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Fun at the Bar

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Wife slut gives it up for a mixed group of men and women
The night was set up perfectly. We had a babysitter, motel room, cab, and knew which bar we wanted to go to. As I was pulling on my miniskirt, he said how about I drop you off and see how you do on your own for a bit. I was disappointed, it had been a long time since we had been out together or even able to go out. But, I said ok. I finished with the last of my makeup, we got into the truck, and he drove me to the bar. He kissed me goodbye, and told me to have fun. I got out, walked in, and straight to the bar. I ordered a double shot of tequila, and sat down. I looked around, werent many people there. I had already downed my shots so I ordered a beer. I sat looking around, already bored. I thought to myself this night will go nowhere. Just as I thought this, a tall goregous skantily dressed blonde walks in. She looks around, and then comes over and introduces herself. Hi, im Kaitlyn she says. Im Tyler, nice to meet you I say. We make small talk. I look her up and down. She's beautiful.

She's about 5'6", long blonde hair, green eyes, big, nice soft looking round tits, and a great ass. We sit there drinking, giggling, getting more and more buzzed by the passing time. She is kinda checking me out too, I notice. She brushes my thigh. Im surprised by this but dont object. She leans over and whispers that she's never been with a woman. I say ok. Not sure what to say or where to go with it. Im a little nervous. She strokes my thigh, and inches higher and higher. Im gettin noticably wetter as she is doing this. She leans over and says im dying to taste you. She runs her hand up my skirt and flicks my clit just a little. She grabs my arm and pulls me from the barstool.

She leads me to the bathroom. She pushes me up against the counter, yanking my skirt up. She dives at my pussy, like she's a pro. She smiles as she sees im freshly shaven, and plays with my 4 piercings. She licks the entire length of my pussy with her long wet tongue. She pulls a small purple buttplug from her purse. I gasp as I see it. I love to be eaten and fucked in the ass, whether it be a dick or a toy. She lubes it up.(I have to laugh, she came prepared for this night it seems, what else is in the purse I wonder).She puts it to my ass, and gently pushes. It goes in no problem. She gets back to work on my pussy. Sucking the hood, and tonguing my hot hole. Damn this feels good. I move slightly to feel the plug in my ass. She puts 2 fingers in my pussy, fucks me with them, while attacking my clit with her soft tongue.

I start to squirm some, as I feel my climax building up. Sh takes her fingers out, pushes them into my open mouth for me to taste. I do, I love to taste myself on a cock, but her fingers will do too. Then she nibbles my hood. Im so close it isnt funny. She spits into my pussy and says c'mon you nasty fuckin slut, cum on my face so you can lick it off. I dunno why, but I love to be called a slut. She spit into me again, and slapped my ass. I moved slightly so I could ride my buttplug, just as I did, I came with such force I almost slide off the counter. Or could that have been because it was wet? Everything was wet, my innger legs, pussy of course, even my ass was wet. Just as I was resting, 3 tall muscled nekkid men came in. They saw me lying there, and came at me. They told me to get up, I did. The last one sat on the counter, popped out my plug from my ass, rubbed his cock on my leg, and told me to sit on his cock. I climbed back onto the counter and down onto his hard cock.He fucked my ass for a minute, then the second one got up there and jammed his cock balls deep into my pussy.The first one came around to my right side and rubbed his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth and I sucked him all the way into my mouth.I found out later their names. Adam was in my mouth, David in my pussy and Jeremy in my ass. I thought where did Kaitlyn go? I saw her in the corner of the room, skirt up, playing with her pussy, fingers in and out. She must have enjoyed what she saw. I was sucking Adam's cock like there was no tomorrow. He was getter harder and harder. He was so hard it looked and felt as if his cock might explode, if it got any harder. David was busy pumping away at my pussy. Jeremy was movin slightly in my ass. His cock felt great in there. Perfect size for it. I was moaning, louder and louder. The louder I moaned the harder Kaitlyn rubbed her pussy. All of a sudden all 3 of their cocks got rock hard, I couldnt believe they got harder than they were. Everyone started pumping at once. Adam face fucked me, and pulled my head down on him. David just pounded away at my pussy, and Jeremy started to move with more force now. I think they were all getting close. I told them to cum on me. They said ok. Jeremy grabbed my hips and fucked my ass, sliding his cock in and out. David and Adam had moved so Jeremy could fuck my ass better. Jeremy pushed me up, spun me around and pushed me down onto the counter on my back. His cock was dripping with my wetness still from before, where he rubbed his cock on my leg. He popped his cock easily back into my ass, slowly fucking me at first.

Then harder and harder, his breath was quickening. I told him to cum on me, I was a slut I deserved it. That did it, he pulled out and put his pulsing cock onto my belly. He came a good amount, and stood before me for me to suck his cock clean. I licked his balls, and ran my tongue up the length of his cock. There all clean I said. He pulled from my mouth and walked out. Next David went back to work on my pussy. He put it right in, started pumping harder and harder, within minutes he came. Him too all over my belly. I sucked him clean as well. Next came Adam. I offered pussy or ass to him. He only wanted a blowjob. I sucked and licked his balls. Took all of his cock I could into my mouth and tickled that spot behind his balls with my nails. His cock started pulsing. He pulled out of my mouth and jammed it in my pussy. I felt him fill my pussy up with his load. He pulled from me and left. I looked at Kaitlyn, she walked over to me, and jammed her pussy in my face. She smelled so good. She was so wet, she had been playing with herself the whole time I was getting fucked. She stood over my face as I licked her slit and tongued her hole. As I started to nibble and suck her clit, she told me to suck it like a little cock. I did, I felt it grow a little in my mouth. I pulled back and her clit had grown. Wow, I had never seen one like that up close. It was interesting. I put my mouth back on it, lightly tracing my tongue over it.

She took the back of my head and pushed me into her farther. She started fucking my face. I kept licking her clit and hood very lightly. SHe pulled my hair and came all over my face. She got up, kissed me and said we should do this again, and walked from the bathroom. Just as I was about to fix my clothes, I heard a stall door creak open. OMG, someone had been in there the whole time. I turned to confront whoever it was. It was my husband with a huge grin and hardon walking towards me. He had set the whole thing up, I dont know how but he did. I jumped from the counter, and sank down to my knees to suck his cock. As I sucked him I pulled him from behind more into my mouth, almost deepthroating him. The way he was grunting, I knew he couldnt take much more of that. So I got up, leaned over the counter, he came behind me and pushed his head into my ass, then slowly pushed the rest of him in.

It felt so good. He started out slowly, then his pumps got faster. He was grunting more now. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I told him this. He said ok get ready then. He pulled out, I turned around fast and took as much of him in my mouth as I could and sucked with all my might, and stuck my tongue out to lick his balls. That did it, he came in my mouth, after the 5th spurt. He was weak, and took his cock from my mouth. He got dressed and said see ya in the truck. I had to fix my clothes first. I sat down on the counter, with my pussy still exposed, not caring. I was tired, but in a good way. The door opened, a slender brunette walks in, looking at me. I didnt care. She walks over to me and rubs my pussy lips, and sees the cum dripping out. She kneels down, and sticks her tongue in me, tryin to get all the cum out. Man that felt good. With the finger she rubs my clit while licking my insides clean.

Unbelievably I think I may cum again. She is fucking me with her tongue, like a man would me with his cock. She licks my hood, then goes back to tongue fucking my hot sticky pussy. She takes a finger and pushes it into my ass. One more lick from her tongue, and I cum all over her face too. She stands up and smiles. She says she loves after a man has cum in a woman to eat it out. That was fine by me. I straighten my clothes and walk out to the truck. I think, so much for a boring night at the bar, wonder what he'll have planned next time?
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