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Girls Night Out: Part 2

A stranger opens my eyes to new possibilities
My recovery was slow. More alcohol gave a faster remedy by removing the need to cope. I switched to tequila, which I prefer to the whiskey Zoe started me on that night. While we stood near the bar, I noticed a girl watching us and caught her eye. She was a little wisp of a thing, maybe ninety pounds at best with long blonde hair all pulled around and draped over the front of one shoulder. She smiled and came over.

She introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Pixie."

After having a few drinks I was amazed I had the decency not to laugh. "Seriously?"

"No," she said bluntly, "but that's all I give anyone until I decide I want to meet them again."

"Fair enough." We gave her our real names and explained why we were there and the scene we just witnessed involving my wife and a random man on the dance floor.

Pixie was angry for me, too. She said I should enjoy myself now that I was there. Turning to Zoe, she told her that my current distress was her fault. She ordered another tequila and grabbed salt and a slice of lime.

Zoe leaned to me and said, "She's going to let you lick salt off her."

Boy was Zoe wrong. Pixie made herself very clear and told Zoe she owed it to me. Before Zoe could defend herself Pixie dove towards her and licked Zoe's exposed cleavage. It was not difficult as Zoe has enormous breasts for her size. Even in her reasonably modest top she has several inches of visible bust.

Following the dive and lick maneuver, Pixie shook salt over Zoe's slightly damp left breast. "Now, hold this in place," she put the shot of tequila between Zoe's breasts and wedged it down low. Zoe pushed her tits together mainly to avoid spilling tequila down her front. With her tits pushed they looked better than ever. She let Pixie put the lime in her mouth and held it. "Go on," Pixie said, "enjoy this one." Then to Zoe she said, don't let go of the lime, make him suck it in your mouth."

Looking to Zoe, there was a hint of nerves but resolve to carry on. I put my head down and licked the largest breast I have ever touched. Salt I could do without, but I savored the touch of her flesh. Next, I moved down for the tequila. Pixie had pushed it so far down that my face was buried in Zoe's tits before I could grip the glass.

Zoe was only 5'3" but I had heard conversations between the girls that she wore an E cup bra. With my face squeezed between her bundles of joy, I enjoyed it so much I hesitated before pulling the tequila out and tipping my head back. Tequila down, I took the glass in my hand and focused on the lime in Zoe's mouth.

I leaned and opened my mouth around the fruit. The citrus was just right after the salt and tequila. Even better was the sensual touch of soft lips against mine. Arms wrapped around me and I felt Pixie leaning on my back. "Take your time with the lime." While I essentially kissed Zoe with a lime between us, Pixie slipped her hand down my pants. She wasted no time grabbing my dick.

It was the first time since I met Karla that another woman touched my dick. Tonight I had no reason to object. Her fingers worked me to an erection without having to move her hand back and forth. Pixie had skills.

When I stopped kissing Zoe we both stared at each other a while. Then she noticed what Pixie was doing. "Oh, my." I watched Zoe's expression change, it was like she was enjoying herself too much. My eyes caught movement below and it was Pixie again. Only her other hand was rubbing between Zoe's legs.

Pixie pulled her hand out of my pants, which disappointed me slightly. "Follow me," she towed Zoe by the waist of her pants and I followed to a table near the wall. Our new friend hopped on the padded bench seat and slid across still pulling Zoe behind. I went for the opposite side, but Pixie insisted that I slide in next to Zoe.

By the time I sat down, Pixie held Zoe's face in her hands and planted a big kiss on her. I watched the girl seduce my friend in seconds. Pixie hand her hand on Zoe's breast and threw her leg over Zoe's knee to spread her legs. When they broke their kiss Pixie had the biggest grin. She looked at me then back at Zoe, "I think he would enjoy another kiss, too."

Again, I kissed Zoe. It was becoming a surreal night. Pixie was not going to rest just because Zoe and I were kissing. She continued playing with Zoe's breast and then slipped the shirt and bra strap off Zoe's shoulder and continued to rub her now exposed flesh.

Zoe put her tongue in my mouth and I was lost in our kiss. Karla and I still kissed passionately, but kissing someone else was a very different experience and very invigorating. We stopped because Zoe was breathing heavily. I backed away to take in the sight.

Pixie had planted her lips around Zoe's nipple and her hand was working between Zoe's legs which explained her current state of arousal. Allowing Pixie to continue her efforts, Zoe was soon panting. Pixie stopped just to pull her top down over her other shoulder. The neck of her shirt was a bit stretched, but Zoe did not seem to mind. Pixie lifted her second exposed breast with one hand. "For you," she offered it to me.

Zoe's eyes widened. My hands went to her breast and I brought my mouth down to suck her nipple. Trepidation drained away from Zoe as she experienced a mouth on each breast and Pixie's fingers resumed their work with special attention around her clitoris.

It was Pixie who brought up titty fucking by asking if I would like to fuck Zoe's tits. Of course, I did. The idea had crossed my mind more times than I could count in the few years I have known her. For Zoe, a titty fuck was a step too far. Our horny friend tried to bargain. She proposed we find my wife again, since that was why we claimed to be there. We would watch Karla and if she had sex with another man then Zoe should accept a titty fuck.

I think Pixie was as excited by the idea as I was, and we did not really give Zoe a chance to accept or refuse the proposal. Instead, Pixie was helping to straighten out her shirt so we to begin a new search for Karla.

We found a spot on the upper level again, but failed to find Karla or Beth anywhere on the dance floor. Pixie mentioned there are other areas in the club and led us through glass double doors where the bathrooms are located. Beyond them are plain metal double doors which look like they just lead to a storage room.

What they 'store' on the other side is another club entirely. The music was different, and softer, like a normal restaurant. The architectural style was similar with an upper level which was visible through it's glass flooring supported by metal frames.

Zoe made a beeline for the nearest open seats she could spot. There was much more room on this side and we got a table straight across from the bar. I sat opposite Zoe so we could look in different directions. We would be easy to spot if Karla walked by our table.

Pixie went to the bar for drinks while we searched since she did not know Karla. While the atmosphere was different on this side of the club, there was still plenty of overtly sexual activity. I found myself looking up rather than searching effectively for my wife because I could see up all the women's skirts above us.

It was a porn club and the large cover charge felt like a bargain now. I think I would enjoy this club if circumstances were different.

"I think I found her," Zoe's tone was despondent. My heart sank as I turned to Zoe. Her face was tipped back and she was looking directly overhead. Following her gaze, I could hardly believe the view. The first thing I noticed was pussy. A woman was squatting and her dress covered nothing directly below her. There was not much else to look at besides the scuffed bottoms of her shoes. There was some movement above and it soon became clear that the pale woman was giving head to a black man.

As I tried to work out if this was indeed, my wife, I noticed she was not the only woman above us. Just behind the squatting pussy was another black man fucking a white woman whose legs were wrapped around his waist. If the squatter was Karla the other would most likely be Beth. I had never seen women from this angle before and could not identify them for sure.

Drinks appeared before us. Zoe informed Pixie of our suspicions. Pixie took my hand an pulled me out of the booth and across to the bar. Turning and pointing up she asked, "Is that your wife?"

It was much clearer from the bar. Karla was eagerly devouring a large black cock. The man simply watched her pump his shaft with her lips. "Yes," I confirmed, "the one giving a blowjob. The other is her friend, Beth."


Pixie seemed genuinely concerned for me. There was something else in her expression, like she was biting her lip to stop herself from speaking. "What?"

"Just that I have seen them before." She looked away. "I'm not sure how to say this nicely, but your wife, she is..." There was a considerable pause while Pixie chose her words, "very popular."

I said it for her, "My wife is a slut."

I went back to the table for my drink. Pixie changed the subject. "So, Zoe, looks like you will be getting your tits out again."

I had forgotten about that. Zoe began to object to Pixie's declaration. When she saw the smile on my face she stopped. "You really want to do that?" I nodded, trying not to look as excited by the prospect as I felt.

A hand landed on my crotch. Pixie remarked, "Yes, he definitely wants to." Instead of removing her hand, having completed her observation, she continued to hold my dick through my jeans.

The hand in my lap did not distract me from the overhead scene in which my wife was pleasing more than one black dick. Karla stood up only to bend over ninety degrees and take a stiff shaft in each end at once. I have never seen her with any other man before, so surrounded by several and appearing to enjoy double penetration was quite a leap.

It was Pixie whose brilliant plan started making me feel better. She was a devious minx and I was up for trying her idea. Unfortunately, we had to wait for my wife to finish servicing the group of men on the upper level. At one point, I could see the seed of other men running down Karla's leg. Nearly half an hour later, they started to separate and the girls headed back to the other side of the club.

Pixie followed close behind, to see where they went. Beth went on alone while Karla stopped in the ladies room, most likely to wash all the cum from her body. It was just what Pixie wanted and went to the ladies room.

A few minutes later Pixie led Karla into the louder side of the club. Zoe and I gave them some space before following. The plan was to find them in a dark corner we hoped would have enough room for us. Before we got too close to the designated spot we carefully watched to see if Pixie was able to achieve what she intended.

There were too many bodies to see clearly. Eventually, Pixie appeared and waved us over. Zoe was not convinced it was a good idea, but joined us to avoid being left alone. She was getting more attention from guys than she wanted, and a lot of stares at her cleavage.

Karla stood patiently waiting at the table. Her tall heels highlighted the fine tone of her gorgeous legs. It was clear to see how she got attention so easily. The dress barely covered her ass and I already knew there was nothing underneath. The new addition which Pixie acquired from the club was a blindfold around her head.

Standing only a foot away from her, I examined her like jewelery, noting all the sparkling qualities and finding the only flaw to be one that is not visible. The flaw was how many people have worn this particular item.

"He's here," Pixie shouted to Karla and took her hand. Karla could not see me. Pixie told my wife there was a guy who really wanted to fuck her but was keen to keep his identity a secret, afraid she would recognize him. Amazingly, my wife agreed to fuck blindfolded.

My wife must be as easy as they come. She simply said, "Okay, I'm ready," and leaned over the table a bit. Anyone in the world could have been in my position as I dropped my pants and held my dick out. Karla had no idea who was behind her yet she welcomed the touch of my penis between her legs by pushing back against me.

It was the first time I fucked my wife in front of anyone else. Pixie I could deal with because we only met in the club. Other strangers were unusual, but having Zoe there was most awkward. As I took my wife from behind I wanted to know what was going through her mind. Did she care who fucked her?

Did my wife feel sloppy? I was well beyond sloppy seconds, but given what I had seen I could not tell if there really was a difference or if it was simply my imagination. The truth was her pussy felt great even after she had been shared around the club. My hips would not move fast enough. I wanted to fuck her brains out, but Karla took everything I gave her without struggle. She has had plenty of practice, certainly more than me.

Pixie started kissing Zoe and pulled her over so they were right in front of me. The girls whispered back and forth, distracting me from a vigorous slamming session to a more casual bumping of my wife. I nearly stopped completely when Zoe to pulled her own pants down.

"Hey, slut!" Pixie put a hand on Karla's face to let her know she meant her. "Would you lick my pussy while you're at it?"

"Oh," there was no confidence in her voice for once. "I guess I could try."

It was Zoe she put on the table instead of herself. The table was too small for Zoe to lie back easily, leaving Pixie to support her shoulders and head while her heels barely fit on the edge. I put a hand on Karla's head and pushed her down between Zoe's raised knees.

My eyes met Zoe's. Neither of us imagined this would happen in a million years. The change of her expression told me Karla was making an effort. Zoe lost focus. Her glazed eyes drifted and barely saw Pixie come in for another kiss.

Everything I saw, touched or heard turned me on. After a few minutes I was ready to explode. I signaled Pixie that I was ready. We did not want her to recognize my voice so she asked Karla to finish me off with a blowjob.

Karla got into the same squatting position she used with the black men before. The difference this time was that I looked down on her face instead of up at her pussy. More importantly, this time I was a participant, not just an observer. With my hand on her head, I pulled my blindfolded wife closer to my dick. As soon as I touched her lips her tongue came out to greet my dick. She was eager to please.

Zoe was pulling her pants up. Pixie stood behind Karla. It was time. I pulled back just in time to shoot a streak of cum across my wife's face. That was the cue for Pixie to pull the blindfold off.

It took a moment for her eyes to focus. My wife froze, staring up at me. She could not believe it was me. Not a muscle moved as I continued to cum on her face. The plan was working better than I expected. Unloading never felt so good. In over a decade of marriage and dating, I had never been allowed to cum on her face, only a couple minor 'accidents' occurred. Now Karla just let it fall anywhere I aimed. The frozen statue effect was shattered with a direct shot in her left eye. Karla tipped her head to the side and wiped her eye with her hand while I held her hair out to apply the rest of my personal conditioner.

My wife began to apologize and came out with an outrageous, "it's not what you think."

Hearing the panic in her voice was exactly what I needed. My biggest fear was that she would not care how I felt and be happy to leave me. My words just came out, "It is exactly what I think. You are a slut. Any man in the world can fuck you and then you ask who is next."

She said she was sorry again and offered go home with me right then. She was beginning to sound annoying, so I stopped her. "I don't want you to come home with me." She tried to argue, her eyes welled up, but I continued. "See Zoe there?" She turned to see her friend for the first time and her eyes widened. "I want to take her home and have the best titty fuck in the world. You need to stay out for at least another hour?"

Karla was dumbfounded. Zoe was more than a little surprised as well. Karla managed to say, "But she's my friend."

I grinned. "Yeah, I know. How does her pussy taste?"

Again, shock on Karla's face. She looked back at Zoe who sheepishly shrugged her shoulders mouthing a sorry.

Feeling unusually confident, I stuck with our plan. "You can't come home with me now." She wanted to change my mind, but I insisted she stay. "Zoe will take me home and I hope I can convince her to come in for a titty fuck."

Karla had no idea how things got to this point, but was finally shutting up. Then something else popped into my head. Whether it was brilliance or stupidity I cannot decide. "The door will be bolted so you can't get in with your key. If you want me to let you in when you get home you have to do something for me first."

"Okay," she said, "anything you want."

What I told her to do was to stay at the club for at least another hour and get men to cum on her face. I told her I would only let her in the house if she got home still wearing the cum of several men.

Since Karla had always objected to cum on her face, it would be a change for her to not only allow it, but to wear it all the way home. I told her I would take a close look at her when she got home. If there was not enough cum on her face I would not let her come inside until she found someone else to add to it, mentioning a couple neighbors I thought would be willing to help if necessary.

"Okay, Zoe, let's go." I led Zoe out. Not looking back at my wife was a struggle, but I resisted. Pixie hurried to catch up and I invited her to come with us, suggesting she might get to spend the night with Zoe.

As we walked out of the club I decided the night was not as bad as it seemed a short time ago.
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