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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 01



Chapter I


It was a beautiful July afternoon and Mike Tanner couldn't for this day to end. He was about to start a well-deserved weeks’ vacation that would take him away from the hassles of work. As the clock moved forward, slowly his mind wondered to home and what preparation need completed. The van required loading with all the supplies they need so he and Terri , his wife of fifteen years, could leave for the lake as soon she arrived home from work. With their boat located on Lake Herrington in Kentucky , their plans were to spend a quite week relaxing and enjoying the quite seclusion the lake afforded.


When three o'clock arrived, Mike cleared off his desk and left the office telling his secretary he would see her in a week then he made his way home. He noticed that the traffic was light for a Friday afternoon so he made excellent time reaching home.


Turning down his street, he decided to back into the driveway to make loading the van simpler. That is when he noticed that Terri 's car parked on the street. She must have gotten off work early today so she could finish packing. Mike noticed that she had all of their bags and supplies sitting inside the open garage waiting for him to arrive. Backing up to the garage and setting the parking brake Mike went inside to see if she needed any more help.


"Hello, I'm home," he yelled, walking inside the back door and looking around. Terri had just come out of the bedroom carrying the last bit of their luggage when they meet in the living room.


"Hi honey, I've got everything ready to load so why don't you take a quick shower while I run to the gas station and fill the tank so we can leave," she said.


"That sounds like a good idea. I should be finished by the time you get back and we can get loaded and on the road." Mike replied.


"Do you want me to pick up anything special while I'm out," Terri asked after kissing him lightly on the lips then moving toward the door.


"No, nothing I can think of at the moment," Mike said, over his shoulder as he headed down the hall to the bedroom. "See you when you get back."


When Terri returned from the station, Mike was ready to go. Together they loaded the van with their bags and some needed supplies. The rest they would pick up at the general store at the lake.


Traffic was beginning to get heavy on the highway as they made their way through Cincinnati and Mike was happy when they reached their turn off. He always takes the side roads because it saves travel time when traffic picks up from people in a hurry to get home on a Friday night.


About an hour into the ride Terri fell asleep in the seat next to Mike so, he tuned in the local radio station to listen for the weather report to see if they were going have a pleasant vacation. The weatherman was predicting clear skies and sunny conditions for the whole week. That would make Terri happy because she enjoyed lying around in the sun getting a tan. For Mike that meant great boating and fishing weather.


It was almost ten o'clock when Mike turned onto the gravel road leading down to the paved parking area at the boat dock. When he arrived at the parking lot, he did not recognize the strange car that was parked in his normal spot. At the same time, Terri woke up from her nap and saw the mysterious car parked under the light pole.


"I wonder whose car that is?" She asked shifting position in her seat.


"I don't have any idea," Mike replied. "But I guess we'll find out before the weeks out."


Pulling up next to the other vehicle and parking, Mike looked over at Terri . "Why don't you go down to the boat and turn some lights on and I'll get the bags we'll need for tonight. The rest of the stuff can wait until morning."


"OK, but be sure to get my small over night case," she said turning away from him and walking down the wooden dock.


Mike stopped and watched her as she made her way down the boat landing. At thirty-eight, she still had a nice shape, even after having their two kids. She only stands five foot four in her bare feet and her 36DD-24-34 figure still has the men turning their heads to get another look when she walks by. Mike never got jealous when other men looked at his wife. He knew she was a "looker" and was very proud of her. They were secure in their marriage and he never worried about losing her to someone else.


When Terri reached the boat and went aboard, Mike went back to unload their luggage making sure he retrieved her small case. With everything unloaded they would need for the night, he locked the van and started down the ramp. By that time, Terri had the inside lights turned on and was standing on deck waiting for him.


"There's someone on the McNutts houseboat," she said when Mike was close enough to hear without drawing attention. "I wonder who it could be."


"Could you see who it was when you were turning the lights on?" Mike asked.


"No, but I can hear music coming from the cabin and saw shadows moving inside!" She said moving close to Mike to get her night case.


"Well, I guess we'll just have to wait until morning and see who our new neighbor might be," he said stepping on deck with their bags.


Before the pair could get inside, a young couple walked out on deck. Mike saw the man talking to somebody, but could not make out who it was at first because of the darkness. When they were completely outside, the view got better because of the illumination from the night-light located on the pole between the two boats. He could see the pair clearly now as they stood on deck talking. The girl, a gorgeous redhead was standing next to a young man having a drink as the soft light glowed around them. Mike 's attention focused in on the young woman and the skimpy outfit she was wearing. It did very little to conceal her well-proportioned physique. He judged her to be in her middle too late twenties around five feet eight or nine. The fellow she was with stood over six feet with sandy blond hair and a very muscular. His appearance made Mike think he worked out at a gym or health spa on a regular basis.


The couple spotted Terri and Mike before they could get inside and waved. Not wanting to be rude Terri returned the gesture and went below deck to store their luggage. Once inside they unpacked some cloths and settled down for a peaceful evening.


"I wonder who they are and what they're doing on that boat." Terri asked Mike as she was changing into a clean outfit.


"Maybe they bought her from Frank ?" Mike replied as he continued to unpack. "He's had that houseboat up for sale since last summer, you know."


"I never gave that a thought." Terri replied as she finished changing. "I trust they'll be as delightful as the McNutt's."


"Well, you can bet will find that out this week." Mike said.


"I guess you’re right, honey!" Terri replied again.



"Now, would you like to go top side and relax with a drink before we hit the sack?" Mike asked opening the refrigerator to get each of them a cold beer.


"That sound like a good idea," Terri replied. "That will give the air conditioner time to cool things down in here and take out some of the staleness."


The night was warm as they settled back and listened to the waves hitting the side of the boat, causing a gentle rocking motion. Before Mike sat down, he looked across the wooden dock that separated the two watercraft and could see that the deck of the houseboat was now vacant.


"I guess our neighbors must have decided they wanted their privacy and went inside?" Mike said as he sat next to Terri and took a sip of beer.


"I'm sure thankful for that." Terri replied as she sat back in her chair and propping her bare feet up on the side of the boat. "I'm too tired to meet anyone tonight."


"Me too," Mike answered as looked at her legs. She had pulled her dress up over her thighs and he could almost see the junction between them. Terri had beautiful legs and Mike was getting hard just thinking about what rested between them. Even after all the years they have been married, Terri was great fuck. She was always ready and liked to try new things.


Terri noticed that the lights were still on inside the houseboat and the floor length drapes were pulled back allowing a full view of the entire cabin area. The sliding glass doors were also open except for the screens so she could hear the soft music coming from the neighbors’ stereo clearly.


"Will you look at that?" Terri said, suddenly sitting up in her chair and leaning forward.


They could see the tall blond man standing inside the cabin through the open drapes. He was sporting only a pair of red thong underwear that did very little to conceal the huge bulge in his crotch as he stood in the middle of the brightly illuminated room. Then the redhead he was with earlier joined him and Mike and Terri understood why the lump he was sporting was trying to escape his outfit. She was dressed in a blue lace, satin sheer gown. Her lace and satin outfit had front ties, hip ruffles and a sweeping split-front sheer skirt that covered her matching G-string. She was also wearing a pair of matching blue three-inch mules that showed off her well-formed legs.


Terri and Mike 's eyes were glued to the young couple. Terri ’s to the huge protrusion covered by the red cloth and Mike with, well everything. The girl was a knockout!


After what seemed like a few minutes, the couple stopped talking and started dancing to the soft music coming from the stereo. The man was holding the ass of the young lady and as he massaged the soft flesh in his hands and the bulge of his crotch pressed against her mound as they danced. The girl was responding by grinding her pelvic against his hard member as they moved slowly around the room. It did not take long before the young man released the hold on her ass and his hands traveled up her smooth back gently rubbing in a circular motion. Then the song ended and they kissed passionately and their bodies melted together.


"We shouldn't be watching this?" Terri said as she leaned over toward her husband. "It's not right."


"I know," Mike replied leaning over and kissing his wife. "You want to go inside?"


"No, not yet," Terri replied. "Let's watch them a few more minutes then we can go below."


"OK, but don't get upset with me if I see something good!" Mike said to her as he turned back towards the houseboat.


Just as Mike and Terri returned to their peeping, the couple separated. They could see the redheads' cherry tipped breasts standing proud, as the blond man bent forward taking one rosy nipple between his lips, and gently kissed it. Then releasing it from his lips, he moved to the other nipple, administering the same technique, until both nipples were standing hard. Not to be out done, the girl was rubbing her hand up and down the young man’s hard member that was trapped inside the thin red fabric of his underwear.


The next thing that happened almost caused Terri and Mike both to fall off their chairs. The man dropped to his knees, and parted the bottom half of the girls' gown kissing her smooth belly as he removed the blue G-string covering her pussy. Then he replaced the strip of satin with his lips, as he buried his face in her red thicket and launched an assault on her clit.


Standing before her lover with her long shapely legs spread slightly the young woman reached down stretching her labia apart with two fingers allowing his pointed tongue deeper into her opening. Then tossing her head back, she whimpered as his tongue entered her fiery, dripping, cleft.


Terri and Mike heard her cry out as her orgasm approached. "Oh Don , I'm gonna to cum!"


Holding onto his shoulder for support, she ground her juicy cunt against his probing tongue, as the orgasm over took her. When her orgasm was complete, the man pulled away gasping for breath and his face was coated with the girls' fluids. Then he kissed each of her thighs before looking up to see the expression on her face.


"Are you ready to go inside now?" Mike asked his eyes still on the couple.


"In a few more minutes," Terri mumbled. Her eyes also glued to the couple next door.


The young man stood up and turned toward the door now facing Mike and Terri and they could see the head of his cock poking over the top of his red thongs. Then he began to peel off the tight fabric covering his manhood. When that happened, Mike glanced over at Terri and saw her eyes fixed on the large cock as it sprang unconstrained and stood erect against his stomach. The spear was thick, long, and heavily veined and topped with a knob the size of a small apple. His huge balls dangled beneath his shaft, loaded to capacity as he stroked the massive member in his hand. It was almost as if he knew that he had and audience watching him he wanted to put on a satisfying exhibition. Then turning away, he moved to the couch across the room and sat down waiting for his companion to join him. Mike could see that Terri's eyes remained fixed on their neighbors cock and her breathing became more rapid as she focused on him sitting there on the sofa, jerking his swollen member back and forth. Mike knew that she was getting excited watching and figured it would not hurt if he let her. Besides, he wanted to see the redhead some more.


Not uttering a sound, Mike looked back over at the houseboat, just in time to see the young woman stroll across the room to a small table next to the sofa. The table held a bottle of wine and two glasses. Picking up the bottle, she poured each glass half full and replaced the vessel back on the stand. Then turning, she handed a chilled goblet of wine to her partner and joined him on the sofa. But before he could take a sip, she leaned over and pressed her lips to his. At the same time, her free hand found his stiff cock and together they slowly stroked the hard member up and down together.


Terri and Mike continued watching the couple as the girl released her grip on her partner's member and tilting forward, placing her glass on the floor then bent forward toward her lovers' lap while he continued stroking his hard shaft. Then with her face poised over his throbbing member, precum oozing from the swollen tip she parted her lips and engulfed half his cock into her mouth. Her lips were sealed around his hard column of flesh and she began to suck vigorously. Her head bobbed up and down his length as he held his cock in one hand and placed the other on her back, working his way down toward her shapely ass. The girls' attack on his member intensified as she felt his fingers slip between her buttocks and make contact with her hot groove.   


Mike realized the exhibition being displayed by the couple was reason enough for Terri to become aroused not to mention himself. Terri's hand was now on his cock, squeezing his throbbing member through his shorts, while she watched the woman's head moving up and down on her lovers' cock and Not wanting to spoil the moment, let alone the wonderful feeling her hand was rendering on his shaft he just sat there and enjoyed the arousing exhibition.


In the quiet of the night, Mike heard a deep moan escape Terri 's lips when the girl released her lovers' cock from her mouth. His shaft stood upright as she jerked the length in her hand and her tongue licked the tiny opening on the top. Then suddenly the young male’s hips lifted up from the sofa and the first burst of cum shot from his cock, landing on her chin. Her mouth then closed over his rapidly firing manhood as the second explosion showered the inside of her mouth. Even though she was swallowing as fast as she could a considerable amount of the hot liquid seeped from the corners of her mouth and trickled down her chin. When the final shot fired from his swollen cock, the girl raised her head and with her tongue, licked the remaining cum from his rod.


Terri continued to rub Mike 's cock as they watched the twosome next door. Mike , not wanting to dump his load in his shorts, removed Terri 's hand from his cock. Then moving from his chair, he knelt down in front of his wife and pushed her dress up her smooth legs revealing her naked pussy. Mike was not surprised that Terri did not bother to wear underwear beneath her light summer dress. She often did that when they were alone at home and sometime turned into some nice quickies.


"What are you doing, Mike ?" Terri whispered as she looked at her husband kneeling between her legs.


"Just sit back and watch the show and enjoy." Mike said as he moved forward, between her trembling thighs and licked the outside edge of her pussy, tasting her sweet nectar. The more he licked, the wetter she became. Then he reached up, pushing her puffy pussy lips open wide and slipping his tongue inside and licked her hot gash like he was eating an ice cream cone.


Terri squealed and squirmed delightedly in her chair, pushing her pussy tighter against Mike 's face, breathy muttering, "Oh yes, lick me. Make me cum, please!"


Mike 's tongue latched onto her swollen clit and flipped mercilessly over it as Terri groaned into the still night air, her whole body trembling with the beginning of her orgasm. In seconds, her whole body quaked with the tumultuous climax that swept over her beautiful body.


Mike kept tonguing her clit until she relaxed then stood up to remove his binding shorts, permitting his throbbing cock to sprang unconfined and point straight at her. Terri admired the thick crown as it glistened with precum. Reaching out, she gently took a hold and squeezed the hard pole in front of her, parted her lips as her tongue flickered over the tiny slit, tasting the sticky fluid. Then her lips engulfed her husband’s throbbing member, sucking gently at first then harder, as her fist rapidly jerked his meaty shaft up and down. Her lips formed a perfect circle as she gorged her mouth full, striving to swallow him completely. Just when she felt his ball set to deliver their cargo, she squeezed the base of his cock, impeding his discharge. Then releasing Mike 's cock from her lips she pushed him back and stood up, her eyes were glassy when she spoke. "Let's go below and get more comfortable?"


Taking her hand, they walked across the deck to the cabin below. Once inside, Terri unzipped her summer dress, allowing it to slip from her shoulders and fall around her bare feet. Mike stepped forward, taking her in his arms he could feel her body trembling with excitement, and he knew she wanted the same thing he did, his hard prick in her hot hungry cunt.


With his hand gently caressing her back as he kissed her, Terri pushed him down on the bed and straddled his hips. Mike 's hard cock pushed against her wet opening and slipped inside. "Oh yes! That's it!" she yelled as the muscles inside her tunnel gripped Mike 's cock. "Fuck me, Mike ! Fuck me, hard!"


With perspiration covering their bodies, Terri increased her rhythm, riding the column of hard man meat buried deep inside her. Her pussy was boiling over with lust and her female juices were flowing down Mike's his cock when she felt his balls tightened and knew he was also ready to explode.


"I'm gonna cum, Mike !" she shouted as she rode his cock faster and harder. "Cum with me baby I want to feel you’re cum inside my pussy, NOW!"


The heat of her opening was unforgettable, and her cunt walls began to spasm around Mike 's rod as he let loose with a geyser of his hot cream that filled her pussy to the brim.


"Oh God, I feel it squirting inside me!" Terri moaned as the hot male juice coated the inside of her love canal. "Give it to Baby! Give it to me!"


Mike did just that. He filled her pussy with so much of his sperm that it was leaking out around her pussy and down his shaft coating his pubic hair. Then Terri fell forward onto Mike 's chest and kissed him as she squeezed his dick trying to get every drop.


When thing settled down, Mike looked over at Terri who was now laying on her back, leg spread wide and cum leaking from her pussy down between the cheeks of her ass and staring up at the ceiling. "That was fantastic, Hon," Terri whispered.


"Yah, I know what you mean," Mike replied. "I thought you were going to rip my cock off for a minute when you came. What were you thinking about, that hard young cock next door?"


"Don't be silly, Mike . He wouldn't want some old lady like me when he has a pretty young girl like that." Terri answered.


"Silly! Give him the chance and I'll bet he'd jump at the opportunity to fuck you with that cock of his." Mike responded.


"Well I don't think will happen darling so how about we get some sleep, I'm tired," Terri said as she rolled over on her side and fell asleep thinking about how it would be to have that young stud pumping her pussy.





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