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Glamour Shots: Chapter 36

Alli teases Dave with more of her sexy photos with the guys.

Seeing the photo of Derek with my wife, his extremely erect cock against her skin, had sparked a white-hot flare of combined jealousy and anger almost instantaneously. Now I was struggling to control it, struggling to apply reason and logic and not do something in a fit of rage, something that would be very uncharacteristic of me. Marci sensed my anger and had the wisdom to say nothing as I drove us out of the parking lot, my fingers aching and my knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel so hard.

It was a little disorienting that I was so very angry so suddenly about Derek, while Jason, on Alli’s opposite side, was in almost exactly the same pose, his cock also brushing against Alli’s hip and stomach, and that fact elicited no such response. It was about Derek, not the pose, I knew that; my innate distrust of him and the fact that our relationship, such as it was, had been adversarial from the start.

Marci managed to maintain her uncharacteristic restraint until she sensed the storm clouds beginning to pass, at which point she touched my arm. “You okay, chief?”

“Not really, no. I’m actually pretty pissed off.”

“Yeah, the fact that you’re doing sixty-eight in a forty mile per hour zone sort of gave it away. Slow down, before I have to give some fat old cop a blowjob to get you out of a very expensive ticket!”

I glanced at the speedometer; she was right, and I slowed down to a more sane speed. “Sorry.” I looked at her. “You’d be okay with a buff, good-looking cop, I assume?”

“If you can guarantee that, go ahead and speed.” She paused, and then put her hand on my arm again. “Dave, I don’t get what it is about the fact that it’s Derek that gets under your skin so bad. I mean, you knew she was posing with naked guys; why is it so different just because it’s him?”

I blew out a long, pent-up breath. “I don’t like the guy, Marce, and more importantly, I don’t trust him. He comes across as being decent and professional, but he’s a snake – and that’s very unfair to actual snakes, to be honest.”

She laughed. “Yeah, he sort of gives me a creepy feeling too, but I may be picking that up from your feelings toward him. Alli is comfortable with him.”

“Maybe too comfortable.”

“Oh, come on! You do trust her, right? We've talked about this."

I nodded. “Yeah, I do, completely.”

“Then whatever Derek does or doesn’t do is pretty much meaningless, isn’t it?”

“I hate it when you get all logical on me. Quit that, would’ja?”

She laughed. “One of us has to keep our head on straight; admittedly, that’s usually you, so maybe it’s my turn this time. Just remind yourself that she’s doing it for a good cause.”

“I do, and frankly I’ve about worn that out as a way of comforting myself.”

She shrugged. “Well then, just remind yourself how much she enjoys doing this. You do like to see her happy, don’t you?”

“You know I do, but reminding myself how much she’s enjoying getting naked with horny guys and fondling various and sundry hard dicks is somewhat less mollifying.” I glanced at her again. “You do get why that would be, right?”

"Mmm, sounds like fun to me, but from your perspective, I suppose it might be a bit disconcerting. You have a great cock, though, so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you."

I felt myself blush. “Ha! Thanks, Marce. I wonder how many guys have co-workers that can say things like that to them with full knowledge of what they speak.”

“Probably more than you’d think.”

“Could be. Hey, when we get back to the office, see if there’s a recent survey or plat map of that office park where Derek’s studio is, and get me a copy of it if there is.”

She looked at me for a moment, her eyes narrowing. “Hmm. This morning you wanted to know all about the lease and the property owner, and this afternoon you’re looking for a survey map. You’re planning something, aren’t you?”

I smiled. “You, young lady, have a very suspicious mind.” I wasn’t at all surprised she’d caught on; Marci is nobody’s fool.

“And you have a very devious one. C’mon, boss, dish.”

“Let me finish my research first. I’m planning on going with you tomorrow when you and Michael go in for your test shots. I want to check out the place, see the layout, and then maybe meet with him after to discuss your contracts. Talk to me after I’ve had a chance to look around.”

“Well, okay, but I know you have something in mind. You know I’ll help you any way I can.”

I reached out and grasped her hand for just a moment. “Thanks, Marce, I appreciate that. You’re a good friend.”

“And a beautiful and talented lover, don’t forget that!”

I laughed. “Who could forget that? You’re all that and more, and I’m lucky to have you.”

“I’m going to write that last bit down and get you to sign it so I can put it in my personnel file; it will be nice to have when it’s time for my next review.”

“You know I rarely sign anything without reading it carefully and making all necessary amendments, right?”

She stuck her tongue out at me, but then grew serious. “You’re not going to be too harsh with Alli about this Derek thing when you get home tonight, are you?”

I glanced at her, then back at the road ahead. “This Derek thing? I think we’ll need to have a talk about Derek’s thing and what he does with it, yes, but I’m not really a harsh kind of guy. Especially not with Allison.”

“Do you really think she’ll be interested in talking when she gets home? She’s gonna be so damn horny that she’s about to jump out of her skin!” She grabbed my phone. “Let me see that picture again… mmm, yeah, I can picture myself spit roasted between those two beautiful cocks!”

“You never cease to amaze me with your modesty and sense of decorum. Can I have my phone back now?”

“In a minute; I need to forward this picture to myself first. I’m pretty sure I can Photoshop myself into Alli’s place… there, that should do it!”

She’d succeeded in making me laugh and lightening my dark mood, a talent which, as much as anything, justified her substantial paycheck. “You know you’ll be in pictures like that soon enough, assuming your test shots go well; no need to fake the photos.”

“Mmm-hmm, except I’m probably just going to put my head on Alli’s body. Damn, that girl has a great bod’!”

“Well, I certainly won’t argue with that, but I would point out that you’re pretty much smokin’ hot too – you know, just to make an observation. I wouldn’t want you to take that as sexual harassment, me being your employer and all.”

She laughed. “Thanks, Dave, but you? From Charlie that would be harassment, but I’ve come to realize that’s his way of saying he likes and accepts you – and that he’s got a boner, of course. You’re such a Boy Scout that you could harass me right out of my panties and I wouldn’t even realize it.”

“Thanks… I think?”

“That’s my subtle way of telling you that anytime you want me out of my panties, just…”

I cut her off. “Never mind, I get the idea. I appreciate it too, believe me, but tempting as that is I think we’ll save that for when the four of us get together again. Of course, now that will be on my mind all afternoon.”

She smiled. “I knew you’d say that. You should see how red you are right now, chief.”

“Not the first time you’ve done that to me, and I hate to admit that it probably won’t be the last. Gosh, look; here we are back at work where we won’t have any more time to continue this fun little chat. Well, darn it all! Good talk, though.”

Marci laughed. “Coward! You know you’ll be seeing me naked tomorrow, right? Michael and Alli too, for that matter, if you come to the studio with us.”

I hadn’t really thought of it in those terms, but she was right. The thought was not at all unappealing. In fact, it gave me a bit of a tingle in the nether regions, though I’m not sure why; it’s not as though anything beyond photography would be involved, and I wasn’t even directly involved in that. My inner voyeur has a way of making itself known, however.

I nodded. “Yeah, I realize that. That’s the real reason I’m going along, you know, another chance to ogle your am-m-m-a-a-a-zing tits.” I stretched it out as crudely as I could and had the satisfaction of seeing Marci turn at least as red as I'd been, although we both started laughing at how utterly out of character it sounded coming from me. We were still smiling and kidding each other as we walked back into the office. As she often does, Marci had succeeded in lifting my mood and helping to distract me from my anger and jealousy. It was still there, just pushed to the back burner.

She went to work tracking down the survey I’d asked for while I reviewed changes on a couple of leases I was working on. The afternoon passed quickly, without any more word – or pictures – from Alli. I thought of her often, and not without some angst, wondering what she was doing at various points throughout the afternoon.

Late in the day, Marci let me know that she’d found a fairly recent survey of the property that included Derek’s studio as well as the surrounding business park, and had ordered a copy. She’s really good… at so many things, as it had turned out. I’d been lucky when I’d hired her, although I preferred to attribute it to my superior interviewing skills, quality training, and expertise at judging people, which was the opinion I usually voiced out loud.

As we were leaving, she trapped me in my office and reminded me not to walk in the door at home wearing my anger and jealousy openly. It was good advice, but something I’d already resolved to try to avoid; the previous evening had been very enjoyable, so I had high hopes for this one despite my inner turmoil. On the way home I thought about it, of course, about the photo that had gotten under my skin, but also about what else Alli had been up to that day, what other sexy poses and situations he might have created for her, and it made me hard.

I felt, sometimes, like I was walking a tightrope. There was a very real possibility that Derek was exactly what he claimed to be, a photographer and an artist simply working on what was, to him, a very meaningful and special project, one for which my wife was his inspiration and muse. If that was true, then my suspicions and jealousy were unfair and possibly destructive; I ran the very real risk of pushing Allison away from me and towards him. She believed him, at least so far, and I knew she was excited and justifiably proud and flattered to have been chosen for his book.

I certainly didn’t want to risk hurting her in any way, or behave as a possessive male, one of that detestable type who thinks their woman is just a shiny bauble, something they own and over whom they can exert control. On the other hand, if he was the snake in the grass that I thought he was, I’d have to be an idiot to not try to do something to protect my wife from him.

There was, of course, a third possibility; it could be that he wasn’t some nefarious plotter, some evil comic book Svengali. He might just be your average, horny guy that would be happy to bounce around between her thighs if the opportunity came along, but who wasn’t directing a high percentage of his energies in that endeavor.

An opportunistic schmuck with a stiff dick in his pants was something Alli could deal with on her own and did on a routine basis; she's a very beautiful, sexy woman, and horndogs hit on women like her on a regular basis. It happened to her quite often and she found it slightly pathetic, but flattering nonetheless. She knew a hundred ways to turn them down gently, but could also be quite forceful if the situation demanded.

Then again, if he really was just some opportunistic clown trying to get in her pants he’d made the job much simpler by getting both her and himself out of their respective pants right from the start. That and the fact that they were each undeniably and visibly (thanks to their nudity) aroused by the other certainly served to remove a lot of the usual societal barriers. Quite an involved and intricate plan just to nail a woman, I'll admit, but Alli was certainly worth that kind of effort!

Pulling into our garage I shook my head and uttered a small, rueful laugh, frustrated by my own anxiety and uncertainty. I knew one thing for sure, and that was that we were going to talk about the photo of Derek and his hard cock against Alli’s body, leaking cum on her skin. That was way beyond anything we’d signed up for. I walked in the door calm but resolute, determined to be fair and open-minded but ready to set some firm boundaries.

As it turns out, even the strongest resolve crumbles to dust when one is met just feet inside of one’s door by a very naked, very aroused Allison. From her tousled hair to her smoky eyes, from her full lips to her flushed throat and chest, and from her very hard, erect nipples to her smooth, wet pussy she was every straight man’s wet dream - and I am only human, after all.

Just in case the visual wasn’t enough to utterly nuke my determination and shatter my will, she immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and began to fondle me with one hand while her other worked my zipper down. As she fished my already-tingling cock and balls out of my open fly, she looked up at me.

“At last - I thought you’d never get here! I’m so fucking horny I’m about to die.”

“Uh, yeah, I could sort of sense that. You didn’t start without me…?”

She shook her head, her eyes focused on my cock as she began to stroke me. “No, but if you’d been five minutes later all bets would have been off.” Further conversation became impossible as she took my still-flaccid but rapidly thickening cock into her mouth, engulfing me to the base, the tip of her tongue coming out to flick at my balls.

She was still able to moan, and I was capable of a bit of groaning myself, but neither of us could form words. My cock hardened rapidly in the warmth and wetness of her mouth, a sensation she claims to enjoy as much as I do, and soon she was sliding her lips up and down my rock-hard shaft, occasionally teasing around the crown with her tongue or lightly grazing me with her teeth. Somehow it sounds very, very wrong to refer to your wife as an incredibly talented cocksucker, even if it’s entirely accurate, so I didn’t say it out loud. Still, I couldn’t help but notice… and appreciate the fact!

I closed my eyes and focused for a moment on the sensation of her soft, warm lips sliding up and down my hard shaft. “Mmm, damn, that feels amazing! Whoever said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach aimed several inches too high.”

She let me slip from her lips with a small slurping sound as she vacuumed up her own saliva and my precum, which was flowing already, and smiled up at me. “I was pretty sure you’d enjoy it, and I knew I would.” She stroked my wet cock with her hand, squeezing me in her fist, and continued, “You got very hard, very fast! You must have enjoyed the pictures I sent, huh?”

The image of Derek’s cock against her body flashed into my mind unbidden, sending an odd little thrill of combined arousal and jealousy through me. “Uh, yeah, you could say that. I absolutely love your outfit too, so that’s a factor. Listen, we need to talk about the one photo…”

"That will have to wait for later because I know my mouth is going to be busy for awhile, and I'm very much hoping that yours will too."

That sounded entirely wonderful to me; the discussion of boundaries would have to wait. She rose to her feet and kissed me, her lips slightly swollen and slick with her saliva and my own arousal. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, my hands dropping to cup her ass as we kissed. I love the feel of her pressed against me, my erection trapped between us, and of her fine, firm bottom in my hands in that position. I squeezed her cheeks before slipping my fingers beneath the curve of her ass and gently parting her sex.

She was sopping, dripping wet, her pussy hot and slick. I let my fingertip explore her opening, venturing just barely inside, her body unmistakably aroused and ready. In fact… “You feel incredibly wet! You’re practically dripping, like someone – or several someones – already came in you!” Again, that thrill of arousal and jealousy. I’d have to examine that disconcerting phenomenon later, on my own.

“Mmm, I know, but as much fun as that sounds, it didn’t happen; it’s all me. I’m just really, really horny, like I said.”

"You're sure? ‘Cause if I'm going to be licking around down there like I'm planning to…”

“Yes, I’m sure! I’d be the first to know, wouldn’t I?”

“I guess. Second, at worst. I just wanted to be sure.” I continued to play with her hot, wet pussy, and she parted her legs and thrust her ass out slightly to give me better access.

“You don’t seem to mind ‘licking around down there’ as you put it, after you come in me.”

"That's different! It's one thing to go there after myself, but totally different if it was some other guy."

She kissed me again, sticking her cum-slick tongue, coated with my leakage, into my mouth. “You like the way you taste, huh?”

"You and me together, actually. It's not really the taste, though; it's more the illicit nature of it and the way it turns you on."

"Mmm, I see; you did a very thorough cleanup after Michael came in me too if I recall."

For reasons I can’t explain, that made me blush, but the recollection also sent a jolt of arousal straight to my groin. “Yeah, that was different too.”

She laughed. "No doubt! It sure made you hard, though."

"Not any harder than I am right now." It was true; I was as hard as a rock, her lips, hands, and the feel of her horny pussy everything I needed to thoroughly arouse me. “Look, you’re the one that said our mouths were going to be too busy to talk, so are we going to talk or finish what we started?”

I manipulated her hard little clit with my fingertips and she gasped, pushing her ass back against my hand for more, grinding her wet sex into my palm.

"Ohh, God! Finish, definitely, but you still have way too many clothes on." She released my dick and began to tug frantically at my belt and shirt buttons. Between the two of us we soon had me stripped down to the same state of undress as her, and she led me to the couch using a firm grip on my balls. She could have just as easily led me by my very erect and convenient handle – it’s not as though I was going to make an escape attempt – but I guess she figured that I’d go anywhere my balls were going. She was right about that!

I tried to pull her onto the sofa with me, but she had other ideas. She had me lie down and then straddled my face, reverse-cowgirl style, and lowered her ready sex to my eager mouth. She was hot and wet and slick and delicious, and I lapped and licked and sucked at her slippery bits as she ground her lovely pussy against my lips.

She was leaning forward, one hand squeezing and tugging on my balls while the other did long, slow strokes on my raging erection as I enjoyed her wet treat. She was close to coming, I could tell, and I had a feeling that she was looking to achieve that before she again took me into her mouth. That was fine with me, and I did my best to push her to that goal, flicking my tongue between her wet lips, teasing her clit, alternating with pushing my tongue as far as I could into her. She was crying out with arousal, her body shuddering, and when I knew her orgasm was imminent I sucked her clit, hood and all, between my lips and tongued it. She came, hard and loud, grinding her pussy hard against my face as she did.

I held her there and tongued her mercilessly as she came, her juices like a wave into my mouth. It was all her, she’d been right about that, all her own sweet honey with no trace of semen. Not that I hadn’t believed her, but now I was absolutely sure, and I lapped it up like a starving puppy.

As her orgasm began to pass she fell forward and took me into her wet and willing mouth, still squeezing and fondling my balls. I’d sort of been expecting that, but it still jolted me closer to my own orgasm, and moments later, when she pushed a wet, slippery finger into my ass and prodded my aching prostate, it was like she’d flipped a switch and I gushed into her mouth almost instantly.

I groaned and bucked upwards involuntarily, her surprise attack on my ass causing me to thrust into her mouth as I spurted helplessly. I heard her gag slightly as I pushed too deep, but she rode it like a trooper, somehow avoiding coughing a mouthful of cum all over us.

She came again as I pumped away into her mouth, small moans around my cock and then her thighs tightening around my head, deafening me, but announcing her own orgasm. I hope hers was intense and profound because I know mine was, and her finger milking my prostate seemed to make it go on and on, the spasms and intense sensations continuing long after I was sure I’d pumped myself dry.

I groaned and twitched as she withdrew her finger and let me slip from her lips simultaneously, so many nerve endings involved at once that it was almost more than I could stand… but in a good way! As her legs relaxed, releasing her grip on my head and restoring my hearing, I heard her swallow twice and then cough before she spoke.

“Good lord! I thought I was the hyper-horny one, but you nearly drowned me! I thought you’d never stop squirting, even after my mouth was totally full.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. For future reference, that finger up the tush is a great move when you want a total gusher. Damn, that was intense!”

She laughed. “Fast, too! So you liked that, huh?”

“You couldn’t tell? Yeah, it was intense and fast and you totally emptied my tank, I think, but you came very fast and very wet too. You know, before you start acting too smug.”

She rose carefully off me and reversed field so that we were no longer head-to-groin, nestling into my arms for a hug. We kissed, and I tasted my cum and felt its slippery texture on her lips and tongue; I’m sure she tasted herself on me as well. It’s a good combination, our blended flavors. I enjoyed it, and I think she did too as she deepened and lengthened our kiss, our tongues exploring and savoring each other.

When we broke the kiss, she said, “I wasn’t looking for an apology; sometimes a quickie is just the ticket. Not that I’d want a steady diet of Mr. Speedy, but that was very much what I needed.”

“Me too, apparently, although I may not have realized it ahead of time.”

“Well, I knew it ahead of time, that’s for sure! I was so damn horny driving home and then waiting for you was torture. I don’t know how I held off ‘til you got here.”

I nuzzled her hair, and she turned her head for another kiss. She still tasted of cum, and her breath was thick with the earthy scent of our sex. “I’m glad you waited for me so that we both had that same sense of urgency, but if you hadn’t gone spelunking there so suddenly, I think I could have lasted quite a bit longer.”

“I didn’t need you to last longer – in fact, I needed to feel you coming in my mouth. I think I would have come from that alone, the sensation of you spurting and throbbing in my mouth, even if you hadn’t been doing all of your tricks on my pussy. I just really wanted to feel and taste you; I needed a hard cock in my mouth, so it was perfect.”

I sighed contentedly. “It was, for sure!”

We lay there quietly for awhile, just holding each other and basking in the relaxed, peaceful afterglow. Ruby came over and rested her head on the edge of the sofa for a few scratches, pats, and love-words before lying down alongside us, happy the family was together. My hand found Alli's breast and cupped it naturally, my thumb gently grazing over her nipple, seemingly of its own accord.

I felt a small shudder run through her. “Mmm, that feels delicious, but if you keep it up I’m going to need more sex - lots more sex, and your cock has the ‘temporarily out of order’ sign hung on it.”

I laughed softly. “If that’s supposed to be a threat, it’s not terribly intimidating. I have a million other ways to tease and delight you, any one of which will tide you over while my batteries recharge.” I paused, thinking about how she had spent her day, and then went on, “Are you always going to come home from these sessions like this, so incredibly horny?”

She nodded. “I think maybe so, yeah; is that going to be a problem?”

“Not for me, no. In fact, I much prefer for you to come home horny rather than satisfied and worn out, or filled with cum.”

“Davey! What a horrible thing to say!” She sat up and looked down at me, her eyes serious and filled with hurt. “I’d never do that! I love you too much, and you’re my only guy; you know that, right?”

I tried to smooth things over, but I was still plagued with doubt. “I do, and I know you wouldn’t. Still, you must be very tempted sometimes. Touching each other, those big, hard cocks in your hands, fingers touching you, stroking, and the heat of each other’s bodies… That has to be very difficult to resist, right? In such close contact, day after day…”

“It’s only been a couple of days! You make it sound like I’ve been doing this for weeks.”

“No, I know. Look, babe, I can see in the photos how aroused you are, and those cocks look like they could go off at any moment, those guys are so turned on. It just seems like you’d have to be very tempted, all of you, while doing that kind of stuff.”

She paused and thought about it for a moment, her thoughts turning inward; I know her well enough that I could see her mulling over the best way to answer, the gears turning in her head. It seemed that she decided that brutal honesty was the best route; it probably was, although not the easiest.

“I think we are, Davey; I know I’m tempted, at least, and if their degree of arousal is any indication, both Jason and Derek were too. But temptation can be resisted, and we’re simply not doing that kind of thing. It’s not what he wants for his book, for his dream project, and he’s very focused, very disciplined about that. He wants erotic, not pornographic; I wouldn’t have signed on for porn.”

“Yeah, I get that, and I’m glad he’s not trying to talk you into shooting any porn crap now that he’s got you, but off camera, between shots, what’s to stop you? You’re incredibly horny, and those two guys are a couple of blue-balled, walking erections just looking for a warm, wet place to call home. It seems like an easy set-up for getting laid.”

She sighed in frustration. “I can’t believe you’re still so worried about this! What’s to stop me? Seriously? How about the fact that I love and adore you, and would never, ever do anything to hurt you? Isn’t that enough?”

I felt a little ashamed about my suspicions now; hard not to when she says something like that! Each time it came to this point, however, it came back to the same equation; I love her, I trust her, I know she loves me, but I can’t get past the fact that I simply do not trust Derek. I had the unshakable sense that he’d try everything in his power to fuck her at some point, no matter how long it took him to get her to lower her guard.

It was my turn to sigh. “I know, babe, and I believe that. Really I do, and I love you the same and would never hurt you. It keeps coming back to Derek. I hate that guy!”

“You hate him? That’s pretty strong! I thought you two sort of hit it off.”

I snorted. “Hit it off? In the sense that we each acknowledge the other’s goals and desires and are warily circling each other, two alpha males, each looking for an opportunity to leap in and disembowel or emasculate the other and make off with the prize, sure. That’s you, by the way; the prize.”

She laughed. “That’s awful! You definitely have to win, then, because I like your bowels and your balls just fine right where they are.”

“Sort of fond of that situation myself, actually. It’s a whatchacallit, a metaphor; I’m trying to beat him by making sure he knows that I know what he’s trying to do while I take as much of his money as I can, all while being careful to cover your ass for you. Not easy to do, by the way, when you’re hanging around him, both of you naked, his cock all hard and leaky and your ass all dripping wet and ready for it.”


“Sshhh, I’m still working on my metaphor here. In the meanwhile, while I’m trying to fend him off and break him, he’s trying to cull you from the herd by displaying his sexual attributes to get you so hot you can’t resist his advances. Trust me, if you ever turn and flash your pouty, slippery little pussy at him during the course of that little mating ritual, he’ll be on you like a duck on a June bug... and a pretty well-hung duck, at that.”

She laughed. “That’s so silly! Where do you come up with these ideas, not to mention such a ridiculous metaphor?”

“Oh, I wonder! Maybe from a picture of him rubbing his cock on you and leaking cum all over your skin, you think? Was he marking you as his territory, or what?”

“Oh, that! Maybe I shouldn’t have sent you that picture until I had a chance to explain.”

“It was sort of self-explanatory, wasn’t it? He was so aroused he was oozing cum, making sure he rubbed it all over you, and I know you well enough to know that you were dripping wet. I know how you respond to that.”

She responded with a sigh, reaching down to fondle my limp cock as she replied. “You’ll understand better when you look at some of the other photos from today. But yes, I was very horny, and yes, it was partly because both Derek and Jason so obviously were. That’s a very arousing situation, and you’d be just as bad if it was you posing with two horny women.”

She was probably right. I begrudgingly acknowledged her point. “Yeah, maybe, but that’s different.”

She laughed. “Oh, really? How is it different?”

“I don’t know, it just is.”

“Oh, well, as long as you have an unbreakable argument like that, what more can I say?”

I smiled at her response as I cupped her breast and softly stroked her hard nipple. “I knew you’d see it my way. The point is, it’s not me and it won’t be; it’s you, and it’s ongoing.”

“Davey, we knew all that going in, right?”

“Well, sure, but not in so much detail. For example, how much did you fondle these two guys to get them so fucking horny? What went on beforehand that all three of you are so aroused?”

“That’s what I was going to tell you. That shot that you’re obsessing about was a ‘before’ shot, shortly after we started shooting.”

“A ‘before’ shot? Before what, exactly?”

“Anything, really.” She turned in my arms so that she could look me in the eye. “Derek had thought of a couple of poses he wanted me to do with Jason, some things he hadn’t done the previous day. We posed for those, neither of us particularly aroused. Jason was totally limp and dangly, although he started to get noticeably thicker and longer as we posed, but when Derek had what he wanted and stripped down to join us, he was rock-hard and huge already! It was weird, actually, how hard he was.”

“Really? Why, I wonder… just from photographing you and Jason?”

“I don’t know, but it was sticking up like a flagpole – I mean rigid! I kind of felt sorry for him.”

I snorted. “Huh! Yeah, that pitiful little thing; how embarrassing.”

She giggled. “No, not that. It was really quite impressive, but I felt bad because he seemed a little embarrassed about it, and he really looked miserable, like he desperately needed relief.”

“He probably was a little embarrassed. You and Jason were naked and touching and dealing with it like pros, and the guy that’s the pro is sporting a woody like some horny schoolboy. You didn’t fall for the old ‘ blue balls/need relief’ pity-play, I hope?”

“No, of course not, but I don’t think it was a ruse. You saw how he was leaking precum, and that picture was only a few minutes later. For whatever reason, he was hugely hard, and I’m sure it was genuine arousal.”

“Oh, I have no doubt it’s real arousal; I didn’t figure he’d had it starched. The question is, what was going on in his head?”

“Something very arousing and erotic, apparently,” she laughed. “You saw the picture.”

“Yeah, apparently; involving you, I feel certain.”

“Or maybe Jason. Derek is openly bi, remember.”

“Or so he says.”

She laughed again. "Oh no, he definitely is, trust me!" That caught my attention, but when I expected her to elaborate she put me off. "You'll understand more in a few minutes when we look at the stuff they sent home with me today."

“If you say so.” I frowned. “Hey, here’s a question for you; how does he take all these pictures when he’s in them? That can’t be easy.”

"It is, really. He has a tiny remote in his hand – usually, his right hand – that works two cameras on tripods, and he has Jen working around us with a hand-held. He tells her what to shoot, but he gives her a lot of freedom to shoot away on her own too. Digital is cheap, after all.”

I nodded. “Quite a system. It gives him a lot of frames to go through, I guess.”

She nodded, “It does, but he says he weeds them down mercilessly.”

“So did he send us everything today, or is this after the weeding process?”

She shrugged. “He had Jen put some together for me, so I have no idea. My guess is she didn’t include everything, but no way it’s narrowed down to just what he’ll consider for his book. After all, there might only be one or two shots from the whole day that make the final cut.”

“Wow! I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re probably right. He’ll have to be very selective for that.”

"Yup, he will. I have the file all set up on my laptop if you want to look at what she sent – or would you rather eat first?"

It was a little early for dinner, and truthfully, I wanted to see the pictures, my strong voyeurism fetish kicking in; funny how I wanted to look, even though a huge part of me didn’t want to see Alli and Derek together. It was sort of like a little thrill of arousal and a stab in the gut all at the same time.

I sighed. “Why don’t we look at some for now, and we can always pause it for supper if we get hungry? Unless you’re hungry, now, of course.”

She smiled. “I just had a very tasty snack, all warm and creamy and straight from the source. I’m good for now if you are.”

“I’m good. Might as well roll ‘em, huh?”

She agreed and sat up long enough to move her computer over on the coffee table so that it would be right in front of us, then tapped a few buttons, starting the photo frames in a slow slide show as we’d done the day before. She snuggled back into my arms, our bodies spooned together, her warm ass nestled into my groin against my limp cock as the first photo came up on the screen.

It was an interesting shot, and one I’m sure Alli had enjoyed posing for. She stood facing the lens, Derek on her right and Jason on her left, and had her hands full of balls. Derek’s substantial scrotum was cupped in her right hand, Jason’s heavy sack in her left, and it was clear that she was supporting the weight of the four large testicles as there was no sag whatsoever to the elastic skin of their respective nutbags.

They were each looking down at her hand under their balls, undisguised pleasure on their faces, and Allison had a small, playful smile on her lips – sort of the way I’d imagine someone would look if, as they say, they had the world by the balls. She only had two good-looking, well-hung guys by the balls, not the world, but she seemed to be enjoying it. They obviously were too, of course, each of them enormously, rigidly erect, their cocks thick and upright above her hands.

I had my arms around her, my hand cupping her breast much the same way she was holding their balls, and I gently moved my thumb over her nipple, which felt as hard as her nipples appeared in the photo. “You look like you’re enjoying that. All of you do, for that matter, judging by all of the hard nipples, cocks, etcetera.”

She laughed. “I think we all were, and I know I was. That was surprisingly arousing, holding their boys that way. That’s a lot of balls!”

“Mmm-hmm; four, to be exact, unless I’m missing something.”

“Four big, warm, heavily loaded balls! It felt very sexy, just uber-masculine, which was fun. Jen took that shot, and the fact that she led off our set with it tells me that she liked it too.”

“She was probably jealous. You should have let her grab a handful – Derek’s, preferably.”

“Nope, their nuts were mine… and besides, someone had to take the picture!”

“I suppose. Did you feel like a squirrel, gathering nuts for the winter?”

She smiled and wriggled her butt into my groin; it felt very nice, and I noticed a stirring down below. “I think squirrels gather nuts in their cheek pouches, don’t they? There’s no way I could have fit those all in my mouth, not that it wouldn’t have been fun to try!”

“Never mind! Next?”

As if on voice command, the slide rolled forward to the next. This image was similar, their big balls resting in her palms and her fingers curled up behind their heavy sacks, but Derek had turned toward her slightly and their expressions were different, Alli’s one of pure arousal, Derek’s eyes studying her, and Jason, eyes closed, appearing to enjoy having his junk fondled. Then again, who wouldn’t?

Derek had placed his arm across her shoulders and his hand hung in front of her, his fingertips brushing the top of her breast. Jason still had one arm at his side, as he’d had in the previous shot, but his other was now reaching out, behind Alli – unquestionably in the right spot to be cupping her left ass cheek, maybe even with his fingertips touching her sex.

While the last shot had looked more playful, this one looked like three intensely aroused people enjoying the tactile sensations that their hands and bodies were sensing. I could easily see that my wife was aroused, and Derek's cock was positively straining it was so erect, the veins on his long shaft bulging and the head swelled huge, so engorged it was almost purple. Jason’s cock was larger and stiffer too, arching back toward his belly, his foreskin so far retracted that it looked almost stretched taut. Even though these were all still shots, it seemed like I could almost see his pulse in his erection.

“Fuck…” I couldn’t stop it, the word just escaped, muttered under my breath.

Alli turned her head and looked up at me. “You don’t like it?”

“No, it’s…” I paused to collect my thoughts. “It’s not that I don’t like it, although I will note that Derek never misses an opportunity to touch you; it’s just an extremely erotic shot, is all. To me, at least. All three of you look like if someone breathed on you heavily you’d come right there on the spot.”

“Mmm, I think we might have. We were all pretty turned on by then, and Derek’s cock was throbbing, almost like those spasms you have when you come. My fingers were touching the base of his cock, up behind his balls, and I could feel the spasms each time he tightened up. It was… very arousing.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet. If he’s going for arousing shots in his book, he’ll almost have to use this one. That’s my unqualified opinion, anyway. Good lord!” I was hard now, achingly so, and Alli ground her ass against my stiff cock.

“It feels like you like looking at that picture almost as much as I liked being in it.”

“I told you I found it very arousing.”

“True. But you didn’t have to tell me; I could feel you getting hard. That’s pretty fast after that huge load you gave me just a little while ago!”

“Yeah, I’m a stud. What can I say, I’m just a sex machine; but then, you know that.” I reached down and guided my hard cock between her legs where it could nestle between her pussy lips instead of her ass cheeks – not that between her sweet cheeks wasn’t a great spot, but her pussy was so hot and slippery!

She moved her hips, sliding her sex against the hardness of my shaft but making no effort to slip me inside of her. That was fine with me, a great position for some hands-free foreplay that allowed me to continue holding her breasts. “Babe, can I ask you something?”

“Of course! I have a rule that any man with my boobs in his hands and his cock in my pussy can ask me anything.”

“Good rule. In that shot, does Jason have his fingers in your pussy?

“Mmm, yes and no. He doesn’t have his fingers inside of me, but he did have them between my lips and was softly stroking my inner lips, which were so slippery and wet that I think he didn’t even realize what he was doing. He was just doing what comes naturally.”

“Jesus…!” My cock throbbed, and she noticed.

“It feels like you liked that idea.”

"No, I hate that idea, but for some reason, it's incredibly arousing.”

“It was to me too, but it’s a part of it. We knew that I’d be touching them and they’d be touching me; them touching me is just less obvious because I don’t have anything sticking out in front of me like you guys do. You can easily see my hands on them but you’d only see them touching me in certain positions.”

“I suppose – but then, if it doesn’t show in the photos, why do it?”

“I’m holding his balls, so him touching me is sort of a normal response… but mostly because it feels good, I suppose.”

“To you, or to him?”

“Both, I would assume. I know it felt good to me!”

“Did he, uh… did he make you come?”

“No,” Inexplicably I felt mildly disappointed, which was disconcerting, but then she went on, “but he could have if I had just relaxed and let it happen. He could have very easily, but I wouldn’t let my mind go there. An orgasm in front of them would have been very embarrassing, and there was no way I could have hidden it! It would have been a really good one.”

“Babe, for some reason that’s very, very hot. If you had come I guarantee that Derek would have too, and maybe even Jason. They both look totally ready to burst.”

She laughed. “Wouldn’t that have been fun! A cum chain-reaction, jizz everywhere, me writhing and moaning, their cocks spurting, those big balls in my hands, pumping away…”

She reached down and guided my cock into her sex, which yielded deliciously before closing tightly around me as I thrust deep. She moaned, pushed back against me, and came, her ass crushed to my balls. I held myself tense and still as her pussy contracted on me, willing myself not to join her in orgasm, and somehow managed to avoid release.

When she’d finished, her orgasm running its course, she melted back against me. “Mmm, that felt so good! Did you come too?”

“No, but almost. You did your best to tip me over the edge, but I managed to hold out.”

She wriggled her butt, sliding herself against the thickness of my cock filling her. “You should have let go and come. We can keep playing even if you do; that’s why we have fingers and tongues and things.”

"Fingers and tongues, yes; if I'd come a second time so close to the first, I think the ‘things' would have been out of commission for awhile."

The screen had rotated through several shots as we’d been otherwise engaged, all variations on the theme of the three of them playing and fondling one another and each with Derek’s cock as hard and erect as I’d ever seen anyone get. As we looked at it another shot faded out and was replaced by the next, and Alli laughed.

“Oh, I was hoping that Jen had put this one in there! Those guys were hilarious when I did that.”

The “that” she was referring to was grabbing a handful of loose flesh at the top of each of their scrotums, above their dangling testicles, and forming a tight fist around it. This forced their big balls down into the bottom of the sack and stretched that skin tightly around each of their swollen orbs. It looked almost painful, but probably wasn’t, and it sharply defined all four fat nuts against the taut scrotal skin below her fists.

Derek had his head back, eyes closed, and was biting his lower lip, either in pain or pleasure – I couldn’t tell which - while Jason was leaning forward slightly and staring down at what she was doing to him, a comical, concerned look on his face. Their cocks were straining skyward, so it didn’t seem to have adversely affected their arousal in any way. In addition, this was the first shot I’d noticed where Derek’s copious leakage of precum was obvious in the image, a glistening trickle of clear, viscous fluid trailing down his shaft.

I shook my head. “You did that on your own, without him telling you to?”

“Yeah, it was an ad lib. They were both warm and hanging down real heavy, at the bottom of their sacks, so I grabbed between and squeezed. Jen was laughing too, but she kept shooting.”

“Did that hurt them?”

“No, I didn’t squeeze that hard! Jason was clowning like it did, but I think Derek enjoyed it; he probably wanted me to squeeze harder.”

“Yeah, looks like. He’s leaking a lot at this point, did you notice?”

"Yeah, I noticed. Both here and when it was live, for that matter. When you do that I just lean in and lick it up, and you'd be amazed how close I came to just doing that when I saw it! It just seemed natural to catch it, but I didn't."

The screen darkened and then lit up with the next shot; it was the one that had caused all of my angst, Derek’s aroused cock against Alli’s hip, his precum smeared all over her hip and tummy and his cock sliding in his own slick.

She reached out and tapped a button, pausing on that picture. Before I could say anything, she said, “This was the shot I sent you, the one that you were upset about.”

“Yeah, it is. You understand why, right?”

She shrugged in my arms, a movement which made her wiggle just a little bit on my cock, which was still inside of her. “I guess, yeah, because he’s getting his stuff all over me. But you do that too when you get really aroused, and you can’t help it any more than he can. It’s just like me getting wet when I’m horny; it’s natural.”

“I’m sure, and I can’t fault him for leaking; it happens. My problem comes from him smearing his cum on you; there was no need for him to do that. That’s why God gave us Kleenex.”

She laughed. “Well, God hadn’t left any nearby. Here’s a secret for you, though; I liked it. It’s one of the things that made me so horny today – something you’re reaping the benefit of, I might point out!” She pointed it out by moving her hips, sliding her tight pussy on my aching, rigid cock.

“You liked him cumming on you?”

“He didn’t cum on me! He was just leaking a bit, and yes, I liked it. It’s very sexy knowing he was that aroused, and it felt very slippery and nice on my skin. He was so hard it was amazing.”

“I can see that. He looks like he’s about to come any second. Funny that he started out that way; I’d have figured he’d want the shots to build up to that point, all three of you starting out as normal as possible and then getting aroused together, so the pictures tell a story.”

“Well, remember that he might only use a shot or two, not tell a ‘whole story', as you put it, but that's what I started to tell you earlier; we did it in reverse since he was so uncontrollably aroused. We shot the horny, aroused shots first and then did the flaccid, dangly ones later, once everyone had settled down some.”

“I find it tough to believe he ever settled down, the way that thing looks! Did he go jerk off or something?”

“No fair! I was waiting for it to come up in the pictures, to surprise you!”

“So he did, and got pictures of himself whacking it?” I was incredulous; it didn’t sound like anything they’d bargained for. I could understand why he might have to do that, in order to lose the raging erection and continue with the session, but he should have done it privately. Before I could go postal about it, Alli cut me off.

“No, he didn’t jerk off! But what did happen was the reason that I so desperately wanted your cock in my mouth. It made me very horny and I wanted to taste you – and just for that, I’m not telling you! You’ll have to wait for the photos to roll around.”

"Mmm, as long as I'm inside that tight little pussy of yours, I don't mind the waiting. You can start the slide show again." As she reached out to do so, I said, "That shot, though, with him leaking on you, Marci really liked it. As a matter of fact, she and Michael liked all of them, but he never saw that one. He was gone by the time you sent it."

She paused before clicking the button to advance the photos and looked over her shoulder at me. “You showed those to them? Unbelievable! I sent those for you, not so you could share them!”

“Well… we were all at lunch together.”

“Still! Those are private, at least until some are published. I can’t believe you showed those to our friends; that’s embarrassing.”

“Umm, babe? If I could point out a couple things; first, you’ve had sex with Michael, with me and Marci watching. Second, tomorrow they will be there with you, naked and posing for pictures. If showing them the ones you sent embarrasses you, tomorrow is going to be a very rough day.”

She thought about that for a moment and then laughed. "Good point – or points, I guess. I was being pretty silly. Yeah, there’s not much of me that Michael and Marci haven’t seen, is there?”

“Or touched, or tasted, or been inside of… but no, they know both of us pretty intimately.”

“That should be fun tomorrow, working with them. I wonder what Derek will have us doing?”

“He’s a creative guy, I’m sure he’ll think of something. The main thing is it won’t be him pawing at you and cumming on you.”

“Nope, it will be Michael instead. I wonder if I can make him come while we’re posing...”

“What?” I wasn’t sure I’d heard right, the suggestion was so off the wall.

“I think I’m going to try to make Mikey lose control and come. That would be fun… maybe I can rub on him, tease him a little, keep touching and fondling that huge cock of his.”

The mental image of her doing that was sending jolts of arousal to my cock, still buried inside of her, and it was apparently working on her too, because she was pumping her hips, fucking herself on me as she spoke.

“That would embarrass the hell out of him; you know that, right?”

“But ultimately he’d enjoy it, and I know I would. Hey, you know, maybe we should have them over tomorrow night, after the test shots and after you’ve had a chance to work your magic on Derek for them. We could cook out on the grill and then maybe play for awhile. I’m betting we’ll all be pretty horny.”

I thought about the fact that I’d likely be there for at least part of the shoot, watching Alli, Marci, and Michael – and possibly Jason and/or Derek – doing all of their modeling for the camera. It appealed to my voyeuristic nature, and the idea of getting together with Marci and Michael again, to play, watch, and be watched sent a surge of excitement through me.

“That sounds good to me. It might be fun, if you don’t wear him out too badly during the day.” We were fucking more actively now, moving against each other, and Alli reached out and started the rotation of photos again, banishing the offending image from the screen.

We were both watching it as we fucked, watching images of Allison fondling and stroking the two extremely aroused men, her own arousal evident both on the screen and in my arms. She was moaning and slamming back against me and my cock was straining and ready, my orgasm imminent. The computer advanced from an image of Derek’s big cock clutched in Alli’s hand, his stream of clear precum trailing down his shaft and across the backs of her fingers, and lit up with a shot of him standing ramrod straight, his cock deep in a warm, wet mouth, his eyes closed as he enjoyed a long-awaited release.

In front of him, on his knees, was Jason, with Derek’s cock in his mouth. He had one muscular hand wrapped around Derek’s thick shaft and the other squeezing his balls as a long stream of pearly cum escaped his lips, running down his chin and dripping onto his chest. Jason was rigid with arousal as well, obviously enjoying what he was doing, enjoying the other man spurting into his mouth. Any doubts I might have had about either of them being bisexual were instantly dispelled; their pleasure was too obvious and too intense for it to be anything else.

Alli was coming then, as we looked at it, and she cried out, “That’s it! That’s the reason I needed your cock in my mouth so badly… we watched them doing that, me and Jen and Will, and it was so fucking hot! I could almost taste it, and feel him coming… Ohh, fuck yes, coming… come with me… Ohh, my god!"

I did, of course. There was no holding back at that point, and I thrust deeply into her and let loose, feeling her tight pussy squeezing me, demanding my all.




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