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For Old Times Sake, Part 1

Not a true story, but some parts are very close.
**This is my first story. At least the first I’ve submitted for public viewing. I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments--honest feedback. Part 2 is in the works and coming soon.**

For Old Times Sake, Part 1

Ashley held her breath, and pressed “send” on her phone. It was done--no way to take it back now. She’d just sent a text to Shaun, her ex-husband, asking him to meet her later that day.

“Why?” was the curt reply she received minutes later. “I have a proposal I need to discuss with you”, she shot back. “Fine, see u then” was his only response.

Her relationship with her ex wasn’t on the best of terms. He’d been a real ass as a husband, which is why she’d left 5 years ago. Quite unexpectedly, she’d met Adam (her current husband) while she was still married to Shaun - and fell madly in love.

Adam was the perfect husband - loving, thoughtful, romantic, and devastatingly handsome. His only fault was that he had been a virgin when they met. She had been his first and only. Never short on enthusiasm, Adam was lacking in experience and just didn’t seem to need sex as often as Ashley did. Despite that, the love she felt for him was enough…or so she thought. Lately though, she had been fighting incredible cravings for sex…constant sex. She masturbated almost every day, but it only took the edge off of her desire…she needed so much more. Adam just didn’t want to give it and damned if she knew why.

It wasn’t for lack of enticement though. Ashley had shoulder-length dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a curvy body most women envy. Full breasts and hips, juicy ass, and long legs just dying to wrap around someone while she was fucked deep and hard. She sighed, knowing Adam was never going to be that rough and raw with her…but Shaun would, and had proven it numerous times when they were married. She felt a throbbing in her pussy at the mere thought of it. “Calm down, Ashley”, she said aloud. “You haven’t even met with him yet - he just might laugh in your face when you tell him why you wanted to meet”.

The day dragged by. Ashley tried to keep busy at work, but found herself battling less-than-proper thoughts about Shaun all day. By the time it was 5 o’clock, she was leaving the office with her panties soaked and her clit tingling with anticipation.

She pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and went inside to the bar. She needed a drink very badly to help calm her nerves. Shaun was already there. “Damn!”, she cursed silently. ‘I really needed some time to gather my thoughts before he got here”. She approached the bar and touched his shoulder lightly, sending very unexpected tingles down her arm. He startled and turned around.

“Hey - thought that was you. I saw you pull up. So what’s this proposal you have for me and why did we need to meet for you to discuss it? Couldn’t you ask me on the phone?”

“Man, he didn’t waste anytime”, mused Ashley to herself. “No chance to work up my courage. Oh well…might as well get it over with. All he can do is say ‘no’ ”. Ashley knew that “no” was a very real possibility. After all, she had left Shaun to be with Adam. Just walked out on him without warning. He was still pissed at her--and she really couldn't blame him.

“Okay, so…it’s like this. I..ummm…well, I’m not sure how to put this”, she fumbled.

“Just spit it out Ashley. Damn, you always thought about stuff too much. Fuck! Just say what’s on your mind, I’ve had a long day and want to get home”.

His words didn’t match his thoughts though. Shaun hadn’t seen her in a couple of years and he had forgotten how hot she used to make him. Her white silk blouse was undone just far enough for him to see the top curve of her breasts and how they rose and fell as she struggled to compose herself. His gazed continued downwards towards her broad hips that were outlined oh so well by the tight gray skirt she had on. “Those hips", he groaned inwardly, "so damn perfect for holding onto when he rammed her from behind…just the way she always wanted it”. Thoughts of him fucking her doggy style flashed in his mind and he felt his dick growing in response. Shit! That was the last thing he needed her to see. She was obviously so over him and he didn’t want any pity or twisted satisfaction from her knowing she still turned him on. He silently prayed she hadn’t noticed.

But she had. It gave her a tiny boost of confidence and caused a dull ache in her pussy knowing she still turned him on. She bit her lip nervously and started again. “Well, I have this idea. You see, I love Adam very much and he is awesome in bed, but…”. Shaun instantly jumped to his feet. “Christ, Ashley! The last thing I want to hear about is you and what’s-his-name! I can’t believe I was stupid enough to meet you! Fuck you - I’m gone!” He whirled around and went straight out the door.

“No, wait!”, she called out. She finally caught up with him in the parking lot. “That’s not what I wanted to talk about”. The words poured from her now, afraid he might really get in his truck and leave. “I need sex, Shaun…lots of it. Adam just isn’t into it like you were. You know how I am…always horny. I can’t take it anymore!”.

“Well, I’m so sorry pretty-boy can’t ring your bells enough!”, he shot back at her. “Still doesn’t explain what the hell you want from me!”.

As soon as the words were out, it dawned on him what she wanted…what she needed. “Are you saying you want me to fuck you?”

“Ummm…well, not exactly. Fucking is cheating, and I won’t do that to Adam. I love him and would never leave him. I was thinking more along the lines of some mutual oral. What do you think…are you UP for it?” She had chosen her words carefully, seeing as how his hard-on had returned and was getting bigger by the second. The bulge in his jeans was impossible to ignore.

“I hate to be a deal-breaker sweetie”, growled Shaun, “but oral is cheating too”.

“I know it is, technically”, she purred back, “but as long as we don’t fuck, it doesn’t really feel like cheating to me”. She met his eyes with a long stare, just so he would know she was serious.

“Fair enough”, he finally replied. “So what would this involve exactly? Just so I know if it’s worth it for me or not. I mean, I’m more than happy to go down on you, but are you sure you’re willing to give back what you get?”, he challenged.

“Oh, I’m willing - believe me! How does this Friday afternoon sound? I can leave work early and meet you around 3 at the Holiday Inn on Riverside.”

“That works for me”, he replied - turning to open his truck door. Stopping short, he called out to Ashley as she turned away. She spun around and, at the same time, Shaun managed to grab both arms and pin her against his truck. “Just in case you think about chickening out, here’s a taste of what you’ll be missing”. In one swift motion, he reached for her left breast and gave it a rough squeeze. Ashley winced, but didn’t push him away.

“Get your hands off me you prick! This isn’t part of the agreement”, she hissed unconvincingly. Her breast throbbed where his hand rested and she felt her pussy tighten in response.

Ignoring her command, he left his hand on her breast while his fingers sought out the now hard nipple. He pinched, rolling it between his fingertips through the silky fabric of her blouse and lace bra. At the same time, his other hand suddenly shot up her skirt and honed in on her clit like a missile. Shaun pressed his fingers to her panties directly against the already swollen bud. Ashley forgot herself and moaned - pressing into his fingers; seeking the release she’d been building up to in her mind all day.

Shaun continued pinching her nipple and brought his mouth down to her neck. Kissing teasingly as his fingertips worked on her clit. He slipped his hand to the left ever so slightly and dipped a finger under the lace fabric of her thong. Searching, he found her wet lips and slid his finger towards her tight hole. Finding his target, he brutally shoved his finger upwards, causing Ashley to cry out. Not from pain, but from the waves of pleasure that shot through her. Shaun eased up a bit and started to slowly finger her. He brought his thumb around to press her clit in the same rhythm and in mere seconds she felt herself on the edge of cumming.

“Ahhhh, yes…right there…make me cum Shaun”, she pleaded against his neck - not even aware she had spoken. “Almost there…don’t stop.”…but he did. All at once, he pulled his hands away and took a step back. Ashley nearly screamed, “No! Don’t stop, Shaun…please! I need to cum so bad!”

“Good, then that’s my little insurance policy that you’ll meet me on Friday, so I can finish what I’ve started.” he said hoarsely. His breath was ragged, the pulse in his head roaring. Little did she know he had been close to cumming himself…and without her even touching him! Christ! It had been weeks since he’d gotten laid and she was playing hell on what little control he had left.

Ashley, still in a daze from her near-orgasm, could only nod her head and say, ‘I’ll be there”. She adjusted her blouse, smoothed her skirt, and shakily walked to her car - as if in a dream. She hadn’t been that hot, that horny, in weeks - maybe months. Damn him for getting her all worked up like that and Friday was still 3 days away. How in the hell would she make it until then?

To be continued…

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