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For Old Times Sake, Part 3...or TGIF!

Friday is finally here! Sorry for the length, but no way to cut short and maintain the anticipation

It was Thursday night and Ashley’s nerves were on edge. She’d spent the last 3 days anticipating tomorrow, yet now that it was almost time, the guilt had begun to creep in. Although she had been able to sleep soundly the night of her bath, the next two nights brought dreams, hot dreams. Dreams about what Shaun would do to her soon, and what she would do to him. Both mornings she awoke; fearing she’d called out his name in her sleep, but Adam gave no indications that her lusts had been vocalized. They had went about their usual morning routines before parting ways and heading off to work and met back at home each night. Now it was bed time, and thoughts of Shaun were creeping into her head once more. Thankfully, he had heeded her warning and the emails ceased, but it didn’t prevent her from thinking about tomorrow anyway.

Slipping beneath the covers with Adam, she gave him a swift kiss and said “goodnight”, before rolling over to face away from him. Putting down his book, he switched off the lamp, and slid over towards Ashley. Without words, he reached his hand towards her curvaceous ass and softly rubbed. This was his way of hinting that he was “in the mood” and she always responded eagerly. Tonight was very different though, as she mumbled, “I’m really tired...long day…just need some sleep.”

Adam was stunned for a moment. Normally, she would have practically rolled over and mounted him from just the simple touch. Her put-off didn’t deter him though…he had finally gotten caught up, even slightly ahead of schedule at work that week. With his mind free from work, he was now intent on making sweet love to his sexy wife…so he persisted in his caressing. Moving his hand across her side and up to her breast, he gave it a gentle squeeze. (Oh how he loved the firm fullness). “Are you SURE you’re really that tired? I was hoping we could have a little fun”, he whispered huskily. It had been over a week since they’d made love and he was more than ready. His fingers had just made it to her nipple when she shrugged his advances.

“Adam, sorry…please…really, I’m just so tired…maybe tomorrow night, ok?” Truth was, her body had instantly responded to his touch and his words, she hated turning him down, but she had too many thoughts going through her head to follow through with what her body was saying. Guilt perhaps? She was enormously turned on by his persistence and bold offer…he hadn’t been that vocal about wanting sex from her in quite a while. She wanted nothing more than to roll over, stroke his dick, and coax his head down to her now wet pussy, but she couldn’t. She feared mistaking him for Shaun in the heat of the moment and calling out the wrong name. What had she gotten herself into? How were things ever going to be normal with him again?

Adam pulled his hand back, hurt and bewildered. She’d never turned him down before. Even when she had the flu one time, she noticed his need and had given him a “quickie” with out any objections. This just wasn’t like her and he wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it. He recalled the night before, how he’d been woken by her having an obviously sexual dream. She was moaning and unconsciously moving her hips, as if riding his dick, and whispering “Yes, don’t stop!”. If she was so horny then, why didn’t she want it now? He had grown hard from touching her ass and breast, as well as the thought of her dreaming about sex. Adam knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he had cum, yet he didn’t want to risk waking her. He slipped quietly from the bed and walked carefully to the bathroom.

Although Adam had confessed to masturbating when they were dating, she’d only witnessed it a few times. In the early stages of their relationship she asked him to do it in front of her, as she masturbated herself. (He’d never done it in front of anyone before, so the idea of it embarrassed and excited him at the same time). She’d cum twice during that first session, telling him how hot it was to see him do that only for her. He’d given in once or twice and performed for her after that, and once she had walked in on him while he lay on the bed stroking himself, but it had been a long time ago. Thinking of it now caused his dick to grow even harder. He decided to pretend she was watching him slowly stroke his dick right there. Unconsciously, he’d been stroking his shaft during his trip down memory lane, but as his thoughts returned to focus pleasuring himself; increasing the tempo. He envisioned her writhing on the bed, her hands rubbing her clit. Faster, faster she rubbed and faster, faster he stroked…their orgasms building until neither could wait any longer. His cum shot across the towel he’d laid on the floor as he’d moaned out loud.

Ashley heard his moan from the bathroom - knowing what he was doing and it caused her pussy to ache. She recalled times he had masturbated for her and what it looked like when he shot his load. “Damn you Shaun!”, she whispered inwardly through clenched teeth. “My husband gets horny like that once in a blue moon and I can’t even let myself enjoy it because of you!” She heard the bathroom door open a minute later and clamped her eyes shut instantly--faking sleep.

Adam came out from the bathroom and observed her closed eyes and regular breathing. She was asleep. He was thankful she hadn’t been aware of what he’d done in the bathroom. Pulling the covers to his chest he whispered in the dark, “Goodnight Ash. I love you.”

“I love you?” She hadn’t heard him say those 3 words in weeks. She knew he did love her of course, but he rarely expressed it verbally anymore. Words that should have made her heart soar only added to her growing guilt. She closed her eyes and slipped in to a restless sleep.

The sun came streaming in through the slits in the blinds, coaxing her into Friday morning. Over breakfast, Adam watched Ashley closely. Stealing glances when she wasn’t looking and puzzled by the tense expression in her eyes. “Is everything okay, Ash? You aren‘t getting sick are you”, he questioned. She glanced over quickly and then lowered her eyes. “Yes, everything’s fine. Just didn’t sleep well last night. Overly tired I guess.” She was hoping to avoid small talk this morning and wanted to get out the door before her mood caused more suspicion. Grabbing her toast and coffee cup, she gave Adam a soft, but swift kiss on the lips and hurried to the door.

“Wait, Ash! Why the rush? You’ve got another 20 minutes or so before you need to leave. She mumbled a few short words, something about an early meeting at work, and closed the door behind her. Stepping out into the glaring sun she paused with her hand still on the knob. She was reluctant to let go…very much aware of the fact that when she returned home tonight, she would have crossed a line she’d vowed to never breach. Inside, Adam sat at the kitchen bar…worrying over the dramatic change in her personality over the past 24 hours. Something was up and he was going to find out one way or the other.

The morning passed too quickly for her, but she was thankful for the stack of papers on her desk, keeping her mind occupied - right up until lunchtime at least. Pushing back from the desk, she decided a brief walk in the fresh air would do her some good. Just as she cleared the door to her office building and stepped into the crisp fall day, her phone chimed. Looking down at the phone in her hand, she read the text - “Three more hours”.

“Damn that asshole! She knew how to tell time. He was purposely toying with her!” She fired back, “I KNOW what time it is. I’m at work. I’ll text you when I leave.” Shaun’s response couldn’t have been more infuriating - “I KNOW you’re at work…that’s why I sent it.”

“OOOOhhh, that did it!” To hell with what she’d promised…she didn’t owe him anything. She made up her mind right then and there to tell him to go to hell--when she met him later. Sure, she could have texted it, but she wanted the satisfaction of seeing his face when she told him to “fuck off” for good!

Three hours seemed like 10, as her workload slowed to a halt. Finally it was 3 o’clock and she nearly bolted out the door - still fuming and ready for battle. She reached the hotel in no time and headed straight for the room. He’d taken care of the arrangements Monday, right after they’d met, and messaged her the room number. Standing before room 120, at the end of the hall, she knocked angrily on the door.

Shaun had been pacing the worn carpet in the room for the last 15 minutes. He’d arrived early to prepare and was now waiting for her to show. A hard knock on the door startled him and instantly brought his dick to attention - as if it instinctively knew it was about to get some much-needed action. He peered through the peephole, just to be sure, and slowly opened the door. Ashley shoved the door against him and stormed into the room, face red with anger and shouting obscenities. “You asshole! You son-of-a-bitch! How dare you message me like that at work! What kind of games are you playing?” She spat out a few more less-than-nice names, but he didn’t even hear them, he was caught up in her anger and felt his rising to match it. Her fury made no sense…she was overreacting and be damned if he was going to put up with it.

“Shut… up… Ashley!” he shouted, stepping right up to her face. That got her attention and she halted in her verbal assault. Shaun continued in a loud voice, “What the hell are you so pissed about, huh? It was a simple message…some friendly teasing. What brought this on?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t find the words. Instead, a look came over her face and she took several steps back. Her fight wasn’t with him…it was with herself, her conscience. The realization stung as much as any slap and she knew she had to make a choice. She moved cautiously towards Shaun, teetering on the edge, trying to make a decision. It was in that moment Shaun interpreted her advance as a green light and made his move.

He reached across the space between them and grabbed both her arms, pulling her towards him. “No, Shaun! Wait! I don’t want…”, but her voice trailed off as she glanced down. In her anger upon barging in the room and lashing out, she’d failed to notice one very important detail. He was completely naked from the waist down. His dick stood at full attention, the head swollen, veins outlined. The decision had been made for her.

Sensing her body change slightly, Shaun pulled her in the rest of the way and sank his mouth into the nape of her neck. She relaxed into him allowing it to continue. His mouth kissed and licked hungrily at the pulse in her throat - feeling it accelerate. He brought his hands to her breasts, squeezing them through her shirt, drawing a moan from deep in the back of her throat. His hands roamed her body, needing to touch everywhere at once. He paused for the smallest moment - waiting for her full response. Ashley hesitated, but only for a second, then wrapped both hands around his rock hard shaft and slowly stroked it once from top to bottom. It was now his turn to groan, and he silently praised himself for having the foresight to jack off just before leaving his house - otherwise, he might have cum from the touch of her hands alone.

Ashley thought about making him pleasure her first - after all, this was HER idea, She sensed his urgency though and wondered to herself just how long it had been since he’d fucked anyone…or had a good blow job. It took about five seconds to come to the conclusion that he’d be far more use to her pussy with his mouth if she took care of him first. Besides, at their initial meeting, he seemed to doubt she’d reciprocate. He was wrong.

Shaun interpreted her pause as a hint to move to the bed where he could peel away her skirt and panties and finally taste her pussy, but Ashley put a hand to his chest and said teasingly, “Where do you think you’re going?” Before Shaun could answer, she kicked off her heels and dropped to her knees. He almost fainted on the spot, but when her soft, warm lips enveloped the head of his dick, he knew he was very much awake. Her mouth opened fully and slid down his shaft. She stroked her mouth up and down several times, stopping at the head to give a few teasing licks - finding that oh-so-sensitive spot just under the ridge.

At some point her hand joined in on the fun, but he wasn’t entirely sure when. He was lost in the sensations of her sweet mouth when he noticed a firm grim stroking him rhythmically, his shaft now dripping with a mixture of her saliva and his precum. His dick twitched and jumped every time she lingered on the head. “Oh hot damn, but she was working him good!” His hands were tangled in her soft hair, lightly urging her on. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a blow job like this. Soft moaning sounds escaped her and he could tell she was just as turned on as he was. Her mouth and hand pumped up and down his dick at a frantic pace now and just when he thought it could not possibly feel any better, she reached out her other hand to cup his balls. Alternating between gentle massaging motions and light, feathery touches. Playing with his balls eagerly while she brought him closer and closer to his release with her mouth.

When they were married before, Ashley never swallowed. Well, she had once, but didn’t really like it. Shaun had been such a pain in the ass about her trying it again, that she refused from then on…just for spite. Adam had approached it entirely differently though (since he’d never had it happen before Ashley anyway). He never pressured her…but he also had trouble warning her in time when they first started having sex, because he came so quickly. After a few accidents, Ashley realized it wasn’t so bad and had actually grown to like the taste of his cum.

Now faced with Shaun’s eminent orgasm, she decided to really blow his mind ( no pun intended). his hips bucked against her mouth, he heard her gag slightly a few times. He should ease up - but he couldn’t help himself…it felt too good to stop. The sensation that appeared just before he was about to cum, began to build and he signaled to her “I’m almost there.” He raised his hand to stroke himself for the finale and shoot his load in her face, but Ashley released his balls, grabbed his hips in her hands, and buried his shaft in her mouth - all the way to the base. He came instantly, lurching towards her and nearly losing his balance. He felt his load hit the back of her throat and was in awe of the sensation. He must be dreaming…she’d never let him do it like this before. The sheer thought of her gift to him stretched his orgasm further than he thought possible. Never backing away, Ashley held her mouth to him tightly, taking his full load. His hips locked in place as he rode out the rest of the spasms from his spent dick. When at last he was done, she slowly withdrew him from her mouth, licked her lips and looked up with a satisfied grin on her face.

“Holy fuck, Ashley! When did you learn to do that? No, wait…I don’t want to hear his name. Not today, not now.” To show his gratitude for her unselfish act, he pulled her from the floor and was about to plant a kiss on her salty lips when she pushed him away. “No, Shaun. No kissing. I can’t…it’s too…well, too intimate.”

“Intimate!, You just sucked my dick and let me cum in your mouth! How much more “intimate” can you get, Ashley?!”

“Look, I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s how I want it, okay? No kissing, alright?”

“Fine, we’ll play by your rules. I don’t understand them, but whatever. This is your game, so your rules.”

Ashley had backed up towards the bed and was in the process of removing her skirt and blouse when he looked at her. She smiled wickedly at him and said, ‘Come here Shaun. You’ve got some work to do. I never said I didn’t want you to kiss these lips.” With that, her panties hit the floor.

To be continued…

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