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Handyman Special

Her erect nipple trailed along the inside of my leg scorching me
Monday! Monday! Monday!
Another rainy weekend results in miserable traffic. Shhhheesh a little rain in Miami and people forget how to drive.

The traffic report stated “826 West has been closed from 27th Ave to 47th, its a parking lot now all the way from 57th to 103rd.”

I wasn't in a hurry I just hate sitting in traffic, having borrowed Tom's truck this weekend, I was on my way to return it.

Tom wasn't in a hurry either along his license was suspended DUI, and he recently broke his leg when he fell off a ladder.

I fiddled with the Sirius radio, hit the preset selecting some Bob Marley, to help me chill. Since I wasn't likely to be moving anytime soon I had better get my blood pressure down.

The Hemi engine rumbled smoothly, from the towering truck I surveyed the cars around me, giving names to the passengers they carried.

“Sexy lips”to my right was painting her lips and staring an awful long time at her face, was she worried about getting old and the lines she thought were appearing.

"pudgy banker dude" sipped his coffee and sweated in his air conditioned car.

To my left and a car length in front was “Sierra”, oh yes I knew her name for it was emblazoned in blue on the vanity plate of her 2010 ’vette.

Inch by agonizing inch we crawled along. The rain had stopped, but the sky remained overcast, the air cool.

I lost interest in my little game but it piqued again when the top of the ’vette, suddenly converted like a scene from the transformer movie.

She was quite a looker, from my first glimpse. Strawberry blond with a very nice smile, she was adjusting her ponytail through the Marlins baseball cap, when she noticed me in her rear view mirror.

Taking a chance yet playing it low key I motioned to her, up ahead was a Starbucks. She hesitated, but almost instantaneously changed her mind and nodded her okay.

Pulling into the parking lot she waited for me to get out and open her door. The faint waif of Elizabeth Arden floated as she walked by and again as I held the door open to the cafe.

"So you are a Marlins fan, I try to catch a game now and then"

"Yes I am ...My husband's firm does their legal work so we have season tickets" "I played softball up through college and love the sport."

I introduced myself with small talk about the traffic; she countered that it was because of the traffic that we met.
Her eyes twinkled and I knew this was a woman to be reckoned with.

“What are you having?” she asked.

“A medium coffee, cream, no sugar - thanks”  and watched as she ordered a ‘Cinnamon Dolce’.

Waiting in line, I checked her out better. Her white blouse gently concealed her beautiful assets, tight fitting jeans hugged her curvy hips midway.
Wearing cowboy boots she stood about 5'3" tall. There were freckles on her bare arms and her nicely toned shoulders was evidence that she worked out.

Voluptuous though not overly large I wondered for a moment if maybe she had any enhancements, however the natural sway of her pendulous bosom convinced me otherwise.

Taking both cups I followed her outside to sit at one of those side walk tables.

“I need some work done on my home" she said. “Would you stop by and give me an estimate?”

It hit me that she was referring to the General Contractors sign on Tom’s truck, so I nodded my okay.

I could feel her eyes checking me out. At 52, I am in pretty good shape no hint of gray yet, 5'9" and 175 lbs only 10 lbs over my high school weight. My jeans still fit tight and my legs are in great shape. She had a good sense of humor and quickly warmed up to each other .

Our wedding bands were visible but it was obvious by her flirtatious behavior that she down with it.
She didn't explicitly say he was having an affair, rather muttered that he was frequently away on business trips accompanied his young legal secretary.

Sierra was from El Paso Texas, when I broke into a little Marty Robbins she laughed as she had no idea that cowboy music was once very popular in Jamaica.
Traffic began to flow again, after exchanging business cards we made arrangements to meet in two hours, I concluded that this lady had more on her mind that renovations.

I made a few calls, told Tom I would bring the truck around later and called in a personal day at work. I returned home since I was less than 10 minutes away, the boys were in school, my wife and daughter were out shopping.

With the control in hand I kept flicking the channels till I was driving myself crazy. I paced the house, in 20 years I had yet to cheat on my wife.

Oh, I am no saint, I watch porn and have gone to strip bars on the occasional boys night out. I also flirt incessantly with my coworkers.

I had become bored with the routine sex of marriage. We fucked like rabbits in the early years but after 4 kids my wife had lost interest.

Time crawled at an agonizingly slow pace and I began to wonder if I could go through with it.

Sierra lived in Harbor Isle, about 30 minutes away. Beautiful homes, most with waterfront views of the Intercoastal. Finding her address was a cinch with the GPS and I arrived on time.

Her Pomeroy greeted me at the door and minutes later Sierra appeared. The dog was a cute little thing and very curious, inspecting me as if to say why are you here and what do you want with my Mistress? Her tiny feet trotted rapidly on the marble tile and the sound of her nails echoed down the hallway.

Sierra showed me first the kitchen, then to a few bathrooms where the toilets kept running.

"How long have you had these leaks" I asked.

"A couple of months"

I can never find the time. Proceeding to a lower section of the house she motioned me towards the jacuzzi, it doesn't turn on and when it does the it doesn't heat the water.

So this is your priority?

Yeah! I need it fixed ...I like to relax after working out.

"Let me take a look then"

A quick trace on the line found a loose wire, that was easy enough.  "can you show me the breaker box?"

The loose wire had tripped the fuse "no biggie" I told her "just give it a few and it should be warming up"

"You are good" stressing her southern drawl.

"I will start on the rest of the stuff if that's okay with you."

Oh yes please, I will be in the exercise room working out.

I got to work on changing the washers in the faucets and after an hour or so I was done, then I made my way back to the room where Sierra was working out.

The red and blue bandanna around her head, matched her red and blue spandex outfit. Sweat was dripping from her body and she looked absolutely stunning as the material hugged every curve. Music blasting she didn't seem to notice my entrance, for she was staring at the wide screen following along some Gazelle extreme fitness.

Her butt was nice and tight, my cock twitched involuntarily. She turned around "I am almost done ...five more minutes."
I watched along, switching at times from the women on the screen to her and back.

"Please hand me that towel"  she said, shutting off the program and the music.

"That was good ... now lets see about the Jacuzzi".

Running her fingers through the water she hummed, then she threw in a few pellets which immediately started to foam.
"Do you mind?" she asked as she approached me. "My shoulders get a little sore when I workout, its almost as if there is a knot ...right here". She spun around to show me the area.
On their own my hands reached out and began to massage her neck and shoulders. Her skin was soft and pliable, the scent of her perfumed sweat seeped into my mind. I closed my eyes, imagining her tender flesh beneath my body.

Sierra removed her head band, dabbing at the droplets of sweat appearing around her face and neck. I curtailed the urge to kiss and lick each bead and focused instead on maintaining steady pressure and rhythm.

"That feels so good"

I stayed with it a few more minutes till she said, "now help me out of these wet clothes."

I froze for a moment till she pointed out "you don't wear clothes in a jacuzzi"

"Oh of course not" blushing at my own naivety.

Beneath her leotard, her black lace bra could barely contain her pendulous breast, still breathing deeply from her workout they hypnotized me with each rise.

Noticing the effect she smiled. "Do you like what you see?"

Next off were her tennis and sock, with a little wiggle she pealed off her tights to reveal matching black lace panties. High cut they strained to contain her fat pum-pum. I could feel my cock noticeably growing down the length of my pants. A favorable look of approval appeared on her face as she saw its rising outline.

Standing before me naked, my eyes wandered over her body, her large titties were adorned by the longest most protruding nipples I have e'er seen.
White tan lines cast a beautiful contrast to the reddish gold hair which trailed from her navel to her pussy getting progressively darker as it neared her labia. Her legs were thick and firm with shapely calves, her butt was wide and round narrowing at the waist giving her a certain sexiness.

Squeezing her arms before her she caused her tits to elevate even more then she gave each nipple a gently lick. Blood rushed to my brain and cock.

"Well aren't you going to come in?" "You said you guaranteed your work so let's test it"
Removing my clothes I joined her. I felt her eyes caress my butt as I stripped out of my jeans and was pleasantly surprised when a 'oooh' escaped her lips. She sighed on spotting my cock.

As I entered the water my cock sprung unbidden to full attention, I blushed a bit at its exaggerated response. I sat beside her enjoying the whirling water and her presence. Her titties appeared to float in the water and I tried to make small talk without appearing flustered. It had been over twenty years since I had been nude with any woman but my wife and I hadn't expected this rush of guilt.

Sierra felt my unease, and did her best to relax me. Sneaking her hand between my legs she gently touched my cock. I flinched and froze as her hand wandered up to rub my tummy.

Caressing my chest her hands roamed freely over my body as she coaxed me into submission. I closed my eyes enjoying her touch.

"Come here and sit between my legs are so tense."
Facing away from her so she could massage my neck and back, my head snuggled and rested on her stomach. She was quite good at giving a massage, her strong hands and fingers penetrated and molded my flesh, plying away my tension. I ate up the attention she gave me and responded in kind by rubbing her calves.

Kissing me on the side of my neck while she rubbed my bald head she worked her way, till we were kissing fully. I liked the way she kissed, her tongue was soft, provocative and playful, enticing me to chase her. We kissed for awhile enjoying the headiness of the moment.
I reached up to caress her breast, gently I placed my palm just above her nipples. Her erect nipples were at least a half inch long and maybe as thick as my little finger, slowly massaging them in circles started her legs squirming.

I looked in her eyes seeking approval, she lay back on the padded headrest of the jacuzzi giving me total access. Standing between her legs, I hunched over, bending forward to take her succulent nipples into my mouth.

Her puffy nipples hard and springy, had the texture of a large raisin and were sweet as they rolled around in my mouth. My hands cupped and stroked and I alternated between each mound, kissing and tonguing one while playing with the other. I brushed and tweaked her nipples milking them, Sierra trembled as I licked and sucked, her sensitive nipples triggering a passionate response. Her legs clamped around my waist, squeezing tightly she came with a grunt.

"That was so good now I want to taste you"

Positioning herself so she could have better access she began to stroke my cock.

"I've never had a black man but my roommate shared tidbits about her boyfriend."

"You have a very nice cock"
    ...nice and thick
         ...can I suck it?"

"of course silly rabbit" I thought; but groaned a "yes please" instead.

I pushed my hips up out of the water allowing her to lower her mouth to the head. I groaned and shivered as her hot mouth engulfed my cock. The warm swirling water had relaxed my balls, they were hanging freely as she lifted them. Her touch was electrifying, her red nails raked the head while the other hand massaged my balls fingering my perineum.

The pressure on the head of my cock, the pulling, the suction made my cock hard and I wanted to fuck her pussy so bad.

I told her so but she insisted that she wanted to bring me off in her mouth first. Sitting on the rim of the jacuzzi, my legs dangled over her shoulder while she sucked my cock.

As she sucked my cock, her erect nipple trailed along the inside of my leg scorching me and making my cock tremble in her mouth. Lifting my cock, she began to nibble the underside, biting crosswise as she reached closer to balls then up again to swallow the head. Her intensity increased as she progressively swallowed more of my cock, my breathing became more intense as did the thrusting of my hips.

Yes baby "dame tu lechita" the shock of hearing her speak Spanish, caused me to erupt before I could give her warning.

Sierra didn't mind at all, gulping and swallowing my cream, she greedily licked the head to clean up every drop.

"Lets get more comfortable I haven't been a bad girl in a long time." Her ass cheeks jiggled as she proceeded to her bedroom; I followed in tow.

We lay on the bed chatting, my hands playfully caressing her breast.

"You have very nice tits I love the way your nipples stand erect."

"Yes they are very sensitive
    ...I get horny sometimes just putting on my bra."

Both of us now a bit more relaxed I asked her how comes she knew Spanish.

My husband is Hispanic, we ended up in Miami when there was a void for bilingual lawyers.

She continued talking telling me about her early life, her time and college and how her chance meeting with her husband had brought them together again.

"Lately I haven't been getting any loving, my husband is either too tired or away."

On the bed she lay on her back, her lovely mound stuck up high. Presented with such a lovely view, I crawled closer for a taste of this delectable gem. My fingers parted her pubic hair seeking to probe her tight pussy.

Her pussy was tight, really tight and I struggled to get a finger in, Sierra lay on the bed moaning her encouragement but still was barely able to penetrate her. Swinging her legs up I proceeded to lick her cunt, tasting her mature pussy, I massaged her lips and spread them open.

My fingers gravitated to her clit and I was surprised at the size of her button. It soon hardened and became large, sticking its prominent head outside its hood.

I like women with large clits, and thrilled her by twirling it around between my lips or playing with it between my fingers. I buried my face between her legs nuzzling her with my nose I rubbed my face up and down her pussy, while sticking my tongue deep inside her folds.

She squirmed beneath my pressure as I finger fucked her sopping pussy in addition to sucking on her clit.
Her juices leaking all over I nudged her rosebud with my the knuckle of my forefinger.

"Ahhhh! ....yes play with me back there."

I needed no further prompting and proceeded to wet it slick first with my tongue then fingered her asshole. I kissed it then blew softly on her tight ring, it clenched and flexed in response.

"Its been so long ...since I have had that done to me" her voice trailed off as she raised her legs.

Reaching up she took my cock in her hands gently stroking it as it hardened, grasping it so her thumb could flick the head, she massaged it round and round occasionally pressing from the underside upward through my pee hole to the top.

Lubricated with pre-cum she increased the intensity of her thumb till I was good and hard then she guided me her pussy.

Holding it at the entrance she fucked her clit with my cock, rubbing it up and down, I took control and without penetrating her I motioned my cock between her cunt lips, smacking them around and rubbing my cock over her clit.

Everywhere became quite messy, her juices mixing with my pre-cum till finally neither of us could further resist. With her hand firmly on my cock I launched into her cunt, pushing through any resistance I encountered, till I was deep into her cervix.
We continued in that fashion, my cock stroking smooth and deep while she responding by arching her hips upwards with her legs locked around my waist. The angle was perfect for me to hit her g-spot, she rode and bucked to maximize the effect and soon threw her arms tightly hugging me as her pussy vibrated from the throes of her orgasm. Her pussy clenched viciously then gradually relaxed with each subsiding spasms.

Wow! was all she said as she pushed me on my back.

My cock was standing erect as she squatted over me in an effort to plunge it into her pussy.

"Why don't you come and sit on my face first?
    ...I want to lick you some more"

It wasn't a hard sell and she quickly obliged.

"You really like to eat pussy"
"ah-huh and yours is delicious"

Allowing me to suck her thick clit some more, she rode my face slowly. Grinding her vulva down with pressure she guided my tongue between her labia.
Sitting astride my cock she rode in fine equestrian style. Hands on my shoulders and her knees firmly locked on my chest, she maneuvered her ass back and forth in riding motion. I relaxed and allowed her to do all the work and soon my seed began to boil.

The bed was getting hotter, the fucking more intense, through squinted eyes Sierra rode me with determination. My cock firmly embedded and sheathed by her slick pussy moved with piston-like rhythm, there way no turning back till I flooded her pussy with thick semen.

"...I can feel you shoot in my pussy"

Smacking her pussy a few times she screamed
"You are going to make this bad girl cum again"

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