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Getting to know the neighbors: Part 3

Messing with Jeremy's other bitch changed how he used my wife and got me involved.
Our weekly plans had no consistency. That alone could be considered normal. This was not normal. Roughly twice a week, I take my wife to entertain our neighbor at his house. I say entertain because I have to rely mainly on my imagination to know what happens. What I do know is that my wife will be there for at least two hours and maybe as long as six before she comes home again. If she has any sexual appetite before she goes it is always quenched upon her return. She does not share any details claiming that she has standing orders not to tell me.

A chance comment from another neighbor gave me a new opportunity. It was Karl who lived next door. His wife, Anna, was also one of Jeremy's "bitches" but was feeling a bit neglected since Jeremy became so involved with my wife. Karl had somehow managed a different arrangement with Jeremy. Anna was only available to Jeremy from Monday to Thursday, when Karl was away for work. Perhaps the arrangement was different with Debbie because I was home every night.

It felt awkward to be so blunt, but I had to ask Karl if it would help if I met with Anna. He smiled and asked what I had in mind. Stuck in a corner, I had no idea how to answer. The answer I expected was no. I realized I had nothing specific in mind. Karl offered to speak to her and later informed me that she would come to my house the next time Debbie went to Jeremy's.

That was it. A few days later my mind was focused on Anna as I escorted my wife across the lawn to entertain Jeremy. We had a good time, ate, had a few drinks, then fucked on the couch. There was no bitch involved, it was friendly playful sex.

The next time my wife played bitch was on a weekend so Anna stayed home with Karl, leaving me on my own for a while. A few minutes after I left her with our neighbors, all three of them came in. Jeremy marched Debbie across the lawn with Shelley following. They made a motley crew. My wife was completely naked, Jeremy only wore boxers, but Shelley looked like she was ready to host a fine dinner.

Jeremy had just discovered that Anna had been with me the previous time he had Debbie. He made demands that I not poach his bitch. I highlighted the fact that Anna was not my bitch because we had normal sex where we both had a say in what happened. Another point I made was that I would be more tolerant if I had some involvement in what he did with my wife. Neither of those things made any difference to Jeremy, claiming they were both his bitches and he could do what he wanted with them.

The encounter was over in less than thirty seconds and they all left again, my wife included. I kept an eye on the conservatory half expecting some kind of display but none came. In the end, I went to bed before Debbie came home.

Bright light woke me, requiring me to squint to see anything. Chirping of several birds was all I heard. Something felt wrong. It took a while to realize my wife was not in bed. I got up and checked the house. Not there. Then I spotted her.

Across the lawn, the Brooks were having breakfast outside enjoying the warm sunny day. Debbie was there and, it would appear, still playing the bitch. Her back was all I could see, but I could see all of it. Neither she nor Jeremy had shirts on. It was a bright Saturday morning and my wife was on display for any of our neighbors to see.

Avoiding any further confrontation, I left to do a few things which took me to lunchtime. Back home again, Debbie acted as if everything was normal. I went along with it.

That night we had an evening together, at last. Watching a film, while a bit ordinary, felt quite special. I had my wife to myself, a welcome treat. Even as we got in bed, things were going well. Debbie was in a playful mood and jumped on the bed to give me a blowjob.

Blood drained from me, leaving me light headed, as every drop raced to be near her mouth. Enthusiastic lips and energetic fingers had me throbbing and wanting more.

After the intense warm-up, those same hot, wet lips kissed their way up. Stopping at my belly, my dick was nestled by soft flesh under the weight of her chest. Then she continued, kissed my mouth and did not stop. Her tits were hanging in my face when she started to shimmy. Bouncing tits jiggled in my face, teasing me as my tongue reached out to lick them. Grabbing one was the only way to get it in my mouth to suck. It was enough to stop her shaking, letting me enjoy the taste of her body.

We watched each other. Her body eased back, supported by her knees at my sides. A hand gripped my dick, lifted it up. Debbie sat down on me, taking my cock in all the way. There was no less determination in the way she lifted and dropped herself. Gravity was not enough. Flexing muscles in her thighs pulled her pussy down my shaft.

The inevitable sounds began as occasional gentle moans, but soon grew to heavy panting and more forceful exclamations. Watching the wild bounce in her tits, I held her thighs trying to delay my ejaculation as long as possible.

“Hey, neighbors!”

Standing in the doorway was Jeremy. “How did you get in here? Go home, Jeremy. Leave us in peace.” I was sure I locked the doors.

Predictably, he approached the bed. “Funny you should say that. A piece is what I came for. He was right next to the bed. “Don't stop on my account. Put that cunt back to work.” Debbie started humping me again while Jeremy guided her face to his groin.

My wife got a mouthful while Jeremy kept talking. “I have a key now. Didn't the bitch tell you?” He reached down to slap her ass. “Bad bitch.” After a thoughtful look he said. “Oh right, I told her not to. Sorry, my bad.”

Anything he wanted, Debbie gave. She was still fucking me, but the eagerness had gone. Her body systematically raised and lowered over my shaft. Jeremy put a hand on her head to keep his cock in her mouth.

If being a slut is a skill, my wife was getting better. It was no struggle for her to fuck me while Jeremy pushed her head back and forth on his dick. Never satisfied with the ordinary, he kept one hand on his thick shaft to push her cheek out or slap it against her face. Maybe it was a bit selfish of me, but I was glad he was not choking her on it mainly because she was right above me.

“Don't get up,” he released Debbie from his grip. He kicked off his boxers and joined us on the bed. Before I knew it he was right behind Debbie and looking over her shoulder at me. “She said she hasn't tried double penetration before and I hear you like the idea, Mick.”

Why does he know things that are inside my head and I never know what they do together? It was true, I did like the idea of Debbie fucking two guys at once, but I always pictured it with a couple decent guys rather than Jeremy.

Debbie went stiff. Jeremy had entered her anus with no more lube than her saliva. He wasted no time pushing in deep. The strange sensation tickling my dick was another man's balls.

Two contrasting faces looked down at me. One, apprehensive, submissive, awaiting the unknown. The other excited and grinning wide said, “Let's fuck this bitch properly.”

I was finally taking part. “Okay,” I said, unintentionally smiling back.

Jeremy had her lift herself off me a few inches to give me room to move. Pushing my pelvis up, my full length entered her. At the same time Jeremy pulled back. Alternating like pistons, we fucked my wife together. It was actually fun, even with Jeremy. Besides enjoying the moment to fuck my wife, I paid close attention to her body language. Her face only occasionally showed discomfort or pain and it quickly passed. Concentration was consistent. Grunts coincided with efforts to keep her body in place as Jeremy and I thrust ourselves into her. Seeing the face of genuine pleasure was surprising, but it encouraged me to keep going. If my wife liked it I was definitely not stopping.

Holding myself up with my dick inside her, I could feel Jeremy above me as her body made room for his cock. It was more subtle than the balls that kept dragging along my shaft in the opposite direction, but still noticeable. It was eerie to feel something else moving inside her. Debbie was having to fight the desire to get into it with her own body. The alternating movements between Jeremy and me left her few options to get involved without disrupting our motion.

Jeremy changed the trend, opting to enter her in time with me. Debbie bit her lower lip and put one hand up to push against the wall in front of her. She could take a more active part now and chose to push back against our combined thrusts. Her delight was obvious. The grunts, while stifled, she could not hold quell entirely. I pushed harder and harder, joining in the grunting myself.

Suddenly, I was on my own. "Don't stop on my account," Jeremy said. So, I kept fucking my wife. I could not see Jeremy, but I felt his movement. His shifting weight moved the bed a little, throwing off my rhythm. As I continued with a moderate pace, he told Debbie, "Hold still, bitch." Feeling his dick against mine was strange enough, but now he was pushing against me.

Debbie let out a prolonged, "Aah," when the pressure of Jeremy's dick increased. Her eyes were directed at me but I don't believe she was looking at anything. I imagined she was having one of those out of body experiences that are normally only in dreams. There was an unmistakable blankness in her face as two dicks pushed her pussy open wider than it had ever been. Sure, childbirth would be worse, but she had never experienced anything more than a single cock or dildo. Once we were both in her, and she had made no objections, we went into a fucking frenzy and her moans were louder than usual.

We plunged in and out of her like kids with a new toy, having no regard for what happens if it breaks. My wife had never been such a slut, at least not with me. Perhaps she was like this most of the time at Jeremy's house. She was beginning to recover from the shock of it, slight signs of pain flashed across her face. For my part, I eased off a little. Slower. Less forceful. Jeremy maintained his high octane pounding which also meant he kept rubbing my dick with his own.

Bringing out the animal in my wife, she looked on the verge of orgasm. “More!” she shouted, half begging, perhaps mostly at me since I had slowed. Debbie was gyrating her hips and begging us to keep fucking her until her orgasm had passed. Try as I might, there was no stopping now. My cum was already shooting into her. My load felt larger than usual, or at least took longer to unload it all. Debbie was either unaware or did not care and Jeremy was still pumping her hard. Trying to keep some rigidity in my dick was helped in part by the thrusting of Jeremy's cock against mine.

Just after I erupted, my wife started her orgasm. There were contractions around our cocks as her neck flexed, pulling her head to one side. Fluttering in her eyes and a quivering jaw only manifest themselves in her more powerful orgasms which she was experiencing then. A single long moan began softly and grew till it filled the house and her body was clearly pleased.

Her waning orgasm left Debbie tired. She had just laid her head on my shoulder when Jeremy pulled her up by her hair. “No resting yet, bitch!” He was not through, even if her orgasm was passing. His cock continued to force its way deep into her, rubbing me at the same time.

The ragged look on Debbie's face showed that she was worn out, yet she kept fucking as required. She was a good slut and it was turning me on. My dick was just getting hard again when Jeremy reached his own ejaculation. Still pushing in and out, he spilled his seed all along her canal, lubricating us both.

Immediately after, Jeremy pulled out and stood on the floor. He had my wife lick him clean and then he put on his boxers and left as quickly as he had arrived.

At this point I realized that my dick had been in her pussy the entire time Jeremy was with us. I had fun. Debbie was tired, but enjoyed parts of it, at least. If this was the way things were heading it may not be that bad.

Collapsed on top of me, my wife deserved a rest. I rolled her over and tucked her in. There was semen from Jeremy mixed with my own on my dick and balls and running between my legs. There would be even more still draining from Debbie's sloppy, well used pussy. I drifted off feeling very satisfied and strangely proud of my wife. The most outrageous thing was that I hoped we would be interrupted like that again.

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