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Flesh and Silicone

The club, the club and nothing but the club; and then more club.
With only two days left in her trip, to the US, although tryst is more to the point, and one of those days gang-banging in Jo and Dave’s RV, Rosalind divined another of her scathingly lurid ideas. As she and Jo had gotten on so well, Rosalind suggested that she and Jo go clubbing in a pick-up bar and that Dave and I were to watch them, unseen from a distance and then hook up with us later.

This woman was going to make me crazy! Before answering Rosalind, I mentally considered a pro and con checklist that looked something like

Reasons why this idea sucks
Why do I want to watch her dance and flirt rather than be the one she’s dancing and flirting with?
Are Dave and I going to look like losers or gays sitting at a table by ourselves?
These women are out of control.
I’m feeling a little jealous.
What if Rosalind is too tired later?

Reasons why this is a good idea

Rosalind is good about rewarding me well when she gets all the crazy sex she wants.
Hell, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Maybe we’ll pick up some women, and still hook up with Rosalind and Jo later.
Good sex is about giving up control.
A little jealousy is better than crippling insecurity.
That might give me another shot at Jo!

In the end, none of all that mattered, because holding Rosalind back is the last thing I want to do anyway and so we all showered and changed at Jo and Dave’s house and had a light supper there before heading out to a local nightclub. The women looked sweet enough to eat (pun intended) and they set right out to the dance floor. Dave and I maintained some semblance of respectability by occupying a table with four drinks set out as though our women were on the floor dancing – which they were – and we were waiting for them to return – which they wouldn’t.

Rosalind and Jo whirled around that dance floor gyrating almost like they were fucking each other right there on the floor. It pays to advertise and they sure as hell were! Before long a guy cut in and began dancing with Jo and Rosalind simply stayed right where she was and gyrated sexily all by herself. There weren’t too many eyes in that club that weren’t on her, especially after Rosalind did a particularly energetic twirl and her short skirt flew out to reveal that she wore nothing underneath. God knows I tried to entice Rosalind to wear the vibrating panty we’d bought, but as it turns out this was more enticing because in fewer than ten seconds, two men approached her almost at the same time. Which would she choose I wondered? One was tall and a good fifteen years younger than she. The other was just a small bit taller than she and five or six years older.

Rosalind is an unholy bitch; God love her. She didn’t choose. Instead, she positioned herself so as to be dancing with both of them at once! The men seemed to tolerate that OK and they danced the entire set. When that set ended and a slow set began, the older guy seemed to give up and leave the dance floor while the younger guy took Rosalind in his arms and they moved close – very close. Perhaps fifteen feet from Rosalind was Jo, dancing with a guy who was a good head and shoulders over her petite frame. I noticed two things. He had a hard-on like there was no tomorrow and Jo was leading him in the dance. The girls danced for that set and began going back towards their table when again guys picked them up and they danced two more numbers before returning to the table – the four of them. Two drinks later life was getting busy at the girl’s table because I could see that Jo’s guy had his hand well into the slit in her skirt and Rosalind had her hand in her guy’s lap. Smiles were visible all around.

“Let’s dance,” came a voice from just behind me and I turned to see an attractive woman of about fifty wearing a gown that was slit in all the right places. On the dance floor I took her in my arms and was surprised to learn that she was an excellent dancer. “I’m Jeannie,” she said, “and you two aren’t fooling anyone.”

“I’m Mike,” I replied, “and what do you mean?”

“You and that guy, you’re here with the two women at the table over there with those men they picked up on the dance floor.”

“Now why would I do a thing like that?" I asked in my best flirty tone.

“Because you’re here to watch them misbehave,” she said with a disarming and dazzling smile. “You’re going to watch her pick up men and take them god knows where around here to have sex with them in the men’s room, the parking lot and any place else they can find.”

“And what makes you so sure that that’s what my friend and I are doing?” I asked, studying her pretty face.

Her blue eyes twinkled and her mouth grinned prettily as my pretty dance partner said, “Because it’s exactly what I’m doing here! My husband is at the bar with his eyes popping out right now. For god’s sake put your hand on my ass and give the poor man something to enjoy!”

“Yes Ma’am!" I said and pulled her in close while I fondled her firm and moderately ample bottom.

Turning towards the tables I could see Rosalind casting a curious glance my way and well behind her, Dave giving me a wink and a subtle thumbs up.

“So Jeannie, what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this, with my lame pun fully intended.”

“Oh I’m here to be wooed and screwed. I’m already tattooed,” she smiled. (Note to self, I thought - find her tattoo) "My husband likes to show me off and - as he says - ‘keep an eye on the action,’ while I flirt with men and if I like them, we have sex, and hubby loves every precious bit of infidelity as though it’s my gift to him. We started this lifestyle a good ten years ago. He was so focused on career that he completely lost focus on me and the kids. After years of being ignored, I was volunteering time with my son’s little league and one of the other coaches and I developed a friendship that became more. Fast forward six months and my friend was in my marital bed fucking me senseless when in walked Hubs – home a day early from a business trip. Hell, I was on top pounding Matthew like I was driving a fence post into the ground!

“Fast forward another two months and we’re in a marriage counselor’s office and my charming husband is going on and on about he being my victim and how my infidelity has ruined our marriage. Our counselor was quite intuitive for a man, and he stopped my husband cold in his tracks."

“Hold on a minute and please don’t waste our time on victim talk. I want to know exactly what you felt when you walked into that room and saw Jeannie on top of her lover?”

Jeannie's story continued, “It might have been the first time in years that I actually saw my husband open up and get honest. He said he felt, shocked, frightened, enraged and angry. When the counselor asked if he felt anything else, he looked like a little boy caught swiping cookies and finally he said, ‘I also felt oddly turned-on.’” Our counselor asked why he felt turned on and my husband said that he didn’t know why, but it was the most erotic thing he’d ever felt or witnessed.

“Back at home my husband and I discussed what had happened in counseling and one thing led to another. As it happened, we found ways to open up and be more supportive of each other and we also began discussing his ‘turned on’ feeling when he saw me fucking Matthew. That discussion led to fantasies of me with other men and really hot sex between us. After two years of fantasies, we decided to take the next step and I’d flirt with men but not actually have sex with them. By then I was as excited as my husband was, with the flirting and the attention and mostly because my husband was treating me like a queen at home! One thing led to another and eventually my flirting grew bolder and my behavior sluttier until I was having sex with strange men and both me and my husband were loving it! I probably can’t do this until I’m ninety but I’ll give it my best shot! Come on, Mike, you must know about all this stuff or you wouldn’t be here watching your wife get it on with other guys like you’re doing.”

“Actually, Rosalind isn’t my wife, she’s an internet friend here from Great Britain on vacation and we’re literally making the most of it!

“Wow! Are you ever a good sport! Jeannie grinned. “And your friend?”

“Oh he’s married and that’s his wife Jo beside Rosalind.” I nodded towards their table.

“I’ve seen her here before,” Jeannie said. “She has a reputation for being a hot number!”

“Oh it’s well deserved,” I said. “Actually, I’m a little in awe of her and of her husband Dave.

“Well now that we know each other’s life histories let’s enjoy this dance more, I do hope that’s your dick poking at me,” Jeannie grinned. While my hands cupped Jeannie’s pretty ass, she dropped a hand and began rubbing my cock along the outsides of my pants. Jeannie took over the lead and turned us so that her husband could see that she was rubbing my crotch. Jeannie began to laugh softly to herself.

“What’s funny,” I asked.

“The music,” she said.

I’d pretty much ignored all but the tempo of the music playing but listened and realized that we were dancing to Sheena Easton singing “For your eyes only.” I joined Jeannie in the small joke and pivoted us slowly so that her husband and anyone else at the bar got a 360 degree panorama of what our hands were doing. The dance ended and I asked Jeannie if she’d like a drink and I led her by the hand back to our table and introduced her to Dave. We chatted amiably and both he and I kept an eye on Rosalind and Jo who by then had returned to the dance floor.

Before long I saw Jo head towards the rest rooms and her dance partner follow a short distance behind her. Rosalind and her partner also began heading back and I shifted my seat a little to see where they went. I saw Rosalind’s guy step into the men’s room with Rosalind in tow. Jeannie caught me watching them and she smiled broadly and pulled my hand into her lap. I hoped that her husband could see but was certain that he’d either have a good view of us or move to get one. Our conversation continued and I was stroking Jeanie shamelessly, my hand now under her skirt. After about ten minutes I saw the club bouncer enter the men’s room and two minutes later Rosalind’s dance partner left the room quickly. He didn’t appear any too upset but Rosalind wasn’t behind him. I watched closely now and began to worry a little.

“I think the bouncer caught them,” I whispered to Jeannie and Dave.

“I think so too," Dave replied. "Jo took her guy into the ladies room so they’re OK. Maybe you should go and see if you can rescue her. Maybe we can bribe this bouncer and get her the hell out of here."

Turning to Jeannie I said, “Would you excuse me please, I need to go and pee.”

"So chivalry isn’t dead!” she quipped brightly as I left the table.

I was skirting the dance floor and perhaps twenty feet from the rest rooms when the bouncer came out alone. I stopped and waited for a second and then Rosalind appeared in the hall. Seeing me she pursed her lips and showed me a milky white wad of cum that she deliberately drew back and swallowed for my benefit.

She is an evil bitch who should be spanked.

Evil! And gorgeous.

Rosalind walked to the table where her dance/sex partner had returned to wait while she did the bouncer and I returned to Jeannie and Dave. As I reached our table Jo came out of the ladies room and her partner seconds later. Ten paces away from the bathrooms they were a couple hand-in –hand and walking towards Rosalind’s table.

“I need to use the ladies room,” Jeannie announced. “Would you please show me the way Mike?” The ladies room seemed clean and well appointed with rich looking fixtures and a nice décor. At the far end of the room a door was ajar and behind it was a couch and an end table.

“I’m not sure I’d want to lay on this couch right now Mike but let’s try this.” Jeannie bent over the arm of the couch and she began pulling off her panties. “Mike, check that end table drawer, usually there are condoms in there.” This was about as subtle as a train wreck but by now I was so damned horny that I’d have fucked the end table itself, let alone this nicely trimmed pussy yawing open just ready to be stabbed to life by my cock. Jeannie must have been as excited as me because in fewer than five minutes she was writhing in ecstasy and I was convulsing mightily into the latex sheath.

Jeannie reached down and carefully slipped the condom from my softening dick. She tied a knot in the open end and dropped it into her purse. “My husband enjoys a nightcap,” she said with a wry smile.

We returned to the table with Dave and Jeannie excused herself, saying, “This has been fun and I hope to run into you again. I’m going back to the dance floor and find ‘more entertainment." A quick kiss and she was gone.

I looked over at the girl’s table and realized that Jo was on the dance floor with a different guy and Rosalind had left her guy and was walking out towards the exit to the parking lot. I became a little curious. With that, Dave said he needed to use the men’s room and I decided to follow Rosalind out and see if she was OK.

Just inside the door I pulled back a curtain and saw that Rosalind was talking with two bouncers, the one she’d just blown and another one, a very large black man. Incredibly, Rosalind lifted the front of her skirt and showed them that beautiful Cheshire Cat pussy of hers. Then, arm in arm with both men, Rosalind walked off towards a parked car. I couldn’t get close enough to really see anything but within three minutes of their entering the car. It began rocking and stayed that way for a good half hour. As the car slowed and stopped I reentered the club. Rosalind came in soon after and was walking towards the rest rooms when I approached and asked her,”Have a good time?”

Rosalind smiled, and in her wonderfully British accent sang a line from a Lee Greenwood song: “For there ain’t no doubt I love this land. God bless the USA.”

Jo left the ladies room walking a little unsteadily. Rosalind and I went to her right away with Dave arriving moments later. “Are you OK? What happened?” we said, more or less in unison. “I just had the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen on a man and I need to settle down a bit. My legs are still shaking.”

“Are you sure you’re OK?" Dave asked.

“Baby I’ve just fucked a guy with a lot in common with a thoroughbred racehorse. Shit, maybe I won the Triple Crown! I’m going to be fine but for now can we just go home?"

Rosalind and Jo had come in Jo’s car and Dave and me in mine. Now, Dave drove Jo’s car with her more or less collapsed in the passenger seat with shaking knees and a faraway satisfied smile on her face. Rosalind rode with me in my car.

Back at Jo and Dave’s house, Dave poured drinks and Jo recounted her rest room adventure with a guy who’d approached her from the bar. They’d danced only for a few minutes when Jo saw a bulge in his pants that grew like a volcano growing up from the sea floor. She never even got the guy’s name but back in the ladies room when he released that monster schlong she tried to blow him but couldn’t get it any deeper than her back molars. She bent over the arm of the couch and he lubed his prick with spit and eased it in a bit at a time. Jo said she thought she’d split into two but – and these are her words - “It hurt too good to stop.” To emphasize her point she pulled up her skirt and her vagina looked wide open dilated like she’d just delivered a baby!

Rosalind stared at the wounded pussy in disbelief and sighed, “Fuck me… I'm in awe of the carnage before us."

“Oh I’ll fuck you Rosalind, but in about a half hour,” Jo said. “I’ve been wanting to do this for two days.”

Rosalind and I looked perplexed but Dave seemed to know exactly what Jo had in mind and he went upstairs and returned with a large strap on dildo. Jokingly, I said to him, "Christ pal, don’t come near me with that thing!”

Said Rosalind, “If you have some lube to go with that thing I’m game”

“I need about a half hour and then you’re on!” said Jo. With a fresh round of drinks and sexy conversation recapping the evening’s high points, everyone was soon horny again and Jo doffed her dress and bra which was all she wore. Dave helped her to don the strap-on and I have to admit that it looked huge on her petite frame. Jo is just over five feet tall and this thing was nearly two inches in diameter and a foot long! Rosalind’s eyes grew large and in no time she was on her knees, nekked and sucking Jo’s ‘cock’ like it was a gift from heaven.

Amazingly, Rosalind deep throated that silicone serpent and Jo was pumping her hips to where the pubic hairs were slamming into Rosalind’s nose. After a few minutes of that, Rosalind began gagging and when Jo quickly withdrew, Rosalind said, “My pussy, please! Put it in my pussy!”

Rosalind knelt on the floor with her tummy and upper body supported by an upholstered chair. Jo came up from behind Rosalind and did her doggy style. Dave and I took up positions on each side and Rosalind grabbed for and began stroking our cocks as Jo pumped that missile deeply into Rosalind’s girl parts. I remember thinking that it’s probably a good thing Jo didn’t go for Rosalind’s ass or we might have had an unconscious woman on our hands! I have to admit, for a woman, Jo fucked Rosalind as solidly as would any man! Of course, dildos don’t suffer from or cope with erectile dysfunction but still, Jo gave my horny British friend one whale of a fuck. Jo hammered and grunted as the back end of the dildo massaged her clit into a quivering little nipple and Rosalind was groaning and grunting like a woman in childbirth. I could see that Dave was close to orgasm as was I. We fired one-two shots into Rosalind’s face and hair as she herself came with a stifled scream.

As Jo withdrew, I asked to borrow that big ol dong. The straps weren’t long enough to fit around my hips but I slipped it into Rosalind’s stretched pussy and placed my cock against her rosebud sphincter. Rosalind asked what I was doing and I told her flat out. “I read a horror novel about a woman being fucked by Satan and he was possessed of two penises and he put one in her ass and the other in her pussy."

“So, you’re a Satan figure fucking me?” Rosalind asked.

“Well, let’s just say that I’m feeling devilish; now shut up and enjoy being double-fucked.” I took Rosalind slowly at first but she came up quickly. Dave and Jo had left the room and soon I heard Jo moaning from upstairs. My pace picked up and Rosalind began calling me filthy names as I fucked her all the harder.

“Fuck me you bastard,” she hissed.



Rosalind’s voice hissed so much I half wondered if she herself was playing the part of Satan but she was making me crazy with lust and I wanted her to pay for making me watch her at the club. I fucked with vengeance.



“Fuck, fuck, fuck me you American prick!”

Over and over she shouted and hissed, her hips slamming back stroke for violent stroke until the strokes became shorter and faster.

“Make me cum not, jam those things into me!”

Her last word ‘me’ trailed off and it was more like she said ‘jam those into MEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

My cock came so violently that I half expected the silicone battering ram in Rosalind’s pussy to gush cum as well! Rosalind snuggled against me but then quickly got up and went to use the downstairs powder room as copious gobs of my sperm were beginning to trickle from her ass and there was no sense in getting it on the carpeting. When Rosalind returned she snuggled against me. At that point we fell asleep and didn’t budge until morning.

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