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Halloween Cheat

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Husband gets too drunk and wife is taken advantage of
Halloween Cheat

Hi, my name is Lori and this is a story about a Halloween party I attended recently. I am a 35 year old housewife from Nashville with two children and a wonderful husband. I am a fitness nut, which has allowed me to keep my figure, even after two pregnancies. My C cup breasts have remained perky with large upturned nipples that have gotten even longer since breastfeeding my two children. My nipples are so large that they can clearly be seen through my padded bras. I often notice guys staring at my chest and my nipples get even harder. My long auburn hair goes to middle of my back and is usually in a pony tail. I have large green eyes and a few freckles on my face, revealing my Irish ancestry.

I met my husband Steve while I was in college where we began dating in my first few days at college. He wasn't my first sexual partner, but I was far from experienced. I had only had sex with two guys before him and they were both high schoolers with very little experience themselves. So my first time with Steve was amazing. I had never had an orgasm before and he easily brought me to three that night. I've been in love with him ever since and we married shortly after I graduated college and moved to Nashville to start a family.

This past Halloween we were invited to our first costume party since we had kids. It was to be held at a friend of Steve's from work. Since the party was at Steve's friend's house we agreed that I would drink and he would be the designated driver. My husband convinced me that all of the women were wearing tramps costumes now a days and that I should wear one as well. I chose a prison guard outfit that consisted of a very short one piece dress that barely covered my ass and a few props, including handcuffs and a baton. The dress had a top to bottom zipper in the front. My husband loved the idea of such easy access to my fun parts and we used the costume in our love making many times leading up to the party. I have to admit it was fun to play the slutty prison guard in our bedroom.

On the night of the party my husband convinced me to wear sexy underwear under my costume. I had planned to wear shorts and a t-shirt under the exposing costume. I chose my only thong and a matching bra that barely covered my nipples and didn't come close to keeping my huge nipples from pressing the material of my dress out. I hadn't realized how low the dress was cut. Looking in the mirror, my breasts looked huge spilling out the top of the dress and my whole ass would be exposed, if I bent over even a little bit. I begged my husband to let me bring some extra clothes, but he declined, saying that all of the other women would be dressed even more scantily than I was.

We arrived at the party about an hour after the invite time and the party was in full swing. Sure enough, most of the women were dressed in very tramps outfits, many of them out doing mine. Nearly all of the people here were much younger than my husband and I and the bodies were all spectacular. Soon I was completely at ease in my revealing outfit, because of all the younger, hotter, sluttier women at the party to gather the guy's attention. My husband started playing pool with a few of the guys and left me at the bar. That was fine with me. I wanted to get my buzz going anyway. I discovered that most of the women around me didn't know anyone there either and we all started talking and drinking heavily.

A few hours of drinking later and I was feeling no pain at all. I got up from the bar and made way over to where my husband had been playing pool. He was nowhere to be found. I asked the two guys who were playing pool if they knew where my husband was. I knew both of these guys in passing from my husband's office. They were both in their twenties and had very nice bodies. Jeff was dressed as a navy guy and I have to say he looked really hot in the nice white uniform. Rex was dressed as a cop and he made a comment about us being partners, because of my prison guard uniform. They offered to help me find him and we headed out of the basement, with me leading the way. I realized as we climbed the stairs that they could easily see my uncovered ass up my tiny dress.

At the top of the stairs we found my husband passed out on the couch. I was very upset.

"So much for a designated driver" I complained

"Looks like you're spending the night. You better go claim a room now or you'll be sleeping on the couch with your husband here." Jeff said

The led me upstairs where the bedrooms were and we found one that wasn't taken. I thanked them and started to enter my room.

"I think we each deserve a kiss for all of our help" Rex said as I sat on the bed.

"I'm not a very good kisser" I replied

"Why would you say that?" Rex asked

"My husband never wants to kiss me anymore, even during sex. I figure I must be really bad at it or something" I shared more than I should have. Alcohol is the best truth serum.

"Well, I'm sure we could judge that for you. Why don't you kiss each of us and we'll tell you what we think" Rex said as they sat on either side of me on the bed.

"OK. I guess I do owe you for finding me a nice place to sleep tonight" I said as I leaned over to Jeff in his navy costume and gave him an open mouthed kiss. After a few minutes of kissing him, I turned to Rex and gave him a deep kiss.

"Nice kiss and good tongue action, but I think you should use your hands more. You were like a zombie" Jeff said.

"I usually do use my hands with my husband, but I couldn't with you guys" I explained.

"If we're going to judge your kiss properly, we are going to need you to do it exactly like you would with your husband." Rex said as he pulled my face towards his and planted a deep kiss on me. I started rubbing my hands over his chest and through his hair as he kissed me. His hands also did some roaming. He started at the back of my neck and worked his way down to my breasts. This was really starting to turn me on. I could feel my pussy begin to moisten and I knew my nipples were pressing the material of my dress out quite a bit.

When that kiss was over, I turned to Jeff and he laid me back on the bed as he kissed me. I used my hands to explore his chest and hair and he was playing with my tits and squeezing my nipples.

"I would give you much better marks on that one, but I really think you need to explore more with your hands." Rex said as I sat up.

"I do explore more with my husband, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that with you guys" I defended myself

"I thought we were clear. If we are going to truly judge your kissing ability we need you to do EXACTLY what you would do with your husband" Rex scolded me.

"I guess we're going to have to do it again" Jeff said

I turned to Rex and started making out with him. I had been kissing these guys for about 15 minutes now and my pussy was dripping. Rex's hand started on my thigh and he started rubbing up and down, getting higher with each stroke. I took the hint and dropped my hand to his crotch and started rubbing his hard cock. When he reached my pussy with his hand I let out a groan and instinctively spread my legs to give him better access. He pulled my thong aside and inserted a finger into my pussy and started fucking me with his finger. I slid my hand into the waistband of his pants and started stroking his cock, causing him to groan into our kiss.

As soon as we broke our kiss Jeff turned my head towards him, laid me back on the bed and kissed me deeply. Rex's finger was still in my pussy and I was getting close to having an orgasm. I kept my left hand in Rex's pants stroking his cock and used my right hand to fish out Jeff's stiff cock. Jeff's hand was working the zipper of my dress down as he kissed me. He quickly had my dress completely opened and unclasped my bra and my tits were exposed to these two strangers. Rex kept his finger sliding in and out of me as he got off the bed and kneeled between my legs. He tugged at my thong and I lifted my ass to allow him to remove it. He started flicking my clit with his tongue and now had two or three fingers fucking my hole vigorously. I screamed out in orgasm and pulled Rex's tongue to my clit. He continued his tongue lashing and finger fucking right through my first orgasm and I quickly had an even bigger one. I was now completely lost in the pleasure these guys were giving me.

Rex then pulled his face away from my pussy and started sliding his cock inside of me. My head was swimming with the alcohol and my lust. His cock was big. Much bigger than my husband's 5" cock. I measured it later and he was 8" and nearly as big around as a beer can. I couldn't believe how easily he had slid that monster inside of me. There had been no pain at all and I was already having another huge orgasm. I was wetter than I had ever been before. I watched as Jeff removed his clothes. His chest and stomach were chiseled and I was shocked when his cock sprang free. I knew the cock inside of me was big, but Jeff's had to be even bigger. It was 10" long and nearly as big around as Rex's. I needed to touch it. I reached out and pulled him to my mouth.

I slowly licked up and down the shaft of Jeff's huge cock and cupped his balls with my hands. I may not be very confident in my kissing ability, but I know I am good at sucking cock. I looked up at Jeff as I was sucking his huge cock and I could see he was really enjoying it. Now that I a good rythm going on Jeff's cock in my mouth I could focus on Rex's cock in my pussy again. I lowered one of my hands to my crotch and started rubbing my clit between my finger and thumb until I was about to cum again. I felt Rex quicken his pace as my pussy started to spasm in another huge orgasm. He groaned and pushed his cock deep inside of me and started shooting his load deep into my pussy. I could feel his cock spasming inside of me as my pussy milked his cock for every last drop of his cum.

Jeff wanted my pussy now and laid on his back and guided me onto his rigid pole. I was careful to lower myself slowly onto his huge cock. It was only halfway in and was already deeper than my husband's cock ever gets. Finally I bottomed out and felt his pelvis pressing against my clit. I stayed there for a few seconds and rubbed my clit back and forth over his pelvis and enjoyed feeling his huge cock inside of me. Then I started sliding up and down his cock in huge strokes. I slid up his body as I did this. My clit was rubbing nearly to his belly button and my nipples were sliding up his chest. It didn't take me long to get to another huge orgasm. As I was writhing in orgasm I could feel him cock start to swell and he shot his load deep inside of me.

Rex was hard again from the action he had just watched and wanted a blow job. I got on my knees and sucked his cock. It was at this point that I measured his cock using my hands. I just couldn't believe monsters like that existed. My hand couldn't get around it and I had to stretch my mouth as far as it would go to get it in. I could taste the mixture of our juices from our previous encounter. It only took me a few minutes before he was shooting his load down my throat and I swallowed every last drop.

I knew I had to get them out of the room. My husband could be waking up any moment and I didn't want him to catch me with two of his coworkers naked. I asked them to leave and not to say a word to anyone. They both promised to keep it our little secret, but I know they haven't done that. Since that party we have been invited to seven parties at different work guys homes and each of those parties getting my husband drunk and passed out seemed to be the goal of every guy at the party. They were only successful at three of those parties and I had quite a good time fucking nearly every guy my husband works with and some strangers that just happened to be at the parties. I was always discreet. I acted upset that my husband was passed out and I made my way up to a bedroom and left the door unlocked. A few minutes later there would be a knock at the door and the good times would start. So far my secret hasn't made it back to my husband, but I'm sure he is curious why I am so popular at all of his work parties.

The End

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