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Glamour Shots: Chapter 37

Alli gets her friends involved in erotic photography.

I came hard and huge, thrusting into Alli as deeply as possible. Of the same mind, she pushed her ass back against my groin, trapping my balls between us as her hot pussy tightened and clutched at my spurting cock. I had my arm around her and was squeezing her breast, pinching her nipple harder than I probably should have, but she didn’t object. I think we were both so wrapped up in the sensation of our respective orgasms that any pain from my crushed balls or her pinched nipple was irrelevant, masked by pleasure.

Her orgasm rolled on slightly longer than my own, as they tend to do, and I made hard, demanding little thrusts as she rode it out, my orgasm spent but my cock still hard and deep inside, my lower belly slapping into her ass each time. She grunted or cried out with each mini-thrust of my cock into her depths, a staccato, “Uh, unh, fuck, unh, god, yes, unh, uh, fuck, fuck, yesss… ohh yes, yesss!”

It was erotic and exhilarating to hear her come so powerfully, to know that I could do all that for her just by knowing what she liked and what buttons to push. When I felt her go rigid, her fingernails digging into my thigh, it told me she'd reached the end, that last powerful rush as her orgasm coalesced and burst, and I held myself deep once again, flexing my pelvic muscles to make my cock swell and strain inside of her. She’s told me that she can feel that, and loves it… and, honestly, it feels pretty damn sweet to me too!

She went limp in my arms moments later, done, and I held her as my cock slowly joined her in that limp, enervated condition. We were both breathing heavily, from the arousal as much as the exertion, but I still heard her gasp when my mostly-flaccid penis slid out of her tight grip. I felt the warmth of our fluids escape her and trickle between us, coating our skin in a slick of our own making, and I slipped a hand between, coating my fingers with a generous amount of cum and using them to tease and tickle her tight little rosebud.

She tensed and tightened, which forced more cum out of her. “God, Davey, don’t! As much fun as it would be to have you play with my ass, I’m pretty sure I’m done for now.”

“Only pretty sure? That sounds like you’re wavering.” I pushed a fingertip slightly into her, just the very tip.

“Ohhh! No, stop! I’m done, totally done. I’m sure.”

She moaned again as I pulled away.

“Okay, I’ll show mercy just this once, as long as you’re sure.”

“I’m sure, although if you’d have kept on I’d have probably kept coming.”

I ran my fingertip lightly across her tight little star a few times, intentionally teasing. “So you’re saying you’re not totally sure?”


“Careful, or you might get what you’re asking for.”

“I’m not! Stop, please?”

“If you insist. I’m more than done, as my shrunken little noodle will attest, so I suppose it’s only fair that I give you a break too.”

“Thank you! That was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Very, and it felt good too.” I cupped her breast, politely resisting the temptation to play with her hypersensitive nipple. “A guy can really work up an appetite keeping a horny girl like you satisfied.”

She laughed softly. “Is that a hint?”

“Sorry if that was too subtle; yes, I’m starving. Are you as hungry as I am?”

“Well, you did provide that sweet little creamy appetizer earlier, and apparently it worked because my appetite is just fine. What sounds good?”

“We had pizza last night, and I suspect that your buddy Nathan isn’t quite over that traumatic visit, so we can pass on that. You want to go get something, or whip up something here?”

“You could do hot dogs or burgers on the grill, or I could slap together a couple of omelets. We wouldn’t have to get dressed if we just ate here.”

“I’d need some pants, at least, to cook on the grill; the evenings are still a bit chilly, and, you know, neighbors. I don’t mind cooking weenies, but I’m not eager to show mine to the neighbors.”

Alli giggled. “Good point. I don’t want all of the wives after you and all of the husbands getting jealous.”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. So, grilled wieners it is?”

“Sure, why not.” She wriggled her butt against my tuckered-out penis. “Not this one, though; don’t stand too close to the flames.”

“Yeah, guys are born knowing that. It became an instinct about twenty minutes after man discovered fire. They used to run around naked back then, you know.”

“Really? Damn, I was born about a million years too late.”

“A few million, actually, but bear in mind that cave-girl salons used to have to do full-body waxing, not just pussies and legs; they were a hairy folk back then, from what I understand.”

“Oh, ouch! Okay, I stand corrected. I’ll stay in the present, thank you.”

“Thought you might, what with refrigeration, running water, flush toilets and all; speaking of which, let’s go get cleaned up.”

We did, and I slipped on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and went out and lit the grill. While I grilled the hot dogs, Alli put together a couple of side dishes and got drinks and condiments together. Nothing gourmet, but a quick and easy late dinner, convenient since we’d whiled away the evening looking at photos and making love.

As we ate we talked about her day more than anything, and about the photos. I was curious about the very graphic shots of Jason blowing Derek, as it had been my understanding that he was not looking for anything that explicit. Allison hastened to reassure me.

“Oh, no, of course not! Those won’t go in the book. Jennifer pretty much shot those just because the situation presented itself, she was enjoying it, and Derek didn’t tell her to stop. Pretty hot, huh?”

“To be perfectly honest it’s not exactly my cup of cum. You seemed to enjoy it, though, and I fed off your energy.”

“Yeah, I thought it was incredibly hot; so did Jen and Will.”

I laughed. “Oh, I could tell you did! Why is that, I wonder? Did you know you liked gay male porn?”

“No! And it’s not gay…”

I cut her off. “I beg to differ. One guy sucking another off is gay – and that’s fine, as far as that goes; whatever floats their boat… or boats, as the case may be. But the photos of the two of them going at it, those are gay.”

“But they’re both bi, not gay.”

“Sure, and that’s somewhat apparent when you’re in the picture too, but there’s no bi aspect to those images, just the two of them; you know they’re bi because you know them, but the casual viewer would be thinking gay, gay, all the way.”

She laughed. “I suppose you’re right, damn it! Still, I thought it was a very erotic thing to see.”

“That’s the part that amazes me.”

“Why? You like seeing two women together, right?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, to some extent, but women are beautiful and sexy. I do like seeing mixed couples better, however.”

“Me too, but this was very interesting and arousing, and men’s bodies are as sexy to me as women's are to you. Maybe it was because it was so different from what I’m used to seeing, and it was right there, live and real.”

“That makes sense, I can understand that aspect; something new and different in the world of sex, at least to you. Really, though, it’s just one person giving another a blowjob. What about that turned you on so much?”

She thought about that for a moment, frowning, before saying, “I guess if I could put my finger on any one thing…”

I laughed, cutting her off. “If you’d have just asked, I’m sure they would have let you put your fingers on a couple of things!”

She shook her head, laughing. “Do you want an answer or not?”

“Yeah, just teasing you; I’ll shut up now.”

“That would be refreshing.” She stuck her tongue out at me. “Okay, as I was saying, I think I found it so arousing because I know and like both of them, and they were so obviously into it and enjoying each other – and like I said, it was live and in person, not just a video!”

“Oh yeah? You liked that, huh?”

“Oh, my God! Derek was so turned on, and he had his hands on Jason’s shoulders or head as he thrust into his mouth. He was so aroused his knees were shaking, and Jason’s gorgeous cock was hard as a rock and standing straight up the whole time; he was loving having Derek’s cock in his mouth and playing with his balls. It was all incredibly hot!”

“And apparently it was contagious, judging by your response.” I didn’t mention that it was still contagious; listening to Alli talk about how aroused she’d been, I was once again rigidly erect.

“Very! It wasn’t just me, though. Jen was turned on too, and Will had a serious tent going on in his pants. Between shots, Jen kept reaching over and groping him, and he was blushing and trying to push her hands away. Poor kid.”

“Kid? I thought you said he was twenty-ish.”

“Chronologically, yes, but emotionally he’s a babe in the woods with this bunch. Very naïve and innocent; I think Derek likes that about him.”

“Still, he may have been embarrassed by all of it, but he obviously wasn’t hating it too much or he would have walked away, right?”

She smiled softly, a trace of sympathy in her tone as she said, “He probably wishes he had, now. Jen made him come in his pants with all her fondling.”

“Oh, jeez. Well, yeah, that would be pretty humiliating.”

“I’ve never seen anyone turn quite that shade of red; huge wet spot on the front of his khakis, huge. He must have really unloaded!”

“In that case, you’re right about the ‘poor kid’ part. Bet it felt good though.”

She giggled. “Judging by his moans I’d have to agree. Is that all you guys think about, that as long as you can get your rocks off it doesn’t matter where, when, or how embarrassing it is?”

“Of course not, don’t be silly! It probably constitutes less than ninety-eight percent of what we think about. Certainly, less than ninety-nine percent. Still, off-loading a big shot like that in your pants, in front of several people… I hope for his sake that it felt really good. Why didn’t he run for cover and ditch his drawers before it soaked through?”

“You’d have to ask him, but I suspect he didn’t want to miss seeing Derek come in Jason’s mouth, and by then he had a wet stain the size of a saucer.”

I nodded sympathetically. “Tough to miss that! His choice, though. I can’t believe you didn’t take matters into your own hands too, as horny as you apparently were.”

“You think I should have rubbed one off right there in front of everyone? Unbelievable!”

“I didn’t say I thought you should have; I said I’m surprised you didn’t.”

“Well, I didn’t. I brought all my horniness home for you, just like I promised. I think that worked out rather well, don’t you?”

“Hmm, let me think…” I pretended that I was trying to remember the glorious naked greeting and immediate blowjob that had greeted my arrival, which, of course, I’d never forget. “Oh yeah! That was when you were buck naked and had my dick in your mouth by the time the door closed, right? I sort of recall something along those lines.”


I laughed. “Seriously, though, that was amazing. I didn’t even have to waste any time on foreplay.”

“You consider foreplay with me a waste of time?”

“Um, I may have phrased that badly.”

“Yeah, you may have. Care to try again?”

“Not really; I believe that when one is this deep in a hole, one should stop digging. Should we go check out the last of the pictures? Maybe this time we can waste a little time on foreplay.”

She laughed. “You’re living dangerously for a guy that likes to put his dick so close to my very sharp teeth.”

“You know me; I live for danger. C’mon, hot pants, let’s go play.”

We went with that plan. The remaining pictures were more of the same at first, except that Jen had snuck a candid shot of poor Will, a large, dark stain on the crotch of his khakis. He was young-looking, tall and slender, and he wore his hair cut short and dark horn-rimmed glasses. He looked ‘bookish’, if I had to choose a single word to describe him, and if he was as inexperienced and nerdish as he appeared he’d probably been mortified.

On the other hand, he was there, obviously enjoying watching handsome, well-endowed men and beautiful, sexy women at play, and one of them had helped him get his rocks off – and he was getting paid for the privilege! He probably thought he’d died and gone to heaven. With a big, wet cum stain on his pants. No telling what St. Peter at the Pearly Gates might have said about that, but I suspect he’d have understood and let him in.

As we went along there was less of Derek and more of Jason and Alli, which for some reason eased my mind. Judging by Jason’s state of arousal, Derek had not reciprocated on the blowjob. I don’t know how long it took to shoot the remaining shots, but Jason remained extremely engorged, rigidly erect the entire time, often with one or both of Allison’s hands on him. Not that Alli didn’t have the power to keep him in that condition, but I began to suspect that he might have had a chemical assist.

A shot came up that showed them tangled together on a short, light-colored sofa, Alli’s lithe lower back and perfect ass toward the camera, her body twisted to show maximum side-boob. I knew that her nipple was jutting and hard with arousal, but I was taking that on faith and my knowledge of my wife’s body, because Jason had his lips locked over that delightful pink peak, the remainder of her breast squeezed in his muscular hand. His leg was between hers and tight against her sex, her aroused pussy undoubtedly leaving wet streaks on his powerful quads.

Allison loves having her sensitive nipples sucked and licked, and I knew that having a sexy stud like Jason between her legs and attached to her nipple, his cock thick and rigid against her thigh, must have had her at peak arousal.

I looked at her and found her staring intently at the screen, a look of pure lust on her face. “If I were a betting man, I’d bet that you enjoyed the fuck out of that.”

Alli sighed. “Mmm-hmm. That’s a sucker bet.”

I laughed. “Cute; I get it!”

She giggled. “Unintentional pun, but yeah, that too. That was another big contributor to me jumping your bones when you walked in the door.”

“Then I guess I can’t be too upset about him sucking your boob, huh? Was he just posing, or was he actually sucking and taking advantage of the situation?”

“Oh no, he was definitely sucking on my nipple! He’s good at it too. Can I tell you something without you getting upset?”

“You should realize that’s a poor opening gambit for pretty much anything you want to say, but sure, I guess; I’ll try, anyway.”

“I came when he did that.”

It was quick and blunt, and I stared at her, but in truth, I was more surprised that she’d admitted it than I was that she’d had an orgasm; I know my wife, and I know that she’s a very sexual creature. That pose, especially with her arousal heightened after a day of erotic posing and then watching Jason blow Derek, would have been very powerful for her. It would not have taken a lot to send her tumbling over the cliff.

“Huh! Well, gosh… I’m really not sure what to say about that.”

“Are you upset?”

“No, I’m... Well, uh, no, not upset I guess, not really. Not even especially surprised, if you want the truth.”

“Really? Boy, I sure was! I knew I was very horny, but when I felt that rush and knew it was going to happen I was shocked!”

“Did it feel good?”

“What do you think?”

I laughed softly. “Yeah, that was a silly question, wasn’t it? Did everyone know you came?”

“Well, Jason sure did, because I was grinding my pussy on his leg. I didn’t think Derek and Jen knew, but look.” She nodded at the screen.

The next shot had rolled up, and it was a picture of Alli, her face and neck filling most of the frame, Jason’s head at her breast blurred in the near background. The look on her face was pure rapture, the height of orgasm, eyes closed, her lips puffy and parted so that her mouth was open just a little, as though gasping for breath, her head thrown back as a powerful orgasm held her in thrall. Her hair hung down long and thick behind her but all her attention was focused inward, on the pure sexual pleasure rippling through her body.

To me, it was perhaps the most beautiful and erotic shot yet, out of all the erotic shots we’d seen, and I had no doubt that Derek had known exactly what he was capturing. I also knew with a sick little thrill of certainty that this shot would be in his book, a shot of my wife in the midst of a powerful orgasm with another man, her pleasure glorious and unmistakable.

“God. You’re so beautiful.”

She kissed me. “Thank you. You’re not mad?”

“Mad? No, not mad. It just happened, right? Something that was in the moment, or of the moment. I’m insanely jealous, I’ll admit, but not mad. It’s really an incredible shot, intensely erotic. You know that one will be in the book for sure.”

She kissed me again. “Unless I say no. I have veto power, remember?”

“Would you veto that shot?”

“If you asked me to, yes.”

“It’s a very powerful shot, incredibly arousing. There is no way you could have faked that look; anyone that sees it will know you were having an orgasm.”

“Does that mean you want me to yank it?”

I… um, wait; are we still talking about the photo?”

She laughed, then grabbed my cock, which was rigid with arousal and very much wanting her attention. “Well, I was, but if you’d like something else yanked just say so.”

“Not yanked, I guess, but fondled would be nice.”

“How does one fondle a photo?”

I smiled. “Okay, now I’m definitely not talking about the photo. And yes, by all means, fondle - or yank, but gently – to your heart’s content. And about the photo, no, don’t veto it. It’s an incredibly erotic shot and you’re gorgeous. He needs to publish it – okay, now that we’ve settled that, get busy fondling!”

She did, and that led to other things which are probably apparent by now, and by the time we trailed off to bed, satisfied, drained, cum-soaked and exhausted, it was all we could do to climb the stairs.

We slept the way you can only after a night like that - or when heavily sedated - and when I woke up, Alli was already in the shower. I stretched and luxuriated for just a few seconds, the bed to myself other than Ruby by my feet, then decided to join Alli in the shower. Unfortunately, I heard her shut the water off before I could get there, so apparently, she’d been up for a while.

Still, I had a bursting bladder – and the accompanying morning wood that it brings – so I headed on into the bathroom, my dick rigid and staring perversely at the ceiling. Alli looked up from toweling her hair when I walked in, giggling at the sight of my soldier standing firmly at attention.

“If you’re thinking about using that for anything other than a hat rack, forget it; I just washed about a gallon of dried cum off me, and I need to get ready for today’s shoot.”

I grumbled, “Good morning to you too – and yes, I am planning to use it, but for its other intended purpose. Unfortunately, the toilet is not mounted on the ceiling.”

She laughed. “Yeah, that does seem to be a rather serious design flaw in the male anatomy. I do enjoy the look, though. Hey, maybe we could mount a trapeze over the bowl and you could hang by your knees; then it would be pointing the right direction, at least.”

“You’re full of helpful suggestions… or at least you’re full of something. I’m going to take a pass on the trapeze, though. Thanks anyway.” I proceeded to try to get my dick pointing in a useful direction; Archimedes would have admired the way the principle of leverage worked as my efforts to force my cock down lifted my heels off the floor.

“Why are you so grouchy this morning?”

“I’m not. Well, okay, maybe a little. I was headed in to do a little soapy slide and tickle with you, but I was too late.” I had my cock at a more-or-less useful angle by then and was trying to work up a stream, not the easiest thing with a raging hard-on. Alli tossed her towel on the sink and crossed to me, her warm, soft hand slipping between my legs to squeeze my balls and remove any thought of draining the tank from my mind. Her other hand wrapped around my rigid pole and began to stroke me, and I groaned.

“Mmm, damn, babe. That feels amazing, but it’s not getting me any closer to where I need to be on the peeing front.”

“Want me to stop?”

“Not at all – but yes, you’d better.”

“I could make you come; then it would go soft and solve your problem.”

“You could. You know it takes me a long time when I’m like this though, right? And you’re in a hurry.” It’s incredibly intense for me to have an orgasm when I have a full bladder, a different and almost painful, but very enjoyable, sensation, but it does tend to take a very long time, extending the agony.

She thought about that for a moment, and then released me, my cock even harder and more upright than it had been. “You’re right, but hold that thought; I promise to make it up to you tonight.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” I resumed trying to get the angle, now more difficult than before. “Jeez, babe! I may have to get in the shower and just let it rip in there at this point, thanks to you. Down is not an option.”

“You’re scrubbing the shower if you do!”

I didn’t, and I eventually succeeded in finding relief from the one issue, although not from the other one she’d created. “You know, holding the thought and you making it up to me tonight sounds good, but there’s a flaw in that plan too. We were talking about getting together with Marci and Michael again tonight, remember?”

“Oh yeah! Well, I’m sure Marci won’t be upset if you save it for her, and I can write you an IOU for a later date.”

“Sounds like a double win to me, even if I do end up with a case of blue balls today.”

She smiled as she wrapped her towel around her hair. “You know you should always buy a six-pack first to see if you like it before you invest in a whole case – and anyway, there is absolutely no way you can have blue balls today after the way we drained those babies last night!”

“That’s a valid point. By this evening though, especially if I hang around and watch you pose…”

She flowed into my arms and kissed me. “Are you going to do that?”

“I don’t know. If you were posing with Derek, probably not. That wouldn’t be a good idea, but if you and Michael and Marci are posing I might.”

“Oh, I hope you do! That would be fun, having you there.”

“It wouldn’t make you self-conscious?” She shook her head, and I shrugged. “Maybe I will, then. We’ll see.”

She grinned. “Cool! Hey, you reminded me, I need to go call them and remind them to go commando today.”

I stared at her and she giggled. “Lines – the tight elastic on undies and things like bra straps will leave marks on their skin. They need to go commando and not wear anything too tight so they aren’t all marked up; especially Marci, with her creamy skin.”

“Is that why you’ve been running around bare-assed so much – you know, under your dresses?”

“Mmm-hmm, mostly. That, and being horny all the time. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, you know me; I love the hard nipple look, which that enhances, and being able to slide my hand up your leg and find nothing but you is always fun. Marci’s boobs are going to bounce around very nicely with no bra, so that should be enjoyable.”

Alli giggled. “You’re such a hound! Then again, if Michael doesn’t wear some very baggy pants, that could be very interesting too. You remember that time we stopped at their house and he’d just gotten out of the shower? He pulled on a pair of sweats to come to the door, and I swear, it looked like he had a live python in there.”

“Huh… I don’t recall that. I must not have noticed.”

“Give me a break! You called my attention to it!”

“I did? Why would I do a stupid thing like that?”

“Oh, my guess is because you knew damn well it would make me horny to see the outline of that big cock.”

“Did it work?”

“Magnificently - as, of course, you knew it would – but now I need to go call them and hope they’re not dressed yet.”

She left on that errand and I hopped in the shower. Thirty minutes later we were finishing up a bite of breakfast and preparing to leave. I had to run by the office for a little while, and when Alli had reached Marci, she had indicated that she was planning to stop in too, to check on something a client had emailed her about.

We touched and teased a bit more before we went in opposite directions, Allison leaving me hot and hard while I’d checked on her commando status and found her delightfully wet, aroused and naked beneath her dress. The outfit she’d chosen was a soft, simple dress in a blue floral challis, the skirt hanging in gentle folds to mid-thigh. It wasn’t particularly revealing, and the floral pattern camouflaged the prominent nubs of her hard nipples, but it was a somewhat windy, gusty day; it had the potential to be quite revealing without a moment’s notice.

I ran a finger between her folds, enjoying the warm, smooth, slippery creaminess of her aroused sex. “Mmm, I do love the way that feels, and if the wind does its tricks with your skirt the rest of the town will love the way it looks.”

She laughed. “I’m only stopping for coffee, and I’ll be careful. Wouldn’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure!”

“I think you might get a blue ribbon for extremely decent exposure instead, to be honest. I know you’d get a round of applause, at least!” She smiled, and I went on, “I’ll be over a little later, maybe around nine-thirty or so. Try to behave, okay?”

“That would take all the fun out of it! Marci and Michael are supposed to get there around nine, so you won’t miss much; I’ll probably get there closer to eight-thirty or so, try to get a feel for what we’re doing today.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get many a feel before the day is over, just be careful who feels who. Love you, babe!”

“Love you too – don’t get all wrapped up in work and forget to come to the studio, okay?”

“I promise.” I kissed her and we parted ways. I was early getting to work and there were only a few cars in the lot. I started a pot of coffee before going to my office, and then double-checked my calendar before digging into work, making sure that I was going to be okay with skipping out for the day.

As always, Marci had done flawless work and my calendar was clear, the only files on my desk those on which I needed to do a quick review of minor changes and perhaps make a call or two to maintain forward progress. I was halfway through the stack and barreling along when I heard familiar voices and looked up to see my brilliant and sexy blonde sidekick, Michael in tow, approaching my door.

I waited until they entered before speaking. “Hi, guys; I was starting to wonder if I’d see you here today. You’re headed to Derek’s studio, right?”

Michael gave me a small wave as Marci responded, “Yeah, we are, but we left early so I could check on you. I wanted to make sure that nothing had cropped up that was going to keep you here.”

I shrugged, looking at my mostly bare desk. “No, I think I’ll be fine. As always, you done good, Marce.”

She smiled. “Don’t forget to check your email; I forwarded that one to you, and there are a couple of attachments that you need to look over on the Peterson deal, but I think it’s all good – shouldn’t take you but a few minutes.”

“Thanks.” I leaned back in my chair and looked at them. Marci, like Allison, was dressed in a very pretty but demure dress; cotton, I think, pink and green floral on a white background. It flared nicely from her hips in soft pleats to just above her knees, and fit more closely in the middle and bodice portions, though still by no means snug.

Her breasts swayed enticingly with each movement, the nubs of her large, obviously erect nipples showing from time to time as they moved against the thin fabric. She was Beaver Cleaver’s mom, with a touch of wanton slut thrown in for good measure to beguile poor Ward. It reminded me of an old joke.

“Hey, Marce, you know what the dirtiest line ever uttered on TV in the fifties was?”

“That was before my time, boss.”

“Mine too; just play along for once, would’ja?”

“Okay, I’ll bite. What was it?”

“It was, ‘Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night’. You know, on account of you doing your best slutty June Cleaver imitation today.”

She laughed. “That’s pitiful, especially for so early in the morning.”

Michael frowned. “I don’t get it; is that some special kind of white folks’ humor or something?”

I started to explain. “No, there was a show on back then called ‘Leave it to Beaver’, about this suburban couple that had two sons, one nicknamed Beaver, and…”

Marci interrupted me. “He’s yanking your chain, Dave; he watches the old reruns of that show all the time.”

“Oh.” I looked at him. “Seriously, you watch that stuff?”

“Yeah, man. It’s kind of an idealized version of America, right? No blacks, no Mexicans, no gays, dad in a suit and tie and mom in a dress and pearls as they all sit down to dinner together… a chicken in every pot and a car in every driveway.”


He laughed. “Still yanking your chain, Dave. You’re not all that sharp first thing in the morning, are you?”

I shook my head ruefully. “I guess not. Blame Allison; she drained me of all energy and the ability to think straight last night – probably the way you’ll feel tomorrow morning if the pattern holds true.”

He smiled and waggled his eyebrows. “We can only hope. You know, one thing I do like about that show is that the kids had friends named shit like Lumpy and Whitey. That’s truth in advertising right there; you don’t see enough white boys nicknamed ‘Whitey’ these days – easy one to remember. I don’t know what the story was on Lumpy, though.”

“I hate to think; it’s not a particularly flattering nickname, is it?” I looked him up and down and couldn’t help but notice the pronounced bulge of his cock through the thin gray knit of the pants he wore. “Speaking of lumpy, you’re looking a little lumpier than usual today.”

He groaned, and Marci laughed. “He’s already very self-conscious about it, Dave, so I’m sure that’s very helpful.”

Michael agreed. “Yeah, big help. I think this is all probably just a cruel trick your wife is playing on us… shit, I don’t have anything except these that I can wear without my briefs and still not leave any marks on me.”

“These” were an old pair of worn, loose-fitting, gray workout pants with a drawstring waist. As pajamas or around the house they would probably be very comfortable and work just fine; in public, thanks mostly to Michael’s generous endowment, they were obscene. I could see the bulge of his big balls, the entire long, curving ridge of his cock and the outline of the plum-sized head quite clearly. Michael usually wore boxer briefs to keep things contained and somewhat concealed, regular boxers if he wanted to hang loose; in these, every time he moved it looked like he had a large ferret living in his pants.

“Yeah, dude, those are a little revealing. Are you trolling for sluts?”

Marci laughed. “He’d better not be, but it would definitely work. Did you notice the pendulum effect as we were coming up the hall?”

I shook my head. “Believe it or not, Marce, with you bouncing and wiggling right alongside him I didn’t even give him a glance – no offense, bro’.”

He laughed. “None taken. I’d actually be a little worried about you if you were eyeballing me with this luscious piece of cheesecake right there.”

She smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Thanks, babe. Well, I guess we’d better get going. Are you sure there’s nothing you need, Dave?”

I thought for a moment before shaking my head. “Not that I know of. Nothing new has come in, and you’ve already set me up with the stuff I need to look over. You kids run along, get naked and have fun. Give Alli a hug for me, and I’ll try to get over there as soon as I can.”

They turned to leave, but as they went through the door Michael raised the back of Marci’s skirt, exposing her soft, round, bare bottom. She laughed and gave it a nice shimmy for my benefit, and I leaned back in my chair, grinning as I admired that tasty morsel.

I settled into my work, thinking how fortunate we were to have friends like Michael and Marci. Easy going, laid-back, fun-loving friends who also happened to both be very sexually attractive and open-minded; I think we were exploring and broadening each other’s horizons as much as anything, which was very exciting, but in a manner much simpler and more comfortable than if we’d hooked up with strangers, or especially a couple with a lot of prior experience. We were all a bit tentative but very trusting of each other as we began to explore the partner-swapping lifestyle, and that seemed to work very well for us.

I got wrapped up in pending deals and time slipped by; it was after nine forty-five when I remembered that I’d intended to be at Derek’s studio by nine thirty, so I quickly cleared my desk and headed out. Pulling into his parking lot fifteen minutes later, my real estate reflex kicked in as I admired the beautiful landscaping and façade that had been installed when the building was converted from retail warehouse to professional studio. It had always been a nice site, but now it was a very attractive and valuable property, Class-A business space instead of just another mundane building.

As I approached the front door, set in a wall of tall windows, I had to pass a soothing, bubbling water feature, a blue rectangular pool with three jets of crystalline water spouting in a line down the middle. I grinned when I saw the inevitable litter of coins on the bottom of the shallow fountain, wondering again at the compulsion some have to throw money into water whenever they see it. I could only hope they didn’t live near a lake or river.

The beautifully appointed lobby was deserted when I entered, but I heard a faint chime in the back and within seconds a young man appeared. Even without the huge cum stain on his slacks, I recognized him from the photos as Will, Derek’s young assistant.

He looked at me inquisitively. “May I help you, sir?”

“Probably, yeah. I’m Dave Baxter, Allison’s husband.”

He grinned. “Oh, of course! She said you were going to be stopping by. Did you want to go on back? They were shooting, but I think they’re about to take a break.”

I nodded. “That was the plan, yeah. I thought I’d hang around for a while and try to get a chance to speak with Derek at some point.”

“Well, I don’t know anything about that; you’ll need to speak to Jennifer or Mr. Chambers about it, but I can show you to the studio where everyone is.” As he turned to lead me back, he paused to say, “I’m Will, by the way, one of Mr. Chambers’ assistants.”

We shook hands. “Alli’s mentioned you, Will; she says you’re always very kind and helpful.” I couldn’t get the image of him with the saucer-sized cum stain on his pants, his face beet red, out of my mind.

He smiled and blushed slightly. “She’s amazing! She’s always so sweet to everyone, and she’s so beautiful.”

Alli had obviously worked her unique magic on him; he was smitten. I grinned. “How about that; we’ve barely met and already we agree on something.”

He laughed as he led the way down a hall at the back of the lobby, and I followed. I couldn’t help but notice that everything was top-flight, from paint choices and furnishings on through the flawless, subdued indirect lighting and selection of decorator accoutrements, each piece subtly advancing the sense of artistry in form and function. I had a hunch that Derek had made most of the choices himself, but if he’d hired a decorator, he’d hired a very accomplished one.

Although the floors appeared to be marble, or possibly very good faux-marble, our footsteps were somehow muted by the furnishings and artwork and were barely audible above the low rush of air from the vents above. As we passed a heavy wooden door marked ‘Studio A’ I couldn’t help but be impressed by the overall sense of quality and loving attention Derek had lavished on his business; it was one of those places where you feel like you should whisper, even though there was absolutely no reason to.

At the door marked ‘Studio B’, he paused for a moment to knock softly before entering. I could only assume that he’d been instructed to avoid sudden startling sounds or movements which might distract either models or photographer while they were working, but it turned out he needn’t have worried, as they were indeed taking a break – or at least the models were.

Derek was totally involved doing something with a tripod-mounted camera while his other assistant, Jennifer, was moving a light and swapping out a parasol-shaped octagonal reflector for a larger square one. Alli, Marci, and Michael were off to one side, chatting and drinking from coffee mugs. Allison and Marci were stark naked and seemingly unconcerned about that fact, while Michael had wrapped a towel around his waist, apparently suffering from an attack of modesty.

Marci saw me first. “Hey, boss, you made it! Get naked and join the party.”

I laughed as I crossed to them, Will following me. “Thanks, Marce, but I don’t think so. I do like that outfit even better than the one you wore to work this morning though. It fits you perfectly!” To my surprise, Marci blushed slightly and did a bit of a bashful sideways turn; perhaps she wasn’t quite as comfortable in her nudity as I’d thought.

Alli, however, was. She stepped forward and engulfed me in one of those full-body hugs she does so well, utterly comfortable in naught but her skin. I couldn’t detect the slightest trace of embarrassment, shyness or modesty in her look or her actions, which I found astonishing.

It was difficult to believe that this was the same woman who had previously been so modest that even something that showed off much of her cleavage was almost too daring for her; the same woman who, only a few months ago, had been so very hesitant about posing for even the simple, comparatively chaste glamour shots that had started this whole adventure! Now here she was in a room with half a dozen other people, several of them men, completely at ease in her nakedness.

It was jarring to me to see it in person, even though I’d sort of assumed she was at this stage by now, and it left me with a sense of dissonance, as though maybe I didn’t really know this person in the way I was so certain I did. Still, a naked hug from Alli is one of life’s great pleasures, and my hands, on autopilot, dropped to her ass as they always do in this position.

She whispered into my ear, “Don’t squeeze too hard or you’ll leave handprints.”

I knew she didn’t want my handprints showing on her ass – and that Derek wouldn’t be too happy if they had to wait for them to fade – but it still sort of bugged me; after all, this was my perfect little ass we were talking about, not his! I cupped her round, firm bottom instead, letting my fingers wander low and between, and even without parting her lips I could sense her moist heat.

She pushed me away. “Don’t start. I’m already having a hard time trying not to be dripping wet, and that won’t help.”

I laughed. “That’s pretty typical for you, isn’t it? Have you been doing much shooting yet?”

Alli nodded. “A little; he started with some shots of Michael and Marci and then brought me in, and now he’s resetting some things so that he can move into some dom/sub type shots.”

I shook my head. “Crazy! Guess I got here just in time for the good stuff, huh?”

“Yeah, you’re later than you said you’d be.”

“I know, sorry. I got a little caught up in some stuff.”

Derek looked over and saw me at that point and, finishing up what he was doing, crossed the studio to us. I shook his hand when it was offered, and he welcomed me (apparently sincerely) to his studio. “Hi, Dave, glad you could join us. Are you going to stay and watch us work for a while, or are you one of those who is more comfortable not knowing how the sausage is made?”

I laughed. “No, I have a strong stomach; the process never much bothers me. I’d planned to hang around if that’s okay, and maybe get a chance to talk to you one-on-one later.”

He groaned. “You’re here to take more of my money, aren’t you?”

“That’s the plan, but only to gain you the services of these two fine young examples of the species.” Marci laughed and shook her ample boobs to emphasize my point, and Michael grinned. “I was also hoping maybe you’d show me around the place; it looks like you’ve made some huge upgrades when you did the conversion. The whole property looks great.”

I could see that I’d played to his pride and his ego correctly, and I knew I had him hooked.

“I’d love to, Dave, as soon as we’re done shooting. And yeah, we can sit down and have a drink and chat a bit. I think your friends are going to work out well.”

“Only because you don’t have to let them talk. Trust me.”

He laughed. “Oh c’mon! They’ve been lovely so far, and they follow directions very well.”

“Really? Even Marci? You’ll have to tell me how you accomplished that feat.”

Marci pinched my ass – hard –and I let out a little yelp, earning laughs all around. He put them back to work at that point, his preparations complete. He’d had Will drag a large, heavy wooden chair into the frame as Jen had finished adjusting the lights, and he now instructed Michael, sans towel and in all his naked glory, to sit on the chair. Further instructing him to sit near the front of the chair, legs splayed apart, he positioned him so that his huge cock and heavy balls hung over the chair’s front edge, placing the focus on Michael’s impressive package.

He then put Marci at Michael’s right foot and Alli at his left, each leaning in and wrapping their arms around his calf on either side; their positions mirrored each other almost perfectly, one knee, their inside leg, drawn up, the other stretched out. He had them lean their heads in against Michael’s knees as Jen fussed with their hair, trying to get their long locks to hang as close to identically as possible.

It was apparent that he was striving for a matched set, despite their physical differences. Alli, slender, sleek, and smaller-breasted, her tawny skin tones and chestnut-hair versus Marci’s far more voluptuous curves, ivory skin and almost white-blond hair made for a stark contrast, but their matching positions somehow twinned them. It was an interesting image, the juxtaposition of the two so very different physical types, their poses both accentuating yet minimizing their differences.

It was creative, I had to admit, but it also seemed a little hackneyed and formulaic; the big, strong, well-endowed and dominant black guy and the two submissively posed white women. It had been done a million times, but his choice of women and how he posed them, as well as his care with lighting, props, and background, somehow made it seem less stale.

Of course, if you knew Michael like Alli and I did, you were also aware that it was a farce. A gentle giant, loving, caring, and anything but domineering, he’d acquiesce to Marci – or Alli – in almost anything they asked of him. Then again, most people that were likely to view the image would be unaware of that fact, so it would work, even if a bit run-of-the-mill.

Derek started shooting, taking multiple frames from slightly different angles and elevations, occasionally pausing to make minor adjustments to the positions of his models. It was fascinating to watch, and all I had to do was stay behind the lights so as to avoid making shadows, and avoid tripping over the legs of the lights or reflector stands or over any of the power cords. That seemed well within my abilities.

When he wasn’t asking Jen or Will to help with anything he allowed her to circulate around with a digital SLR as well, taking shots from other angles and distances. He occasionally offered her guidance or suggestions, and I soon realized he was mentoring her, helping her become a more accomplished photographer.

Despite my inherent dislike for him, I admired what he was doing; I’ve occasionally mentored a new agent or broker myself or worked closely with one of our interns. It’s a worthwhile investment of time and effort with the right people and a way of paying back the help we received when we were younger. I could see that Jennifer appreciated it.

He continued to use and expand upon the pose, eventually asking Alli and Marci to stand alongside the still-seated Michael, leaning against his shoulders and looking seductively into the camera. I couldn’t help but notice that they each pressed a breast to his arm and that their nipples were firmly erect.

How Michael was not, I had no idea, because, in addition to pressing their bodies to him, every time one of them had a chance they would touch or fondle him, a quick stroke of fingers on his thick cock, or a sly grope of his balls. He would catch their hands when he could, or push them away, doing his best to not allow them to cause him to become aroused, but his cock definitely grew longer and thicker, though not erect.

The other thing Derek did, in addition to posing them and working the angles and lighting thoroughly while continuing to guide Jen, was to instruct them how and where to look and what expressions to wear. I could see that Alli was accustomed to it and was quick to comply, but Marci and Michael struggled at some points. He seemed to expect that and coached them along.

He called a brief halt to rearrange some props, and I walked over to chat with Alli and our friends while they grabbed a cold drink. It was odd standing there and speaking to them while they were naked, but if they thought about it at all, they gave no sign and did not seem in the least self-conscious. They’d adjusted far more quickly than I could have.

By the time he was ready to start again he’d had Will and Jen set up a dark background and reduce the lighting with colored filters, creating a more intimate, erotic atmosphere, darker and somehow charged with a sense of danger and brutal sexuality. He’d had Jen do some things with Marci’s makeup and hair which utterly changed her look, and almost seemed to change her whole demeanor as well.

I wasn’t surprised that he could make Michael look so dominant and threatening, though I’d never thought of him that way before; I was, however, quite surprised by how fucking scary Marci could look. Judicious use of makeup helped to create her cold expression, and that, capped by her ice-blue eyes and her white-blond hair pulled back into a severe ponytail turned her into the ice maiden, cold and hard and armed with a series of items designed to test the boundary between pain and pleasure. She’d become a creature of erotic nightmares, her pink nipples appearing as hard as diamonds, and it was both arousing and disconcerting.

At first, he posed them standing, with Alli naked and submissive at their feet, head bowed and eyes downcast. He continued to shoot as he instructed Will to add and subtract various props – a black leather flogger for Michael, which he draped over Alli’s shoulder, the long, broad leather lashes falling across her right breast, then a riding crop for Marci, a long, coiled bullwhip in Michael’s hands and eventually a chain and spiked choker collar which Will placed around Allison’s neck, apologizing and blushing the entire time.

Swapping various sadistic-looking implements, collars, and tiny bits of clothing in and out, at one point Derek ordered Will to hand Marci what he called a cat o’nine tails, which turned out to be a short whip, much like the flogger they’d had earlier except that it had nine narrow braided leather lashes attached to the short handle rather than the multiple flat leather lashes of the other, and each of the braided lashes had a gleaming steel ball or barb tied into the braid.

The earlier, brush-like one was called a flogger; this, I learned, was called a scourge, and for good reason. If the flogger had looked painful, it had still held an element of eroticism; this, however, was absolutely brutal. It appeared designed to flay the skin from the body and was a cruel, barbaric, vicious-looking thing. I couldn’t begin to conceive of how painful it would be to have that thing strike a human body when wielded with malice, and I cringed when Marci slid it slowly and teasingly over Alli’s tawny, flawless flesh.

Derek resumed shooting, instructing them on where he wanted their eyes, their hands, the props, every detail posed to his demanding instructions. Between shots, I noticed that Marci was teasing Allison, letting the braided lashes and cold steel balls and barbs trail across her breasts and bump across her erect nipples.

Tuned in to Alli’s subtlest nuance, I caught her shudder of arousal and the tiny hitch in her breathing as she inhaled. I knew that she was massively, achingly, desperately aroused, her jutting nipples and the red flush on her throat and chest further signs of her body’s response to all of the verbal, visual, and tactile stimulation she’d been receiving. I knew that her pussy would be dripping, her lips swollen, gleaming, and hot, aching to be touched, yearning for a tongue, fingers, or a hard, thick cock to be thrust between them and deep into her molten core.

It probably didn’t help her at all when Derek instructed Michael to move forward so that his thighs were against Alli’s back and to dangle his cock over her shoulder. It hung thick and long, his chocolate flesh stark against her pale skin, the plum-colored tip of it protruding about half an inch from his fleshy foreskin, resting on her breast just above a very hard, rosy nipple. Without being told to, Alli tilted her head so that her cheek was resting against his dark shaft, slowly rubbing her cheek and the corner of her lips against the dark, silky skin of his massive cock. Derek and Jen clicked away rapid-fire, taking shot after shot of that pose, catching all of the subtleties of something that my wife had done purely through instinct and impulse.

The look on her face was pure arousal, indisputable desire, her feelings and emotions unequivocal and her eyes smoking with pure lust. The odd thing is, just standing behind the cameras and not in any way involved in the action, I may have nearly matched her level of arousal and desire. My cock was a steel rod in my pants, my balls aching and my palms sweating; I could feel my heart pounding and seemed to be having trouble remembering to breathe. If Derek had been looking for pure, profound eroticism, he’d found it.


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