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Getting Her Ready

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We finally lived our fanatsy
Up until now, we had only fantasized together about her being with him, but now, she had finally agreed to the reality of it happening. At least this once.

I mentioned to her one evening over drinks that I had even talked with him about it possibly happening.

"You talked to Sean already? What did he say?" she asked me.

"Well, he said that I made him the happiest and most excited man on earth, that's what he said. I never told you, but he's dropped hints of his desire to be with you to me quite a few times."

Then I told her, "Honestly, babe, it turned me on a little. It also made me proud. I never told him yes but I never told him no either. Last week, I actually told him I'd have to talk with you first and I honestly loved seeing the excitement in his eyes."

I couldn't believe his interest in her could have gone unnoticed., so I asked her, "I know he's showed his interest to you directly a few times too, hasn't he babe?"

"Hmmmm, honestly yes he has, but I never really did anything."

"I know you didn't babe, but you should have mentioned it. It would have been a exciting to hear from you actually."

"I know that now. That it can make you happy and excited to hear things like that so I'll try to do that more for you in the future. I promise."

Then she quickly asked, "He really was that excited?

"Yes," I told her.

"OK then where are we at with this?" she asked.

"Well I set you up with a date for next Saturday night. Today's Sunday so that should work out great. Except for me getting thru this coming Friday night without sex."

"Ahhhh come on, you can do it," she said. She was obviously now encouraging me. She was starting to get into this and letting her own excitement show. That made me feel fantastic.

Then she asked, "Making love with him will be exciting, but I also want it to be good for you too when you watch. I know how much you've wanted this and I'm excited too that you'll be able to at least watch me with him."

"Hmmm, ok, how's this? she asked. To help you get thru Friday maybe we can meet at Victoria Secrets in Boca Raton after work and you can buy me some sexy things for Saturday night. I bet you would enjoy buying me sexy things together?"

"I'd love it actually," I answered. "That's a great idea."

Then she asked, "Do you have any idea what he likes?"

"What he likes?" I asked.

"Well I know you love a sexy ass and I also know you like hard dark nipples but what about him? What does he like? What turns him on? We really should know before we shop." she asked.

"Your right, but how do we find out ahead of time?"

"Well, that's your job isn't it?" she laughed. "My job is just to be wearing those things for him that highlight those areas. Maybe you can text him?"

I sent a text right away and within 5 minutes I got a text back from him.
"What did he say? What did he say?" she quickly asked.

"Well, he loved that I asked and I found out he's a lot like me in that he loves a sexy ass. He also really loves cleavage, breasts and nipples as well."

We shopped Friday evening and it was one of the most erotic evenings we've ever had together. Picking out things together for her to wear for him.
She would ask me things like, "Do you think he'll like this?"

We bought her high heels, a very sexy shelf bra and pair of thong panties. She also got some sexy nylons and a garter. It was an incredible turn on and we both got excited doing it together.

Saturday she was busy trying things on at home but whenever I tried to get a look she would shoo me away telling me that, "I would see it all later tonight."

Then after she was done trying everything on she came over to me and softly said, "I'm sorry I wouldn't let you look. You'll get a good look at everything tonight, I promise." 

Then she whispered, "All you'll be doing is watching so you'll have plenty of time to see all the new things we bought on me. Maybe you can even pick them up and hold them after they come off."

"OK", I told her.

Then she looked deep into my eyes to look at the effect that had on me. She saw the excitement as well as the anxiety. She knew what that did to me and she now felt herself enjoying doing it. At first she couldn't understand how making me wait or even denying me at times could have this sexual affect on me and that the torment could actually be so exciting and so pleasurable, but now she truly did and was determined to give me all I could handle, and maybe more.

She knew all this had made me overly excited and with a smile so tender she whispered, "You'd really like to jack it off and make yourself cum now, wouldn't you?"

"Oh God yes," I said and my hands immediately started unbuckling my pants but her hands quickly stopped me.

"NO, please, I know you want to and need to, but don't, please, ok?", she asked.

"But," I began.

"No, it'll be better, I promise, for all of us actually, ok? You understand don't you. I really want you to be excited when you watch tonight." she said.

She was already driving me crazy.

We checked in first at the hotel. It was beautiful and overlooked the ocean. I had a massage scheduled for her at 4 PM. "We'll meet Sean downstairs at 7 PM so that should work out good," I said. "We should have plenty of time to get you ready."

"That's awesome," she said, "You'll be with me? To help me get ready, right?"

"Oh yes, I plan to be there," I said.

"Good, you know I even brought some rouge for around my nipples, my areolas, If he's at all like you he'll love dark and prominent areolas and nipples."

"Oh I'm sure he will babe," I answered. "They'll also show so nicely through the sheer top we got you."
Then I added, "But do you know what will turn him, and me on the most?"

"What babe?" she asked.

"The fact that you want so badly to look your sexiest for him," I said.

"Oh I do babe, I want to excite you both badly. Do you find the thought of helping me get ready for another man exciting?" she asked.

"Actually, probably more than I could possibly explain to you," I told her.

"Wow, ok then I think I'll have you put the rouge on me, ok? Could you do that without trying anything, you know sexual?"

"Yes, I think I can and I would love that," I told her.

Now she had taken her shower and put on her makeup. She looked fantastic even having eyelashes on and a little lipstick. She was getting ready to have sex, but for the first time in a long time, with someone else. As she had previously pointed out, she was preparing herself for his pleasure. The mood was sexually intoxicating.

She must have known that the time spent getting her ready was almost as exciting as it would be for me when he takes her. We both enjoyed preparing her as well as talking about it as we did.

She had put her nylons on as well as her shelf bra and thong panties but then she put on a loose robe covering herself. Even the thought that she was covering her body from me, as she was getting ready for him, drove me absolutely wild for some reason. I now knew she understood this turn very well . The sexual torment that it gave me and, being honest with myself, I had to admit I loved the way she would exploit that power. She sat down next to me and let her robe hang loosely so I could at least get a glimpse of her breasts.

I turned to my left, picked up a little nicely wrapped box, gave it to her, and said, "A gift to my beautiful and very sexy hot wife."

She smiled and eagerly opened the box to see a beautiful anklet. It was bright gold with little diamonds and she loved it. Then she saw a few objects hanging from it and looked. "What are these," she asked.

"They're the symbols for male and female," I answered.

"Ohhhh, OK," she said. Then she noticed that there were two for male and one for female. She looked at me and said, "Honey, this really is a hot wife anklet isn't it?"

"Yes it is and do you see anything else?" I asked. "Look closely." I said. She did and then a big smile came to her face. "Oh my God, she said, one male symbol is much larger than the other." Then she leaned into me, we kissed, and she said, "Thank you so much, I absolutely love it, it's not only beautiful, but also very sexy and, well, meaningful."

"I'll try to make good use of it," she said. I kneeled down and attached it to her ankle and then sat back on the couch next to her.

She saw me looking at her breasts hidden in the robe and decided not to cover up and to let me look a little. She was enjoying my excitement and the control she seemed to have over it and looked into my eyes and asked, "Babe, are you feeling a little submissive in all this?"

"Yes", I whispered back............

She smiled and said, "I thought so, good."

She brushed her hand along the side of my face as she whispered, "Babe? you know, your very bad for having me do this, don't you?"

"Yes, I guess I am," I answered.

"If you get sexually frustrated tonight, and even now as you watch me getting ready for Sean, it's your own fault, you know that right?"

"Yes I do," I again admitted not being able to take my eyes off her breasts.

She saw me looking and really started to enjoy teasing me. My being able to look but not being able to touch. Her talking to me and asking sexy things. All of this would normally have made her feel she was tormenting me a little too much but something deep down inside justified this sexual torment to her as a sort of, punishment, for giving her away.

Even though at this point she truly wanted this to happen, she thought I should have at least some type of punishment, and the best form of punishment was sexual. She found herself actually wanting to do this to me. Enjoying it. The more she felt like this, the better she got at it.

She slowly leaned to her right to look at the clock letting her robe slide away from her thighs allowing me to see her thighs almost up to her pussy, it was wonderfully intentional of her.

"OK, it's getting close," she said, "we only have a little over an hour." She leaned over and picked up a pale blue little plastic case and handed it to me. I opened it and saw the nipple rouge and a tiny soft brush. Then she looked directly at me, simply dropped the robe from her shoulders to expose your breasts that were nestled and held outward so nicely in their half cups, looked into my passion filled eyes that were looking at them and simply said, "Do my nipples and please, be neat."

They were already so hard and standing out so proudly as if they were waiting to be done. I began to put some on the little brush that was in the case and started to softly apply it around, on, and over her hardened nipples. It was a few sexy shades darker than her actual color. Sometimes I couldn't help myself and let my fingers touch her a little but every time she felt I was trying to do something sexual you would say, "Stop that, I know what your doing, and you can't."

Being able to touch them only with the brush like this and not feel them was driving me crazy and she could tell. She could see the frustration in my eyes and realized that, at least for tonight, she loved doing this to me. She felt I deserved the torment so she was able to do it even better.

When I was finally done she just pushed them out a little and asked me how they looked.

"Babe, I've never seen them look so enticing, so desirable, honest," I said. "The sheer top we bought you will allow them to be seen so perfectly."

"Good, I thought so too, then he should enjoy them. You did a good job," she said. Then she touched her finger tip to the rouge and got some on it and slowly brought it to my lips and said, "Here, take a taste."

I did and said, "Wow, vanilla."

Yes, I sincerely hope he likes vanilla," she said, and we both laughed.

"Babe, your nipples are going to look so hot thru that sheer blouse we got you," I told her.

Then she said, "OK, I'm sorry but there's one more thing babe."

Then she slowly stood up in front of me, looked down at me and said, "There's something else I need to show you so you won't be shocked later tonight and say something that, well, that might disturb us."

Then she reached down and slowly pulled the robe away from herself a little showing her sexy panties. While I was looking she slowly lowered the front of her panties with the other hand until I saw that she had shaved and had the cutest and sexiest narrow landing strip. What was even better was that it actually narrowed as it went down, almost as if it was pointing the way toward her already swollen and hot pussy. I had never seen anything so inviting, so sexy. My jaw must have dropped as I looked and I couldn't even speak.

Then she finally smiled and whispered the most incredible thing to me, "Babe?, tell me honestly, would YOU want to fuck me if you saw this?"

"Oh my God honey you trimmed it so nicely," I said. She could see my excitement but she could also see a hint of jealousy that she would do that, for him when she's never done that for me.

She seemed to sense my mixed feelings and thought to herself, good, this is a little punishment for him for giving me away.

Then she sat down next to me to enjoy watching my reaction. This worked perfectly she thought, "He's jealous and he'll be just that more overly excited."

She couldn't help taking it further and asked, "Babe, are you a little disappointed that I did that for him? That I shaved my pussy area like that for him, and that I don't even do that for you?"

"Well yes," I said.

"Your jealous too, aren't you?", she said.

"Yes, of course," I said

"Good, you should be," then she leaned forward and with the warmest sexy smile softly brushed the side of my face while she said, "You have to understand, this is pretty much my first time with him. I really want him to like and want me." Then she leaned in and gave me a kiss and said, "I also want him to really want and desire everything that he sees."

"He's not giving me away, like you are, so he kinda deserves more than what I normally give you. You understand that don't you?"

"Yes, I guess," I admitted. Actually it did make sense to me.

"Good", she said smiling. Then with a soft smile she excitedly asked, "So tell me, are you hard right now?"

"Yes," I am.

Then she asked, "Your hard and your excited from helping me get ready and knowing what I'm getting ready for, aren't you?"

"Yes," I almost sheepishly admitted.

Then she asked, "Your excited but you realize you won't be able to do anything about it for quite awhile, right?"

"Yes", I also admitted, almost painfully. I couldn't take it anymore and finally just said, "Let's put your little skirt and blouse on and take you down to the bar to meet Sean."

"OK, but first, tell me again that this is what you want," she asked.

She loved me deeply and I realized she needed my confirmation that this is what I wanted too. I kissed her and looked into her eyes and I whispered, "Babe, I want you to do this for me, to do it for us. I want to be able to look into your eyes the very moment you open your thighs and surrender yourself to him."

"The very moment the head and the shaft of his huge cock pushes into you, the very moment you realize this new and wonderful cock is deep inside you and your loving husband wants you to enjoy it. The moment you wrap your arms and legs around him and pull him into you. I want to watch you take all of him into your pussy. I want to see that very moment he bottoms out and his cock is finally all inside you."

"Then, I want to watch you two fuck each other deep and hard," I said. "I don't want you to think of me at all, only him and giving each other pleasure."

She was almost mesmerized listening to what I wanted from her. Now they were my own words that were turning her on, even if the passion building up inside of her was for him and what she would soon experience.

I noticed her eyes actually glazed over with sexual excitement listening to me and then she softly said, "Yes, please go on."

I continued, "I want to hear you ask him, no, honestly I want to hear you beg him to give you all his hot cum. I want to watch you the very moment you both cum together. I want to see his own balls tighten as he explodes and empties those big balls deep into my sexy hot wife and to watch you being filled. I want to watch you cum on his hard cock, to watch you pull him tightly into you and then to take all the cum he has for you, deep within you."

"Once you both are done cumming, and you both have finally calmed down, I want to see you both hold each other and kiss each other as lovers should, deep, long, and hard," I said.

"Then, after he's finally slid his cock out of you and your still laying there with your legs open and his warm cum leaking out of you, I want you to look over at me and smile and hold your arms out for me. I'll walk over to the bed where he's just taken you, get between your still open legs and slide into you myself and take you so hard."

After hearing me she looked at me so lovingly and whispered, "Damn, I love you."

Her look of love didn't last long and quickly turned into one of pure lust when she finally whispered, "Damn babe, Oh my God, OK, let's go I'm ready."

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