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Heaven Scent

Wholesale Sex

Shopping in Manchester


Tom and I had trailed around the shops in Edinburgh, looking for some sexy outfits for Marks party.

We just couldn’t find anything that grabbed our attention.   Oh there were loads of nice things, but nothing that made us shout, “Eureka”, if you know what I mean.


The last shop we entered, we started chatting, well, I did, to a very sexily dressed young woman.

I asked her where she had purchased her outfit and explained to her that Tom and I had been searching all over Edinburgh for something very special, but, to no avail.


She told us that her husband had brought it back from Manchester, where he had been on a recent business meeting.   “I’ll give him a call, and see if he remembers which shop he bought it from.”


Five minutes later, we were in possession of the name and address of a shop in Manchester.

“Hope you find what you are looking for,” said the young woman as she rushed off to catch her taxi.


Tom and I deliberated as to what we should do.   “Manchester,” said Tom, “bit far for an outfit.”

“Well, you do want me to look my best,” I said, giving Tom one of my pouting looks.

Tom always falls for it and said, “Yes of course I do,” giving me a hug and a kiss.


The following week, Tom rang me to say that he was due a couple of day’s holiday, and did I fancy a trip to……..Manchester.

“Oh yes,” I quickly replied.   “I’ll contact the shop and find out their opening times.”


A week later and we were in Heaven, well, not quite, you see the name of the shop was, Heaven Scents.

The selection of glamour wear was second to none, but as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t find that something that made me say, “Wow!”


I bought one or two sexy tops, then asked the assistant if she had anything sexier, that she could let Tom and I see.

“I’m afraid not,” she replied, “but there is a wholesaler, just a couple of streets from here, who specialise in sexy glamour wear.”


The wholesaler had a sign up saying, “Trade Only”

“Oh well, guess we have had it,” I said to Tom.

Tom grinned and said, “It’s ok, I have my old business card with me, I’m sure they will accept that.”


As we approached the entrance door of the wholesale unit, a young Indian chap, probably about twenty eight years of age, appeared in the doorway.

“Just closing,” he said.

“But we have come all the way down from Scotland,” I blurted out, “We were told that you would be the only place that could help us.”


The young lad eyed me up and down, and then said, “Ok, you will have to be quick.”

I guess my cleavage and long legs had had some kind of effect on him.   With all the rushing about, I had left the top 4 buttons of my blouse open, so I was showing more naked flesh than I normally would have.


Tom produced his business card, which seemed to satisfy the young lad, who then asked us if we had anything special in mind.

I explained about the party, and the fact we had trailed all over Edinburgh and a good part of Manchester searching for that something special and that he was our last hope.


The young lad told us his name was Ali, and disappeared behind a pile of boxes.

Two minutes later, Ali appeared with an armful of tops and asked us to search through them to see if there was anything suitable.


Tom gasped, as he held up a couple of see- through tops, “I like those,” Tom said.

“Can I try them on?” I asked.

“Well, we don’t have a fitting room, but you can try them on in the staff room.”

“Everyone has gone, so you won’t be disturbed.”


Ali led us through a beaded curtain, into the staff room.

The room had four chairs, a table, sink and a full length mirror.


“Is there anything else that you are interested in?” asked Ali.

“Some sexy thongs, oh and short sexy skirts.” I replied.


Ali said “be right back,” and left the staff room.

I removed my top and then tried on one of the see-through tops that Tom had handed me.

“How do I look,” I asked Tom.

“Bloody lovely,” replied Tom, “but I think it would look better without your bra.”


I removed the top and then unhooked my bra, letting my 36dd tits swing free.

Just then I heard a slight rustle of the beaded curtain.

Tom, who is a bit deaf, and was sitting in a chair facing me and with his back to the curtain, obviously hadn’t heard anything.


I glanced at the curtain, and could see the outline of Ali, who was obviously ogling my best assets.

My pussy was beginning to twitch at the thrill of being spied on, so I decided to flirt a little.

I slowly pulled on the see-through top, all the time facing the curtain.

Tom let out a whistle, and said, “gee Eve, you look terrific.”


I did a twirl, and then slowly removed the top.   Tom handed me another top.   As I bent over to get the top, I let my tits dangle in Toms face.   Tom grabbed one in each hand and began to suck on my erect nipples I heard a gasp from behind the curtain, and could see that Tom was also getting aroused.

The top, well, what there was of it, comprised of two strips of material that barely covered my erect nipples.   It tied around my neck and waist


By now my pussy was throbbing like mad and it was taking all of my will power, not to frig myself.

As I was removing the skimpy top, Ali came bursting through the curtain.

“Here are the thongs and skirts you asked for,” he said.

“Thank you,” I replied, “why don’t you take a seat instead of spying through the curtain?”

If you have ever seen an Asian person with a red face, well here was one.

“It’s ok,” I assured him, “I’ll be glad of your opinion.”


Ali sat down beside Tom with a rather mystified look on his face.

I was standing there topless in front of a total stranger, not giving a dam.

I removed my skirt then my pants and was now totally naked.

“Hand me a thong,” I asked.   Tom picked out a skimpy thong and handed it to me.


I pulled it slowly up my long slender legs, wiggling my bottom for more effect.

The bulge in Alis’ pants told me I was certainly having an effect on him.

I did another twirl, and then slowly removed them.


Tom asked Ali if there was a toilet that he could use.   Ali said, “through the curtain and second door on your left.”

Tom headed off to the toilet, leaving me standing totally naked with Ali.

“Could you hand me a skirt?” I asked Ali.

Ali picked up a short mini and came over to me with it.   As he handed it to me, I let it drop to the floor.   “Oops,” I said, and bent down to retrieve the garment.   Ali had bent down at the same time, and our bodies collided together, knocking me to the floor.


“Oh, sorry,” said Ali, as he reached down to help me up.

I opened my legs, giving Ali a good look at my shaved pussy which was glistening with my wetness.

Ali stood as if in a trance.   “Are you going to help me up?” I asked.

Ali stammered something in his own language, then said, “sorry again,” as he reached down to take my outstretched hand.


As I came level with his crotch, I stroked his bulge and said, “I think you are in need some relief.”

Ali looked like a startled hare, so I said to him, not to worry, that Tom and I were very open-minded when it came to sex.


I unzipped him and got the shock of my life as Ali’s circumcised cock sprung into view.

Boy was he big! A good nine inches and thick as my wrist.

I opened my mouth and gagged as I took his helmet in.

I began licking around the head of his cock and could already taste his pre-cum.


Ali grabbed my head and pulled me hard onto his throbbing member.

I slowly lowered my mouth over his knob end and began to take him all the way down my throat.

I was sucking and wanking him when I felt him tense and my mouth was being filled with his salty cum as he shot his first load.

I swallowed his seed and then licked and sucked every last drop from his beautiful cock.


Just then, Tom came back into the room.   “How are you getting on,” he asked.   “Oh great,” I replied, “Ali has been giving me a hand.”

Tom could clearly see Ali’s cum, trickling down my chin.

“Think you’ve been giving Ali a hand too,” said Tom.

We all burst out laughing.


Ali’s mobile rang, and he answered in an excited voice, in his own language.

“My cousin, wondering where I was,” said Ali.


Come back and read the next chapter.

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