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First Time With Jas

A true story... the first time with my online lover...
I had become lonely and unsatisfied in my marriage, so I decide to join one of the adult online websites. I was not looking for a new relationship, just someone to hook-up with, fuck, and have good conversation with if the opportunity arose.

I met Jas online. After his first message, I could tell he was one of those strong dominate types. He was the kind of man that knew exactly what he wanted. After several messages we seemed to be looking for the same things. We both wanted a no strings attached sex friendship. Since we were both married, it worked out better. We both understood the boundaries.

The only part we worried about was his superiors finding out. He, at the time, was a corporal in the U.S. Army. He was smart, intelligent, and well on his way to becoming what he wanted: a career Army man.

After about three weeks of emails, IMing and phone conversations, we decided to meet. We made arrangements to spend a long weekend together. We split the cost of a room in a town half-way between our locations. I did some shopping and was becoming more and more excited with each passing day, minute and hour of meeting him.

You see I’m a MILF, or so I’m told. I'm 5’5, with brown hair and eyes, thick, cute ass, and nice tits. I don't really think that I am anything special, but on my good days I feel cute even sexy.

Jas is built like a muscular military dream. He is 6’3, blonde hair with a military cut. He has bright blue eyes, and a deep sexy voice. He’s one of those men that’s dominant. He told me exactly what he wanted, and when he did I would cream my panties just listening to him talk about it. From our conversations he understood the pleasure/pain I craved, needed and was missing in my life.

When we met, I had two requests. I wanted him to keep his dog tags on at all times, and two; he had to wear jeans. His requests were simple, get to the room, get in the bath tub, shave, wear the bra and panties we picked out (via phone and pictures) and be ready.

I got to the room first and checked in. I brought in my bags and ran my bath water. I laid back in the bath water trying to calm down, relax, and not let the nerves bother me. I shaved my pussy bare, rinsed off, and applied my lotions and make up, dressed and sat down to wait. The phone rang a few seconds later.

“Baby, it’s me. Are you ready? I’m on my way be there in 10 min,” he said.

Those last 10 minutes were the longest in history. I think I went from nervous to excited to nervous to scared. My thoughts were scattered and I remember sitting there hoping he found me as attractive as he said. While I’m sitting there waiting, the phone rang again.

“Baby, are you okay?” Jas said. “Baby, you are a beautiful, sexy, MILF and I can’t wait to get inside you.”

There was a knock at the door, so I walked over and opened the door, and there he was. Jas ran his hands through my hair and caressed my face. He kissed me while pushing the door closed. He then pushed me into the door. Our bodies, my front to his front felt so damn good, and his muscles are rock hard under my hands. His arms are huge, his shoulders broad, and I can feel his thighs are thick against mine. Jas broke our kiss and spun me around putting my front to the door. He flipped the lock in place, and kissed my neck and ears, running his hands up and down my sides to my breasts.

Jas whispered, “Baby, you feel so good. Thank you for those sexy pictures. I can’t wait to slide my cock into your tight, wet pussy.”

Turning me back around, he reached for my blouse and slowly lifted it from my body. He threw it over his shoulder, and brought his hands up and trapping me there, his arms above me and his hips holding me in place. He slowly lowered his face into my cleavage.

“Baby, you smell so damn good. You’re so fucking soft,” he said.

“Oh Jas, thank you darlin," I moaned.

“No baby. No thanks necessary. You’re beautiful, and I want you,” he said.

Slowly lifting his head, he slides his hands down the door to my hips. He pushed one hand between my legs and slowly rubbed my pussy through my jeans and panties.

“Oh damn baby, you’re hot. Your pussy is on fire. Why are you so hot baby? Is all that heat for me?” he said.

He reached for my button, and then zipper, slowly peeling my jeans from me, leaving me in my bra and panties.

“Baby, are you going to answer me? Why are you so hot, April?” he said.

“Oh damn Jas, you’ve got me hot. You’re still fully clothed, touching my skin. Damnit Jas please,” I said.

Shifting his hips, I feel his hardness for the first time. He’s sexy and his cock his hard for me. Kissing me, he lowered my panties, taking off my bra and leads me to the bed. Still fully clothed, he laid on top of me, kissing me, pinching and licking my nipples. he lowered his hand to my pussy slowly pushed in a finger. Pushing in only one, slowly pulling it out, then slowly wiggling and rubbing against my g-spot, using his thumb to rub and stroke my clit. My thighs clenched and shook. I was so wet that I could hear his finger moving in and out of my soaked pussy.

Jas pulled his hand away, slowly lifted his hand to his face and nose. He slowly licked my pussy juice from his fingers. He moaned. Something changed in him. I see it in his eyes. He reached between us I heard his button come undone and his zipper being lowered. I heard his jeans being opened and I felt his cock head against my clit.

Jas rubbed his cock head up and down my pussy lips. He teased us both, rubbing my clit and teasing the outer edge of my cunt. He slowly sunk into me inch by inch. I feel him stretching my cunt, making room for him inside me. Jas is still fully clothed and the only skin I feel is his cock, mouth and hands against me. He starts stroking me and I meet him stroke for stroke.

“Jas, fuck me. Fuck me hard Jas. Please,” I begged.

Laughing, Jas pulled out. He straddled my body. The sight of him fully clothed, no skin showing but his cock and balls is so erotic and arousing as hell. He brought his cock to my mouth and I slowly licked him and sucked the pre cum from his slit. He tasted so damn good. I started sucking more of him into my mouth, farther and farther down my throat.

Pulling away he rolled me to my stomach and ran his hands down my back to my ass. Smack! Once, twice, three times on each cheek.

“Oh damn baby, yes!” I screamed.

“You like that baby? You like me spanking your pretty ass, April?”

Bringing his hand to my hips, I felt him shift. He slammed his cock balls deep into my sopping wet cunt. Wrapping his arms around me he pinched my nipples while slamming into my cunt over and over.

“Jas, I’m close. Jas, baby can I cum on your cock baby?” I cooed.

“Damn baby your pussy is so tight, can I cum inside you baby? Balls deep?” he said.

Over and over Jas moves in and out slamming into and out of my pussy, bringing his hand up to my clit, and with one flick of his fingers I cum. My pussy clamped, clenching, my back arched, head down.

“Oh my god Jas, Oh my god” I said.

I could feel his cock swell and shoot his cum deep, I could feel every twitch and every shot hitting the wall and back of my cunt. I lowered myself face down to the bed and Jas was still inside me, following me down.

I think we drifted off for a bit. We woke up, got cleaned up, ate some dinner and did it all over again.

This was only the first of several times we would get together. There’s more to come if you want to read about it.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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