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Good Times

This is my first story so any feedback is appreciated

My wife and I had been married for almost 2 years at the time of this story and we were definitely in love. We get along on all levels except when it comes to sex. My wife Stacy is more conservative than I am by far. This was an issue before we got married, and Stacy had promised that she would work on it, however for most of the 2 years things had stayed the same. Now when it comes to looks she is hot with a capital HOT. She is 5’6’ tall, 120 lbs with dishwater blonde hair, and 34 DDD breasts and an ass that just makes you want to spank it. I am not bad either, I am 5’11” tall 195 lbs with a pretty muscular build due to the fact that I exercise 3-4 times every week.

The sex issue was starting to affect our relationship and Stacy being the pleaser and problem solver that she is wanted to fix the issue, and this time she actually had follow through. For our second anniversary she planned a weekend out of town where we could get away and be ourselves, little did I know what was about to be in store for me. We headed out on a Friday morning and headed to this college town a couple of hours away to stay at this bed and breakfast, and when we got there we did some sight seeing around town and then headed to a great dinner. We got back to the hotel fairly early which I was hoping would mean that I was going to get some. Stacy jumped into the shower, and I quickly joined her and we had some shower fun, but nothing that involved sex. When we got out I dried off and I headed straight to the bed.

Stacy always takes longer to primp once out of the shower so I didn’t think much of her not following me, but when she came out of the shower she was fully dressed in a short skirt, and a top that made sure that her tits were noticed. I was confused as she told me to get dressed, but I did as she asked and we headed out. She told me that she wanted to catch a bus to ride downtown and that way we could both drink, but when we got on the bus it was obvious we weren’t headed downtown. There were several girls on the bus and many were naked. It was basically a strip club on wheels. To say this was out of character for Stacy would be an understatement considering she had never been to a strip club up to this point in life. She had also arranged for a cooler of booze for us to drink for the night. The bus ride took about 15 minutes and the lap dances were approx. half of what I am used to paying, and all the strippers looked like they were young enough to be students at the college. The bus took us to the door of a strip club and stopped and waited for us to get off and so we did.

I paid my cover as I walked in, and Stacy of course got in free for being a girl. The place was packed, and there were probably 20 to 25 strippers in the joint, 2 stages and hundreds of people in this place. Two things set it apart from some of the other strip clubs I have been to. First off, everything occurred in the same room. Lap dances, the VIP section, and everything else all out there where the patrons could see.

Second, this was a touch above the waste strip club which meant I was going to get to play with some different sets of tits throughout the night. So as we looked for a place to sit, I started to explain to my wife how everything works at a strip club, and she had a look of terror in her eyes and was beginning to question whether she had made the right decision or not. We found one chair, so I told Stacy to sit down, I got a couple of cold beverages out of the cooler and gave Stacy one. I closed the lid, and as I was getting ready to sit on the cooler, she had downed her first drink and was in need of another. I got out 2 more drinks for just her and we sat down and I let her get a feel for the place. After about 5 white Russians in an hour Stacy leans in and tells me that she would like to try a dollar dance on the stage.

I give her the dollar and she sticks it in her mouth and goes and lays up on stage. The girl comes over to Stacy immediately, and takes the dollar with her chest and starts rocking back and forth over her. Stacy now has a pussy within inches of her face, and I can’t tell if she is having a good time or not. The stripper whispers something in my her ear, and my wife agrees with whatever was said, and next thing I know her breasts are out, and the stripper is sucking on them, and she has pulled Stacy’s skirt up so that everyone watching this stage can see her tiny little thong while she rubs her hand on the outside of her underwear. I could almost hear the thump on the bottom of tables as guys watching this stage were getting one heck of a show and I am sure were getting very aroused. After her dance my wife was coming back to her chair, and as she did there were several guys grabbing at her tight little ass, and for the first time ever she looked to be enjoying the attention.

She got back to me straddled my lap and kissed me more passionately than we had ever kissed before. When we finally broke the kiss she looked at me and said what else can we do because that was amazing? Next we got her a lap dance, and I don’t know if it was because the stripper was into girls or what the story was, but she was kissing my wife and playing with her tits, and Stacy was loving every minute of it. I began to get a lap dance, and it was not near as good as what I was getting to watch, but seeing me get a lap dance made the one that I was watching that much more intense. The night got pretty intense, and we were having lap dance after lap dance, each time Stacy was getting a little more daring and she seemed to be settling in nicely. She was getting to do things with these strippers that us guys only get to dream about. She was basically having sex with them in the VIP section and she was getting a lot of attention from everyone in the joint. I had never seen a side of her like this, but I was truly enjoying it. The crowd was pushing her to go farther and the girls that she was with always seemed to be willing. I know at one point several guys gave her a tip just for the show. This place was seeing a night much wilder than many had anticipated especially Stacy.

I continued to get lap dances here and there but I was more interested in the show that was going on as well. I was getting extremely hard watching everything I could see, but I was a little ways away from the VIP section. One of the strippers for an extra $10 gave me a blow job which was awesome to get while watching everything that was going on in the VIP section. When we got back to the hotel, I could hardly wait to jump Stacy’s bones. We made out all the way up the stairs, and were groping each other like teenagers. The raw passion was impossible to contain. When we got in the door I immediately yanked off her cum soaked thong, and began to eat her pussy, only it tasted different than normal. I couldn’t figure out what could be different, but my wife could tell that I knew something was different. So she began to tell me how when I was getting one of my lap dances this man with a 9” penis had slipped up there lifted her up and sat her on his penis.

I guess I couldn’t see him because of all the people watching all I could see was from her chest up. She rode him hard, and long, and apparently he had shot several loads of cum into her pussy, and I was now lapping it up. My first reaction was to be angry, but as I continued, I got more and more turned on. I think she was really turned on as well as I brought her to 3 orgasms with my tongue. Finally I pulled out my 7” cock and began to pound her mercilessly. The harder I pounded her the more she liked it. I called her dirty names, and it turned her on even more. When I made out with her I could taste the last girl she was with on her lips, finally sending me over the edge. My wife, for the first time in life had let go and become the sex goddess that I was looking for. It was one of the hottest weekends we have ever had.

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