Giving head was all new to me but I was wanting to

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I layed there as his big black cock hung just above my waiting lips

Reality is I love sucking cock, any time or any place as it is always on the to do list. Problem was that I didn't know anything about sex, much less the art of giving head before my husband came into my life. Coming from a small prudish family, sex just wasn't on the discussion menu.

I left the small innocent family when I met my husband, who was far more versed in sex than I was.

On our honeymoon, I quickly experienced many different satisfaction's from a highly sexual partner. I enjoyed his every lesson, until he placed his cock to my mouth, telling me he wanted me to suck it. I didnt know exactly what he meant, so I hesitated for a moment fearing the unknown.

I had no idea that a woman was to place a penis in her mouth, I thought it was strictly for one purpose. It seemed a bit dirty, but he explained the incredible sensation it gave him. Finally I felt that I could atleast give it a try, since he seemed to really enjoy it.

Revealing to him my lack of experience, he gently walked me through it step by step, or should I say inch by inch. He has a beautiful 9 inch cock with a plum shaped knob which I immediately fell in love with as it satisfied me to no end. 

I was intrigued with the notion of having him place his erect cock between my lips, after all I throughly enjoyed it between my other set of lips.

He walked me through it, step y step with all the patience of an angel.Advising me on how to tongue certain spots, how to suck it into my mouth, and finally how to swallow it around my throat without gagging. I loved feeling the veined texture in my mouth, and rather enjoyed taking his full nut sack in my mouth as I began practicingl the art of sucking cock.

He taught me how to relax and enjoy the feeling of having a hard cock in my mouth, and how to actually enjoy it.

Time went on, and I rather enjoyed the feeling of his cock gliding around my throat, the salty taste of his love juice in my mouth, and the self gratitude I got as I had slowly mastered the art of cock sucking.

I enjoy the spurting of semen in my mouth, as well as on my face so I could feel it oozing towards my waiting tongue. I savored the taste of his thick creamy cum in my mouth, and began wanting to do it more and more.

Polishing the knob was always on my agenda, weither we had intercource or not. I wanted to suck his cock simply because I knew he loved it, and I was enjoying it just as much.

Shortly after our anniversary, I was well on the way to being a master cock sucker, no loner attached to the past notions that oral sex was wrong or dirty. I enjoyed giving head at home, in the car, in private or in even public as I soon learned. The thrill of giving head, and the possibility of being seen by others opened a new realm of sexuality for us.

Within a couple of years, our sex life had evolved in several different areas, as I was enjoying all the first hand teachings of my man. We would go to the adult theaters and engage in oral sex as we watched the action on the screen. We pointed out intresting things such as group sex, anal sex, partner swapping, but I was only I ntrested in giving head. 

In playing I told him I had become partial to the idea of giving head to others, even though I had no experience in that area. In parties we attended, I told him how I became sexually aroused with the notion of giving head to another cock.

I loved it when he tells me to dress up like a street whore so we can meet in a bar or restaurant and pretend I was there to meet another person. Pretending that I could act out my now raging desire to give another man head.

I love the attention my desires were getting, the way he encouraged it, and that's where this story is going.

I always heard that black men have bigger cocks than most, but never seemed to think about it until we were watching this hot porno flick. A blonde woman was giving a blowjob to a dark skinned black man with a cock that seemed so big, I thought it had to be unreal. Her cheeks bulged out as he stuffed his thick sausage into her tiny mouth and I watched as she struggled with the oral assault.

Then I thought about my husband's friend, Frankie, who was a well built black man. I wondered if  he had a huge cock, like the one on the screen? Probably not I thought to myself, after all cameras make everything look bigger than they really are. But could a camera make this much of a difference, as I got excited watching this big black cock in action.

My pussy tingled as I began tweaking my erect clit firmly while watching this monsterous black cock in action. I was captivated by the way he showed no mercy as his big cock fucked her tiny white mouth.

My pussy on the verge of cumming,  I lost control and flooded my hand when the black cock unleashed several huge spurts of thick spunk into her mouth. His load coated her lips and chin as his still hard cock continued plunging down her throat.

For days I found myself day dreaming about giving head to a black man with a cock like a horse. I found my pussy became aroused quickly with the mere thought, as did my bullet shaped nipples. Masturbation was on the daily agenda as I thought about sucking a big black cock, getting myself off over and over as I watched the flick.

One afternoon after purchasing a new Black and Hung movie I was stretched out on the sofa. Totally naked and pleasuring myself to the scenes in the movie; I didn't hear the door open.

"Ah yes" I moaned while frantically fingering my pussy, "your big black cock looks so good, I want to feel one in my mouth" I hollared outloud. Bobbing my head up and down, as if I was the one sucking cock while working my pussy over with my skillful fingers.

My husband stepped forward quietly. He watched as I continued masturbating, watching quietly until I was Cumming all over my hand.

Startling me he said " You like the way that big black cock looks do you?"

Slightly embarrassed I responded, "yes baby, I really do"

"So you think you would like to suck a cock like that some time?"

Still with fingers lodged in my wet pussy I responded again, "yes baby"

"Would you let that black cock have its way with you" he asked me

"Anything Baby" I replied, knowing that we talked about playing like that

"When do you think you would like to suck such a cock like that?" he whispered in my ear

"Anytime Baby" I whimpered  as I took his cock out and closed my eyes, pretending it was the big black one on the screen.

I sucked up and down his hard cock, and then he would teasingly take it from my mouth and dangle it above my lips. I sucked it back into my mouth, as though it was a mighty black cock invading my mouth. My tongue swirled around his very pronounced knob as my lips tenderly sucked it into my mouth as I learned to do so well

I opened my eyes, and saw Frankie above my face as well, stroking his semi hard cock to a full erection. His cock was big, thick meaty and black I thought to my self, as I watched the big knob pop through his massive fist. His nut sack was huge and just as dark as his shaft as I continued to work on my man's healthy cock.

My pussy was quivering as I was there sprawled out naked on the couch, with a big black cock starring at me. A shudder of fear and excitement ran through my body at the same moment, fearing that it was too much for my petite body to handle, but curiosity was even stronger.

Frankie released his grip allowing his lengthy manhood to hang just inches from my curious and wanting mouth. Oh my god I thought, it was no camera trick, there really are cocks that fucking big as I couldn't believe my eyes.

My eyes were fixated on Frankies' enormous black cock, as they both looked down at me with the biggest grins you could imagine.

Frankies' massive fingers replaced my penetrating fingers, as they worked between my slippery wet vaginal lips. His thick dark fingers slowly pressed around my tiny entrance, first one then another until they were buried inside of me.

Frankies' other hand took mine and guided it onto his hardened thick shaft, wrapping my fingers around it. His cock was so thick my hand barely covered half of it as I explored the veined shaft as I slowly stroked it up and down.

Feeling a bit more comfortable, I clutched his huge nut sack which filled my tiny hand and began squeezing his walnut sized balls. Stroking his monstrous cock, I began pulling it closer to my lips until I felt his knob touching my lips

His plum shaped knob felt good as I slowly slid it across my barely parted lips as Frankie moved forward into a full 69 and began licking my labia lips with such expertise.

"Ah yes that feels so good" I moaned when I felt his hot poker tongue flicking my erect clit, rubbing his black snake all over my face. Pulling both hands firmly down on his thick base, I began licking the underside of his shaft as I continued to squeeze it. Again I began rubbing the enormous cock head over my now parted lips, allowing my tongue to swirl the head and dart into the tiny slit.

"Ah Frankie, your cock is so big and so beautiful, I moaned as I felt my pussy about to explode from the tongue lashing it was getting.

His swollen knob glistened like a piece of wet leather, saturated with my salvia all over it as I pressed it between my lips. I was ready for the challenge as I pressed my mouth forward, allowing the entire knob into my tiny orifice.

Frankie responded lifting my leg onto the back of the couch and inserting a third finger into my now well wet asshole. Spreading my swampy wet pussy as he skillfully pushed them in and out both holes.

"Mm" I moaned as his fingers again hit the spot, sending me over the edge..

"Mmmmmm" as I felt my juices flowing between my ass cheeks, to which my husband took the liberty of spreading my ass cheeks as his cock replaced Frankies' finger in my brown eyed hole.

His cock speared my ass, as he pushed it in completely while Frankie took an upright position.

My mouth was filled with black snake as I closed my lips firmly around it and began sucking on the black snake. His cock was so big, my jaws felt the pressure of his size but I didn't care. I could feel the fullness of his thick cock easing towards the back of my throat but I wanted more.

Every time I stopped to get a breath of air, I pressed a bit more of that monster into my mouth as I continued to stroke it with his nut sack in my hand. My asshole was being reamed deeper and deeper as I took as much of his cock as I could, not wanting to choke as I swallowed deeper into my throat.

"You like sucking that big black cock, while I fuck your ass, don't you"? my husband asked

"Mmmhmm" I managed to reply as Frankie began to fuck my mouth with short thrusting motions as my head bobbed up and down.

My husband's cock was pounding my ass deeply as I knew he was enjoying watching me suck his friends big cock. I jammed a finger into my own fiery hole, allowing my finger to feel his cock through the thin dividing skin.

"Mmmmm", yes I was cum ming again as I felt my juices flowing onto my hand

I felt his cock throbbing deeply in my ass, when he buried it fully and began to grind. I felt the hot spurts of his cum hitting my bowels.

"Mm" I replied with a mouth full of massive black sausage, feeling his cum oozing between my ass cheeks.

"Tai, you suck a mean fucking cock" Frankie said as his hip bucking increased. I felt his nut sacking slapping my chin as he fucked my mouth with deliberate thrusts. I was being treated like a slut, fucked in two holes at the same time and loving it.

"Show him how good you can suck a dick Baby" my man announced

"Mmmhmmm" I replied, squeezing his ball and pushing them upwards towards my filled mouth, stretching my mouth open to take a bit more of his mammoth cock.

"That's right Girl, take all you can" Frankie said, as he watched me forcing my lips down his shaft.

"You like that big cock don't you Tai" he asked as I continued to press my lips down further.

"Mmmmhmm" I moaned, frantically trying to get more into my hungry mouth

"Does she swallow" Frankie asked

"Mmmhmmm" I quickly responded by slowly sliding back up to the knob. His slit had more than droplets of pre cum oozing out, as my hand pulled the shaft to the top. My tongue retrieved every sample it offered before I started bobbing up and down the thick veined shaft, going down further each time.

"Oh yeah she swallows, sucks it dry and then tongue bathes it when she's done" my man replied watching as I tooled the monstrous cock in my mouth.

"Do you really want me to cum in your mouth" Frankie asked

"Umhmm" I replied as I could feel his thick shaft pulsating in my throat

"Or would you rather me give you a facial" Frankie inquired in a joking manner

"Ugh uh" I responded pushing my mouth way down his shaft

"Ok then" he replied grabbing the back of my head, and proceeding to fuck my mouth slowly, allowing me the chance to swallow it around into my throat.

"Get Ready" he announced as he knob ventured way down my throat

"UmHmmm" as I felt his cock throbbing, then the spurting sensation deep in my ass as his cock rocked back and forth

"Mm" was all I could muster in a gurgling sound as he slowly began to back his manhood from my mouth. His cum mixed with my salvia created a milky coating all over his cock, and I loved to lick a cock clean

Sucking his swollen knob clean, I began to lick the cum coating from his shaft thinking how his big cock felt in my mouth. Stroking his still semi-hard cock in my hand I wondered how it would feel elsewhere as I took it into my mouth and gave it a few good pumps.

"So what do you think Frankie, does she give a great blow job or what" my man asked?

"She can suck this fucking black cock anytime she likes" he responded with a full smile as he wiggled his snake in my face

"Really" I asked with a full grin of satisfaction on my face.

"Absolutely Baby" my husband responded in a playful tone "yes anytime, and who knows what that might lead to"!

Oh my god, what else might I be allowed to do with that big black cock I thought to myself, recalling how it felt in my mouth..

Frankie kissed me on the cheek and patted my ass on his way out as I savored the taste of his cum in my mouth for a while.

Mmm I thought, my first blowjob, my first big black cock and I was already thinking about the next time.