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Having Fun With My Husband and Greg

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This is a fairly accurate description of a spontaneous night of sex with a houseguest.

We had an old medical school friend visiting for the weekend.   He was in town to play with my husband in a golf Member – Guest tournament.   He was alone as they have young children and his wife needed to remain with them.   They have been long time friends and he is very cute.   

David and I have been married for 20 some years and lead what one would call an average life. Our circle of friends is rather small and from time to time we hold a party at one or the other's homes.   One such party had been arranged on a Saturday evening some months ago and I wanted a new outfit to go in. As I have grown older I have wanted to dress sexier, so, recalling a low necked top I had noticed in catalog, Boston I bought it and had it shipped in overnight. When Saturday evening arrived I came down ready to leave wearing the top and new skirt. My husband had taken photos of me dressing that evening so I was already in a hot and sexy mood.  

The outfit had the desired effect on the men. Their eyes gave them away.   The sweater top was very low with a zipper front and a snug fitting body beneath which my half-cup bra was pushing up my relatively small but pert 34B breasts.   I was wearing an A cup bra to minimize coverage. My skirt was well fitted and rather short and again showed my legs off which were accented by some gold shoes with heels.  

It was an exceptional party with a very good live band.   I had a number of dances with various men and I could not help but notice how Greg, was doing his best to chat me up. He seemed to be a bit tipsy and pressed in a bit more tightly than most men would and his hand drifted to just above my ass.   At previous parties I had engaged in a bit of 'slap and tickle' when the chance came along but this looked to be more serious. The thought of having sex with another man or a threesome did turn me on somewhat. My husband had always said I was welcome to anytime the right man (or woman) came alone. At around 1 a.m. the party started to break up and we headed home.

It was not far to our home and when we arrived I made coffee and broke out the Bailey’s. We went back into the comfortable media room and as I sat next to Greg I let my skirt ride up to give both men a good view of my thighs. We had the home theatre on HBO and a show called Real Sex was on.   The sound was muted but the sex scenes of couples making out were very hot. The couples had been in a mud pit at a spa and were hosing off one another and that led to feeling and fucking.   The atmosphere was electric. I could see Greg’s eyes wandering over my body and I made it a point to bend over and act like I was rubbing a smudge mark off the hardwoods so that my cleavage was in line with him.  

He looked down at my legs and said he certainly thought my outfit was attractive tonight. I said that I was hoping for sexy not attractive!   I placed a hand on my thigh and said "But this is better." I eased my skirt higher to show the stocking tops and suspenders, giving Greg a smile. "Well, keep going," my husband said, so I tugged the skirt up until all could see my animal skin print panties which were very brief and tightly pulled between my legs. Greg's eyes nearly popped out of his head. They just sat staring at what was on show. Was this really happening I asked myself? Having imagined something of the like many times it now hardly seemed real - here I was with half my breasts exposed and my skirt pulled up for Greg to gaze at.

I sat there transfixed and waited to see what would happen next, which did not take long.   I told him I would love a foot massage and as he quickly moved in I threw an arm around him and pulled his hand to stroke my thigh. He kissed me on the mouth and then moved down my neck to begin running his tongue up and down my cleavage. As his hand moved up my thigh I slowly opened my legs and let his fingers rest on my pussy.   I thought I would scream. Greg then moved both his hands onto my tits and easing the zipper down, pulled on my bra and both tits spilled out and he at once began to lick and suck my nipples.

I looked over towards my husband and beckoned him to join in. While Greg continued to suck one nipple he worked on the other. By now my legs were apart and Greg had a hand down the front of my panties with his fingers deep inside my pussy. I had not been idle while this was going on and now held Greg’s cock in my hand. I certainly liked big cocks - I had had a couple before we were married - and Greg did not disappoint me, while it was not a monster, his dick was good 7 inches long and rather thick.

Each of them then took off their clothes and started to undress me down to just my panties. At this point Greg got down onto the floor by my knees and, placing a hand on each of my thighs, gently pushed them wide apart before starting to lick upwards along my thighs. At last his face was only inches away from my pussy. He started to run his tongue over my wet lips - I nearly went mad. I have never been so worked up before.

Kneeling up, my husband put his cock in front of my face and at once I took it into my mouth and sucked away while Greg continued to probe every last part of my pussy with his tongue. This went on for some time.   Finally, Greg came up for air and, moving forwards rubbed the head of his cock against my now dripping lips. His cock went in to the hilt and as he began pumping into me I thrashed about like a mad thing, my whole body now covered with sweat. I briefly thought about his unsheathed cock and a pregnancy but Greg came off into me and carried on his thrusting till every drop was deep inside my pussy.

I knew my rock hard husband’s cock wanted to penetrate me to so he moved me to my knees between Greg's legs and entered me from behind, doggy-fashion while I sucked Greg. I took the whole length into my mouth, bringing him hard again.   I sucked away while my husband thrust from behind before at last bursting like a fountain.

Within a few minutes I brought Greg off in my mouth and sucking hard on him, drank down every drop he could give. For the next half hour or so the three of us recovered for the next session. We started again but this time my husband took me orally from the front while Greg kissed on and worked on my tits. I asked my husband to lie on the floor so I could mount him in a reverse cowgirl position. He lay back with his cock standing rigid and kneeling astride him, I guided his cock toward my asshole which was drenched in juices. Slowly he pushed in knowing that I am fine after his head is in. Taking it in all the way, I began moving up and down getting faster and faster until I then lay my back onto his chest fully prone now while he kept pumping me.   Greg hesitated watching us.   So I pointed to my pussy and wanted more, so after I dismounted, he turned me over onto my back and pulled my legs up over his shoulders and drove home for all he was worth.

The next day Greg flew home to Albuquerque.   I was responsible on making sure he got up in time by 5:00 am.   He was already up and in the shower.   So in a quiet house I crawled into his bed early in the morning to give him a suck and swallow blow job before he dressed.   He comes back into town every May to play in my husband’s golf member guest.   We have done something similar to this night and I have also fucked and sucked him alone.   He is a morning person like me and we have played while my husband sleeps.   Another memorable time was when my husband was on call and had to go into the hospital and Greg and I met on our bed after showering and before I had to take him to the airport.   But that is another story.


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