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Getting to know the neighbors

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The neighbor makes my wife his bitch. (first story, all fantasy)
A couple weeks after moving to a new city we were still getting to know our neighbors. The back is wide open and we can easily see into the back yards of five other houses. Since we moved in June we got to know them quickly because there was usually someone outside.

Jeremy and Shelley Brooks, who live directly behind us, are very outgoing. My first impression of Jeremy was that he is a stereotypical alpha male. He can often be seen riding his bike on the roads or off-road trails, but you never see him poking along slowly. Professionally, he is a physio and spends most of his time working with athletes at the university. He likes to mention details about the physical attributes of the women he helps. He talks about things as if he knows everything, and no one challenges him when he says something a bit inappropriate.

Next door to us are the Jones family at number 9. I say family, but it is usually just Anna. Her husband Karl works away during the week and their daughter Sophie is attending an out of state university. Anna is a gorgeous redhead and very easy to talk to. We got to know her sooner than anyone else and shared meals with her often.

I thought we found an ideal location because the neighbors were mostly attractive. My wife thought the guys were okay, but I sensed she felt more competition with the ladies than she would like.

Often in the evenings, I notice the lights are on in the Brooks' conservatory and the blinds are still open. It must be expected that people will watch just to see if anything happens. One night Jeremy was watching something on television and Shelley was reading a book. I was about to go to bed when the real shock came. Another woman walked into the conservatory. She was a tall thin blonde wearing a bustier and high heels and nothing else. At least, that's what I thought until she put a drink down next to Shelley. As she bent over, a long black tail appeared from between her legs. The conclusion I came to was that it was some kind of butt plug with a fake tail attached. She gave Jeremy a bottle of beer and they exchanged a few words. The woman turned away from him and bent over. Jeremy raised a hand and slapped her hard on the ass once on each butt cheek. She appeared to do whatever he said which is how she found herself standing with her feet apart and knees partly bent to give Jeremy total access to her pussy. For several minutes after that, Jeremy watched the TV and drank his beer while fingering the woman's pussy with his other hand.

It was an incredible sight, so much so that I did not notice my wife standing beside me staring as well. "That can't be easy," she made me jump.


"Standing like that for so long, in those heels." She sounded impressed. Debbie said we should get to bed. After a little discussion she left me and my curiosity at the window to watch the show a bit longer. The woman spent a long time on her knees with her face in Jeremy's lap. He used her as a footstool, putting his legs over her shoulders and resting them on her back. Occasionally, her head bobbed, but she spent most of the time face down on him.

I wanted to see more, but when Jeremy got up all three of them left the room and the show was over for me. My imagination kept me awake as I wondered what else was happening in that house.

A few days later I was talking to Anna next door. I asked her if she ever noticed anything unusual at the Brooks' house. Without saying the words, she indicated that she knew things happened there. Then she went on to say that he leaves the blinds open in the conservatory when he feels like putting on a show. "Was it Saturday night you saw it, fairly late?"

It was. "Did you see it too?"

"No," Anna blushed. She appeared to be unsure if she should say any more, so I asked what she knew. "It was probably one of the athletes he met at the university."

I could hardly believe anyone would do that, and it must be a big risk for Jeremy to meet people through work. A second time, I expressed my amazement at what women will let men do to them.

"Jeremy is very convincing," Anna said. "And he can be very good at pleasing women when he wants to be."

I did not really know how to respond to that, so I let it go.

Anna asked me bluntly if I found her attractive. She was in her thirties and looked great. I had to say said yes. Then she said, "Sometimes I spend a night there. I could ask him to use the conservatory if you like."

I was not quite sure if I understood correctly and asked her to spell it out. "I am one of Jeremy's bitches, like the girl you saw the other night."

It was a little too much to handle, but my dick was thrilled by the idea. I had to adjust myself, which Anna took to be an indication of my interest. She smiled and said she would ask to use the conservatory when she visited him the next night. I asked what her husband thought about it. Apparently, Karl was happy with the situation. Since he spent most of the week away on business he was glad for her to get some action in his absence.

There was no show on the following night. The conservatory was dark every time I checked. The day after I made a point of speaking to Anna to ask what happened. Jeremy told her he liked the look of my wife and he has decided not to put on a display for me until he had a chance to get to know my wife.

I had spoken to him a couple times, but Debbie had not met him yet. "Oh, I will try to introduce him to her soon."

"Jeremy doesn't want an introduction. Debbie is his next conquest."

I laughed. "He thinks he can seduce my wife?"

"Seduce?" She looked completely serious when she said, "No, he intends to add Debbie to his collection of bitches."

My jaw dropped. He had some balls, but Debbie would never put up with an attitude like that. "Tell him good luck then."

We occasionally have sex with other people, but it seemed a strange way to start something like that. Anna offered to speak to Debbie about it. I told her that Debbie would never put up with a man who behaved like that. When Anna replied by saying she used to feel the same way, I began to wonder what magical powers Jeremy had.

That evening Anna came over to talk to Debbie about Jeremy. After an hour long discussion Debbie was a bit excited about the idea. She was intrigued that he was so keen to 'collect' her before they have even met. To her it was a game, a challenge. Anna pulled out her phone and made a call. After a brief greeting she said, "I'm at Debbie's place. She is interested in getting to know you. Would you like to speak to her?"

"Okay, here she is," she held her phone out to Debbie.

Debbie was not expecting an immediate introduction and shied away from the phone. Anna told her not to worry and just to speak to him. Eventually, Debbie accepted the phone. Tentatively, she said, "Hello?"

"Thanks," she blushed a bit.

"Okay." She got up and walked to the sliding doors that lead to the back yard. Anna and I followed her. She waved. We could see Jeremy in his house waving back.

Debbie just listened for a while, nodding and giving one word answers. "Uhmmm..." she turned to look at me and grinned, "okay."

Putting the phone down on the dining table she pulled her shirt over her head and started to unhook her bra. "Sorry, Anna."

"Don't mind me." Anna was perfectly comfortable with my wife being topless. It amused me that Debbie was not concerned about me, knowing how I liked to see her behave like a slut.

With the phone back in her hand, Debbie turned to face the door again. "How's this?" A few seconds later Debbie laughed, "Seriously?" Then she jumped up and down a few times with her arms held out.

Watching my wife entertain a man across the yard was exciting. When she asked me to come and hold her I was happy to oblige. I stood behind her with my cock nestled between her butt cheeks so she would know I was aroused. "Grab my tits," she said. Who am I to refuse? I played with my wife's tits while Jeremy talked to her on the phone. Eventually, she turns to me and asks, "Do you mind if I go see Jeremy tomorrow night?"

"Just you?" Was she serious? She appeared to be waiting for an answer. So I said, "Whatever you want is fine."

"Yes," she told him. "Eight o'clock. Okay. See you then." She hung up and gave the phone back to Anna.

"He promised me an 'intense orgasm'." Clearly that appealed to her. I was skeptical.

The next night I watched my wife get ready. She was supposed to wear something sexy. She chose a tight black miniskirt with a bright blue silk blouse which she left unbuttoned far enough to see her black lace bra. The matching thong was not as easy to see. A pair of blue heels finished the ensemble. All that remained was the overdone make-up he requested.

When she was ready, she looked so desperate to impress that she could pass for a hooker. It took some restraint not to fuck her right then. Instead, we got into the car. It was all a bit strange, but everything had to be just right for Jeremy. It took all of thirty seconds to drive around the block to Jeremy's where I parked and walked to the door with my wife.

It was the first time Debbie had met Jeremy in person. He greeted us and welcomed her inside. Shaking my hand he said, "I will fuck her well," and closed the door. I heard two deadbolts slide across as I walked away and started to worry about what we got her into.

I drove back home. It seemed silly to leave my car in front of someone else's house. I went straight to the window to watch whatever I could see in Jeremy's house.

Nothing happened. Well, nothing that I could see. The lights were never turned on in the conservatory and the lit rooms had the shades drawn. My mind flipped between extremes. One minute I had a raging erection and desperately wanted to fuck Debbie and then I was nearly sweating with anxiety that we had done something really stupid. Eventually, I dozed off.

Ringing woke me. I answered the phone. "Can you come get me?" It was Debbie.

"Of course, be right there." I got up and went to the car. The clock in the car said 2:07am! More than six hours she spent with Jeremy.

As I approached the door it opened. They both stood inside. "Jeremy wants you to kiss me before I go."

"Okay," it was an odd request, but she is my wife. By the time I reached the door I could see her more clearly. Debbie looked awful. Her make-up had run in streaks going all directions, not just down her face. Was that cum caked on her face? Well, I did leave her here to get fucked, after all, so it was not that surprising that cum was involved. I leaned toward her and kissed her lips. Yes, it was cum on her face. The smell was strong and her lips tasted of it.

Jeremy said, "Goodnight."

My wife thanked him, which seemed a bit unnecessary. Wasn't she the one doing him a favor? She asked, "Are you mad?" as we got in the car.

"No, just concerned."

"Good, because I have agreed to be his bitch."

Debbie was very tired and wanted to go straight to bed. She did not even wash or brush her teeth. The smell of cum, not my own, distracted me as I tried to get to sleep.

The next day I inquired about what "being his bitch" meant. She was not sure exactly, but thought it was just to do what he wants when she is with him.

"Great," my sarcasm was noted. I asked more question, but my wife was evasive. She happily told me how great he made her feel and the intense orgasms she had (yes plural, not a common occurrence for her).

She went to see him the next Wednesday and the Monday after that. Every time, she came home tired but satisfied.

It was a Wednesday morning. I had been refused any morning playtime within seconds of groping my wife's tits. I was soon up and dressed for work. I had just poured a bowl of cereal when I saw Jeremy walking across the lawn. He knocked on the back door.

I opened it and let him inside, "Hi, Jeremy."

"Beautiful morning," he said back. "Is the bitch around?"

He has some nerve talking about my wife that way. But, she seemed to be okay with it. She had just finished her shower and should be dressed so I shouted up to her that Jeremy was there and wanted to speak to her.

"Okay," she came skipping into the room, more lively than she had been upstairs. She greeted Jeremy with a friendly smile. "What brings you here at this time of day?"

"Shelley is not feeling well today."

"Oh, sorry to hear that." Debbie looked across the yard as if she could see Shelley. "Is there anything we can do?"

"Yes, there is." Jeremy glanced at me before turning back to Debbie. "I just came over to fuck your face."

I laughed, expecting a slap that didn't come.

"Oh... I see." Clearly Debbie did not know what to say. She looked at me with a slight panic.

"Right here will do." Jeremy grabbed her by the head with both hands and pushed her to her knees.

The tone of her voice as she simply said, "Okay," sounded far too relaxed.

My heart was racing. I had to step in. "You can't treat my wife..."

"Stop!" It was Debbie who spoke very confidently now. "It's fine."

I stepped back slowly and watched my wife unbuckle his belt. She was actually going to give him a blowjob after turning me down for morning sex. She unzipped his jeans and then pull them down, followed by his boxers.

His dick bounced out. It was thick and a couple inches longer than mine. I figured he had nine inches, which was a relief considering the baseball bat I imagined , given the feedback from my wife after fucking him. Jeremy turned Debbie around and backed her up against the end of the kitchen counter.

"No hands," he told her. Debbie put her hands against the cabinet wall behind her. Dipping her head, she scooped the end of his penis between her lips and straightened up. As he stepped closer, most of his still soft cock entered her mouth. "Oh yeah, just like that."

To me he said, "She really does wonderful things with her tongue."

I could imagine exactly what Debbie was doing with her tongue as I loved every time she gave me head. Although I agreed completely with his statement, I did not want to respond to him. It had been quite a while since I watched Debbie give a blowjob to someone else. As I watched his dick getting harder my own cock was doing the same in my pants.

He looked fully erect when he started moving back and forth. Jeremy still had his fingers tangled in my wife's hair, holding her still against the end of the counter.

Watching Jeremy move faster got me more aroused and I had to adjust myself. Jeremy noticed and grinned. Soon after, Debbie coughed. A couple more pumps and she coughed again. Jeremy appeared to be doing it deliberately. He leaned back to get a better look at my wife's face as he eased his pelvis forward. "This is a good look for you." He must have liked what he saw because he held still for quite a while.

Oblivious, I pondered the reddening of her face until I finally realized that she could not breathe. She put her hands on his thighs to push him away. I was going to have to intervene. "I said no hands." To my amazement she moved her hands away again. She could not keep them still, but she stopped trying to push him away. I watched in awe of my wife.

One swift move and Jeremy had pulled out completely and let her go. Debbie coughed up a lot of saliva that pooled on the floor in front of her. She was wheezing trying to get her breath back. "Great little cocksucker, this one. Just can't get enough." With that he pulled her back into position by her hair. Debbie held her mouth open wide. Jeremy was not in position yet. "See," he looked at me, "she wants it."

Then to her he asked, "Don't you, bitch?"

A raspy, "Yes," came out.

Jeremy put his dick back in her mouth. This time he started fast, plunging as deep as he could each time. Debbie was coughing and spluttering almost constantly. My normally fragile wife was taking a beating in her face as he tried to shove his cock clear down her throat.

I started to think she would have bruises on her face. "That's enough," I said getting up again.

Jeremy stepped back. Debbie was breathing heavily now. "What do you say, bitch? Are you done sucking my dick?"

With a mouthful of hard cock Debbie could not speak. Instead, she put her hand out, giving me the sign to stop. Once more I sat down. Our neighbor resumed the oral assault on my wife.

It was the most surreal experience of my life. He arrived uninvited at a time when decent people leave their neighbors in peace. Now he stood in my kitchen banging away at my wife's mouth like it was a pussy. It seemed so wrong, yet my hand was tightly gripping my own erection.

Debbie could be fierce at times. This morning she surrendered herself completely to his lustful desires. He was no longer holding her head, letting her prop herself up with her hands on the floor and keeping her head firmly in place. Most of the time she kept her eyes closed, responding to everything he said. Opening her mouth wide made all her gagging noises much louder. It was easier on me when he told her to squeeze her lips tight.

The sound of sloppy oral sex was turning me on, even though it did involve my wife and not me. Part of me was disappointed to hear Jeremy grunting like he was about to cum. He slowed his pace, but kept pushing to the limit of Debbie's tolerance.

Pulling out, Jeremy stroked himself in front of Debbie. "Eyes on me," he told her. My wife did exactly as she was told, still on the floor but with her head tilted up and keeping eye contact with him. "Open," she knew he meant her mouth. Waiting, he still had some way to go despite all his grunts.

Jeremy sounded agitated that he had not cum yet. Still, he kept his dick in his hand rather than her mouth. "Aah," he shouted his frustration as he slapped his dick across Debbie's cheek.

Only once did I try slapping her face with my own dick. It stopped our fun immediately and I got nothing for the next two days as punishment. It fit the situation, but bewildered me to see my wife silently waiting with her mouth wide open as the dick slapping continued. I wondered if it hurt, and preferred when he slammed it down on her chin, thinking it would not be painful there. Never once did she look at me, always keeping her eyes on him as she was instructed.

Finally, he was there. Extra loud grunting preceded the sprays of cum. Shot after shot missed her mouth, probably intentionally. Bringing his cock to her lower lip, I saw several large blobs of cum drop into my wife's mouth. When he finished he asked her to suck the last drops from it. I saw her swallow before putting her lips on the head of his cock and sucking it like a straw.

"Very good," he pat her head like a dog. "That's all I need for now. Be a good bitch today." Jeremy pulled his jeans back up.

Debbie got up on her own. She smiled at me sheepishly, "I guess I better get back in the shower." She would definitely start rumors if she went to work with cum all over her face. I just smiled back and let her go.

After she had gone upstairs I told Jeremy he should not treat my wife like that. He replied by saying she is my wife, and I need to treat her with respect. "To me, she is just a bitch to do my bidding. She can say no any time she likes, but today she chose to do as I say."

Jeremy left. My mind was still torn. My body could relax now it was all over. If it was so bad, why was my mind replaying the images in my head and why was my dick throbbing? Now I had to see what they do at his place.

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