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Halloween Party

Halloween Party

What Happens on Halloween Stays On Halloween

My wife is an administrative assistant for a construction company executive and her boss throws an annual Halloween party. As his admin, she was the one to send out the invitations, and of course, she was invited personally. Only a select few from the company were on the invitation list and that caused her to wonder.

She asked one of her co-workers why the list was so exclusive. Her friend quietly told her not to talk about the invite. She said, “Just be happy you were on the list. It would be a good idea to wear something risqué.”

The secretary winked at her and just before she left said, “If you want to get an invite to the next party, make sure you wear something that shows off that sexy body.”

The invitation was addressed to Michelle and guest. The card was beautifully printed, but nothing out of the ordinary. It showed the date, time and address. The invitation closed with the statement, "What Happens on Halloween, Stays with Halloween." Michelle and I thought it was an interesting play on the Las Vegas term and gave this an aura of mystery or warning.

Michelle and I have been married for twelve years. We have both just passed the forty mark, although she is usually mistaken to be ten years younger. She is five feet six, one hundred and eight pounds and very fit. Her lean legs are very solid, but still offer that soft inner thigh skin that is so suckable.

Michelle has long wavy brunette hair and sparkly emerald green eyes that always seem teary. She’s one of those people that other women hate. She can eat and drink all she wants and never seems to gain weight. I always joke with her about this because it appears that any extra fat seems to go straight to her boobs.

Her thin body, with those beautiful breasts, attests to her love of yoga and ballet. When you stand behind her, your eyes are drawn to her heart shaped butt. Her breasts move gracefully when she isn’t wearing a bra, which is most times. She has the most sensitive nipples ever created and they seemingly have a direct link to her pussy. Many times it appears that she orgasms just from my touch of her breasts. Although her nipples are not big in diameter they seem to be constantly erect and are almost impossible to conceal with a regular bra.

My wife has no problem with dressing sexy and is comfortable with flaunting her assets. It's always been my fantasy to watch her tease and then be "taken" by another man. Although we've enjoyed this fantasy during our lovemaking Michelle has made it clear that this will remain a fantasy as she has no desire to "play" with others.

In mid-October, we started to zero in on our costumes. I picked out a pimp outfit with tight pants and a silk shirt that I wore unbuttoned to my belly. I don’t mind showing my six-pack and fit bod. Michelle had heard from her boss that he was going as a vampire and, in the two weeks before the party, she had found the perfect items to complement her boss.

She had finally settled on a "Naughty Vampire Girl" outfit. The night of the party, she looked like walking sex. She wore a very sexy red latex bustier, a black thong, black thigh-high stockings, a long black latex cape, black patent leather platform heels and a black hat. What you couldn’t see was what she wore under the cape: a red and black strap-on dildo connected to the bustier.

The dildo hung menacingly from three rings on her bustier and the strap at the bottom of the dildo pressed snugly against her thong-covered pussy. Her bright red lipstick highlighted the vampire fangs she added to the look.

The situation had her a little worried. She wanted to look the "part," but did not want to overdo it and she told me she was thinking of not wearing the dildo. When she modeled the outfit for me I was totally taken by her appearance. She told me the dildo strap was rubbing her pussy and made her wet with every movement she made. Her labia were being separated by the strap and showed on either side, protruding from her tiny thong.

The night of the party arrived, and I watched Michelle getting dressed. It took all of my reserve to not throw her on the floor and fuck her. She told me she was having last-minute doubts about her outfit. I encouraged her and told her how hot she looked and was sure she would be the best-dressed vampire there, including her boss, John. We had a glass of wine before we left the house to settle the jitters.

The drive to the party was just over twenty minutes away. Michelle's boss lived with his wife in a large house on a perfectly manicured lot. Actually, the lot was a little over three acres and the driveway circled up in front of the house. There were already fifteen to twenty cars there and music could be heard coming from inside and out in the back.

Again, Michelle gave me a gorgeous look at her silky inner thighs and pussy as she moved to get out of the car. This time she caught me looking and smiled.

She asked, "Is this going to be a problem tonight?"

I smiled and said, “Not for any guy that has a pulse! In fact, even some of your girlfriends would fall in love with your strap-on.”

She hugged me and gave me a kiss saying, “That's just what this bad girl wanted to hear.”

My tight pants just got tighter.

As we walked up to the house we saw the walkway was lined with small torches that gave a romantic but wild aura to the grounds. We knocked on the door and just like in the movies the door slowly opened and standing there was a stiff butler dressed in all black with dark sunken eyes and a dead expression on his face.

“Enter,” he motioned for us to continue straight ahead where we were met by a server with a tray of blood-red champagne.

The server was wearing a harem outfit complete with a sheer veil. Actually, everything she wore was sheer. Her beautiful breasts were in clear view as was the tiny thong that slightly covered her pussy.

Michelle and I each took a glass, toasted to each other, and came close to downing the flute in one swallow. We did not know it, but the consumption of large amounts of alcohol was an omen of things to come.

The server told us to follow her. Before we started, the server looked at us and said, “A word of advice, do as you are told.”

We followed her hot ass into a large room that was spared no expense on the decorations for the evening.

The main room was lit by candles and some black lights. The candles and the lights reflected off the mist created by a fog machine. The music kept a driving beat that had many of the other guests up dancing.

As our eyes adjusted, Michelle’s boss, John, approached and warmly welcomed us. He wore a traditional vampire costume. The black cape with a red satin lining, black pants a red bow tie truly complemented Michelle’s black-and-red costume. He wore no shirt and showed off a very hard, chiseled chest, and an obvious six-pack. He was certainly dressed to impress with a body that spent a lot of time in the gym.

More champagne was provided by another server dressed the same as the last one. John thanked the server by grabbing her hair and firmly tilting her head back and giving her a vampire-type nibble on her neck. She gave a slight moan and walked off as soon as he released her. Michelle’s teary eyes seemed to twinkle at the sight. John asked Michelle to turn around so he could get a better look at her costume, but more to check out her body. She slowly turned around trying to be as sexy as possible.

He looked at me and said, “Welcome. I trust your vampire slut will act as nasty as she looks.” It seemed to me that his remark was more of a command than a question.

He took Michelle by the hand and invited us to see the house. As we walked through the crowd I was amazed at the costumes or lack of costumes that people wore. Many of the outfits might get you arrested if worn in public. There were so many beautiful bodies and people who were not shy about showing them off. I started to feel a little overdressed.

John took us out back where more fog machines left a swamp-type atmosphere as it drifted over the pond-looking pool and Jacuzzi spa. The torches and the light blue and green lighting added to the eerie feel. John then introduced us to Rondo. He was at least six-foot-four with a body straight from a fitness magazine. He wore a pair of leather chaps and a black vest that was open. He also wore black boots and tiny Speedo-type briefs that were sheer in both the front and back. These briefs held in a “package” like I’ve only seen in porn movies. From my quick glance, he looked huge. Believe me, this sight was all taken in by Michelle as she finished her third drink.

More drinks arrived, this time a red concoction that tasted like a very strong vodka martini. I don’t know if it was the erotic atmosphere or our apprehension that caused us to down the drinks quicker then we normally would. As we stood there with John and Rondo watching people dance and fondle each other, Michelle said, “I almost feel overdressed.” She wasn’t saying it to anyone in particular. My wife just blurted it out.

John looked at her and said, “That is because you are overdressed.”

He looked her in the eye and in a commanding-type vampire voice said, “Open your cape.”

She looked at her boss and turned to me with a look of ‘What do I do?’

John said, “You do not need to look at your pimp. Open your cape and show us what you are wearing.”

She hesitated a little and Rondo said in a firm but quiet voice, “Now.”

Michelle was still standing between us. I moved behind her and reached around her to undo the snaps that closed her cape. Michelle never moved or tried to stop me. John smiled as he looked her over, staring at the dildo and spoke firmly, “Show me your vampire tits.”

She just reached up and slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled down to expose both latex-encased breasts glistening with perspiration. The cool air stiffened her nipples immediately.

My cock just about ripped my pants. John looked at her tits that were clearly exposed and said, “I’ve wanted to see these for some time. Don’t cover them again.”

To my surprise, Michelle said, “I won’t,” as she took another blood vodka off the server’s tray.

I still had not gotten a look at what John and Rondo had seen. Michelle’s back was still towards me, but I knew her breasts were nearly hypnotizing them. I hadn’t worn any underwear, trying to be somewhat sexy. My cock was being held down by the tightness of the silk pimp pants that I had worn.

Both John and Rondo walked away to mingle and, I’m sure, drum up some sort of erotic scene. I was left with a wife that seemed to be under a trance. I moved closer behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist as we both stared into the dancing crowd. I cupped her breasts and felt how hard her nipples had become as she moved her ass against my cock. I reached down and lifted her cape so that she’d get a better feel of my cock against her ass.

The only things between us were my silk pants and the latex strap and thong between her cheeks. Michelle seemed to melt a little and I could feel her pushing her butt against me a little harder. I held her tighter and began to gently nibble on her neck behind her ear. As soon as my mouth touched her neck I could hear a low moan come from her lips. Her entire body was relaxing, and she put up no resistance when my hands moved up to cup her breasts. As I squeezed both of her breasts as she pushed back harder like she wanted to bend over and fuck.

I don’t think anyone would have minded. We were both getting very hot and I wanted to take it to the limit. As I had mentioned earlier, Michelle’s nipples have a direct line to her erotic overload system. I found her nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers and then pulled both gently. Her body tensed and everything indicated that she had an orgasm or at least a tremor.

I was still spooned behind her and we were swaying to the music. We moved out to the center of where the other couples were dancing. The black lights and the fog created such an erotic effect. The other couples were all dancing like they were in an erotic movie. Fondling, groping, girls being sandwiched and doing a front-and-back grind on each other. There were guys being sandwiched between ladies with their tits exposed.

To say the scene was erotically surreal was putting it mildly. Michelle turned to face me and that was when I got my first look at her with the top of the bustier hanging down. The cape did little to cover her and for all practical purposes, Michelle was dancing with me topless. Her perky breasts and hard erect nipples were exposed to everyone. And believe me, people noticed.

The music got a little faster and Michelle knew that she was “on display.” I stepped back as she started to groove to the beat, gathered the cape high around her waist and shook her ass for me and the crowd. She seemed to enjoy the swaying movement of her tits and made sure that she got the most action out of each beat.

Finally, after a couple songs, I grabbed Michelle tightly. My hand went down to her ass and under her cape. I cupped one of her cheeks and pulled her in real tight, allowing her to rub against my thigh. She looked in a daze. The drinks, the music, the costumes all seemed to add to her look of lust. I don’t think we’ve ever been so turned on in our lives.

Just then the music started to die down, the lights flickered, and a gong sounded. Michelle turned to face the gong sound as did the others. Again, she was leaning back into my arms. Rondo and another well-built man with a leather hood were standing at the gong and all attention was on them. They stood about ten feet apart and between them was a large black velvet sheet covering something against the wall.

Rondo and the other man who looked like an executioner on steroids quickly walked into the crowd and grabbed a female guest and brought her up to where they stood before. They were holding her one on each arm and she looked like she was in the same state as Michelle. She was a beautiful redhead with very fair white skin and huge jiggly tits. She was wearing a mini-toga-type costume. She had gorgeous legs and the halter-type top was open to her waist with the halter straps tied behind her neck. The straps concealed only a small amount of her magnificent breasts.

The two guys turned her to face us and one of the two sexy servers brought out a blindfold and put it over the redhead’s eyes. Once the blindfold was in place, the black cloth was removed exposing a huge wooden “X” that had wrist and ankle restraints on each of the four ends. Rondo and the executioner quickly secured her wrists and then her ankles.

Michelle pushed her ass back against my cock. She liked what she was seeing. The redhead tried to struggle free, but it was no use, she was bound helplessly to the cross. During her struggles her left breast became exposed out to the side of her toga. Also, with her arms stretched up high her toga rode up higher on her thighs and was within an inch of exposing her panties.

Michelle whispered to me that she recognized that redhead from her office but did not know her name. So, this was not an actor, but a party guest. My gut feeling was this was not planned ahead of time with her. The lights were turned down and a single spotlight was shown on the redhead. She continued to struggle causing her left tit to jiggle nicely for our enjoyment. The executioner picked up a leather cat-o-nine tails whip and very gently slapped her in the inner thighs. He was gentle enough to not leave marks but hard enough to let his victim know that he had a whip. Rondo did the same, but on her left breast, more of a teasing than a swat as he let the many leather straps flicker over her nipple. She flinched at first but then it appeared she was arching her chest out to give Rondo a better target. Her breathing got very heavy and it appeared that she was getting very turned on.

Soon two of the server girls came out and knelt down in front of the redhead and started to massage her thighs. They worked their fingers slowly up from her knees to the top of her leg, never moving between her legs. Slowly they drug their fingernails up her thighs and slowly back down. Then one of them started to lick and nibble the redhead’s inner right thigh just as Rondo cupped her left breast and then leaned over and bite her nipple. The redhead let out a scream that was more like a scream of surprise and of pleasure.

I cupped Michelle’s tits and toyed with her sensitive nipples as she pushed her ass back against me harder. I whispered, “I wish that was you up there instead of the redhead.”

She reached her hand back and felt for my cock. She grabbed it and said, “I’m so fucking horny that I’d do just about anything tonight.”

Looking around to make certain no one was listening, I whispered, “You came as a vampire slut, then act like one.”

Michelle asked, “What are my limits? I don’t want to get you angry.”

I made my position very clear. I grabbed Michelle’s hair and pulled her head back, with my right hand I pinched her left nipple and pulled it hard making her gasp. I gave her a hard powerful kiss that she responded to with her tongue and with more passion than I’ve ever felt. I said, “Tonight there are no limits.”

I repeated the line from the invitation, ”What happens on Halloween stays on Halloween.”

She looked me straight in the eyes, grabbed my cock and said, “I will be your slutty vampire whore tonight. Be ready.”

My hand wandered to her cunt. Her thighs were wet, her lips swollen and coated with a thick creamy discharge. My fingers felt the warmth and probed inside her sex. I whispered in her ear, "How many times have you cum already, my love?”

She just shook and said, “I don’t even know but several anyway and just again.”

We looked back up to the redhead as the black lights came back on. The redhead was only teased and not really violated in any hardcore way, although I think she would have loved it. She was released, and Rondo had to help support her for a minute once she was unshackled. It looked like the tease worked and she was in a serious state of lust.

Michelle smiled at me and said, “Yes, I would have loved it,” as she walked away into the crowd. If she only knew how badly I would have loved to see her tied to the cross.

I watched Michelle disappear into the dance floor. At times I could see her bobbing up and down to the music or being sandwiched on the dance floor by a Devil, Spartan King, Vampire and a Biker as her arms were raised into the air. They sandwiched her tightly grinding their groins tightly against her ass and pussy. They all felt her up, making sure that her exposed tits were fondled and squeezed, and cape discarded.

My cock was in a constant state of arousal and I loved what I was seeing. I love being teased by Michelle and this place had the potential to bring out all of our nastiest desires. I wanted to watch Michelle let loose, to shed the good-girl image for a night. I wanted her exposed to others, to be fondled by others and to watch her be willingly used for sexual pleasure.

John appeared and handed me a drink. He asked what we thought about the little show. I told him that it turned both Michelle and me on and that Michelle was a little disappointed that she wasn’t the one being restrained. John smiled and asked me how I would have felt if it was Michelle up there exposed for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The drinks and the erotic atmosphere seemed to loosen my tongue a little more than normal. I told John that I would have loved to see Michelle shackled to the cross. He smiled and said that the night was still young and that he had plans for her. He also said that he had gotten ahead in business by being able to read people. He went on to say, before the night is over your submissive wife will pleasure others before she pleasures you. My cock went ballistic as John walked away.

Damn, where did the time fly, it was almost 12:30. I never expected to stay very late. I had to go on a short business trip the next day and had planned that we leave early, but the party was so awesome and seeing Michelle behaving so naughty, I changed my plan. There was no real pressure to leave; I could sleep on the plane and Michelle had no idea what time it was. Then it hit me, maybe I could work this to my advantage. I could convince Michelle to stay and then quietly return to observe.

I immediately tracked down John and explained the situation to him. He smiled and said he would convince my wife to stay. John said once we convinced her to stay, I should pretend to be leaving, and then return through the back gate. He said that he would have a new costume for me and that Michelle would not recognize me. This way, I could watch everything that she did. John promised that this would be a night that all of us would never forget.

John and I walked back inside and found Michelle sitting at the bar on one of the stools. She was sitting legs spread with the Spartan standing between her thighs. She was massaging his bare chest and not being shy about flirting. The Spartan was playing with her dildo, moving it back and forth and then in a circle, constantly rubbing Michelle’s clit and labia. She glanced over and saw me. She whispered something to the warrior then got up and walked over to us. She knew she looked hot and was making the most out of it. When she arrived, I reminded her about the time and the need to get a good night’s sleep before leaving on my business trip.

She let out a sad, “Nooo, the party is just getting started.”

John walked behind Michelle, wrapped his arms under hers and slid his hands around her breasts, pulling and twisting each nipple. Michelle lifted her arms and put them back around John’s neck. Her stretch back made her tits stick out further into John’s hands.

John told Michelle that she could not leave and that if I had to go he would make sure she got a ride home later in the evening. She weakly protested, saying that she had to go with me. I reminded her that it was her company’s party and that it was okay with me for her to stay. She still protested and finally, John told her that he wasn’t finished with her and that she was staying. As he spoke to her, his hands seemed to be mauling Michelle’s tits. Then as his head went down to her neck, the mauling of her tits and the gentle bites on her shoulder had the desired effect. Michelle inhaled deeply, moaned slightly and agreed to stay.

Michelle walked me out to the car. At the car, we embraced, and I reached down and fondled her sexy ass. I could feel the heat and passion in her body. I’ve never felt her so hot and ready for sex. All I could think of was this is what being in “heat” really is all about. She again wanted to go back with me, but I reassured her it was okay to stay, and her boss wanted her to stay. I told her that I wanted one thing before I left.

Michelle said, “Anything, darling, what is it?”

I knelt down in front of her and slowly ripped her thong down and off. I could already smell the faint musky scent of her delicious pussy, which had been tormented by the latex strap all night. I slipped it in my pants pocket. I ran my tongue up her thigh, pulled the dildo strap to one side and plunged my tongue into her pussy. She let out a loud “oh god” and parted her legs. She was so fucking wet, and her clit and lips swollen! I teased her a little, got up and told her to go back inside. I reminded her that she was still a whore and that I would want to know about everything she did while I was away.

She said, “Baby, I’m so fucking horny. I’ve been teased all night. You just fucked me with your tongue to the point of exploding and you leave me?”

With that, she turned to walk back to the house. I called her and asked if she wanted her thong back. She walked back and said, “I don’t want it back; it’s torn; it’s all wet and will just get in the way.”

She turned and started back in the house, never looking back.

I got in the car, moved it to the other end of the driveway and waited for five minutes before going to the back gate. John saw me walk in and handed me a black monk-type outfit. It sort of looked like the grim reaper outfit with a big floppy hood. I took off my pimp costume and put on the cloak. I also handed Michelle’s thong to John. He inspected it before putting them under his nose.

He said, “Her scent is calling us. Let’s go.”

Just before we walked into the house he stopped me and said, "Bill, your fantasies of watching Michelle become a sex toy are going to be fulfilled tonight. Stop me now or stay out of the way.”

Trying not to show my excitement, I told John, “Let’s do it”. He said just keep your head down.

I walked in with John. He stopped Rondo and a well-built black man dressed as an African warrior. We walked through the dance floor and I could not see Michelle anywhere. When we got to the area where the big cross had been earlier there now was a short platform with a mattress on top. The mattress had a black silk sheet covering it and there were restraints on all four corners and one at the top in the center. Just as before, the lights flickered on and off and the gong sounded. The crowd moved towards the bed surrounding it, waiting. Then from the side, the crowd opened up and Michelle was being led out by two of the men. The African warrior and Rondo each had her by the arms. They had removed her bustier and she stood there in the cape, stockings and high heels. Her skin glistened from perspiration due to the latex and her nipples could have poked out eyes. She had the look of drunken lust.

She stopped at the side of the bed and the two escorts let go of her arms. John whispered something to her and she reached back and untied her cape letting it fall to the floor. Michelle was now standing there completely nude, except for her stockings and heels, for everyone to see. Friends, strangers and some co-workers were now very acquainted with Michelle’s body. Michelle lay on the bed and stretched her arms up above her head. A blindfold was put on over her eyes as her wrists were shackled to the restraint at the top center of the bed. The two servers spread her legs and attached her ankles to the corner restraints. Michelle made a halfhearted effort to get away, but I think it was more for show then anything.

As the Warrior and Rondo, who was now wearing only his sheer briefs lay down next to Michelle one of the servers produced an average-size vibrator and putting it on low started to slowly move it up Michelle’s left thigh. As the vibrator moved over her pussy both Rondo and the African warrior cupped Michelle’s tits and began sucking. They were not gentle about this at all, biting and pulling. The vibrator and the sucking had her trying to squirm off the bed. Her moaning could be heard over the music as her hips started to move up and down as if fucking an imaginary lover. The server never slid the vibrator into Michelle, just teased her, letting it flick over her clit and down to her ass.

Then the moment of truth. I did not expect this, but the servers and John unlocked the shackles and set Michelle free. What was this, some type of continuing tease? How much could she take before she just said to hell with this?

John moved over to me and said, “Watch and see what kind of whore you are married to.”

He read her correctly. Instead of Michelle getting up off the bed she took off the blindfold and immediately began kissing the African warrior as her hand reached under his loincloth. From the motion of her hand, it was obvious that she had found his cock and was stroking it. People danced to the music but all eyes were on Michelle and her two lovers.

Michelle’s other hand reached for and found Rondo’s crotch. She snaked her way into the waistband. Finding his now growing cock, she pulled it out of the top and just like she was doing with the African warrior, she slowly jerked off his cock. Both guys were now being massaged as they sucked on Michelle’s tits. The Spartan King took his place between her legs and buried his tongue into her open pussy. Michelle humped and squirmed and moaned, letting out a scream with her first orgasm that seemed to last for minutes.

She was breathing like she had just run a marathon. The Spartan and the Warrior stopped and got up off the bed. They lifted Michelle up to a sitting position as Rondo, now naked, lay on his back. Michelle was gently maneuvered next to him then on top of him. Her right leg swung over his hips and she was straddling Rondo. Rondo’s cock was fully erect, and it had to be every bit of nine inches, very thick and veiny.

The fog machine started up giving the scene the look of hell. Michelle arched up and rubbed her pussy over the underside of Rondo’s cock. After a minute you could see it glistening from her juices. She reached down and guided the shiny head of his enormous organ between the lips of her pussy. She moved up and down three or four times just taking in the head and maybe an inch more. She looked like she was going to tease Rondo when all of a sudden she pushed hard and engulfed his bare cock with one downward movement. Her eyes rolled back, and her hand came up, and she collapsed on his chest. Then she slowly sat up and began her ride as Rondo pulled her turgid nipples.

In less than a minute, Michelle was riding Rondo’s cock to a shattering orgasm. Rondo still had not cum and was enjoying the ride and the view. Then the African warrior stood up next to Michelle. He lifted his loincloth and positioned his semi-hard cock near Michelle’s face and bellowed, “Suck me, my slut.”

Michelle grabbed his cock and stroked it several times before she pulled it closer to her face. She lifted his cock and bent her head down to suck his big heavy balls. Michelle tried to get further down but was sliding off Rondo’s cock. Finally, from frustration, she got off Rondo and pulled the African warrior down on his back on the bed. Michelle got on all fours, between the Warrior's legs and started sucking on his cock. This cock was about the same as Rondo’s, but dark, shiny black. The contrast of the Warrior’s black cock and the fair skin and pink lips of my wife made such an erotic sight. She sucked him with such hunger and cupped his nutsack as she swallowed him.

It was then that I noticed John approaching her from behind. He had stripped off his pants, and his cock was free and swinging as he moved toward my bent-over wife. His cock is quite a bit thicker and longer than mine, and I knew she would enjoy feeling his member inside her. First, he buried his face in her sodden pussy and licked and sucked each distended lip before flicking his tongue up and over her swollen clit and then down to her tight-puckered anus. His face was glistening with her wetness.

John got on his knees on the bed between the Warrior’s outstretched legs and rubbed the dark pink head of his cock up and down Michelle’s wanton cunt. She was about to become a total whore to be used by her boss, and she pushed back against him inviting him to penetrate her cunt. John placed a hand on each hip and pulled outward to open her pussy even further, her inner labia being pulled out as they clasped John’s cock.

My cock was as hard as steel anticipating the fucking I longed to see. John looked down on Michelle’s ass as he moved forward and plunged his bare cock deep into her and I heard her moan and mumble as she sucked the black warrior.

John was groaning and looked at me and said, “Her cunt is squeezing my cock; she loves this.”

She momentarily stopped sucking and looked back over her shoulder into John’s eyes. Her face was full of lust, and she shouted, “Fuck me, John. Fuck me hard. Oh my god, I love your cock.”

I had to stroke my cock as I watched my wife being a total slut for three men. I was so proud of her and so excited to see her giving in to complete sexual desire. The image of John’s thick cock stretching her beautiful pussy was being seared in my memory. He was grunting and pushing in and out, holding her left hip with one hand while his right was teasing her puckered asshole, wetting it with their sex oil.

Michelle was in ecstasy and kept yelping every time John’s cock bottomed out on her cervix. John was flexing, signaling he was about to unload his seed inside my Michelle. My own climax was about to explode as John yelled, “Michelle, my whore, take my cum.”

I could see his cum leaking out around his cock as he slowed his pummeling. The warrior shot his load in Michelle’s mouth just after he heard her yelp and cum. His thick sticky cum was dripping off her lips and chin.

Michelle rolled to her side, and John followed her and held her in his arms, kissing her as a lover. My whore had been totally fucked and used, and I wondered if she would tell me what the evening was like for her after I had to leave for home.

Those who know me and have read my other two stories are familiar with my lifestyle and my fantasies. I decided to write this from the perspective of my husband Bill. Should I tell her I watched her being used by three men? Halloween will never be the same.


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