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Fat Bottomed Girls

husband enjoys his fat wife and her friend together
A single bead of sweat rolled down Erin's chest then disappeared into her ample cleavage, and I found myself fascinated by the thought that it might continue unimpeded until it reached the puff of blonde pubic hair at the juncture of her thick thighs. When she glanced up from her drink, I quickly shifted my gaze to the voluptuous woman approaching us from the hotel.

Erin, my wife’s best friend, glanced over her shoulder, then returned her attention to the half empty Pina Colada she'd been nursing since joining me at the beach side table. My wife joined us a moment later. The chair’s metal taps squealed against the concrete when she pulled it away from the table. As she settled into the deck chair, Mary glanced at me then took a long appraising look at Erin.

”So, when’s the funeral?” Mary asked.

Erin sipped from her drink.

“Al's not coming,” she said a moment later. “He called this morning, said some thing’s come up.”

"Tough break,” Mary said, totally sarcastically.

I glanced from one woman to the other, admiring Mary and Erin's nearly identical figures, my surfer shorts tenting under the table as I had a sudden impure fantasy. I had the feeling these fat bottomed girls could make my rocking world go round. Every night, the hotel staff rearranged the tables at the beach front bar to create a small dance floor and a DJ played music until two in the morning. That night, Mary insisted that Erin join us.

"She looks lonely,” I said as Mary and I finished our third dance and walked back to the table.

“So why don't you ask her to dance?” my wife said.

"You sure?” I replied

“Beats watching her cry in her beer.” my wife answered.

Erin declined my initial invitation but finally accepted after Mary insisted. We danced separately through the first song, and then the DJ segued the music smoothly into a slow number. I pulled Erin into my arms before she could walk off the dance floor, and I held her well rounded body close as we moved smoothly around the concrete patio. At first, she resisted my embrace, keeping an inch or so between our bodies, but she soon relaxed and leaned into me.

Her heavy breasts flattened against my chest, and her hips pressed against mine. We moved together and my body responded to the pressure of her hips. I felt myself stiffen in my shorts. I’m sure Erin felt it too, because she looked up at me and pressed herself even tighter against my groin. The song ended and the DJ announced a short break. As Erin returned to our table, I turned away and walked to the bar to refresh our drinks. By the time I returned to the table my erection had subsided.

”Erin said she's feeling better,” Mary told me when I sat down. “She said she's beginning to feel wanted again.”

”I’m sure she is,” I said.

Erin smiled. I’m not sure what we talked about for the next hour but before I realized how much time had passed my wife yawned.

”It’s been a long day,” she said. ”I’m heading up to the room.”

As soon as Mary disappeared into the hotel, Erin looked across the table at me and asked, "Another dance?”

We danced for the next twenty minutes, and then the DJ announced the last song. When he chose a slow tune, Erin moved in close. She pressed her body against me, and I once again reacted quickly to the pressure of her hips against mine. She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and pulled my face down to hers. Before I could even think to resist, she covered my mouth with hers and gave me a long slow kiss that soon had our tongues entwined. Then the song ended and someone began shutting off the lights.

“Come with me,” Erin insisted.

She grabbed my hand and tugged. I followed her to the beach, away from the patio and soon we were walking along the shoreline water lapping at our feet. Before I realized how far we had gone I couldn't see the hotel. Erin peeled off her clothes and ran into the ocean. Her heavy breasts floated in the chest high water and bobbed with the waves. She called to me, waving for me to join her. I hesitated a moment, then peeled off my clothes and ran into the ocean with her. We swam and splashed each other and swam some more. When she ran back onto the beach, I followed her, caught her and spun her around. I pulled her

to me, and we kissed long and hard. Nearly breathless, Erin pulled away a minute later. She dropped to her knees and then lay back on the sand. I dropped to my knees between her widespread legs. Then I cupped my hands under Erin's ample ass and lifted her. She hooked her legs over my shoulders as I buried my face between her thick thighs. She tasted of sea salt and coconut oil, and her pubic hair tickled my nose as I drew my tongue along the length of her pussy slit.

Then I parted her swollen pussy lips with my tongue and slipped it deep inside her. I thrust my tongue in and out of her honey hole and then found the tight bud of her swollen clit. I sucked it between my teeth and held it as I teased it with the tip of my tongue. I felt Erin shudder. Her ass cheeks quivered in my hand. Her breathing quickened and then she came. Her thighs tightened around my head, and her entire body stiffened for a heartbeat or two. Then she collapsed like pudding. I lowered her ass to the sand, and then I slipped my thick cock deep inside her still quivering quim. She hooked her ankles together behind my back, wrapped her arms around me and accepted every powerful thrust. I drew back and pushed forward, drew back and pushed forward.

"Yes," she whispered in my ear.

"Don't stop.”

And then she came a second time. A moment later, I fired a thick wad of hot spunk deep inside Erin's love box. Her throbbing pussy seemed to milk my

cock for every drop of cum before it softened and slid free. Out of breath, I rolled to the side and landed in the sand beside her. She shifted position, placing her head on my chest as I wrapped my arm around her.

We watched the waves for nearly ten minutes before either of us moved. We seemed to sense that the moment had ended, and we got up at the same time. We pulled our clothes on and walked back to the hotel in silence. I walked Erin to her room and waited while she opened the door. Before I could step away, she turned and caught my arm. She stretched up and placed a feather light kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks," she said, and then she disappeared into her room. Mary and I had the next room. A moment later, I pushed the door open and stepped into darkness. I let the door close softly behind me, then eased into the bathroom. I showered, hoping the sound of the water didn't wake Mary, and I quickly rinsed off the sand stuck to my cum covered cock. When I finally slipped into bed Mary barely stirred.

”You have a nice evening?” I opened my eyes to find my wife sitting on the side of the bed. The morning light streamed through the window behind her, silhouetting her naked body. Her heavy breasts rested on her belly, and her thick nipples seemed to stare at me.

"We closed the place down," I said.

My wife slipped one hand under the sheet and placed it on my thigh.

"You have plans this morning?” she asked as her hand moved toward my crotch.

"None that I can't change.” I replied.

Mary smiled. Then she wrapped her hand around my half-erect cock. It quickly grew to its full stature as she pumped her fist up and down. I ripped back the sheet. Mary bent over me and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She continued pumping her fist up and down my hard on and when I finally squeezed out a drop of pre cum, she used the tip of her tongue to lick it away. Then she released her grip on my cock, shifted position and straddled me. She sat on my abdomen, and my cock tucked itself neatly into the crack of her ass. I lifted my head and took one of Mary's nipples into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue until it stood firm and erect. Then I did the same to her other nipple.

Mary lifted herself off of me and reached between her thighs. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her tight pussy as she lowered herself on it. Then she placed her hands on my chest and began rocking back and forth. I reached for her breasts, captured them and massaged them as she rode me. Mary began moving faster and I began moving too. My hips rose to meet hers and the bed springs squeaked. Mary looked down at me.

”Did you enjoy dancing with Erin?” she asked.

"Yes I did," I replied.

I released my grip on Mary's breasts and grabbed the tops of her thighs, holding her tight as we fucked.

"Do you think she enjoyed it?” she asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Really enjoyed it?” she continued as she rode me.

“Yes.” I said.

"And afterwards?” she continued further.

”We... walked on the... beach.”

Mary's breath caught, she shuddered, and then she came. I continued pumping up into her quivering quim as Mary collapsed on top of me, her heavy breasts smashing against my chest. And then I came, filling her with my hot spunk. Mary lay on top of me until she caught her breath. Then she slid to the side and lay in the crook of my arm. Her massive breasts pressed against my ribcage.

”And if asked her?” she whispered.

"Asked who what?” I asked

Mary reached down and massaged my soft cum covered cock.

"Asked Erin what the two of you did after dancing, What would she say?" Mary probed.

"The same thing,” I replied.

"Mmmmm!’ Mary said.

I turned my head and looked at her, wondering what she thought she knew.

Erin joined us for lunch a few hours later. She pressed her knee against mine under the table where Mary couldn't see.

"You look happier today,” Mary said to Erin.

”I certainly feel better,” she said.

A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, and her blue eyes twinkled in the sunlight.

“Your husband was quite the gentleman last night,” Erin said.

”I’m sure he was,” Mary said. She patted my forearm.

”He was quite the gentleman this morning, too.” she continued. I glanced from Mary to Erin and back again. The women had taken the conversation to an entirely different level. They spoke as if I wasn't present. The waiter interrupted the conversation, delivered our orders and confirmed that we had everything we needed. When our conversation resumed, it changed direction. By the time we finished lunch, the two women had decided on a shopping trip to the far side of the island.

As soon as they left, I found myself a comfortable spot under an umbrella on the beach. I read, watched other vacationers enjoy the water and dozed. When I woke, the sun had slipped low in the sky. I returned to my room and showered. I was sitting on the bed, a hotel towel wrapped around my waist, when Erin and my wife returned.

“Think we should show him what we bought?” Mary asked.

“Why not?” Erin said.

The two women disappeared into the bathroom, and I heard giggling and the rustling of bags. A few minutes later, they stepped into the room wearing matching black negligees. I swallowed hard, and the hotel towel covering my lap promptly became a tent. My wife removed the towel from my lap.

"I think he likes what he sees," Mary said.

“I know I like what I see,” Erin said.

She dropped to her knees between my widespread thighs, then she leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth. As Erin began to suck my cock, my wife crawled onto the bed and knelt behind me. She peeled off her negligee, then rested one heavy breast on each of my shoulders. I crossed my arms as I reached up and took Mary's tits in my hands, feeling her thick nipples press against my palms. Erin's head bobbed up and down in my lap, and soon she had my entire length in her mouth. As she tongue spanked my cock, she took my heavy ball sack in her hand and kneaded my nuts together.

”Lay back,” my wife insisted as she scooted away. When I did, she straddled my face, nearly smothering me with female flesh. It was a position I'd been in many times before. I began by licking her swollen pussy lips, then I plunged my tongue between them. I quickly found the swollen bud of her clit, and I sucked it between my teeth, holding her clit as I tickled it with my tongue. By then, I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt myself tense, and then I shot a thick wad of hot spunk against the back of Erin's throat. She swallowed every drop and sucked hard until my cock stopped throbbing. My wife was bouncing up and down on my face, her hips moving faster and faster. Erin climbed onto the bed with us. I could barely see what was happening from my position under my wife's pussy, but I saw Erin take my wife's head in her hands. Then she planted her mouth on my wife's and they kissed long and hard. I knew my wife could taste my cum on Erin's lips. Then my wife came. She shuddered and then went completely rigid for a moment.

By then, my cock had grown hard again. Somehow, we shifted positions, and I found myself lying on my side behind Erin, facing my wife. Mary slipped one hand between Erin's thighs and began stroking her pussy lips. Erin lifted one leg, and I pressed my cock against her from behind. My wife actually guided my cock into Erin's love hole, and I began fucking her from behind as my wife continued stroking Erin's clit. Erin came, and I felt her pussy throb around my cock. I continued fucking her, and she came a second time. I drove into Erin's quivering quim with one last powerful thrust and then filled her with hot spunk.

We changed positions after that but I couldn't keep track anymore. I know I fucked my wife at least twice more during the night, and I watched Erin and Mary go down on each other. I'm not sure what time we finally wore ourselves out and fell asleep, but I know we didn't wake until the crack of noon.

I woke to find Mary watching me and Erin still sleeping in the crook of my arm. Mary whispered, "You think we made her forget Al?”

”At least for a few hours,” I whispered back.

"Thank you,” my wife said.

"For what?”

"Sharing," Mary said. "I told Erin you were generous. I knew you'd be there for her."

It was clear to me now. Mary knew about what had happened on the beach. It had been in the plans all along. Suddenly, I felt a hand slide up the inside of my thigh, and I knew it wasn't Mary's. My cock responded when Erin’s hand cupped my balls, and it quickly stood at attention. Erin's eyes fluttered open and Mary said, "You're awake."

"And horny,” Erin responded in a sleepy morning voice.

Erin straddled me and rode my cock while Mary watched. At first, I held Erin's heavy tits, then as I got closer to orgasm, I grabbed her waist and held on tight. I watched, too. I watched Erin’s tits jiggling wildly. I watched as her pussy clenched around my cock. I watched her pretty belly shake. She came, then I came. As Erin collapsed on top of me and lay on my chest, she said, "Too bad there’re only two days left.”

Two days. I smiled. I planned to make the most of every minute with my fat bottomed girls.

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