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For Old Times Sake, Part 2

Part 2 of the ongoing story...hope you like it!
For Old Times Sake, Part 2

Ashley took her time driving home. She needed to compose herself before she got there and had to face Adam. Thoughts of what Shaun had just done to her kept playing over and over in her mind like her brain was stuck on “auto-repeat”. Adam greeted her at the door with a chaste peck on the cheek. “How was your day, honey? You look a little stressed. Why don’t you go take a hot bath? I‘ve got some files to work on in my office anyway, so take your time.”

“Work”, she mused to herself. “It was always work. If he spent half as much time thinking about sex as he did his job, then maybe I wouldn’t be so damn horny all the time.” A long soak in the tub suddenly sounded heavenly and she knew he wouldn’t even notice how long she was gone. She turned to walk down the hall, but stopped and glanced back - hoping he might be watching her. Her answer was the sound of his office door closing.

She undressed while the water filled the tub. First slipping her blouse from her shoulders, then her bra. As it slid down, the strap grazed her left nipple; making her keenly aware of a slight tinge of pain. This was the nipple Shaun had pinched and toyed with less than an hour ago. The memory of his hand so recently on her breast stirred her core and caused her nipples to harden instantly. Instinctively, she raised her hands to both; rubbing lightly over the puckered buds. She imagined her hands were Shaun’s, pinching and rolling the hard tips between his fingers. Ashley heard a small moan escape her throat as she noticed the familiar heat spreading to her pussy. She stood there in the middle of the bedroom, teasing herself for a few moments; squeezing, kneading, pinching her breasts and nipples until the sound of the water running broke the magical spell. Snapping back into reality, she hurried to the tub; certain the water was overflowing by now.

To her surprise, the water level was perfect. She swiftly unzipped her skirt and hooked her fingers in the waist of her panties. Pushing the scrap of lace down over her hips, she noticed how the wet crotch clung to her pussy lips. When her panties dropped to the floor the unmistakable scent of her sex drifted upwards; such a sweet, musky scent. She dipped one finger into the wet folds and brought it to her lips--tasting the honey that oozed from her needy pussy. Her arousal surrounded her, as she slipped into the water up to her chin. Laying there motionless, she allowed the heat of the water to sooth her muscles. She leaned her head back against the tub and closed her eyes.

The heat of the water was no match for the heat radiating from her center. She knew she could hold off no longer. Slowly her hands caressed her breasts, gliding over the skin made slick by the bath oil she’d added. Lingering only a moment over her nipples, her hands continued downward--teasing her sides and abdomen as she moved lower. Ashley sighed when her hands reached her swollen mound, bare from her regular waxing and softer than baby’s skin. She decided to continue the teasing just a bit more. Skipping over her pussy and moving to her thighs - Ashley parted them slightly to caress the insides. Her hands fluttered closer and closer to her lips, making brief contacts that sent shivers down her spine. Oh how she loved to tease herself. Sex with yourself is pretty much a sure thing, so she always drew out the anticipation as long as possible.

Fingertips ticking her outer lips felt like dozens of tiny tongue flickers dancing on her skin. She moaned softly at the thought of a man’s lips and tongue stroking her sex, as the tiniest of movements brought her closer to her throbbing clit. When the first fingertip made contact, she flinched at the pleasure that jolted through her…this wasn’t going to take long at all. Softly, with fingers slick from a mixture of her juices and the bath oils, she began to rub on her clit in slow circles. Her other hand found her center as one, two, then three fingers slid inside and curled upwards - seeking out the spot that she knew would send her over the edge in a matter of moments. Working her fingers in and out, she increased the speed, while the circles on her clit increased in pressure and fell into the same rhythm as her fingers. Ashley moaned louder now, “Ohhhh, fuck….yes, yes, yes.” Both hands working at a frenzy, her head thrashing side to side against the tub. “Oh God…yes…so…good…fuck me…ahhhhhhhh!” The wave crashed over her and she felt her pussy contracting around her fingers, ears ringing, her back arched as the spasms continued for what seemed like eternity. Slowly, oh so slowly, she felt them weaken and the ringing ceased. Her back relaxed against the tub as she let out a ragged breath. Hands still on her pussy, she felt the contractions from her orgasm getting further and further apart. She let her hands fall to her sides to lay on the bottom of the tub.

In a drugged state from the orgasm, Ashley lay still. Her breathing returning to normal, her pussy satisfied and no longer begging for release. She must have dozed off when a knock on the door startled her. “Ash, are you okay? You’ve been in there for over an hour.”

“Yeah, I’m fine - must have fell asleep. You can come in.” Adam stepped inside the bathroom and handed her a towel as she stepped from the tub. Her shapely body glistened from the oils, face still flushed from her orgasm. To any man, she would have been a temptation too great to resist - but not Adam. He turned to go out the door and mumbled something about starting dinner.

They ate in silence, Adam reading the newspaper, while Ashley checked her email from her laptop. This was there usual routine at dinner. No conversation, no passionate glances across the table - just this.

Ashley scanned the emails in her box, seeking the obvious spam and nonsense advertisements that she always deleted first. Her eyes froze on one in particular. The subject line simply said “Friday”. “No, surely it wasn’t Shaun. Did he have her email address? It couldn’t be”. She clicked to open it and saw one simple sentence. “I bet I know what you did when you got home.” Ashley fretted, “Damn! It was as if he had been right there in her bathroom and witnessed the whole thing.” She blushed furiously at the thought and unknowingly made a small sound in her throat. She heard Adam’s voice, “Is everything alright? You look a little flushed.”

She quickly recovered and said it must have been the hot water and staying in there so long. This seemed to appease Adam, as he went back to reading his paper. Ashley pressed “delete” - no way she could risk Adam finding that. How would she explain Shaun emailing her in the first pace, let alone the meaning of his words. She’d have to speak to Shaun about the email…it was too risky.

Deep inside she knew he was all too aware of the risk - he just wanted to torment her. Well, she’d show him on Friday. “Oh yes, she thought to herself.” “You just wait Shaun…we’ll see who does the tormenting on Friday…you just wait.”

At home, Shaun lay on the couch - playing the encounter with Ashley in his mind over and over, like one of his favorite porns. His dick was still hard - had been since he saw her earlier. He’d jerked off in the shower as soon as he got home, but it was only a temporary relief. He felt the familiar throbbing intensifying in his swollen member. Looks like he and his hand were going to be good friends that evening…and for the next 3 days. “Oh you just wait Ashley. I’m gonna tease you until you beg me to let you cum. Yes, when I’m done you’ll wish you’d never made your little proposal. This is gonna be fun. It’s payback time baby.”

*****so who’s ready for Friday?? Part 3 coming soon…

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