled back.


"Great!" Terri shouted back. "Just give us a few minutes to change and we can all go together in our van."


While Mike finished securing the boat Terri went below to change into something more fitting for dinner. When Mike joined her in the cabin Terri was sitting on their bunk rolling her black nylon stockings up her smooth legs then fastening them to the matching black garter belt. Then she walked to the closet, selected a jet-black dress and carefully stepped into it. The dress Terri had chosen hit her just below the top of her nylons. Mike also becomes aware that his sexy wife hadn't bothered to put on any underwear, not even her bra. He also noticed that her aroused nipples were pushing against her dress and he knew she was excited. To complete her outfit, Terri selected a pair of 4" black slide heels and slipped her feet into them. When she was completely satisfied with her outfit, she spun around for Mike's approval.


"Well, how do I look?" She asked knowing that he couldn't lie because the bulge inside his trunks was making itself known.


"You look absolutely great!" Mike said. "But don't you think you forgot to put something on under that dress?"


"Thank you, honey," Terri answered with a laugh. "Do you think Don will notice that I didn't wear anything under it?"


"If he doesn't there's something wrong with him," Mike replied trying to control his own craving for his wife.


"Trust me, darling!" Terri replied. "There's nothing wrong with him."


"I'll have to take your word for it since you've already sampled his goods," Mike laughed than asked. "Do you have some kind of scheme in mind for tonight or are we just playing it by ear?"


"Let's just see what happens," Terri replied sitting back down on the bed. "Why don't you hurry up and change so we can go?"


"Watching you getting dressed almost made me forget about that," Mike answered as he removed his swimsuit revealing his semi hard cock. Then selecting a fresh western shirt and a pair of black jeans from his drawer, Mike proceeded to dress. Standing only a few feet in front of his wife as he dressed, Terri focused in on Mike's semi hard cock. In her mind, she was comparing Don's 10-inch penis to her husbands. Mike's cock wasn't as long or thick as Don's but he sure knew how to use it and she knew that he wouldn't disappoint Carol if he got the chance. If it's one thing she appreciated about her husband of 15 years, he always made sure that she was satisfied before they went to sleep after a night of lovemaking.


"Hey you, wake up, I'm ready to go," Mike announced bringing Terri back to earth.


"Oh, I'm sorry honey. I must have been day dreaming." Terri replied. "Let's go."


Terri and Mike went topside to join Don and Carol who were waiting for them on the dock. Don offered his hand to help Terri step over the side of the cabin cruiser and Mike noticed Don's eyes light up as she leaned over just enough, giving him a perfect view of her braless tits. Then he took her arm and escorted her up the dock towards the van with Carol and Mike following close behind. At the van, Terri suggested that she and Don ride in the back and so Carol could ride up front with Mike so they could all get better acquainted. Little did Terri know but Don had already filled Carol in on what happened earlier in the day.


Opening the sliding door, Don helped Terri into the backseat. As she scooted across the cloth seats, Terri made sure that her dress rode up just high enough so Don would notice the creamy white flesh above the tops of her black stockings. At the same time, Mike was helping Carol inside and his hand casually brushed her firm ass as she stepped up and sat down. Carol's dress did the same number as Terri's, riding up and revealing her silky legs and she also made no effort to pull the dress down as Mike's eyes took in the creamy flesh above her stockings. Then closing the door Mike walked around the back of the van so he could adjust his semi hard cock to a more comfortable position inside his jeans before anyone would notice.


With everyone buckled up, Mike drove out to the main road and turned towards town and as he did, he could hear Terri giggling in the back seat but couldn't hear what she and Don were talking about. Then without anyone taking notice, he re-adjusted the rear view mirror so that he could see what they were up to. Despite the darkness inside the van, Mike could make out the two sitting close together laughing. He re-adjusted the mirror again, this time lower and what he saw was Don's hand moving up his wife's nylon clad knee and she was parting her legs making it easier for him to get to her unprotected pussy. When his fingers made contact with her fury muff, Mike heard Terri gasp. Then he noticed her arranged herself on the seat allowing Don better entry to now hot, wet dripping cunt. The couple continued to make small talk as Don's fingers slowly teased Terri's already wet clit. Watching this had Mike's cock ready to burst. He shifted around trying not to advertise his condition when he glanced into the mirror again. This time, Terri was looking back at him, smiling. She knew that Mike was watching her and wanted to make sure he had a perfect view of her and Don playing around.


At the same time, Carol was acting like she was paying attention to the road unaware of what was taking place in the back seat, so Mike thought at the time. What he didn't know, was that Don had already informed her of what took place on the boat while she was in town shopping. He told her all the details and then they had discussed the possibilities of seducing Terri into a threesome. They figured that since Terri had made the first move by coming over to Don's houseboat while her husband was away, that she would be willing to join the two of them and maybe, just maybe persuade Mike to join their little group in a full foursome swap. Little did she know that Terri and Mike had the same intentions, only in a different way?


Arriving at restaurant, Mike parked the van and the four of them walked to the door arm in arm. Inside the dimly lit restaurant, the waitress escorted them to a cozy table for four. When they arrived at their table, Don held the chair out for Carol and Mike did the same for Terri. Mike thanked the young lady and sat down next to his sexy wife.


"Would you like to order drinks now?" The waitress asked the two couples. Mike looked over at the girls, they both ordered white wine and he and Don both ordered double bourbon and water.


"I'm going to the powder room Carol; would you like to join me?" Terri asked.


"Yes, I need to freshen up a little too." she replied. They excused themselves and left Don and Mike sitting there listening to the small combo that was playing on stage. When the waitress returned with their order, they sat back and talked about the boat Don had just purchased.


"How do you like the boat so far?" Mike asked.


"It's great, I wish I would have bought one years ago," Don replied.


"I know what you mean. Terri and I bought ours two year ago and we make every effort to use it as often as possible." The guys continued talking about boats until the girls returned from the powder room then they all sat back and listened to the band enjoying their drinks. Mike noticed that Terri was feeling fairly good after her third glass of wine and wanted to dance.


"Don, would you like to dance with me?" Terri asked.


"I'd be delighted," he said. Then he looked over at Mike. "Do you have any objections if I dance with your lovely wife, Mike?"


"If Carol doesn't have any objections neither do I," Mike replied.


"Only if you'll dance with me too," Carol responded standing up and facing Mike.


Terri stood up taking Don by the hand and led him to the dance floor with Carol and Mike following close behind. The song the band was playing was a slow dance by the Righteous Brothers so this gave the each couple the opportunity to get close. Carol came into Mike's arms mashing her breasts against his chest and Mike could feel her nipples through the thin material of her dress as they danced around the floor. She was deliberately ground her pelvic against his now rising erection as they danced and Mike tried to bridle the feeling building in his cock but her movements made that impossible. He knew she could feel his bulge getting bigger because she was grinding her mound harder against him. This encouraged Mike to reposition his cock against her pussy, letting her understand that she was exciting him as much as he was stimulating her. When the song ended Carol wanted to keep on dancing so they remained on the dance floor, their bodies still pressed together. The next song hadn't started yet so Mike looked around and saw that Terri and Don had left the dance floor and returned to their table. Their chairs were now closer together and Mike noticed them chuckling. What he didn't see was Terri's hand, under the table, toying with Don's rapidly growing cock. She had unzipped his fly and had his rock hard cock out, stroking the ridged shaft slowly, as they talked. Pre-cum was leaking from the small opening on top and Terri ran her fingers the full length of his member and then her thumb gently skipped across the tiny opening causing him to jump with excitement. Don then leaned over and kissed Terri on the mouth, slipping his tongue through her parted lips. As their tongues fought the dance of love, Terri increased the friction on Don’s cock almost causing him to explode. The song now finished Carol and Mike returned to the table to join their respective companions. Unaware of the pair coming toward them they continued what they were doing with Don now fondling and squeezing Terri's left breast as she continued stroking his cock harder under the table.


"You two look like your enjoying yourselves?" Carol smiled as she sat down.


Don suddenly released Terri's breast and scooted his chair over waiting for Mike to say something. He looked scared for a moment almost like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Mike suggested they order dinner and then go somewhere else where the music was better and they could do some more dancing. He wanted to get his cock up against this pretty young redhead again.


"That sounds wonderful honey. We haven't been out on the town for some time," Terri replied as she brought her hand up to her lips and licked the remains of Don's pre-cum from her fingers.


All during dinner, the two couples talked about the lake and places where you could go and not see or hear anything except the birds and the sound of the waves against the boat. Carol asked where they were and Mike volunteered to take them on a tour of the lake tomorrow if they wanted to go? After dinner, Terri and Carol again excused themselves and went to the ladies' room while Don and Mike finished their drinks. When the girls returned Mike paid the check and they left.


"Where do you want to go, Terri?" Mike asked.


"How about the Roadhouse Inn." Terri suggested. "They have excellent country and western music there and plenty of dancing room."


"How does that sound with you two?" Mike asked Don and Carol.


"Sounds wonderful to me," Carol replied. "I just love Country and Western music." Don nodded his approval so off they went. When they arrived at The Roadhouse the front parking lot was full so Mike dropped them off at the front door and drove around back to find a place to park.


When he got inside the bar her found Terri waiting for him by the door. "They only have two tables empty right now, Mike so I thought Don and I could sharing one and you and Carol the other one?"


"Well, we only need one." Mike answered her.


"The tables are only big enough to hold two people so I told the waiter that would be fine and he said that if a larger table becomes available he'll moves us together. Besides, that way you can get better acquainted with Carol and I can work on Don."


"I think you were already working on Don pretty good at the restaurant." Mike laughed.


"I didn't think you could see us?" Terri answered back. “I hope no one else in the restaurant saw us?”


"Not real good but I did see him playing with your tit while you two were kissing," Mike came back with.


"Did you notice me stroking his cock under the table while we were kissing?" Terri asked.


"No, but I knew something was up when he didn't stand up and offer to help Carol with her chair." Mike replied.


"Well let's get inside and sit down before they think something is wrong and we can talk about this later," Terri said taking Mike's hand and leading the way through the crowd. Terri leads Mike to the table where Carol was waiting for him then she pointed out the table across the room where Don was waiting for her. Mike waived at him and then Terri leaned over and kissed Mike on the lip and left to join him. "Have fun, you two and don’t do anything we wouldn’t!"


"I guess were all alone?" Carol said looking Mike in the eye.


"Yea, kind of looks that way. Would you like something to drink before we dance?" Mike asked her.


"Sure, why not." Carol said. "I'll have a shot of tequila and a beer." Then she went on to say that Don and her don't go out very much to dance so she had better take advantage of this opportunity while she had the chance."


After their drinks arrived and they each downed them Mike ordered another round then he escorted Carol to the dance floor. There he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her close and they started to flow to the music. Mike could sense Carol's arousal from the way her body was moving against his. Her mound was hard-pressed against his cock and she was grinding her pussy against the bulge that was beginning to grow again inside his jeans. This time making no attempt to conceal his own excitement, Mike responded by cupping her firm ass cheeks in his hands and pulling her firmly against his protrusion to let her know how that he felt the same way too. When Carol felt his hands on her ass, she began to hump her pussy against his hard cock, causing it to swell even more. This was having defined effect on Mike and he was having a difficult time keeping in rhythm with the music as his hands continued to squeeze Carol's fine butt and his cock danced against her mound. Then Carol the put her lips close to Mike's ear and whispered softly, "I want you, Mike. I want you to fuck me! I want to feel that hard cock of yours inside my pussy NOW!"


"I'd like that very much myself but I don't think now is the best time," Mike replied to her. "Terri and Don are just over there."


"Who cares," she said, her pussy riding against his hard cock. "They're both too busy with each other to even notice were missing and besides I've got to have your cock?"


Looking toward the table Mike knew Carol was right. Both Don and Terri were so wrapped up with each other they would never miss them. He could see Don fondling his wife's right breast and she had her hand under the table, steadily jerking his penis. They had picked up where they had left off at dinner.


"I guess your right about those two," Mike said taking Carol by the arm, leading her toward the door. "Lets go to the van where we can get more comfortable."


Hurrying to the door and across the parking lot Mike and Carol reached the van. Once inside, Mike opened up the bed in the back of the his custom van then laid down with Carol joining him. Carol's hands went straight for the zipper on Mike's pants, and with one quick motion, had his hard cock in her grasp, jerking the swollen member with vigor. "Fuck me, Mike, I want to feel your cock in my pussy, NOW!" She yelled at the same time pulling on his cock. “HURRY!”


Mike was thankful that he had parked in the rear of the bar where they wouldn't be seen. Carol was now laying on her back with her dress up around her waist and Mike saw that she too hadn't bothered to wear any underwear and he had a clear shot of her hungry, wet pussy. Carol reached out and grabbed Mike's cock and pulled it toward her fur-covered slit and traced the head around her heated crack and shouted as Mike's shoved forward and sank his full seven inches of prick into her fiery red pussy. Carol squealed again and Mike felt her clamp down cum all over his cock. Her legs were now clutched around his waist and she was humping her ass up against his powerful cock. "Fuck me, Mike!" She screamed. "I want to feel you cum inside me!"


Carol's pussy was performing magic tricks on Mike's cock that were new to him as he worked it deeper and deeper inside her hot pussy and he knew it would take only few more of his skillful thumps and he would bath her pussy with his hot load. "Oh-h-h yes, fuck me with that cock of yours," she moaned, her body taking off on another orgasm. "Cram it to me! Fuck me. FUCK ME HARD!"


"I'm gonna cum, Carol!" Mike gasped humping hard and quick then bluntly slamming it into her and held it there, pumping what felt like a gallon of his hot cock cream into her sweet belly!


Carol's cunt muscles clenched when she felt his cock swell inside her. Then she felt the internal jerking sensation spread liquid warmth deep inside her womb. Mike's hot cum then triggered her own climax and she shoved her pussy up against him as pure pleasure wracked her body. "That was incredible. Oh, God, yes simply incredible," Carol whispered as the two heaving lovers broke apart. Carol looked down to see Mike's cum, mixed with own dribbling from her cunt and running down between her legs onto the seat. "Would you like to do that again?" Carol asked, sitting allowing more of Mike’s cum to leak from her pussy.


"Yes I would, Carol but I suppose we should get dressed and get back inside before we're missed?" Mike replied.


"You saw Terri and Don before we left," she said reaching over to caress Mike's sticky, member. "I don't think they'll even know we were gone?"


"You're probably right, but we should get back just the same," Mike said. "I don't think we should take the chance of making either one of them mad, do you?"


"I know your right but I think if them two would have thought of it first, they would have been out here fucking instead of us." Carol said.


"What makes you think that?" Mike asked, knowing full well that she was right.


"You spied on them in the mirror on the way to dinner and you know they weren't just sitting in the back seat talking?" Carol replied.


"Yes, I know. They couldn't keep their hands off each other." Mike replied.


"Have you or your wife ever done anything like this before or is this your first time?" Carol asked.


"It's the first time for us," Mike said.


"You mean to tell me that you two have never done any kind cheating or swinging before?" Carol asked surprised.


"Oh, we've talked about it a few years ago but that was the extent of it." Mike replied. "Terri told me that she thought the idea was disgusting and furthermore there wasn't anybody that appealed to her."


"Well I'll bet there is now!" Carol replied. "I believe the two of you should give it a try sometime?" Carol went on. "There isn't anything more exciting than watching your mate screwing someone you both know."


"I thought about that when I brought the subject up a few years ago. We had some close friends and I think he and his wife were into wife swapping." Mike continued. "They always had these closed parties at their house and wanted us to attend, but Terri always refused. Maybe she knew what they were doing and just didn't want to take the chance because we knew them?"


"That's too bad." Carol answered. "She doesn't know what she might have been missing."


"That's what I tried to explain to her but it was no use, she just wasn't interested." Mike answered.


"I think maybe she's had a change of heart and is interested now." Carol replied. "I glanced over at their table when we were dancing and saw your wife jacking-off Don's cock under the table."


"You've got to be kidding me!" Mike said acting surprised. "You mean to tell me that she was doing that to him in here?"


"She sure was!" Carol replied. "That's what gave my the idea that if they can have some fun, so could we. Besides, feeling that hard cock of yours rubbing against my pussy while we dancing made me horny and I wanted you."


"I'm happy you did because ever since last night when we saw the two of you on the boat, I wanted you too." Mike told her.


"I felt the same way," Carol answered back. "When I told Don about wanting to fuck you he said it was okay with him just as long as he got to fuck your wife in exchange."


"Well, you know he's already done that, don’t you?" Mike said.


"Yes, I know," Carol, answered. "He told me all about it when I got back from town this afternoon. He said they both had a great time, but it just wasn't long enough. And besides, how did you find out?"


"When I got back this afternoon she wasn't home so I went looking for her. That's when I heard them inside the houseboat and went to have a peek. Boy was I surprised at what I saw!" Mike exclaimed. "So what happens next?" Mike asked, feeling his cock begin to harden again at the thought of watching Terri fucking the new neighbor again.


"I think the four of us need to sit down together and discuss it." Carol replied. "There has to be some ground rules set so everybody understands and no one gets hurt."


"I'll agree with you on that, but how are we going to get Terri to go along with the idea?" Mike asked, knowing that Terri and himself had already discussed the matter between themselves and were more than ready to explore the would of new sex partners.


"Let me take care of that, darling!" Carol said. "Now let's get back inside so I can dance with Don. Then I'll tell him that everything's cool and it's okay with you if he fucks Terri again as long as she agrees and you get to watch them together when it happens."


"What if he says no to that idea?" Mike asked.


"Honey, have you ever know a man to turn down a hot piece of pussy?" Carol asked smiling at him. "Besides, I won't let him say no. I want some more of your cock for myself too, baby."


"I guess you're right again," Mike answered. "But how are we going to get this ball rolling without her becoming suspicious?"


"When we get back inside I want you to act like you've had too much to drink and I'll make the suggestion that Don drive us all back home. On the way there, you fake passing out so Terri and I can put you to bed on your boat. Then I'll invite her over for a nightcap with Don and myself and when the time is right, I'll suggest the idea of swapping to her. How does that sound?" Carol asked stepping out of the van.


"Sounds great to me," Mike replied. "Let's get back inside before they miss us!"


To be continued ..........


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