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Glamour Shots, Chapter 6

Sensual fun and games between husband and wife
She reached for her small purse and opened it, withdrawing what was apparently a manila folder that she had cut down to protect the photos; it was obvious that she had put some thought into this, into waiting to catch me in a very relaxed, unguarded moment. She opened the folder and took out the photos in question - just a few it appeared, and in the same 5 X 7 format as the black and white ones she’d shown me about ten hours earlier.

She set the folder aside and held the pictures in her hand, facing away from me and somewhat downward so that I could not yet see them. “Promise you won’t be upset?”

“C’mon Alli! That’s what you said this morning, and was I upset then?”

She shrugged. “A little, I think.”

“No I wasn’t – I was surprised, is all! Surprised, maybe a little shocked, but not upset. Actually, I loved the pictures you showed me, I was just amazed – still am – that you posed for them.” I waited as her eyes searched my face, as though trying to ascertain whether I was being truthful with her. I was, utterly.

A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “Well OK then; here goes nothin’!” She flipped over the first picture and put it in front of me. It was anything but “nothin’”; in fact, it was quite somethin’! The small sconce above our table and the candle on it did not throw a lot of light – certainly it was not the very best light for viewing pictures – but there was no disputing what I was looking at! It was another black and white picture, obviously part of the same series that she had shown me that morning, because she was in the same soft, semi-transparent, men’s white dress shirt and white lace thong that she had been wearing in the others. In this one, though, the transparency of the shirt was not really a factor, because it was open all the way down the front, completely unbuttoned.

Not only was it unbuttoned, it was spread open so that her breasts were exposed – or at least the inner half of each one was. The shirt gave the appearance of having been been blown or pulled open, but it was as though on the way back to falling closed it had hung up on her jutting nipples, such that each erect, rosy nipple, the inner half of each areola, and the inner “cleavage” half of each breast remained fully exposed, while the two sides of the shirt covered the other, outer half of her areolas and the outer hemisphere of each perfect breast. Teasing, and sexy, revealing and not, but definitely more naked than hidden.

In addition, they had mussed her hair so that it fell around her face very provocatively, like bedroom hair should, and her sparkling eyes looked heavy-lidded with sensuality. Her lips glistened wetly, and looked slightly puffy, like they do right after we’ve been kissing heavily or she’s just performed oral sex on me; they were pursed somewhat, as if in a small pout, or for an imminent kiss. One hand appeared to be reaching up, as if to brush back her tumbling locks, while the other was lower, near her hip, floating in the air while looking for something to touch and stroke. Her tiny white thong appeared more snug in this shot than in the others, as if it had been pulled more tightly against her; as a result, there was a tiny, inverted “V” where it had ridden up between her labia, a subtle camel-toe defining her sex in a way that the morning shots had not. The other shots had been classy and erotic, and while this shot was also of a beautiful, sensual woman it was far more blatantly sexual.

I took it from her and held it, looking at it closely, taking in every detail. If there was one facet of the photo that really struck me – beyond the fact that she looked gorgeous, and sexy, and the fact that she had bared her breasts in front of some photographer – it was the fact that she looked so utterly at ease in having done so! It was very difficult to reconcile what I knew about my shy, modest wife with what I was seeing in the sex kitten in the photo, the sensual woman that not only was baring her breasts, and very nearly displaying her sex as well, but who was also visibly aroused – and comfortable with that fact – in front of a total stranger. At the goddamn mall!

I looked at it for a long time before turning to look at her. “Wow, honey!”

She smiled. “That’s good, I hope…tell me what you think.”

I looked from her to the photo and back again. “I think I should have had a couple more drinks.”

“No, I mean about the picture!”

“So do I!” I hesitated for a moment, trying to figure out how to express what I was feeling and not hurt or discourage her at the same time. “Babe, I wasn’t prepared for this – I mean, I’m a little shocked, I guess, and surprised, and aroused too, of course. This is…sexy, I guess, more blatantly so than the others. You look incredible, but maybe it’s crossed from being erotic to being sexual, if that makes any sense.”

She nodded. “I think I know what you mean, and you’re probably right; this was late, toward the end of the session, and I was much more at ease with them by then. I was relaxed, and feeling sexy – and horny – so maybe that shows in the picture.”

I snorted at her command of the obvious. “Hunh! No maybe about it; Alli, you’re practically naked!”

“Not really.”

“Oh c’mon – your boobs are showing completely, basically, and the way your little undies fit in this picture it doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination!”

She laughed. “OK, I guess you have a point – but I do still have a shirt on, and panties!”

“Yeah, sort of. I’m not sure if you’re wearing the panties or they’re wearing you though.”

“Well, they were…”

She stopped, so I prodded her to continue. “They were what?”

She laughed softly. “They were pretty wet, if you really want to know! I was so horny that I think I soaked right through them and so they were sort of molded to me like a second skin by the time he took this picture. I guess they really don’t hide much in this shot, do they?”

“Mmm, no – just enough to tease me and make me ache in my nether regions.”

She laughed out loud. “Your nether regions! Are we back to that again?”

“I don’t think I ever left, not with you sitting there all naked under your clothes and all.”

“We’re all naked under our clothes, you goof.”

“Not as naked as you.” I looked at the photos still in her hand. “What else you got?” Considering what she had chosen to show me first, to break the ice, I was very curious about what was up next; plus, we were nursing our after-dinner drinks, so much so that what remained of Alli’s Irish coffee was undoubtedly getting cold and I was starting to feel like we were just tying up a table. Not that the great staff at Leo’s would pressure us – they don’t do that, and they weren’t all that busy in any event, this being a weeknight. It was just me, so I caught our waiter and ordered her another, as well as another brandy for myself; Alli made it a point to keep the pictures hidden until he’d left.

Finally, she got around to showing me the second one; it was truly great, a perfect shot of my wife! She as dressed the same as the previous one, the shirt still fully unbuttoned, but she was leaning forward toward the camera, bent at the waist, and he had caught her in a full, no-holds barred, genuine laugh, her eyes crinkled at the corners, her lips in full laughter-mode, her white teeth slightly parted. It was such a great picture of Alli happy and laughing, enjoying herself, that I could almost hear her laughter just by looking at the picture!

The open shirt hung down because of her forward-leaning position, and as a result her breasts were fully exposed. They suspended from her chest slightly – Alli’s breasts are not huge; they don’t hang down from her chest in great soft masses of fleshly glory or anything like that, but neither do they completely defy Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Her firm C-cup breasts, those incredible, perfect mounds that fit so nicely into my hands, suspended from her ribs just enough to make them appear slightly more pointed than round – which also had the effect of accentuating the hard, jutting erectness of her nipples. It was sort of like sneaking a peek down a woman’s blouse as she bent over (and who among us can claim to never have done that!?), except that Alli’s blouse – the white shirt – was wide open, so there was no need to peek. She’d already told me all about her arousal that day, but in this shot her hard, dark, tattletale nipples left no room for doubt.

Because of the way she was bent forward her hair had fallen along the sides of her face, and the photo was taken from closer range, so it really didn’t show much of her beyond her face, shoulders, and breasts, but it was the pure pleasure and joy on her face, the sparkle in her eyes and the full-throated, uninhibited laughter that made the picture so appealing to me. For that matter, nobody could look at this young, beautiful, laughing woman in the photo and not smile! “Oh, I love this one babe! It’s a great shot of you – you look like you’re just having so much fun.”

She smiled. “You know what? I was by then; I was relaxed – but horny as hell – and I was just having a good time. It was almost like being half-naked with Derek and Jennifer was the most natural thing in the world. Somewhere along the line all of my nervousness somehow went away.”

“Well…I guess that’s good. I mean, it says something about his skill as a photographer - and his professionalism, I suppose - that he could put you so at ease. Do you remember what you were laughing at in this shot?”

She nodded, and her smile turned into a small giggle. “Yes – he was doing like he does, his prattle, telling me how to pose, how to look, and he said ‘Now give me that look that says that you know that all men want you – and that most women do too’, and I just cracked up! I mean, it was such a silly thing to say – I wouldn’t begin to know what that “look” might be! It struck me as very funny, and I started laughing.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I can see that. What did he say?”

“Nothing, really. He just laughed – and kept on taking pictures.”

I looked at the photo again. “I’m glad he did. I love this shot, it captures you – the real you – so perfectly. I wish I could put this one on my desk too, but alas, there are titties. Perfect, gorgeous, wonderfully horny titties, but titties nonetheless.”

Alli gave a surprised laugh. “Don’t be crude – but yes, there are, and under no circumstances is this picture going to your office!”

“No, I know; hell, the one I took in today created enough of a sensation as it is! I’m afraid if I took this one in we’d never get any work done around there.”

“So Louis and Charlie liked it?”

“Sweetheart, love of my life, everyone liked it!”

She looked surprised. “You said that only Marci, Louis, and Charlie would ever see it!”

“Yeah, I didn’t count on Louis telling everyone about it – and telling them all to come and ask to see it.”

“Louis did that? That doesn’t sound like Louis.”

“Trust me, when he decides to play a prank on someone, he can be very creative – and very subtle, which is why you can’t believe it was him. You think he’s just a real nice guy, because you fall for his prim and proper façade. ”

“If you say so.” She looked at me for a moment. “So who all saw it?”

I laughed. “Everyone – there was a parade of people in and out of my office all day! Let’s see…everyone that works there, of course, but also the UPS guy, the FedEx guy, our mail lady, some clients, the copier repairman, the advertising rep from the paper… and I’m probably forgetting several.”

“That’s embarrassing! You promised me that it would be OK and that only a couple of people might see it!”

“I know, and I apologize; I didn’t count on Louis. If it’s any consolation, you received universally positive reviews.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

I shrugged. “Just what I said; if they didn’t all know it was a picture of my wife you probably would have received several marriage proposals by now. As it was, certain proposals of a, umm, somewhat less honorable nature were bandied about. They all liked it, let’s leave it at that.”

“Let’s not. What did they say?”

I laughed. “Fishing for compliments, are we? OK, let’s see; the mail lady said you were gorgeous and that I was a lucky man. I get that a lot, you know.” She just smiled. “One of our brokers – Josh, you know him – he wanted a map to wherever it was that I found you, and another guy, the new guy, Brad, wanted to know if you had a sister. It deteriorated from there.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, Marci said that if you were a lesbian she’d do you, even though she’s not one either.”

She blushed and covered her mouth as though in shock. “She did not!”

“Hey, it may not be an exact quote, but it’s close! Something to the effect of if she didn’t enjoy a certain male appendage so much she’d be all over you.”

Alli laughed. “She’s terrible! That is funny though.”

“Yeah, she’s a hoot. Charlie said you made him feel all tingly in his pants and then started fondling himself. I’m sure that would warm your knickers – you know, if you were wearing any.”

“I’m not sure there’s anything about Charlie that would warm my knickers – if, as you say, I was wearing any - except for the fact that he’s such a good guy under all that other crap. Why does he always have to be so gross?”

I shrugged. “Just Charlie being Charlie. We probably wouldn’t recognize him if he tried to be nice all the time. The FedEx guy liked you a lot – he looked at the picture for a long, long time, and then told me how sexy and sensual you are. You’d probably feel the same way about him; he’s about six foot five, blond hair, broad shoulders, very athletic looking. Apparently climbing in and out of his truck a hundred times a day and carrying all those boxes is good exercise, because he does appear to be in good shape.”

“Mmm, doesn’t sound like my type.”

I laughed. “I get the impression from the way the women in the office talk about him that he’s every woman’s type…you know, speaking of warming – and dampening – some knickers.”

She shook her head, laughing. “Naughty! And actually, you’re my type – but I suppose you could introduce me to him sometime if you’d like.”

I laughed. “Hey, I’m not as dumb as I look, so that ain’t happenin’! It’s good to know that I’m your type though – you know, not tall, sexy, handsome, or athletic.” I had been waiting to see what the last picture was, but she had kept it in her hand, facing down. I was beginning to get the sense that she was stalling.

“Who says you’re not handsome and sexy?” She leaned against me and we shared a long kiss, which we broke off very reluctantly. “You must be very sexy, because you’re the only one here and my little kitty is practically steaming.” There was little doubt in my mind that she was telling the truth, because it would take a good bit of arousal coupled with a healthy dose of alcohol to lower her inhibitions to where they seemed to be tonight! For Alli, this was as close to acting slutty as I had ever seen her behave…and I mean that in a good way! I was enjoying it.

“I could probably fix that for you right here – or we could finish up and head for home. But first, don’t you have another picture to show me?”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot!” I knew she hadn’t forgotten; she was just reluctant to let me see it for some reason. Even now she hesitated, picking up my brandy and handing it to me. “Here, finish this first and then I’ll show it to you, and then we can leave.”

She seemed to feel that I had not yet had enough to drink to qualify me to look at this final picture, so I went ahead and finished off the last of my cordial, enjoying the wonderful aroma and then the sweet delicious burn of it all the way down. I set the empty tulip glass on the table and held out my hand for the photo, which she finally handed to me. I turned it over and looked at it, and everything around me seemed to come to a halt, frozen in time.

It was Allison, no denying that, but it was Allison in all her naked glory, a picture that I would never in a million years have thought that I’d see! She was standing, facing the camera, all of her weight on her right foot and her left knee bent, that foot up on its toes. The shirt that had provided the illusion of modesty in the other pictures was gone; the only thing she was wearing – if you can call it that – was the tiny white lace thong, and it was halfway down her legs! It was pushed down at an angle so that one side was across her right knee and the other was a couple of inches further up her left thigh, above the bend of her knee, and rolled up slightly, as if someone had been taking it off in a hurry but stopped…to take a picture, say, or perhaps to suck on one of those beautiful rosy nipples!

Her breasts, those same rosy nipples rigid with arousal, and her trim bush, barely covering her sex, were fully on display. In fact, her right hand rested low on her belly, and her fingertips were nestled in those soft, reddish-brown curls, a fraction of an inch from her cleft, an additional focal tease to draw the eye to her sex – not that it was needed! Her head was turned to the right just a bit, her chin slightly lowered, and her left hand was up near her mouth, the first two fingers at her lips, where she appeared to be tentatively biting her fingertips. She was staring directly into the camera, and her expression was…well, it was pure eroticism, for lack of a better word. Her eyes had that smoky, languid look of desire, and she looked very aroused, slightly shy or hesitant perhaps, vulnerable, but wanting and wanton. She was clearly a beautiful, sensual, sexual female, fully aware of the power of her sex. This was a woman ready and willing, and offering her best invitation, her best come-fuck-me look. Offering herself to me, the viewer of the picture, certainly, but first and foremost to the photographer, old Derek-what’s-his-name who had talked her out of her clothes!

I just stared at it, marveling at how utterly, spectacularly sexy my wife is, but also burning inside with the knowledge that she had looked exactly like this in front of another man. For another man. I swallowed, and it felt like my throat was constricting, like I was trying to swallow a brick. The brick, I think, was actually a huge, almost physical chunk of jealousy. I felt her hand on my leg, and then felt her fingers close around the rock-hard bulge of my cock, which was aching with arousal. “Jeez Alli!” It came out as a choked whisper, but it was the best I could do.

She leaned her head against my shoulder, and then kissed me on the angle of my jaw. “It feels like you like my picture.”

There was no way to deny the evidence that my throbbing cock was providing; I was very aroused by the picture, by her and her wanton, sexy pose, by her daring, her casting aside of her usual shy nature. God! I was in agony, intensely aroused, but confused, jealous, amazed, hurt … I couldn’t begin to sort out the feelings that coursed through me. She was waiting for me to say something, I knew that, but I couldn’t speak; I was afraid that if I did, at that moment, that I might say something that I would regret. She was proud of the picture, I could tell, and maybe proud of herself for overcoming her modesty and fear in order to pose for it, and I couldn’t utter a word. Anything I said, right at that moment, would be wrong, and I knew enough to know there would be no way to un-say it.

I know that she needed me to love the picture as much as she did and to be proud of her, and to remark on her beauty and sensuality, which were undeniable, but there were other words that came to my mind first, thoughts which I struggled to keep from verbalizing. She simply needed me to love her - which I do, God, so much - and to approve, and to let her know all of that, which is what I was struggling with. She kissed me again, and then looked down, shyly, probably at her hand on my cock. “Davey, honey, do you like it?”

“My god…you’re so beautiful. You’re so perfect, so sensual.” My hurt and anger was an overreaction, I knew that; I was making far too much, in my mind, of a little bit of nudity. She had maybe pushed it farther than I ever imagined she could – farther than she had imagined as well, I felt sure – but so she had taken her clothes off for a professional photographer, so what? There’s no sin in that. And the thing is, I trust her! I love her, and I absolutely trust her and trust that she loves me too, and would never intentionally do anything to hurt me.

This picture did hurt though, to some degree, and it definitely awoke the green-eyed monster, but really she had done it for me, to show me how beautiful and sexy she is. As if I didn’t know! “It’s spectacular Allison, the picture, you’re so goddamn gorgeous…but…well, you’re naked, babe.”

She blushed instantly, but laughed at my firm grasp of the obvious. “Well duh! I know that, silly, but you do like it, right?”

“Well, yeah, I love it of course, but I have to admit that I’m a little shocked. Maybe a lot shocked, even.”

“So was I, when he kept instructing me and having Jennifer help with gradually exposing more and more of me, but it just felt so natural, and comfortable. I never once felt self-conscious, or scared or embarrassed. The two of them made it seem so easy – and then there I was, basically naked, and it was all right.”

I looked at the picture again, for a long moment, and then at her. “So it really didn’t embarrass you to do this?” She shrugged and shook her head, like it was a silly question. I sighed, still confused about how her inhibitions could have so easily been overcome. “And doing all of this, posing and being…well, as you say, basically naked, that all made you horny?”

She laughed, and her blush, which had just begun to fade, bloomed fresh. “Oh my! Well, you saw how I was when you got home – I couldn’t even wait for you to get there I was so horny! I started without you, remember? And that orgasm you gave me, that huge, monster, eyes-rolled-back-in-my-head one? That was…memorable, incredible. Just what the doctor ordered. So yes, I’d say it made me very horny.”

I laughed along with her. “That was a very fun night. Memorable, as you said! I guess if I’m going to get a night like that out of it – and great pictures like these too – maybe I should encourage you to get naked for strange men more often!”

“That sounds awful when you put it like that!”

“I’m only kidding! You might understand how all of this sort of knocked me for a loop though, right? I mean, it is something totally out of left field.”

She giggled. “So much so that it has you speaking in clichéd metaphors; I guess I really did upset your applecart.”

“Funny! But yes, you did. You know what though? It’s very sexy that you did it, the whole thing, from getting the pictures, to posing like this, to the idea that it all got you so aroused. That sort of turns me on, you know?”

She squeezed my cock. “Sort of? How much harder does it get when you’re really turned on?” Clearly we were both feeling the alcohol to some degree, because our inhibitions were definitely lowered! Then again, Leo’s is one of those places that gives you as much privacy as you desire, somehow balancing attentive service with respect for privacy, which is why it is the choice for so many close, intimate dinners. Never in a million years would they make you feel pressured to leave just because you were finished eating, and the fact that we had ordered two rounds of after-dinner drinks made it worth their while.

In addition the restaurant still was not terribly busy, so they had other tables available; we weren’t tying things up for them, and they left us to sit and converse and laugh and enjoy each other. It’s one of the many reasons we like to go there. Still squeezing me beneath the table, Alli leaned in close to me and spoke in a low whisper. “Do you want to know a secret?”

I looked at her, then at the picture, and then at her again. “I can’t believe you still have one.”

“Don’t be a smart aleck or I won’t tell you – and I think you’ll like it.”

I smiled at her, and then grabbed her hand and removed it from my genitals; I was starting to feel that building tingle again, that slow build to a big rush, and I didn’t trust her, in her slightly inebriated state, to stop in time if I told her to. “Ok, I apologize; what’s the secret?”

She giggled again; clearly the alcohol was making her a bit silly, as well as a lot horny and uninhibited. “In this shot, when Jennifer was posing me, she rolled my panties down like that because Derek told her to – he asked me first if it was OK, and I said I guessed so – but when she did that, she felt how wet they were, so she knew how horny I was.”

“Really! So did she say anything to you, or just pretend not to notice?”

Alli nodded and bit her lower lip in a very endearing way; it made her look like a little girl that was shy and a bit embarrassed about revealing a naughty secret. A very sexy little girl, of course, but you get the idea. “Well, she rubbed her fingertips together to feel how slippery my wet panties had made them, and then she said to Derek ‘Hey boss, it seems that one of us is getting very turned on by all this!’ I could have died of embarrassment!’’

“Yeah, I’m sure! What did he say? Did he say anything?”

She laughed. “Yes. He said ‘Make that two of us’, and then Jen burst out laughing and said ‘OK, what the hell - make it three”.

“They both said they were getting turned on too, by you posing like this? I told you he probably had a big old hard-on while he was taking pictures of you!”

“Well I don’t know how big it was, of course, but apparently he did – or that’s sort of what he hinted at anyway.”

I looked at her, amazed that she’d taken it so well, and that she actually thought it was kind of funny, apparently. “Do you think he was serious?”

“Well I would hope so! I mean, we’d been shooting for close to two hours in various states of undress, and I was basically nude by then; if I couldn’t even make him get hard I probably should have kept my clothes on, right?”

“Doesn’t that bother you?” She continued to amaze me, this woman I thought I knew so well!

“I think it would have bothered me more if he didn’t; I mean that is what is supposed to happen, right?”

“Well technically, yeah, I guess that’s true – but not with a stranger! I mean, c’mon!”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, and then she kissed me, and cupped her hand along my face so that she could hold me there, to stare into my eyes. “Do you remember the night we met? You were a stranger that night, and when we danced you got very hard. I could actually feel your cock, all big and hard against my tummy; do you remember what I said?”

I nodded. “Of course; you said don’t be embarrassed – which I was anyway, you know – and then you said that you thought of it as a compliment, and that you were horny too.”

She laughed. “I think I actually said I was ‘aroused’, not ‘horny’ - first impressions, don’t you know. I was still trying to make you think I was a classy lady back then!” She paused to kiss me before continuing: “Same way with Derek, honey. There’s no reason that he should be embarrassed because seeing a woman’s naked body – my naked body - made him sexually aroused, and apparently he wasn’t embarrassed, and he said so. It’s sort of a natural thing really, isn’t it? It is a very nice compliment I think, and knowing that he and Jen were as aroused as me made it so much easier for me to just relax and go with the flow, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at that picture.”

“So did he take it out and show it to you?”

“What?! No, of course not! I was the one posing naked, not him! You’re just being silly now.”

“I know – it just bugs me is all. I guess I’ll get over it, since it’s a fait accompli at this point anyhow.”

She smiled at me. “Listen to you, talking all fancy! Is that how you swear in French?”

I shrugged. “Search me – I thought it was Latin.”

Alli laughed and put her arm around me. “I sure do love you, you know that, right?”

“Mmm, I do, and I love you too. Should we get out of here?”

“By all means, Boris. Take me home and ravish me with that huge cock of yours before my husband gets home!”

I laughed. “Exactly what I was thinking, my lovely Natasha. Will your husband mind having sloppy seconds?”

“I guess we’ll find out; if I know him, he’ll probably enjoy it.”

“Smart man, to enjoy you any way he can get you. You’re much too good for him you know.”

“Well yes, that goes without saying, but he treats me well. He always sees to my pleasure before taking his own; he’s very generous that way.”

Before responding I signaled our waiter and gave him my card so that he could prepare our check. When he departed I kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth, where she sucked at it for a moment. She moaned softly when I withdrew. “If he pleasures you tonight he’ll taste us, because I fully intend to come deep inside of you.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way; he won’t mind, he knows his place. Besides, it’s the price he pays for standing me up tonight! I’m so glad that I met a sexy, well-endowed man like you Boris, or my night would have been a total waste.”

“That would have been a tragedy. It’s fortuitous, I suppose, that my wife also failed to show, or I would have been unavailable – although we do enjoy the occasional ménage a trois with any woman she finds attractive. Certainly she would have been interested in you.”

“Mmm, that sounds like fun! Tell me Boris, can you satisfy two women?”

I waved my hand dismissively. “Oh, but of course; it’s child’s play for me! I am a very imaginative lover, as you will soon discover.”

She laughed before patting my leg. “Well, you do have a good imagination, I’ll give you that!”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” I was laughing still when our waiter brought back our check, which I signed after adding a generous tip. As I handed it back to him I noticed that he was looking at something on our table, which was when I realized that I had left the three pictures of Alli laying face-up; he was now ogling naked pictures of my wife! I thought about asking for the ticket back so that I could cross off the tip, since him looking at her photos was tip enough, but instead I simply said thanks, letting him know he should leave. He did, but not before taking a long look at Alli, knowing exactly what she looked like naked without having to imagine it.

I looked at her as well, gathering up her purse and preparing to leave. “Alli, you know our waiter just saw you naked, right?”

She looked startled. “What?”

I pointed at the pictures, and she gasped. “He was looking at those, and I caught him at it. The way he looked you over, he obviously knew it was you.”

She turned very red. “Oh, now that’s embarrassing! I can’t believe we left those sitting there like that!” She quickly gathered them up and put them back into their little folder, and then into her purse. “That’s humiliating.”

I touched her arm. “No, not humiliating. You look spectacular babe, just gorgeous; trust me, you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Now our young waiter, who is probably sporting a big old boner right about now, he should be embarrassed for looking. Then again, we did leave them in plain sight.”

“Mmm, almost like we wanted him to see them. Did we?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know; I don’t think so, not consciously, anyway. No harm done though, right?”

“I suppose, other than to my pride. Those were supposed to be just for you!”

“Me and your photographer friend, you mean. You know, considering these pictures, maybe you should re-think signing that release; I didn’t know this morning that he had taken anything like these.”

She just looked at me for a moment. “Well, we’re too late, actually. I signed it and mailed it back to him this morning.”

“Oh. Well, he’d probably let you retract it, if you asked, or we could maybe find some way to rescind it. It’s up to you, really; what do you think?”

She appeared to ponder the possible ramifications for a few seconds, than she shook her head. “No, I think I’m still OK with it – after all, I knew about these shots when I signed it, even if you didn’t when you read it. I have a flash drive at home that he made for me, it has all of the shots on it, probably over a hundred; he only printed out representative samples, what he thought were the best ones.”

I looked at her for a moment, and then shrugged it off. “Well, like I said, the release is up to you. Let me know if you change your mind. I would very much like to look at what’s on that flash drive though, just for my own peace of mind. In the meantime, shall we go?”

We pushed back our chairs and stood, but Alli wavered slightly and put a hand down on the edge of the table to steady herself. “Wow! I didn’t realize it until I stood up, but I seem to have a bit of a buzz going!” She laughed softly.

I did too, but just barely; we had stretched our drinking out over a long enough time, which, coupled with the meal, mitigated most of the effect it might otherwise have had on me. “Maybe you should ride with me and we can pick up your car tomorrow. I’m sure they won’t mind if you leave it in the lot overnight.”

“Mmm, probably a good idea. Oh wait – I drove the truck, and we’re going to need it in the morning, first thing!”

“You drove the truck? Why the hell did you drive the truck?” Alli and I have an old, beat up Ford F-150 pickup truck, the big, four-wheel drive, long-bed version which we occasionally use to haul stuff for our home or garden, but which she uses all the time to haul kennels and other equipment for the shelter. As a result it was usually dirty and often filled with dog hair. She also has a nice little Pontiac Solstice two-seater however, the car that she drives most of the time, a discontinued model from a sadly defunct automaker, but a car that she refuses to part with, even though I’ve offered to get her something newer. It is a fun little car to drive, so I can kind of understand why she wants to keep it.

“I screwed up and parked the truck behind my car when I got home, and I was already running late so I didn’t take time to shuffle them around. I just drove the truck instead.”

We were nearing the door, my arm around her because I wanted my arm around her, but also to help steady her. “I’ll bet the valet loved parking that old hulk!” A sudden thought occurred to me. “Wait a second – how did you get out of the truck without flashing the valet, considering your little dress and the fact that there’s nothing under it?” The truck sits up quite high, and usually Alli, even with her long legs, has to just sort of slide off the edge of the seat and drop the last few inches to the ground; of course, usually she’s wearing jeans or shorts or something when she does this, not a short little cocktail dress – and no underwear!

She looked around. “Ssshhh, everyone can hear you!”

We really weren’t that close to anyone, but I lowered my voice and leaned in closer to speak into her ear. “Somehow I suspect you’ve already tipped the valet, even if you didn’t mean to.”

She shook her head. “No, I was careful. He saw a lot of leg, but I think that’s all.”

“You think? Hmm, why do you suppose they can get away with paying those guys so little? I suspect it’s because of all the visual fringe benefits, which is why valets are almost always young guys.”

“You’re so funny! You know, a bigger question right now is how I’m going to get back in the truck without, um, tipping him again!”

She was right; if she needed the truck early in the morning we would have to drive it home and leave my car there. I could drive hers to work and we could pick mine up at lunchtime or something. That did leave us with the logistical challenge of her getting up into the truck seat without flashing anyone! It was chilly when we stepped outside, the mild, clear autumn day having turned into a crisp, breezy autumn night, and I put my arm around Alli and felt her shiver as the wind hit her. I almost made a remark about her lack of panties and the cold wind blowing up her skirt, but we were close enough to the valet that there was no way to speak privately.

At the valet stand we explained our issue and inquired about leaving my car there overnight, which he assured us was not a problem; apparently they call cabs and have people leave their cars overnight somewhat regularly. He then offered to keep both vehicles and arrange for a cab for us, which was not an entirely bad thought. I felt fully capable of driving, but I was also sober enough to realize that when you have to stop and think about it you should probably err on the side of caution. I didn’t need a DUI charge complicating my life and emptying my wallet!

The valet, a tall, dark-haired college-looking kid, stood waiting while we discussed it, and then sweetened the pot with an additional suggestion. “I could give you your keys now and call the cab company, and you could go back and have another drink while you were waiting – I’ll go lock up your cars and then come and get you when the cab shows up.”

I thought that was not only a nice gesture, but a pretty good example of salesmanship on his part – he’d still get his tip, and he’d managed to generate additional sales for Leo’s as well, because we took him up on his offer! It would make it a little more complicated the next day, because we’d have to get there very early to retrieve the truck and would still have to come back later for my car, but it was the smart – and responsible - thing to do. He got our keys for us, explaining that the lot would be unmanned until the restaurant re-opened at 5:00 the following evening, but that we were welcome to come fetch our vehicles at our convenience. I gave him twenty bucks and thanked him, and when we headed back to the bar he was already calling for a cab for us; they clearly had the number on speed-dial

We took one of the tables along the wall this time, and ordered our drinks, which the bartender herself brought over to us. The bar area was even less crowded now than it had been, and it had been well short of crowded before; there was only one other couple at a table and two singletons at the long bar, so it was very quiet and intimate, the soft jazz music soothing and mellow. We sipped our drinks, talked and touched, teased a little, and simply enjoyed our time together, our closeness and intimacy. In moments like that I always realize how much Allison is really my other half, the half that’s everything good about my life. In what seemed like no time at all, but was probably fifteen or twenty minutes, the valet came to tell us that our chariot had arrived.

To my surprise it was a classic old Checker sedan, the big, clunky flagships of the Checker and Yellow Cab companies that had been ubiquitous in major cities for decades before they were discontinued in the 1980’s, and eventually largely phased out. This particular one had been lovingly restored and maintained, and climbing into the cavernous back seat was a reminder of why they had been so popular as taxicabs! I knew that our small city had a taxi service, but had never seen this particular car on the streets before.

The driver was a middle-aged woman, which for some reason came as a surprise to me, and after I’d told her our destination - our home address - I remarked on her cab. She was pleased that I had noticed and complimented her on its condition and uniqueness; she explained that it was her own vehicle which she drove for the service, allowing her to keep a larger share of the earnings, and seemed prepared to give us a full blow-by-blow history of the vehicle as she got underway - until Allison interrupted her. “Excuse me; would it bother you terribly if I made out with my husband in your cab?”

The driver seemed surprised, but she laughed, as did I; it was apparent that Ali was more than a little bit tipsy – and feeling more than a little bit amorous! She glanced over her shoulder at us and said “No, you go right ahead – it won’t be the first time that’s happened back there. Just try not to make a mess, OK?”

Alli laughed. “We’ll try – but if we do, would it be the first time that happened?”

The woman chuckled, and I saw her look at us in her rear-view mirror. “No, not by a long shot! You pretty much get used to anything when you drive a cab for very long.” She paused as she braked for a turn, and then went on “We don’t have all that far to go though – maybe fifteen minutes – so you’d better get busy if you’re going to.”

Alli, clearly open to the suggestion, immediately plastered herself to me, crushing her lips to mine and snaking her tongue into my mouth. I could feel her firm breasts pressed to my chest, and was not at all surprised when her hand found my cock, still semi-hard and swelling rapidly. She fondled me as our tongues tangled, and I kissed her back as passionately as she was kissing me; I was not especially interested in performing for our taxi driver, but neither was I going to try to hold Allison at bay. We continued to kiss and touch each other, and when I heard Alli moan quietly, low in her throat, the sound served as fuel to my flames.

Alli was squeezing and fondling me through my pants, and I could feel a cold, wet spot where my overly-aroused leakage had soaked into my underwear. I felt her fumbling for my zipper and would have stopped her, except that I had one arm was around her shoulders holding her against me and my other hand was up her dress, my fingers becoming very wet and slippery as I stroked her pussy. She moved her legs apart to give me easy access, and I slowly slid one finger into her slick, tight heat. She moaned and rose up slightly, pushing her pelvis forward to take my finger more deeply inside of her. I bent and moved it, firmly stroking the front wall of her vagina, and she gasped as I felt her tense up, the sensations nearly overwhelming her. At the same time that I felt her muscles tense up her fingers closed very tightly, almost painfully, on my cock; she was inside of my open zipper now, skin-on-skin, but had made no effort to pull my cock out into the open. I could feel her fingers sliding in my own slippery secretions.

Then, as suddenly as she had started this whole scene, she ended it, pushing away from me and releasing my throbbing sex! Next she grabbed my arm and gently pushed it back, slowly extricating my finger, slick and dripping with her juices, from her pussy. She leaned into me, still holding my arm, and stretched up to gently bite me, first on the neck and then on the ear as she whispered “Not now! Let’s wait until we get home so I can really enjoy it.”

I groaned. She was right, of course; what we were doing was crazy, not at all like us, and really pretty much out there for practically anyone – but I had sure been enjoying it! Not only had it felt really good and been extremely arousing, but the whole risk factor of doing something so crazy more or less in public - something neither of us would ever dream of doing without the influence of hours of arousal and copious quantities of alcohol - had truly added a special, unique kind of excitement to it! As surprised as I was at my own response to the situation, I had been doubly so at Alli’s – but in the end it was her senses that had returned to her first, and were enough to stop us before it was too late!

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