Getting to Know My Neighbors

By edlangston

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I suck my neighbor's pussy which is full of her husband and his friend's cum and then suck his cock

My wife and I are in our fifties, and although I seem to have an insatiable thirst for sex, she lost her desire many years ago.  I occupy myself by reading primarily cuckold, creampie, and bisexual stories, and although I definitely like pussy the most, I also have some bi-sexual tendencies. 

But my real bias is for oral sex of almost any kind, and maybe that’s because I have a below-average-sized cock and tend to cum too quickly.  With oral sex, I can enjoy the encounter for much longer, and I really enjoy bringing others to orgasm.  I really like the fantasy of servicing couples, and I guess that makes me a surrogate cuckold. 

We have lived in our present home for the last twelve years, but with our busy lives, we’ve never really gotten to know one of our neighbors very well.  This is a story of my discovery of just how much fun they are, and how much I’ve missed by not getting to know them sooner.

Our neighbor Dan is forty-five years old and about average size and shape, with a little beer belly.  His wife Mary is forty-eight, and she is very attractive, being slender with long legs and a perfectly shaped and meaty tear-drop ass.  She has the type of physique where there is a gap between her legs at her crotch when her legs are together, and this really accentuates her big-lipped pussy. 

Her tits are about B/C and are tight for her age. The total package is very attractive, and she looks much younger than her age.  They usually keep pretty much to themselves, although Dan is a sportsman, and he seems to always have three good friends over to watch sports events on his big-screen TV. He and his friends go fishing a lot on weekends during the spring and summer, and Mary sometimes goes with them. 

As I got a little older and became more frustrated about not getting sex at home, I started doing little yard-related projects on the side of my house next to their house, in hopes of watching Mary come and go with her pets and daily activities.

On a Saturday morning, I was doing chores around the house, but keeping an eye on Dan and Mary’s home.  Their fishing boat was in the driveway and three of Dan’s friends were going into and out of the house, trying to get everything ready for their two-day fishing trip. It seemed a little strange that I never saw all the guys out front at the same time.  Mary came outside only occasionally, so I saved up my chores near them until she was outside for longer periods of time. 

About the time my wife was leaving home to run some errands, the men were getting into the SUV and starting to leave.  I noticed Mary standing next to the truck in her usual leotards.  Before the SUV pulled out of the driveway, Mary went around to all the windows and kissed each man on the lips.  I went over near her to do some yard work, after the SUV was out of sight.  I knew that was a great opportunity to speak with her alone, and I somehow got the courage to start the conversation.

I first joked with Mary saying, “I see that you’re not going with the guys on this fishing trip, leaving you home alone for the weekend.  And by the way, you look very attractive today Mary.”  

Mary was a little surprised at my comments because I had never said things like that to her before, and she playfully asked, “Well, just what do you think is so attractive about me?”  

I was so excited to be talking with her, and I took a big chance and explained, “I have always been impressed by how in-shape and pretty you are.  You look to be only in your late thirties, and I often fantasize about you.”  

She was especially intrigued by my comments about fantasizing about her and moved closer to me and said, “Please explain this fantasy you have about me.”  

I nervously took and even bigger risk and said, “I have often watched you washing your car while wearing those leotards that so beautifully frame your figure, and also because they are so revealing.”  

Mary seemed to be getting mildly excited at my comments and said, “Go on now, and tell me what revealing means to you.”  

I then said, “Well, Mary, please do not be offended by what I’m about to say, but those pants are so tight that I can see the outline of your thick labia.  It even looks like you have a full bush of pubic hair, and I can still clearly see the outline of your very full pussy lips, in other words, a perfect and beautiful camel toe.”  

She was getting a little flustered, and said, “Tell me more about your fantasies, and be specific.  I like hearing nice comments about my body.”

I said, “Okay, if you really don’t mind me saying this, but I have dreamed of sucking your pussy to multiple orgasms, with you sitting on my face.”  

Mary was breathing more heavily then, but she tried to lighten things up by telling me, “Sucking my pussy would not be a good idea just now.  Dan is well-endowed and always ready for sex, and we have a very active love life.  He made sure that I was well-satisfied sexually just before he left on his two-day fishing trip.”

I was a little puzzled and asked, “How that could be when Dan’s three friends were going in and out of the house all morning?”  

She told me, “Just trust me when I tell you that my pussy is full of cum.  I also use a thin plastic panty liner to keep all the cum in me.  I love the feeling of having a  sloppy pussy, and the sensation of a pussy full of cum really keeps me aroused.”  

I was visualizing her over-flowing cunt, and I was getting so excited that I could barely contain myself.  I told her, “Even though the creampie would be a new experience for me, I want to taste and suck your pussy so badly that I don’t care about all of the cum in there.  And besides, I don’t really think there could be that much anyway.  Doesn’t Dan like to suck your pussy too?”

Mary replied, “Dan doesn’t like to suck my pussy at all.  It must be an alpha-male thing, because he's always saying that he doesn’t want to eat what he fucks.”  

I really got her attention when I said, “I'm pretty much the opposite in that I’d rather eat than fuck.”

She then said, “We both enjoyed receiving oral sex in our previous marriages, and tried it together on our honeymoon, but neither of us like to give it, and we both really missed being sucked at times.  Sometimes I get so excited that something happens when we tried it, but you don’t need to know about that right now. 

I’m quite surprised that you enjoy oral sex so much.  Are you sure that you don’t mind my pussy being full of cum?  I’d love to enjoy the feeling of having my pussy sucked again after all these years, but I have to warn you that I can be very assertive when I get my sucked like that.  But if you’re sure that you want to do this, come on in and follow me to the bedroom.”

We went upstairs to the master bedroom, and the first thing I noticed was that the bedcovers were all tangled, and there were many wet spots on the sheets.  Mary said, “Please excuse the mess.”

She got a large towel and plastic pad and put them on the bed.  I asked her, “I understand that you’re putting the towel on the bed to cover up those wet spots, but what is that plastic pad was for?”

She would only say, “Just in case.”

Mary then had me lay on my back with my head toward the head of the bed, on the plastic mat and towel, and she started undressing by the side of the bed.  She took her top off first and I was really impressed by her beautiful tits.  As I looked down at her leotards, I saw the distinct camel toe that I loved to fantasize about so much.  Mary asked if I was ready to make my dreams come true, and then started pulling down her leotard bottoms. 

Her beautiful ass came into view, and then I saw her thin and almost transparent panties, which did nothing to hide her dark bush, and she slipped the panties off while holding the plastic panty shield in place.   I was getting excited and breathing heavily as Mary climbed up on the bed, and straddled my chest, facing the head of the bed.  I then put my arms at my side as she scooted forward until her knees were one either side of my head, and her pussy was right over my face.  

As Mary grabbed onto the headboard for support, she said “Ed, I really hope you’re ready for this.”

She then removed her hand and the plastic shield from her pussy.  The view was absolutely breath taking!  Her dark hair covered her entire pussy, and the labia lips were full and thick, just as I had hoped.  The hair was wet and matted with cum, and thick, white cum was starting to ooze from her pussy. 

I have always liked natural, hairy pussies because the hair seems to contribute to the feeling of having my mouth in a nasty, steamy jungle. The aroma of her well-fucked pussy was very strong, but pleasant, being a mixture of her juices and a large amount of cum.  She lowered that gorgeous cunt to my mouth, and as I parted her lips with my tongue, a lot of semen flowed into my mouth.  

Mary must have seen the surprised look on my face at the volume of cum, and said, “I have to be honest with you, Ed, I was fucked eight times in the last two hours, two each by Tom and his three friends.  I didn’t want to tell you that earlier for fear that you wouldn’t want to suck my pussy.  I was so turned-on by our earlier conversation, and really wanted to be pleasured orally.”  

I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of cum and had to swallow quickly to avoid choking.  The salty taste was really not bad, and was a mixture of sweet and bitter flavors, no doubt reflecting the differences in the four men who had fucked her.  The texture varied from thin to thick, and the continued flow was proof that all the cum that wasn’t on the sheets of the bed had been well-contained by the plastic shield.  

Mary asked, “How do you like sucking my pussy full of cum?”

Since my mouth was full, I could only nod a little to let her know that I was very pleased.  As I continued to suck her vulva, at times trying to cover all of her with my mouth, and at others sticking my tongue and face inside.

Mary then told me, “I will tell you the story of how I became a cum slut for my husband’s friends at another time, but for now I want to concentrate on fucking your face.

Mary started to slowly move her hips forward and backwards, sliding her pussy across my face.  Her labia were parted, and her open pussy was covering much of my face.  On the forward thrust, I would end up with my nose at the bottom of her cunt and my mouth on her asshole, which I licked and sucked.  On the back stroke, I would end up with her large clitoris in my mouth with my chin pressed into her pussy.  She has a large and protruding clit, about the size of the tip of my finger, and I focused a lot of my sucking there. 

After she became comfortable with the rhythm she had established, she started thrusting more rapidly, and the sensation of having her fuck my face was awesome.  My face was covered in her juices and the cum of those four men, and I felt very submissive at having my face used to fuck her.  That was the fulfillment of one of my favorite fantasies, to be face-fucked that way, and the large volume of cum and her aggressive movements made it seem all the more nasty and perverted, and I loved it.  

Mary would sometimes pause for a few seconds on her forward thrust, to allow me time to lick and suck her asshole.  She would periodically make comments, like “suck and swallow, pussy boy”, or “eat my cunt and asshole, you sick fuck”, and it made the experience that much more enjoyable for me.  She had several small orgasms in the process of fucking my face, and I could tell when they were happening because she would slow down her thrusting, and place her weight more heavily on me. 

Her vaginal contractions during those orgasms also caused a little more cum to be pushed into my mouth, and I was really beginning to enjoy the wetness and taste of it all.  At times, it almost felt like my face was being totally enveloped in her pussy, and I was thinking to myself, “what a way to go”, being smothered in her well-fucked cunt.

Mary continued to fuck my face for about forty minutes, having many small orgasms, but the big one was about to come, and I was not expecting what happened.  She was quickly thrusting her hips back and forth, and the wetness, aroma, and taste were keeping me very excited.  Soon though, she slowed down her thrusting, increased the pressure on my face, and began to breathe heavily.  

Mary whispered in a hoarse voice, “Oh, baby, here comes my big orgasm. Get ready, Ed, cover my pussy with your lips and swallow as fast as you can”.  

I really didn’t know what was happening, but in the position I was in I had no choice in the matter, and did as she directed.  She soon began to tremble and moan and I knew that she was in the throes of a major orgasm.  I felt and tasted the rush of her juices and the remaining cum from the four men who had previously fucked her as it flowed into my mouth. 

Then there was a forceful release of what had to be piss!  As she writhed above me in orgasm, it was all I could do to keep my open mouth on her cunt, and the flow of cum and piss quickly subsided.  That was the reason for the towel and plastic pad on the bed, and the reason for her warning me to swallow.  

I learned by talking to her later that was the reason that Dan didn't want to suck her pussy, and it was an involuntary loss of bladder control during her grand orgasm that caused the release.  She apologized for tricking me, but not for the joy she felt at holding me down on the bed and forcing me to take her fluids.

I really couldn't taste the piss until the stream slowed and I didn’t have to swallow as quickly.  That was a first for me, and although I wouldn't have willingly done that under normal circumstances, in the throes of her passion and mine, all I could think about was pleasing her.  Mary was totally exhausted after her big orgasm and laid back on me to recover her senses.

I thought that our encounter was pretty much over, but when Mary laid back on me I discovered one more treat.  We were then in a sixty-nine position, except with Mary’s back to my torso instead of her front.  I was also recovering, and as I opened my eyes, I was treated to a view of Mary’s beautiful rounded and smooth-skinned ass.  The top of her ass crack was positioned in line with my mouth.  I couldn’t resist reaching up and spreading her cheeks and licking and sucking her crack from the top, and up through the meaty part to her asshole. 

I focused on sucking and licking that center part, which left my nose right next to her hole, and I was also cleaning up a large amount of dried cum that had settled there from the two hours of fucking she had received earlier.  The feeling of having my face surrounded by the beautiful ass that I had been admiring for so long was wonderful, and Mary was writhing above me, shoving her ass ever harder into my face.  This might seem like an anticlimactic event after all we had experienced, but it was a relaxing and enjoyable way to finish off that amazing morning, and the felling of having my face enveloped in her ass, sometimes struggling to breathe, was very erotic.  

Mary was really enjoying the ass sucking she was receiving, and she said, “That is a totally new and wonderful feeling having my ass sucked like that, but we have to stop now because I have to get ready to go out for an appointment.”

I had to get home and clean up before my wife returned, but I did wait as long as possible before I took a shower because I wanted to enjoy the feeling and aroma of having Mary’s juices and the cum from those four men on my face.  I lay back on my couch and masturbated myself to a huge orgasm, while reliving the encounter with Mary over and over in my mind. 

I also started getting a little concerned about what might happen next, because we parted so quickly that I didn’t remember to ask Mary not to tell Dan about me sucking her pussy, and I didn’t know whether she would say anything to him.  However, in the back of my mind I thought she probably would tell Dan, due to the open relationship they already had with Dan’s three friends. 

One week had passed since my encounter with Mary, and I avoided the side of my yard closest to them because I didn’t know if Mary would tell Dan about me sucking her pussy and wasn’t sure how he would react if he did know.  However, as luck would have it, I was on the way out to the mailbox when Dan saw me and asked me stop over for a minute. 

He didn’t look too angry, but he wasn’t smiling, and his request for me to come over was more of an order than a friendly request.  It was apparent that Mary had told him about our having oral sex, and I knew that I had to face him sooner or later.

As I approached Dan in his driveway, he just turned and gruffly said, “Follow me.”  

We went in through his garage door and into their family room, and he told me to sit down on the chair opposite their large couch.  Surprisingly, he offered me a beer, which I accepted, thinking that it would help take the edge off that very tense situation.  He returned with the beers and then sat down opposite me on the couch.  

Dan began by saying, “Mary told me what happened last week, and I am very disappointed that you had oral sex with her behind my back.  I will be asking you a few questions about the situation before deciding what action to take, and I will also make you aware of the situation with my three friends fucking Mary regularly.”  

From his demeanor, I could tell that Dan had been drinking beer for a quite a while that morning, and I didn’t really know if that was a good or a bad thing for me.  He was wearing loose-fitting athletic shorts, and when he sat on the couch they rose up on his thighs and the legs gapped open.  I couldn’t keep myself from looking, and I saw a large, soft cock hanging down one of the pant legs, and a huge set of balls hanging down the other.  When I looked back up at Dan he was staring right at my face, and maybe it was my imagination, but he seemed to be smirking.

Dan started by saying, “Although I believe what Mary said about what you two did, I want to hear from your own mouth what you did with her.  Mary told me that you said you’d rather eat than fuck.  Is that really true, and if so, how can you do that nasty stuff?”

I explained that, “A series of events in my life brought me to a point where I enjoy giving oral pleasure more than actually fucking.  There’s just something about the wetness of a well-fucked pussy that makes me hungry.”  

He asked, “Didn’t you realize that Mary had been fucked by me and my friends repeatedly that morning, and that you would be sucking and swallowing a large amount of our cum?  Have you thought about the reality that you were swallowing our collective cock milk?”  

I said, “Mary told me that she had a pussy full of cum, but I just assumed that you had been the only one fucking her and didn’t think it could be that much.  I was willing to put up with a little cum, just for a chance to see and suck her beautiful pussy that I had been admiring at a distance for so long." 

"I realized when she straddled my face and removed the plastic panty shield that there was a lot more cum in her and on her than I believed possible.  However, by then, I wanted to suck her so badly that I didn’t care about the large amount of juice, and the wetness and nastiness of it might have even turned me on a little.  I didn’t think about the concept that I was swallowing other men’s semen, but looking back, it is kind of exciting in a way.”  

Dan seemed a little surprised at my answers, but I think that he also enjoyed hearing it.  I could see that his previously soft cock was starting to harden.  He continued the questioning by asking, “Did you enjoy sucking Mary’s asshole, and then at the end forcing your whole face into the crack of her ass to tongue and suck that sensitive area?”  

I told him that, “I normally don’t have a desire to suck an asshole or ass-crack, but in that moment of passion, I was so excited at being able to suck Mary’s pussy, that when she slid forward, and her asshole moved in line with my mouth, it only seemed natural to suck it.  I also got a perverse pleasure at being kind of smothered and at her mercy and the aroma and taste were intoxicating.  I only wanted to be as close to her as possible.”  

He then asked, “What about drinking her piss, did you enjoy swallowing so much of her piss?  Mary told me that her piss just erupted during her big orgasm, and she couldn’t stop the flow.  Did you enjoy drinking her piss?”  

I explained that “Just as in sucking her asshole, it’s not something I planned on doing.  But when the piss started flowing, it was a major turn-on just knowing that I had my mouth covering that beautiful pussy, and I was taking her fluids.  I really couldn’t taste the piss that much until the flow slowed up and I didn’t have to swallow so fast.”  

Dan seemed to be satisfied with my answers, but said, “I have never met anyone who was so willing to suck a cum-filled pussy.”

He sat across from me and openly adjusted his still growing cock, and said, “I'll now tell you a little about my three friends and how it happened that they now regularly fuck Mary, and why it was upsetting to me that you went behind my back to suck Mary’s pussy and ass.  I will also tell you a little about my and Mary’s backgrounds.”

I will try to shorten this part of the story as much as possible, and just tell the most interesting parts.  Dan and his three friends had known each other since grade school, and they went through high school and college together.  During college they shared everything, including their girl friends on occasion, and the one common denominator is that all of them are well-endowed, and they all produce heavy loads of cum. 

If one of them was having a dry spell, the others would convince their girl friends to take care of him.  Samuel is his black friend and is about six feet tall and has a normal build, except that he does have a nine-inch, thick cock and huge balls, and he has tremendous fucking stamina.  James was a white guy and about five feet eleven inches tall and is a little over weight.  His cock is only about seven inches long, but it's very thick, and he produces the largest amount of cum.  Bill is about six feet four inches tall, and two hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle.  His cock is both long and thick, and he really enjoys pounding pussy with it. 

All four of those guys are what you might call alpha-males, and for that reason they had never been interested in performing oral sex, but they sure enjoyed receiving it when they got a chance.  So, as you can see, they had grown up together with an attitude of sharing, even at the expense of the relationships with their girl friends.

Dan and Mary both had previous marriages.  Dan divorced his first wife because she no longer had an interest in sex, but he has a very high libido and wants to fuck as much as possible.  Mary was married to a man who was a good provider, but he has a small cock and could never satisfy her.  Mary did enjoy it when he sucked her pussy, and she could sometimes have her big orgasm after he had fucked her with his small dick, and then sucked her pussy for a long time.  She also has a high sex drive and required a lot of fucking to have her big orgasm once she got started. In that way she was pretty close to being a nymphomaniac. 

Dan learned during their first few dates that Mary is hard to satisfy, but he has a large cock, can fuck for a long time, and can continue fucking after his first orgasm.  However, Mary always seems to want more, and after they were married, Dan often thought about having his good friends help him to satisfy her.  He got his chance to make that happen during a football game at his home, after they had been married for about one year.

Mary had become good friends with Dan’s best friends, and she had heard the many stories about them sharing their girl friends in college.  That made it easier for Dan to unfold his plan to get help from his friends in fucking Mary.  They were all at his home watching a Bears game one Sunday, and Dan started talking up a bet between Mary and Samuel.  Dan knew that Mary was a big fan of the Bears, even if they had not had a good season in a long time, and he encouraged Sam to lead her on. 

To make a long story short, Mary lost the bet and had to pay up by sitting on Sam’s lap for the last quarter of the game.  Sam’s big cock got hard and Mary felt it pushing against her ass, and it didn’t take long before Sam slipped down the front of his sweat pants and Mary pulled the crotch of her shorts aside, and Sam was fucking her right on the couch in front of everybody. 

The situation quickly escalated, and before long, Dan and all his friends had fucked Mary.  That was the beginning of a pattern where whenever they're all together, Mary fucks all of them.  She loved that all of them are well-endowed and shoot big loads of cum, because she likes the feeling of being fucked hard and left with a pussy filled with cum.

Dan then turned his attention back to me and explained, “I'm upset with you because I thought I had control of the situation with Mary’s sex life.  She is kept well-satisfied, and then here you come along and give her a tremendous orgasm with your mouth.  The fact is that Mary really enjoyed you sucking her cum-drenched pussy and ass, and drinking her piss, and she would like to be able to experience that many more times in the future." 

"I would also like to have my cock sucked to completion from time to time, and I’m betting that you’d be willing to do that for me.  So, here are your options: you will either make yourself available to suck my cock and service Mary whenever I request, and only when I request, or I will walk over and tell your wife what you've done.”  

Dan continued to stroke his cock through his pants, and then said, “I don’t want any argument from you on this.  You can give me your answer by getting on your knees and sucking my cock right now, or just walk out the door?”  

I was a little stunned at Dan’s take-charge attitude, and just sat there for a minute staring at his cock and balls hanging in his shorts.  Dan must have taken my pause as agreeing to suck him, and he lifted his hips slightly and removed his shorts.

It seemed like I was dreaming as I walked over to the couch, moved the coffee table back a little, and got on my knees in front of Dan.  He laid against the back of the couch and put his feet up on the table.  In that position my face was only inches away from his huge balls and almost-hard cock, and his genitals had a strong, musky smell. 

His cock must have been about eight inches long and very thick, with prominent veins.  The head is also large with a big corona, and the precum was flowing heavily.  I know that some stories must exaggerate the description of the size of a feeder’s balls, but his are truly huge.  They're bigger than walnuts, being about the size of eggs, and they hung heavily in his hairy sack.  I had already decided to suck Dan because I certainly didn't want Joan to learn of my actions with Mary, but I hesitated a little, so I would not seem so eager.  

Dan finally reached down and held his balls up and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good blow job, and you can start by sucking my big balls.  They are full of my cum for your slut mouth, and I want plenty of tongue action.”

I leaned forward and began sucking on his nut sack and experienced the vague smell and taste of sweat and piss.  His sack is very soft, and I felt the weight of his testicles as I took one of them into my mouth.  Dan liked the felling of me sucking his balls and said, “That’s it, cocksucker, work on those balls and get my cum churned-up for your feeding.”  

After about ten minutes of sucking on Dan’s big balls, he pulled me up a little to let me know it was time to suck his cock.  Dan’s cock head was covered with precum, and I licked it off before sliding the head into my mouth.  The head is very smooth, and I felt the heavy veins on his cock with my tongue and mouth as I opened wider and the head and about three inches of this eight-inch monster slipped in my mouth.  I then started sucking and slowly took more of his cock into my mouth, until I was nearly gagging as it pushed against my throat. 

Dan was really enjoying the sucking I was giving him.  He held my head with his hands and began to slowly move his hips, and he was actually face-fucking me.  That went on for about ten minutes, and I was enjoying the feeling of that big piece of meat sliding in an out of my mouth.  Just then I heard the door from the garage open and close, and a barely audible gasp.  

Mary had just returned home, and Dan said to her, “See, honey, I told you that anyone who would suck and swallow all of that cum from you would also suck my cock.  Look at how hungry this cock sucker is.  It’s going to be nice having this warm, sucking mouth available to me and my friends when you’re away.”  

I heard Mary move closer, and she knelt down next to me to watch me sucking Dan’s dick up close.  It was a little embarrassing having Mary watch at first, but after thinking about all I had done with Mary, and realizing that my role was providing service to them and not being her lover, I quickly got over it and kept eagerly sucking Dan's thick cock.  

After a few more minutes, Dan said, “Mary, as much as I’d like to pump this cock sucker’s mouth full of cum, I’d also like to see for myself how he sucked you last week.  It’s still hard to believe he ate all that seed, sucked your ass, and drank your piss.  Let’s change positions so I can pump you full of cum, so you can then provide his nourishment.”

Mary laid down an exercise mat on their family room floor, and they directed me to lay on it on my back.  Then, after removing her clothes, Mary moved above me in the sixty-nine position.  What a beautiful sight!  Her fat-lipped, hairy cunt was just inches from my mouth, and I saw the contours of her lovely ass cheeks.  The wonderful aroma of her pussy permeated the room.  Dan then moved in behind her, and it was an awesome sight watching his big cock, with those huge testicles swinging heavily, as he moved up to insert his meat into her.  

Dan said to me, “I want you to use your mouth on my cock and balls as I slide in and out of Mary, and from time to time I’ll pause when deeply buried in her, and I want to feel you sucking my balls.  Also, when I’m ready to cum in her, I want you sucking my balls as they unload my seed into her.”  

Dan began fucking her, and I was surprised at his staying power, especially since I had been sucking his cock for a while before he started fucking her.  His heavy balls slapped against my face as he pounded her, and I took every opportunity suck them both and to take in the aroma of their mating genitals. 

Dan fucked her for a good ten minutes, and I heard Mary moan every few minutes, and knew that she had numerous small orgasms.  Dan started thrusting faster and harder, and he finally ejaculated into her, while holding himself tightly in her pussy.  I saw his perineum and ass flexing as he pumped her full of his cum, and I was eagerly sucking his drawn-up balls.

Dan slowly pulled his spent cock out of Mary’s pussy, and as it dropped down to my face, I took his cock in my mouth again and cleaned off their combined juices.  Even though his cock was deflating, it started to grow a little from my sucking.  Dan then moved back a few inches and I looked up at Mary’s big cunt, just oozing with Dan’s thick cum.  I was a little surprised by how much cum Dan produced, and I opened my mouth wide as Mary sat up on my face.  

Mary’s clit was enlarged from the fucking Dan just gave her, and as she pressed down hard on my face with her pussy, she said to me, “Start sucking my clit and swallow Dan’s cum, you cock sucker!”  

Mary was much more aggressive with my face and mouth than she had been the first time, probably because Dan was watching us, and she was very close to her big orgasm.  She pressed her cunt against my face, and at one point it felt like it was entirely enveloped in her.  The wetness, aroma and taste were unbelievable, and by tilting my head a little, I saw Dan stroking his re-hardened and huge cock just inches from my face. About that time Mary started moaning loudly, and I knew that she was getting close to cumming in my mouth.

Mary stopped her thrusting, and said, “Cover my pussy with your mouth, because here comes my orgasm, the rest of Dan’s cum, and probably some piss for you as well.”  

I felt her pussy throb and contract, and another large glob of Dan’s cum poured into my mouth.  Just after that, she fed me a short burst of piss, but not nearly as much as the first time I sucked her.  During Mary’s orgasm, I looked up at Dan’s face, and he looked like he couldn’t believe that I would take their fluids that way.  

As Mary’s orgasm subsided, she slid forward a little, placing her beautiful asshole right over my mouth and said, “Start sucking my ass, you filthy cock sucker!”  

I did as she said, and it was a wonderful feeling being smothered by her beautiful ass as I sucked and tongued her asshole.  After a few minutes of that, Dan moved Mary away from me, and he moved forward and positioned his knees on each side of my head.

Dan enjoyed watching me service Mary’s asshole, and he wanted some more oral service.  His balls hung in my face and I began sucking them.  It was an amazing feeling knowing that I was sucking the balls that had only a few minutes before had shot Mary’s pussy full of cum.

Dan then said, “Suck my asshole like you did for Mary”, and with that he slid forward a little and placed his asshole over my mouth.  

I have to admit that I wasn’t too crazy about sucking his ass, because he was sweaty and had a strong odor, but I didn’t have much choice, as he placed his weight down on my face.  He made me suck his ass for about ten minutes, and if it wasn’t clean when we started, it sure was clean when I finished. 

The whole time I was sucking his ass, he was stroking his cock, and I knew that he would want to fuck my face to completion.  Sure enough, as he slid back off of my face, he grabbed my head with both hands, tilted it back a little, and placed his hard cock on my lips.

Dan then leaned over me and supported his upper body on his hands, almost in the sixty-nine position, and he leaned forward forcing his cock into my mouth.  He said, "Open wide, cunt, because my cock is going to fuck your throat."  

Mary was sitting next to me with an amused look on her face as Dan began to stroke that big cock in my mouth.  It only took a few minutes for me to adjust to the pressure in my throat, and he was actually fucking my face like a pussy.  His huge balls hung heavily on my face and his big belly kind of smothered me as he aggressively fucked my face. 

Dan didn't last long that time, probably because of all the excitement of watching me suck Mary and take their fluids, and he pushed his cock all the way in my throat as he began to ejaculate.  What an awesome feeling, having his cock pulse as he pumped his seed down my throat.  The only downside to this was that I wasn't able to taste his cum.  Dan then made me suck his heavy balls for a few minutes, before getting up and finishing the encounter.

That was the end of this very hot session with Dan and Mary.  As I was leaving their home they told me to be prepared to come to their home and provide oral service whenever they called, and they also said that I would be meeting his three friends very soon, at either their home or on a fishing trip that was coming up in a few weeks.