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Fond swinging memories

My last threesome...
13 years ago was my last experience of threesome pleasure with another couple. Doug and Carol were married and we met through a contact swingers magazine. Computers and the internet were not prevalent then as they are today.

I remember being invited by Carol, who called me one day to say they wished to meet me. I went over to their house and we chatted at their bar, got to know each other a bit and after awhile they said lets go into the lounge. We all got naked very quickly. I was a bit nervous, even though I had done this many times before. Doug started kissing Carole and caressed her tits. They were firm and small, which was my preference in those days. Now I don’t care. If I touch, lick or suck a woman’s breasts and she gets turned on, well then, I am turned on. The shape and size does not bother me any longer. After that I had a girlfriend with tiny tits and loved them as well, and after that had a girlfriend with huge tits, and loved those too.

I watched as he moved down to between her legs and started licking her. I moved so that I could see him eating her mound. She was wet, and her juices were all around his mouth. I started to get hard. I rubbed the tip of my cock on the frenum – the sensitive part – and felt the tingle in my balls.

I could see from the angle that Doug was lying, that his cock was hard. Carol was moaning in pleasure and arching her back as her husband made her cum on his tongue. He moved away and beckoned me to do the same. Fuck!! I was going to eat another man’s wife’s pussy. I was throbbing deeply as I lay between her legs, inhaled the muskiness of her sweet smelling pussy and started to lick her clit slowly. I sucked on her outer and inner lips gently, and watched her face as I knew that she was experiencing much pleasure from my tongue. Doug was kneeling at her face and she was gobbling his thick cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth. His shaft glistened with wet. My cock got harder and I started to eat her more fervently. Carol arched her hips and I could feel the tremours of bliss racking her body. She closed her legs around my head, trapping me, pushing her mound into my face, smothering me. If she suffocated me then, I would have died and gone to pussy heaven.

Doug pulled out of her mouth and sat on his haunches watching me eat his wife. I watched his cock throb and glistened with pre cum.

I moved away from her, and he got between her legs and started fucking her. She was scratching his back as she came on his cock. He pounded into her pussy as I watched from behind, and loved the way his thick cock stretched her lips open around his cock.

I loved watching the wetness from her pussy wet her inner thighs, her asshole and his shaft.

She came on his cock a few times and then he stopped and asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I smiled and said, ‘fuck, yes please !!!’. He looked at me, and told me I had to clean her pussy juices off his cock first. I bent down and started licking at the tip and then licked his shaft and then put the whole thing in my mouth. I had done this a few times before, so was not averse to sucking a dude. He fucked my mouth holding my head over his cock as I deep throated him. He was not too long, so I could get all of him in my mouth. I sucked him for awhile and then he pulled out. Carol was playing with her wet pussy watching me going down on her man.

I moved to between her legs, lifted them over my shoulders and gently slid into her. She felt good around my cock. I find it amazing that every pussy feels different. And I loved being in carol’s wetness. Doug watched me pounding into her when she asked me to fuck her harder. She was in a state of rapturous bliss – it should in her face – and from her moans of pleasure.

After I while I slowed down and buried myself inside of her, as she came on my cock. Doug had now positioned his groin at my face indicating that I needed to suck him again. I did. I was grinding myself into her and sucking on his cock which made my cock swell even more. All I remember was being face fucked as I shot a load of my cum into Doug’s wife. I shuddered a few times as the orgasmic energy flowed around my body. I breathed it in and felt it flow all through me. Doug lay down next to his wife his head next to her hips, and I could see he was turned on watching my cum slowly drip out of his wife’s well fucked cunt.

He started licking my cock, almost cleaning my drips of cum and his wife’s juices off my cock, which made me hard again. Carole moved so that she could watch. I moved onto my hands and knees and took his cock into my mouth. Carol moved and I felt her start touching my ass and my asshole. I was hard again, while Doug was driving his cock into my mouth. I held the base of his cock with one hand and moved my head up and down on his cock. Carol’s hands were all over my ass, my asshole, my balls and my cock form behind. At one time I could feel her wanting to slip her finger into my ass. I was too busy with Doug’s cock to bother, and eventually she had slid her whole finger in and was finger fucking my ass. There was a feeling of pleasure and pain – almost like a burning sensation as I knew she was touching my prostate. Cum leaked out of my cock, and she went underneath me to lick it up. Doug could see that she was finger fucking me and without warning shot his load into my mouth. I did not have time to pull back and swallowed quickly gulping his load down. I was so intent on what I was doing, I cleaned his cock of all the cum that dripped down his shaft as Carol pulled her finger out of me.

I delved between her legs and started licking her again. Two orgasms later she pushed me off her, and the three of us lay together, basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. I was still horny and started wanking my cock, my one finger rubbing Carols ass hole, She was bucking at my finger, so I put my finger inside her cum filled pussy, and then put it at her ass again. And slid my finger gently in. I carried on wanking while I fingered her ass, Doug’s mouth hovering near my cock. I could see he wanted my cum in his mouth.

I told them I was about to cum, and both of them put their heads next to my cock almost fighting to get my cum. As I was cumming they took turns to get my cum into their mouths, and then licked my shaft and my head until they both had my cum and started kissing each other. Fuck that was horny.

We had lots of sessions together until they left. I loved swinging with them. We felt comfortable with each other and loved our sessions which took place about once a week. Once carol told me they had, had a threesome with Doug’s brother, and we were going to organise a session with him as well, but it never happened and they emigrated anyway. We had many such sessions, and they were all awesome!

Wonderful memories it was !!!

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