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Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 6

Cindy is auctioned off, fucks two black studs, as I watch on closed circuit TV.
My name is Alan, and I just watched my beautiful wife, Cindy, suck Pete's cock in front of twenty party guests. Pete squirted cum into her mouth, and all over her face. Cum is dripping off her chin, cum is drooling down her tits, and she is standing in front of the audience with a big smile, and grin, on her face. Two black studs are standing on either side of Cindy, gently fondling her soft, 32D, natural tits.

All this because Pete was able to trick Cindy into working as a waitress at his boss's cocktail party. What was suppose to be an easy $500 pay for serving drinks and food, in a bikini, has turned into the spectacle I just witnessed. Pete and his wife, Karen, are friends of ours. Perhaps I should say, were friends of ours. After today, I doubt I will ever see Pete again. Or maybe I will see him one more time, so I can punch him in the face.

Don't get me wrong. My greatest turn on is watching, and fantasizing, about Cindy having sex with other men. The sight I just witnessed has me so turned on, I think my cock grew two inches. I have cum in my pants and I never touched my cock. I simply exploded seconds after Pete directed a huge spray of cum into Cindy's willing mouth.

Money is tight with Cindy not working. And now, my wonderful, sexy, naughty, slut wife is about to bring home at least $12,000 for one days work. $500 turned into $2,000 when Pete talked Cindy into going topless, and letting the men feel her up, as she passed drinks and food. That's pretty naughty, but most women have had dozens and dozens of men, other than their husbands, feel them up. So, in the scheme of things, I should consider this no big deal. And it was a turn on seeing all the guys, other than Pete, fondle Cindy's tits and rub her hard nipples. When Pete took his turn, I was pissed.

I certainly never expected Pete to get his boss, Mike, to guarantee Cindy another $10,000 if she agreed to be auctioned off to one of the guests. The winning bidder gets to fuck Cindy in the master bedroom. Everyone knows Cindy is a 'stay at home' mom, with two kids, and a loving husband. Other than Pete and Mike, they have no idea I'm Cindy's husband. Pete introduced me to the other guests as a potential client of his firm. It's one thing to fuck a stripper or whore, quite another to fuck an innocent, cute, beautiful, 'stay at home' mom, with natural 32D tits, rock hard abs, and the face of a high end model. That is special, and likely to help bring big bucks from the very rich, horny men, who just witnessed Pete shooting his load of cum all over Cindy.

It really upset me when I found out that Pete's reward for getting Cindy to agree to be a party slut, was having her suck his cock in front of all twenty guests. The pervert really enjoyed looking over at me, as Cindy licked the tip of his cock, with cum dripping off his cock, onto her tongue. And, as she slowly sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth, and then devoured the entire length, his shit eating grin was too much to bear.

Sure, I was excited, but he was suppose to be a friend of ours. Sex with strangers is one thing. Having one of the guys I hang out with get a blow job from Cindy, was not something I wanted to happen. I did shoot my load into my pants, so I guess the excitement outweighed me being pissed.

Now, here we are at the auction. I can't tell you how excited, and worried, I am. This will be Cindy's third time being a slut wife. First time was right after she became my fiancée, and we went off to St. Martin on vacation. She sucked Tom's cock, and fucked him in our cabin, while I was in the casino. I should say, fucked him twice. Now that was nasty.

I knew she was fucking Tom while I sat in the Casino, too distracted to do anything but picture in my mind's eye, what I couldn't actually see going on in our cabin. But Cindy told me the story, minute by minute, exactly what had happened with Tom the entire two hours she was Tom's sex toy. And sex that night was beyond the wildest sex we had ever had.

The second time Cindy was an absolute slut, was on our honeymoon. Yes, I did say honeymoon. We had been married for five days when Cindy gave blow jobs to both Dave and Tim, before letting them both fuck her, anyway they wanted. But, this time I was in the room, and watched the debauchery in person. Holy shit is all I can say. Cindy gave me the show of a lifetime, as she turned her fantasy into reality.

We had become friends with Dave and his wife, and Tim and his wife, while we enjoyed our honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. The nude beach had a lot to do with Cindy's easy manipulation of Dave and Tim into our room. Getting them to fuck her was automatic, after she stripped naked in front of them in the room.

Back to the upcoming auction following Cindy's very dirty, very nasty performance with Pete. There is tension in the air, with all the guests imagining the upcoming fuck session Cindy will have with the lucky guest who is the high bidder. Cindy looks like the beautiful young mom you see at the supermarket. That's because she is the beautiful young mom you see at the supermarket. But that mom you see at the supermarket is not suppose to be doing the nasty things Cindy is doing. Dirty minded men might fantasize what the beautiful young mom would be willing to do, but here is Cindy, in the flesh, tits out in the open, getting ready to be fucked by a complete stranger.

The men are looking at each other with complete, disgusting, lust in their eyes. The two or three women at the party look like they are incredible aroused. I imagine they are fantasizing as they watch Cindy, wondering what it would be like if they were standing in her place.

I'm worried about the two black studs, standing near Mike, who are fondling Cindy's tits. My cock may be above average, but I know some black men have monster cocks. Both Dave and Tim, who fucked Cindy in Jamaica, had bigger cocks than me. But, they weren't that much bigger.

I have no idea, who among the guests, has the most money. But, according to Pete, they are all loaded. He said $2,000 was spare change to them, when he bragged that he got Cindy to go topless, and agree to be fondled by the men, for 'only' $2,000.

I'm not standing anywhere near Pete. If I was near him, I would probably kick his ass. The auction begins with Mike shouting to the crowd, "Gentlemen, I begin the auction at $10,000. My wife wants to eat this little MILF's pussy, and have Cindy lick Karen's cunt, until Karen explodes with an orgasm. Do I hear $11,000?"

I'm looking around. The men are looking at each other. The men are grinning at Cindy. Cindy has a nervous smile on her face and won't look at me. I'm nervous, excited, worried about Cindy, and a little pissed I won't get to watch her fuck the lucky high bidder. Pete won't look at me either.

One of the black studs yells out, "11,000," and then adds, "I hope she can handle my rather large cock."

I have a sick feeling he isn't kidding.

The other black stud, who has his hand on Cindy's tit, confidently says, "12,000." He looks at his friend and smiles.

There is silence. It's obvious Mike isn't bidding again. A couple of men are talking with each other. The men with wives aren't bidding. I have to think the women, who are enjoying the show, aren't about to let their husbands participate. Watching may be okay, but not actually fucking this beautiful, luscious, perfect specimen. I can't blame them. After fucking Cindy, no man would ever be satisfied with his wife again.

It's then that I smile. Pete may have enjoyed his blow job from Cindy, but he won't be getting another one. And, I'll bet his wife doesn't give blow jobs at all. I now realize that Cindy has ruined Pete's sex life, forever. Ha.

All of a sudden, one of the other guests nervously says, "$12,500." There wasn't any confidence in the bid. It's obvious he is at his limit, or probably already $500 over his limit.

The two black studs look at each other, and start whispering. When I was introduced to them, I now remember their names are Jason and Bill. Nothing special with their names. But, I still worry about what might be special with their cocks. And I worry about Cindy. I'm so excited my cock is harder than I can ever remember, but I still worry.

All of a sudden Jason yells out, "15,000." And then adds a qualifier, "But that's for both me and Bill, a tag team."

What the hell is that? A tag team? No fucking way. Cindy is suppose to fuck one guest, not two. Sure, she fucked two guys before, but I was there, and they were 'normal'.

Mike looks a little confused. He turns to Cindy, grins, fondles her tits, and asks her, "Cindy, what do you say? Are you up for a tag team? Jason and Bill are both gentlemen, very rich gentlemen. I'm sure they will be gentle with you, at least before they fuck you silly."

Everyone starts to chuckle. The two women look a little startled. Not one, but two black studs may be fucking Cindy. I know they wish they were Cindy. Every white woman fantasizes about a big, black cock in her pussy. And, having two big, black cocks is almost too much to imagine. They are almost panting with excitement.

Cindy looks a little scared, but also looks pretty happy. She finally looks over to me. I shrug my shoulders. It's up to her. I know she is not a whore, even if it appears she is. This is a one time deal. And, it all cascaded off a real waitress job. Cindy came here to work for $500. The fact that the fee is now $2,000, plus $15,000, is simply pay for exceptional work, above and beyond.

What popped out of Cindy's mouth is something no one expected. No one. Cindy is now grinning, almost laughing, when she confidently looks at Jason and Bill, and rather audaciously says, "$20,000 and you have a deal. It will be worth it. I have a small, tight pussy that would appreciate being stretched out. That is, if you are man enough. Or should I say, men enough."

Everyone starts laughing hysterically, including Jason and Bill. Cindy has really shown them she has personality plus. Plus, confidence. I don't know what the hell is going on. My wife, negotiating the price to fuck two black studs. Never in my imagination would I have ever expected this.

Jason doesn't even hesitate. He shouts out, "Deal. You sexy little slut, we will show you how real men fuck. I hope your husband doesn't mind if we stretch you out four or five sizes. Now, come over here, take off you bikini bottom, and let all of us see that precious, tight pussy of yours."

Cindy confidently walks over to both Jason and Bill, bends over, and takes off her bikini bottom. She is now completely naked in front of all twenty guests, including me and Pete. Cindy has a little landing strip patch of hair running up from her pussy. Just enough to be incredibly sexy. Way more sexy than a bald pussy. Bald pussies may be nice for some, but for me, they are too 'out there' and leave nothing to the imagination.

Pete is staring at Cindy's pussy. For him, it's getting better and better. First, seeing her topless. Second, feeling and fondling her tits. Third, rubbing her nipples. And now, looking at her sexy, cute, tasty, tantalizing pussy.

Cindy starts walking towards the house with Jason and Bill, following behind Mike. The guests are talking with each other, smiling, laughing, slapping each other on the back, and start to head for their cars.

I'm in a rather awkward position. I have to wait for Cindy. I'm a little embarrassed that my wife has given Pete a spectacular blow job, and is now getting ready to fuck two black studs. I can't see Pete anywhere. He probably knew he better go, and go quickly, before I rip his head off.

I go over towards the bar to get myself a drink, or two, or three. Mike's wife, Karen, is there. She is watching me with a smile and grin on her face. I go up to her and blurt out the understatement of the year, "Well, this has been a very interesting party. Certainly not anything Cindy and I expected. But, what the hell, $2,000 plus another $20,000. I have to say it again to think it is real, $22,000. Holy shit. But, let's be clear, Cindy is not a whore. Slut, maybe. In fact, slut, yea she is. She likes to fuck, but doesn't everyone?"

I look at Karen and say, "I guess I'll hang out here until Jason and Bill are satisfied. For $20,000 they deserve as much time as they want. Too bad I can't watch. Want a drink?"

Karen looks at me, says, "Yes, I'll have a drink. But, let's take them inside and wait for Mike, while he shows Jason and Bill where the bedroom is."

Ouch. Where the bedroom is? Maybe fuck room is a better name. Or slut room. My mind is racing. Cindy is going through with this. I won't get to watch her fuck these two black studs. But, I've already seen her in action with Dave and Tim, so I have a pretty good idea what's in store for Jason and Bill. They will definitely get their money's worth.

As I'm having a drink with Karen, Mike walks into the living room. And, Pete is walking next to him with Pete's two coworkers who are at the party. I thought they had gone home.

Pete is still smiling, but looks a little worried. He comes up to me and says, "Hey man, Cindy is a grown woman and made her decision. I may have tricked you two, but Cindy went for the money, there wasn't any pressure from me, or Mike."

I looked at Pete with daggers in my eyes as I say, "That may be. But you planned this. You wanted to get your hands on Cindy's tits. And, that blow job was over the top. You sprayed more cum into her mouth, and all over her face, tits, and hair than I ever thought possible. It looked like you had been saving up for a year."

Before I could say anything else, Pete chimes in and says, "I have to confess that I didn't beat off for two weeks before the party. Never touched my cock. I knew what might happen, and I wanted to be prepared if everything worked out. And, boy did it work out. I surprised myself with the massive load of cum that came squirting out of my cock into Cindy's open mouth. I saw what was happening, didn't want her to gag, so I stopped spraying her mouth, and just shot the remaining cum at her face."

I just stared at Pete. No one else said anything until Mike broke the silence and said, "Pete, you remember Jack and Bob, don't you? They work with us at the firm. They also were at the party last year. I can tell you, Cindy outperformed the waitress last year by a mile. Maybe ten miles. I also have to admit, I just told them that Cindy is your wife."

Both Jack and Bob look over at me and stick their hands out. They want to shake hands. They both look nervous, and Pete is pacing around. What the hell. I stick out my hand, shake their hands, and say,"I hope you realize that what happened today wasn't planned. Pete completely tricked us into coming today. And, Cindy isn't the only young wife who would have agreed to this bizarre slut party thing, especially for $22,000. She is not a whore."

I am defensive. I am horny. I am pissed. I am worried. And, I'm embarrassed. I feel like I need to defend Cindy. As my head is spinning, Mike says, "Pete, there is something else I didn't tell you. And, something that Pete, Jack, and Bob don't know anything about."

Mike looks over at his wife, Karen, who is grinning, and says, "Karen and I have a great media room, with movie theater type seating. We have cameras and video equipment in our master bedroom. We can watch, and record, anything that happens in our bedroom. We have an 'interesting' sex life, and have used the video equipment to record ourselves, and others, in our bedroom."

I look at Mike and Karen, glance at Pete, Jack, and Bob, and say, "You are both perverts. Are you telling me that you are going to record Cindy having sex with Jason and Bill?"

Pete, Jack, and Bob look confused. Mike continues, "I am going to record Cindy having sex with Jason and Bill. Karen and I will enjoy watching that tape for years to come. They are going to be fucking in our house, in our bedroom. We aren't doing anything illegal. Maybe a little immoral, but not illegal."

I break Mike off, and in a very angry voice say, "Mike, I will kick your ass. I don't know if this is legal or not, but I am not about to stand here and let you film Cindy as she fucks Jason and Bill."

Mike is calm when he replies, "I am inviting you, Pete, Jack, and Bob to sit in the media room and watch, real time, as Cindy is fucked by two black studs. Pete, because he is the one that recommended we hire Cindy. Jack and Bob, because they are two of our best employees, and this is a bit of a bonus for them."

I am speechless. I feel defeated. But, I'm horny as hell. My brain immediately switches to dirt bag mode. I'm thinking that I will actually get to watch Cindy as she services Jason and Bill. My cock is already stirring.

I look over at Pete, Jack, and Bob. They look confused. And, they look horny. Finally Jack breaks the silence, and says, "Count me in."

With that, both Pete and Bob, shaking their heads, confirm they are going to watch as well.

I let my horniness overcome all my other emotions when I say, "Okay, we are already in this far, I guess it can't hurt. But, one condition, I want a copy. And no other copies to anyone. Agreed?"

Mike says, "Agreed."

Mike leads us to the media room. There are about twelve, very comfortable, reclining movie seats with big arms, and built in drink holders. There is a very large, seventy-two inch, flat screen TV.

Everyone, including Karen, settle into seats. Other than Mike and Karen, the rest of us are spread out. Almost like we are trying to get away from each other. Which, I suspect, is true. Watching Cindy fuck and service Jason and Bill is something you want to enjoy yourself, not is a group. But, here we are.

Mike turns on the TV. The screen is split into four quadrants. Looks like each camera feed is directed to a separate quadrant. Mike can adjust the equipment so one camera takes up the whole screen, or all four feeds are showing at the same time.

We all stare at the TV. Looks like Cindy and her black studs had been in the room for a few minutes before we settled in. Cindy is lounging naked on the bed. Her legs are spread apart, and you can see her pussy. Cindy looks very comfortable. And, it looks like she had jumped into the shower and washed Pete's cum off her face and body.

Cindy's tits look so sensuous, I can't stand it. Her tan lines make her tits look especially erotic. Her nipples are hard and sticking straight out. My cock is hard as a rock. I imagine all the guys have hard cocks. I also imagine that Karen is dripping wet.

My stomach is churning. My head is spinning. At this point, I can care less that the other guys are going to watch Cindy fuck. I just want to see some action. I'm thinking that this is even more exciting than watching in person. Cindy doesn't know I'm watching, and certainly doesn't know several other people are going to be watching her fuck Jason and Bill.

The media room lights are turned off. The screen is all we can see. I unzip my pants and start stroking my rock hard cock. I'm already wet. My hand is sliding up and down on my dick, and making a slurping noise as I beat off. I know that if anyone is paying attention, they know I'm beating off. I don't care.

But, with that thought, I focus my hearing on the other guys in the room. I realize that they are all beating off. I can hear them. Their cocks are slippery wet, just like mine. Obviously they don't care either. This is weird. Really weird.

The two black studs are getting undressed as Cindy watches. She is gently rubbing her pussy. I hear Cindy talk to the men who are about to fuck her. She says, "I want to see your big, black cocks. There was a little bragging going on during the auction. Let's see what you've got."

I can't believe what I'm hearing. She isn't the least bit worried, or anxious. She is enjoying this immensely. She has no idea we are watching the action.

At about the same time, both Jason and Bill take off their underwear. Bill has a huge cock. It must be at least nine inches long. And, it's hard as a rock and sticking straight up. My first thought is that it won't fit in Cindy's pussy. Bill starts to slowing stroke his huge cock, with a big grin on his face.

He walks over towards the bed, when Jason turns and we can see his cock. All of us gasp at the same time. We are looking at a cock that is a freak of nature. As I stare at Jason's cock it hits me. I saw something like that on a porn site called 'Monsters of Cock' where black guys take their twelve inch, or longer, cocks and fuck little white sluts.

I'm now a little scared. And, a little freaked out. I look at Cindy and she has a startled, very worried look on her face. Jason just walks over towards the bed. As I watch him stroke his monster cock, he says, "Cindy, I'm not going to hurt you. I've fucked a lot of girls. They all freak out at first. I'll be slow and gentle. Trust me."

Bill climbs onto the bed and positions himself to eat Cindy's pussy. As Jason approaches, Cindy says, "Listen boys, I've only fucked one other man my entire life. That's my husband, and he doesn't have a cock that is even close in size to your two weapons."

I hear a gasp in our media room and Karen says, "Is that true Alan? Was Cindy a virgin when you met her? Oh my god. These two lucky guys are going to fuck a women who has no experience with anyone but you. They are really getting their money's worth today."

Obviously Cindy was telling a little white lie. She had fucked Tom on the cruise, and Dave and Tim on our honeymoon. But, Jason and Bill don't know that. There is silence until Jason says, "Did you hear that Bill? This little slut hasn't been fucked by anyone other than her husband. Now this is special. Very special. You should have told us that at the auction. I'll bet the price would have gone up, but it doesn't matter now. Bill and I get to break you in."

Jason climbs on the bed and puts his twelve inch, or maybe fourteen inch, cock near Cindy's mouth. Mike zooms in with one camera, and the full screen shows Bill eating Cindy's pussy as Jason presents his huge, hard cock to Cindy's mouth. Cindy starts licking the tip of Jason's cock. It will never fit into her mouth. Maybe the head of Jason's cock will slide in a few inches, but nothing more than that.

Just as I see Cindy start licking Jason's cock, I explode. I shoot cum all over myself. I'm a mess. I had already shot my load when I watched Cindy suck Pete's cock, and here I am shooting off again, like it had been stored up for weeks. Obviously watching Cindy is over the top.

I'm transfixed on the scene before me. I have to guess everyone is in a trance, as Cindy services Jason and Bill. Cindy is moaning as she licks the tip of Jason's cock. She has her lips around the first few inches of his cock, but there is no way it will fit all the way into her mouth.

We watch the action for at least five minutes, when Cindy starts to shutter, and I can tell she is having an orgasm. Jason shouts to Bill, "Get out of the way. I'm cumming."

With that, Jason sprays cum out of his huge cock, aimed at Cindy's face, and it won't stop. Pete shot his cum into Cindy's mouth, and onto her face, but it wasn't anything like this. There is an expression to describe what was happening on the screen. Cindy is glazed. Like a donut. Her face is drenched in Jason's cum. It is like a gallon of cum had been dumped out of a container, right onto her face.

Cindy is startled. So is Bill. He looks at Jason and says, "Holy shit. Do you do that all the time? Where does all that cum come from? It's like you have a factory or something."

Cindy jumps out of the bed and runs to the bathroom. She comes out with a towel, washing the cum off her face. But, she also has cum all over her body. As she walks back towards the bed, Cindy says to Jason, "That was something for the record book. You scared the shit out of me. Are you sure you are human?"

Both Jason and Bill laugh at that. Bill looks at Cindy and says, "After that performance, are you ready for a straight, nothing kinky fuck? I have no idea what Jason is going to do next, but I have no intention of following him after he shoots another load of cum into your pussy."

Bill gets on the bed, Cindy is on her back with her legs spread apart. Bill gets on top, slides his cock into Cindy's pussy and starts humping her. Bill is slow and methodical. Cindy is moving in rhythm with him. Jason is watching. We are all watching. After eight or ten minutes, Bill is shaking as he explodes, and shoots his cum into Cindy's pussy. Cindy shutters. and has another orgasm.

I hear some voices in the media room say things like, "Holy shit. Did you see that? Alan's wife is a fucking machine. Where do you find a woman like that?"

Jason gets on the bed. His cock is still hard, and still huge. He looks at Cindy and says, "Don't worry. I'll only put it into your pussy part way. I won't hurt you."

With that, the head of his huge cock disappears into Cindy's pussy. She doesn't scream out in pain. Her pussy is lubricated with Bill's cum. Jason is gentle as his cock moves in and out of Cindy's pussy. It goes in about four to six inches, but that is all Cindy can handle. I guess Jason is used to this.

All of a sudden, Jason starts to convulse. He shoots another load into Cindy's pussy. Thank god it isn't that first load. Jason pulls his cock out, and we can all see a stream of cum leaking out of Cindy's pussy.

Mike has been working the cameras like a pro. He has switched from one camera to another, to get the perfect shot of Cindy, the young, slut wife, as she services Jason and Bill. When he zooms in on the action, it all but takes the air out of the room.

Cindy is not going to give Jason and Bill another round. She jumps off the bed and heads to the bathroom. Jason and Bill give each other a quick fist pump. Jason says to Bill, "That was worth every penny of $20,000. Best fuck of my life. When she said we were the only men, other than her husband, to fuck her, I was in heaven. Think about it. A cute, sexy mom with two kids, and we got to fuck the shit out of her. I'll never forget this day."

Cindy comes out of the bathroom, wearing her bathing suit. She has her sun dress in her hand. She goes up to both Jason and Bill, and plants a kiss on their cheeks. With that, she walks out of the bedroom.

Mike gets up and turns on the lights. All of us are a little uncomfortable. I think all of us know we were all beating off during the show. But, no one cares. No one, other than me, is embarrassed.

Pete makes a quick exit. He glances over his shoulder and says, "Alan, you are one lucky son of a bitch. That slut wife of yours is gorgeous, has perfect, large tits, and fucks and sucks like a pro. I have to go home to my doughty, prude wife who doesn't even give blow jobs. Cindy gets glazed, and smiles. My wife would never do that. See you around." And with that, Pete walks out the door.

I smile. I was right. Cindy has ruined Pete's sex life, forever. He will never again be satisfied by his wife. The best he will be able to do is fantasize about Cindy as he fucks his wife. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Jack and Bob are both a little dazed. They are at a loss for words. Finally Jack says, "Alan, Pete's right. You are one lucky son of a bitch. My wife, Kelly, would never do that. But, truth be known, I'd love it if she would. I have fantasized about Kelly fucking another man. Watching Cindy makes me want to watch Kelly do what Cindy just did with Jason and Bill."

Bob looks over at Jack. He laughs and says, "Jack, your wife is hot. Really hot. Maybe tits a little smaller than Cindy has, but a hot body and cute face, just like Cindy. I'd love to fuck Kelly as you watch. What do you say? Just let me know the time and place, and I"ll be there."

Jack looks over at Bob and says, "Bob, I was just kidding, you shit head. No way you'll ever get to fuck Kelly."

We all walk out of the media room. Mike says, "Alan, I know this day wasn't what you, or Cindy, expected. But, it was a great performance. And, your wife made some big bucks."

With that, Mike hands me $22,000 in cash, all hundreds. And he adds, "Alan, I'll get you a copy of that tape in the next few days. No one else will ever see it, other than Karen and me. I'm a man of my word.

I go out and see Cindy standing there. She is still smiling from ear to ear. Cindy comes up to me and says, "Wait till you hear what happened in there. Jason isn't human. You aren't going to believe the story I have to tell you."

I say, "Cindy, Mike and Karen filmed the whole show. Pete, Jack, and Bob sat in Mike's media room with Mike, Karen, and me as we all watched you with Jason and Bill. I mean everything. When Jason glazed you, there was a gasp in the room. Talk about a money shot. In fact, that was a $22,000 money shot!"

Cindy looks a little shocked, but at this point, nothing is really going to shock her. She starts laughing and says, "Alan, I hope you are okay with what your little, slut wife, did today. I know I enjoyed it. I can't wait to see the video."

We head to the car. Get in, and drive home. On the way home I think about Jack and his wife, Kelly. Jack wants to see Kelly fuck another guy... I smile.

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