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Game Night

I used my hubby's game night to seduce his friends
When I heard about swinging, it sounded like a lot of fun to me. I brought up the idea to my hubby many times, but he was never interested. He's a very quiet, gentle guy, and I think that sort of thing just seemed too wild for him.

I'd often mention while we were in bed together my fantasies of playing with other people, but he would just smile and get embarrassed. I didn't want to cheat on my hubby, because he is such a gentle soul, but I really was craving a little more action than our simple sex life.

Glen has a group of friends that he hangs out with on the weekends. Most of them are quite attractive. I kinda hatched a plan, and asked Glen to invite his friends over for game night on the weekend. He liked the idea and was grateful that I was so supportive of him spending time with his friends. Most of their wives were disapproving whenever their hubbies wanted to play games, and just relax and be men. So our house became a safe haven for boys to be boys.

They would come over and play video games or cards or just watch tv. I enjoyed having the house full of handsome men, and I would always bring them snacks and drinks and be a supportive dutiful wife. I'd also make sure to dress up nice when they came over, in short skirts and low cut tops that displayed my cleavage. Glen didn't seem to notice, but the boys sure did, and I caught them eyeing me quite often. I flirted with them also, every chance I got.

The flirting started out very innocent, a wink here, a flip of the hair there, a touch on the arm when I handed them another beer. The boys loved coming over to our house for game night, and it became a regular thing every weekend. When they arrived, I would give each of them a warm welcoming hug, and would make sure to hug them before they left as well. I knew all of their wives, so they acted like perfect gentlemen.

But I could tell they loved the attention from their friend's busty wife. They would seek me out to get their hugs, holding me tight as I pressed my breasts against them and would often put their arms around my waist when I was standing near them. Glen never seemed to mind that his friends constantly had their hands all over his wife. He would just smile proudly that his wife was popular.

After a while my greetings and goodbyes would include a small peck on the lips. It started out playful, but there were certain guys that would take any opportunity to plant a kiss on me. Sometimes I would sit on a guy's lap while they played. Glen would just smile when I did this, and I would give him a beaming smile back. The boys would often tell me to come sit on their lap for good luck and I'd always give the guy a kiss before I got up.

It didn't surprise me when the boys started patting me on the butt, even in front of my hubby. But when Carl got so bold as to cup my breast, I admit I was a bit shocked. I immediately thought of his wife Jenny, a friend of mine, but I didn't complain at all. I just gave him a sly smile. I knew my plan was working.

My outfits kept getting skimpier, and I would make up excuses to wear seductive outfits. Glen definitely noticed that, but he didn't say anything. The boys started calling me the the sexy hostess, or the entertainment for the night, though their wives thought it was nothing but a boring boys night. I'd wiggle my ass for them and they'd slap it.

I shook my tits one time, and one of the boys, Jimmy, said, "come over here and do that!" so I walked over to him and jiggled my ample bosom in his face and he leaned in and motorboated them. All the guys exploded with laughter and ooohs. Glen blushed deeply and just forced a smile. After they saw that he didn't have the balls to object, they would often make excuses to bury their faces in my cleavage and kiss my tits.

This all progressed naturally to the point where the boys were all quite forward with me in front of my husband, but there seemed to be a line they were carefully treading, not yet daring to go over. Until one time I was wearing a bikini and dancing to the music, giving my boys a sexy show, when I simply untied my top and tossed it to one of the boys and danced around naked.

They hooted and hollered as I gave each one of them a lap dance, grinding my pussy on their laps, feeling their hard cocks through their pants, as they groped my ass and sucked on my tits. My hubby just sat there, beet red with a slight self deprecating smile, as his naked wife played tongue hockey with all of his friends. I then excused myself to go check something in the kitchen, high on the adrenaline rush from the lusting men.

As I shut the refrigerator and turned around, I was surprised that one of the boys, Frank, had followed me in there. He just smiled at me and unzipped his pants and pulled out his large erection. I smiled wide and grabbed his meat and pulled him into the pantry and got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around his cock. I was blowing him for a couple minutes before we heard shouts from the living room asking where I was.

I got up and went into the living room and said I needed a little help in the kitchen, and Bobby and Carl bolted up and followed me back in the kitchen and joined their mate in the pantry, where he still had his cock out. They were shocked at first, but when I knelt down to start sucking him again, they quickly pulled out their dicks, and I had three tasty sausages to suck and stroke.

Frank soon erupted in my mouth, which I happily swallowed, and then the other two bent me over and took me from either end, filling my mouth and dripping wet pussy with their tasty beef. They said to Frank, "Go get Jimmy. He won't want to miss this."

Frank left and then Jimmy showed up and said that Frank was keeping my hubby busy. When Carl shot his load in my pussy, Jimmy quickly took his place and started pumping my love canal filled with his friend's cream. Carl went back into the living room so that Glen wouldn't get suspicious.

Bobby said that he wanted a turn in my pussy, so they switched places, and I could taste Frank's cum on Carl's cock. Not long after he sunk his beefy shaft in my cooch, Bobby exploded in there too. He then left to join the others, leaving me with Jimmy. I was so horny I sucked his fleshy lollipop with wild abandon. He interrupted me and said he wanted to cum on my tits, so I sat up and held them together and he shot his thick cream all over them. He then surprised me by kneeling down and licking the cum off.

At this point I had been gone for nearly an hour and I knew I had to get back in there before Glen realized what was up. Bobby joined the others, while I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, toweling off my breasts and wiping the cum dripping out of my pussy, and then I fixed my makeup. When I returned to the living room, the boys were all very boisterous, laughing and joking.

Glen was sitting there, trying to smile, but not as boisterous as the others. When he saw me, he gave me a quizical look, but didn't say anything. I knew he wouldn't. I just gave him a bright cheery smile. I considered sitting on his lap, but didn't want him to smell the cum on me. So I sat on Jimmy's lap and continued to flirt with the boys as I normally did.

But the demeanor of the boys had definitely changed. No longer were they holding back. As I sat in Jimmy's lap, he slid his hand between my legs. I thought he was going to start fingering me right in front of my husband, but he stopped inches from my wet coochie. The party wrapped up not long after. I think the boys were almost nervous to stay. The hugs and kisses goodbye were extra long that evening, and Glen watched them all tongue kiss me goodnight.

After they had gone, Glen hesitantly asked me, "Did you have fun tonight?"

I gave him a big hug and deep passionate kiss and said, "I had a great time!"

He looked at me, tentative to even voice the questions in his mind. I pulled him into the bedroom and tackled him on the bed, riding his adorable dick until I came multiple times. If he noticed that my pussy was extra slippery, he didn't let on. But he was very quiet afterwards, more so than normal. And I knew that he suspected.

The next week, life seemed to go on as normal. Glen and I got on very well. I was extra affectionate to him all week and he responded in kind. I'm not sure what I expected. The sky didn't fall and the world kept on turning. I asked Glen if he was excited for the next game night, and he just smiled softly and said, "Sure."

In just that small interaction, I felt like Glen had given me his blessing. Or maybe I just convinced myself of that. Either way, I felt free from them on to follow my desires.

Many of the boys called during the week to ask if there would be another game night next weekend. I could hear the eagerness in their voices. They didn't ask outright, but I could tell they were probing to see if everything was smooth in our household. I told them each, "Yep! I hope to see you there!"

As game night came around, I decided to fix myself up extra provocatively. I put on my favorite lingerie, baby blue and pale pink lace babydoll, panties, and stockings, and high heels. I curled my hair, and did my makeup in a sultry look. Glen watched me as I got ready. I could see the wheels turning in his head. He knew what was coming, and I knew he wouldn't do anything to stop it.

When the door rang, I hopped to get it. I opened the door with a flourish, and was met with all four boys standing there. At first I thought they had carpooled, but apparently they were all just very punctual and arrived at the same time. They were beaming at me, clearly pleased with what greeted them. As I invited them into my house, they each gave me a sexy kiss. They also gave Glen a hug, and clapped him on the back, and kept commenting what a great guy he was. He smiled sheepishly, not used to so much admiration.

The boys discussed what game to play that night and when someone mentioned strip poker, their eyes all lit up and they agreed. Glen looked a little confused, but they were all so eager he didn't had the nerve to object. They also agreed that instead of a table, they would just sit on the living room couch and chairs, and they wanted me to be dealer. I had never done that before, but I was happy to oblige.

As I was shuffling the deck and dealing out the cards, someone said, "For every hand, the winner gets a kiss from Maggie." Everyone wholeheartedly agreed, and Glen looked around but kept quiet.

I gave my hubby a wink, and then I bent over and kissed him sweetly and whispered, "I love you so much." He just looked at me, knowing that what I was really saying was, "Hang on, this is going to be a wild night."

I know he got the message, because he then said, "Um... uh (clears his throat) I'll just let... uhh... I'll just let you guys play, and I'll sit out for now." I expected them to halfheartedly try to change his mind, but they all just kept silent and looked at each other, like they almost didn't believe this was happening, but it seemed like their friend was giving them the go ahead to get wild.

So I started dealing out the cards and the game got going. I remember that Frank won the first hand. I sat in his lap and gave him a nice juicy kiss as the other guys cheered him on. He groped my breast and ass through the gauzy lace, which set the tone for rest of the evening. As each guy won, the petting got heavier and heavier. When Bobby slipped his hand down my panties and started fingering me, I glanced over to Glen and he was just watching silently. Not smiling, but not looking upset either.

The boys' clothes started coming off as they lost hands, all except for Glen, which kinda made him stand out, fully clothed among all these sexy naked men. Every one of the boys had full erections, but I couldn't see if my hubby's little man was at attention or not, under his pants.

As the first game was coming to an end, someone said, "The winner gets a blowjob from Maggie!" and they all quickly agreed. When Jimmy won the last hand, I walked over to him, smiling, got down on my knees, and glanced over once to my husband to see if he was watching, which he was, and then grabbed Jimmy's fat cock and slid my lips down it.

I gave him a nice slow blowjob for a couple minutes, until someone said, "Ok, ok, onto the next game." I pulled my lips off his tasty sausage, and wiped my mouth, and then started dealing the next hand.

My gentle hubby just sat there and watched as the game progressed. At this point, the boys were completely naked, and some of them were stroking their cocks as I rewarded the winner of each hand with a gyrating lap dance, combined with heavy petting. The front bow tie to my negligee was untied and pulled open, and at some point it got discarded. I think Carl picked it up and kept sniffing it through out the game.

The boys sucked on my tits, and I jerked their beefy cocks, and at one point Bobby pulled off my panties, slid down and buried his face in my sopping wet pussy, and probed it with his wiggly tongue. I was so charged up that it made me orgasm intensely. After that, the winner of every hand got a free ride on the Maggie express. I'd slide down on his hard pole and grind furiously. At one point while I was gyrating reverse cowgirl on Frank's beefy rocket, I looked over at Glen and he was blushing deep red, but he wasn't looking away.

Eventually, they stopped playing the game and just converged around me on the sofa. I had four lovely cocks to suck and jerk, with my timid hubby not two feet away, just watching quietly. At this point it gets blurry who did what. Someone came in my mouth, someone else came in my pussy, then another guy came in my pussy.

When one of the boys exploded all over my tits, another boy pulled me to the floor and slid his lovely cock between my mounds and started fucking them as I squeezed them together. I think he ended that by cumming on my face, and that encouraged the others to do so as well in turn. My eyes got clouded with gooey cream, making it a little hard for me to see, but they kept shoving their cocks into me from all angles and I kept sucking and fucking and jerking them enthusiastically.

At one point I realized that I had a penis in every hole, pussy, mouth, and ass, which had never happened to me before that night. And all through this, Glen just sat and watched, not saying a word.

It was a wondrous evening. I never felt so alive. When it started to get late and all the boys were drained of their fluids, I stood up and just giggled at the insanity of the situation. I said, "Let me go get cleaned up."

Bobby replied, "No need, you look beautiful.' I just laughed, because I knew I looked a mess. He punctuated his remark by grabbing me and kissing me. The other boys surrounded me in a group hug and I gave them each a sticky kiss.

Then they all started putting on their clothes, and went to shake Glen's hand and thank him for being such a gracious host. He just shook their hands and smiled timidly. As they were leaving they said, "See you next week!"

It was then I remembered they were going back to their unsuspecting wives, and that gave me an extra thrill. I headed to the bathroom, and took a long luxurious bath, and played back the entire night in my head, savoring every detail.

When I came out of the bathroom all clean and naked, I found Glen still sitting on the couch. I thought he may have been in shock. It all might have been too much for him. I gently took him by the hand and led him to bed and made sweet love to him. He didn't say a word, but just gazed into my eyes as I rode him and pressed my body against him, until he orgasmed inside me. I kissed him over and over and told him how much I loved him, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, we took a drive out in the country and had a picnic in a grassy meadow. He seemed calm and relaxed and we chatted about insignificant things all day, and I was satisfied that he was ok with what had taken place the night before, without ever mentioning it.

From then on, every weekend has been a bacchanal of debauchery with my hubby's best mates, and he has taken on the roll of doting host, serving snacks and beverages as his friends ravage his slutty wife. I'm happy as a clam, having the time of my life, and I get an extra jolt of sinful glee every time I have lunch with my boys' wives. It's so fun being bad.

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