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Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 2

Girlfriend gets more daring. I get more excited.
As we continue the story of my young, beautiful girlfriend, with natural 32D tits, and an escalating sense of adventure, we jump to her modeling career. My name is Alan, and I am one lucky guy.

Cindy is a head turner wherever she goes. At some point, with the support of her friends, she decided to try a little modeling. Nothing risqué, just magazine ads, bill boards, airport placards, and the like. That should tell you something about her looks. Cute, innocent, professional and a body to die for.

Cindy needed a portfolio, so she checked around, and found a well respected photographer. She set up a meeting, and got his price sheet and particulars so she could decide what she wanted. It took a couple of weeks before she made up her mind, and called to set up an appointment.

When the day for the photo shoot arrived, Cindy was pretty excited. I was too. I asked her what kind of photos the photographer would be taking. Cindy said, "Nothing over the top, just standard head shots and photos. I will be wearing different outfits, to give clients an idea of what I'd look like for different ads they might want to produce."

When I asked the next question, my cock was getting hard. I nervously asked, "Are you going to keep your clothes on? Will the photographer see your tits? Is he going to touch you where he shouldn't?"

My imagination was going wild. On the one hand, I wanted Cindy to get naked in front of the photographer. I wanted him to fondle her tits and play with her pussy. On the other hand, I knew that was wrong, and didn't want another man seeing Cindy's tits and pussy. My head was spinning

Cindy calmly replied, "I am going to keep my clothes on. What do you think I am, a slut? Do you want me to get naked, so he can check me out, like you encouraged me to do at Orient Beach?"

I responded the only way I could when I said, "The beach is one thing. Being alone with a male photographer is something all together different. I want you to keep your clothes on, of course."

Cindy related to me, after the fact, that the session was fun and sexy. The photographer was professional at all times, and he knew what he was doing. Skipping over the boring stuff, the time did come for some sexy poses.

He had her take off her blouse and bra, and put on a jacket with the front open. It showed her cleavage and, with 32D tits, left little to the imagination. No nipples, but a very hot set of photos.

Cindy told me she was really turned on. The photographer had her shift around, and at various points she had the jacket off, with her tits on full display to him. She said her nipples were hard and stuck out as the photographer checked her out. No photos, but she could tell he liked what he saw.

As Cindy told me this, my cock was getting hard. I wanted to beat off right there and they. The image of Cindy being alone with a photographer, with him looking at her tits, was driving me crazy.

Although I didn't know it before hand, Cindy had brought some lingerie to the session. For a professional model this is not that uncommon. But, for an everyday woman, this is not something you would normally expect.

Cindy didn't tell me about the lingerie photos. It was only later that I found out that Cindy did everything the photographer asked, as he took twenty or thirty lingerie photos.

About two weeks after the modeling session, the photographer asked Cindy to come and look over the proofs, so he could put together her portfolio. I tagged along. Everything was professional. When it came time to review some of the sexier shots, including the lingerie shots I didn't even know about, I was in for a very exciting surprise.

There we were, looking at photos of Cindy with her tits clearly on display, in various poses. Although none of the them were topless photos, the lingerie shots were really exciting. I was looking at her, with her tits and nipples fully visible behind lacy lingerie. You could also see the dark outline of her pussy.

I was hyper ventilating as the photographer went through the photos. When we got to the lingerie shots, he would say things like "Your nipples look very sexy showing through the lace."

I started to get an erection, and was visibly shaken. Cindy was getting turned on, knowing that I was aware that she had modeled lingerie.

She picked out the photos for her face card, and ordered 8x10 prints for her portfolio. Depending on the client, she would rearrange the portfolio. It was then that I realized she would be showing photos of herself, with her tits on display in lingerie, to various clients. Mostly male clients. The thought of this excited me no end.

Over the next two years, Cindy did a fair amount of modeling for various advertising agencies. All local, but she appeared in several magazines, newspapers and in ads at the airport.

I would pester her for details after she went on interviews with her portfolio. I would ask her who was there. Cindy would give me a blow-by-blow of the men's reactions when she got to some of the racier photos. She was a little embarrassed, but excited, as she flipped the pages and the men got to see her tits in the lingerie.

She said some of the men asked if they could get copies of the photos, but she said no. Cindy knew they wanted the photos so they could go home and jerk off looking at them. She found that thought very exciting, but also knew they would show the photos around, and that was something she couldn't allow.

Cindy admitted to me that she would occasionally masturbate after coming home from an interview. Showing off the photos of her tits and nipples really turned her on. She said she would be soaking wet as she remembered the men staring at the photos.

Most men would just stare, but a few made some crude, sexual comments about her great tits and nipples. One or two even propositioned her. She would shrug off the comments and make a joke, so she didn't embarrass them. Men are jerks after all. She did admit to me that she found it exciting when men talked dirty to her.

I will tell you our sex life was great. It turned me on to know she showed men her tits in the photos. 32D tits, on a young body in lacy lingerie, is something that turns every man on. Cindy got a lot of jobs. I wonder why?

My friends knew Cindy did modeling, but had no idea what was in her portfolio. Unknown to me, she had shown the portfolio to her girlfriends. They all liked the photos, but also were a little shocked at the lingerie shots, with her tits and nipples showing. I think many of them were turned on, wondering if they would have the nerve to do what Cindy did.

I can't blame them, but they all told their boyfriends and husbands about the portfolio. I knew that every one one of the guys lusted after Cindy. Who wouldn't.

Cindy usually wore sexy clothes when we went to parties. She wore small bikinis at pool parties. The men couldn't help but stare at her tits and cleavage, as she walked around. Other women were jealous, but no one could say Cindy was a show off. Cindy's body did the talking, and it was all natural.

Not one of the men ever told me they knew about Cindy's portfolio. I guess they didn't know what to say. Who is going to say,"Do you like men looking at photos of Cindy's tits in a lacy nightgown?"

Even though they would have followed that up with, "Can I see the portfolio? I'd like to see Cindy's nipples."

One night, we had a party at our house and got pretty drunk as the night wore on. Probably about ten couples, all of whom were friends, from twenty-five to thirty years old. Cindy is ten years younger than me.

Most of our friends are older than Cindy, and a bit younger than me. Anyway, unknown to me, one of women got hold of Cindy's portfolio. I found out later that Cindy gave the portfolio to one of her friends, who promptly took it into the living room to share with all the guests.

When I came into the room, I almost died when I saw what was going on. All the men were flushed, looking at me, and staring at Cindy, who was laughing when the comments started to fly. I think the women were the worst.

They started saying things like, "Dave, what do you think of Cindy's tits and nipples in that lacy nightgown?" Or, "Hey Jim, doesn't Cindy look hot in that jacket with her tits hanging out?"

I was mortified. Cindy seemed to enjoy the attention. After all, she showed the photos to men all the time.

I was pissed, excited, aroused, confused, and embarrassed all at the same time. All my friends now knew what I was enjoying when I fucked Cindy, and had their fantasies confirmed as they looked at Cindy in her lingerie photos.

Cindy was a little embarrassed, but very aroused. Both of us knew our friends would have great sex that night as they talked about Cindy's photos. I was sure the men would fantasize and jerk off, thinking about the photos. Women have no idea how often most men jerk off.

Cindy disappeared for about five minutes. When she came back, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. None of the men could believe what they were seeing. Cindy walked into the room wearing one of the sexy nightgowns she modeled in the photos.

Cindy looked at everyone and said, "What the hell. I know what the men all want to see. You've all seen the photos, so here I am wearing what I modeled for my portfolio. Do you like it?"

No one could speak. These were our friends. Cindy's tits were clearly visible, as was her pussy. When she walked, her tits bounced and jiggled. Nothing was left to the imagination.

I was hard as a rock. I knew that every man at the party was hard. I knew that every man at the party wanted to pull out his cock and beat off. Cindy's friends couldn't believe she had the nerve to show off. Whatever anyone was thinking, no one said anything. They all stared.

For the next hour or so, Cindy chatted with everyone, fully exposed. The men gathered around Cindy like she was a rock star. I was so turned on, I had a hard time talking to anyone.

As the party broke up, every man went up to Cindy to give her a hug and kiss. More than one copped a casual feel of her tits, as he hugged her. Their cocks were all hard. The women couldn't wait to get home and fuck. They all knew their boyfriends and husbands would be turned on.

Cindy and I went upstairs to the best sex ever. She was hot, hot, hot. I was beyond excited by the other men seeing her in lingerie, with her tits on display, and pussy showing in lacy panties.

I fucked Cindy at least four times that night. Whenever we want an extra special night of sex, we bring out her portfolio, and look at the photos all our friends had seen as we relived our hot party night.

After the party, whenever any of my friends would come over, they would ask and plead to see Cindy's portfolio. Since they had already seen Cindy's tits at the party, and since I was really turned on by showing them, I would go get the portfolio and let them enjoy the show.

If three or four were over, the comments would start flying. I should have been embarrassed, but my excitement of showing off Cindy's tits overcame the embarrassment. I am pretty sure none of them admitted to their wives that they were lusting over Cindy's body.

Whenever I thought about Cindy showing off her tits to our friends, I had no choice but jerk off.

Cindy has come a long way in the past couple of years. From a sexy, buttoned up beautiful woman, to a sexy woman who enjoys having men see her tits and nipples. If the truth be known, I'll bet most women fantasize about showing their tits on a topless beach, or having topless and nude photos taken.

Her professional clients, and now our friends, have seen her tits and nipples. Cindy gets hot and bothered as she imagines them stroking their hard cocks, and coming all over their hands, as they fantasize about her body.

To be continued...

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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