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Help with your CV?

I realised afterwards that Lisa’s request for help was just a ploy
So Lisa, did last night go as you expected? I don’t mean exactly as you planned it, but did it end more or less as you had imagined it would. Doubtless, you would like me to think it all happened by chance, but I know you had it planned from the start. Asking me over, while Rob was out of town, to cast an eye over your CV. You could have e-mailed me a copy, and we could have talked it over on the phone. Besides, you know that Thursday is Toni’s night at the gym. Sorry girl, but there are just too many coincidences for it to be true. 

It started when you greeted me on the doorstep, and you lingered just a little too long over that welcoming kiss. Then there was that short, tight little dress and those ‘come fuck me’ shoes. You looked as though you were up for a hot night out, not a quiet evening in with a neighbour. By the time I arrived you had already had a drink or two, and we downed another couple of large glasses of wine before that famous CV even appeared.

When I settled myself on the sofa to read your CV you sat really close to me, tucked up your legs and leaned right up against my side so I could feel your warm, sweet breath on my neck. It seemed quite casual when you rested your hand on my thigh, but almost imperceptibly you eased it up nearer and nearer to my crotch. You must have known that I was getting hard by the way my pants began to bulge. Pretty soon I was thinking: hell, if this goes on much longer I am going to have to excuse myself so that I can go to the bathroom and spank the monkey.

Reading your CV was just a fifteen-minute job, and you knew that it was pretty well perfect before we started. I set it down on the coffee table, and turned to tell you what a great job it was. But as I twisted my head around, our faces were so close that I just could not help but kiss you. It was then you knew that I would be willing. Before I could say that I was sorry, and that I didn’t know how it could have happened, you were straddling my lap, pushing your body up against mine. The way you grasped my head and started to kiss me, your tongue parting my lips and forcing itself into my mouth. You kisses were so frenzied, so I urgent. I’ve kissed a few girls in my life, but nobody kisses like you. If your bridge-circle knew about that secret talent, they would view you in a whole different light.

Of course, I wasn’t quite sure where all this was going. Was our kissing and fondling going to be enough? Were we going to have sex right there in your living room? Perhaps you were going to pull down my zip and give me head. After all, that is what you girls do when you want to remain in control, isn’t it? But you had the next move all figured out. So you got off my lap, took me by the hand a led me upstairs to the bedroom.

We were barely through the bedroom door before you had my pants and boxer shorts down around my ankles. As my cock came free and sprang to attention, you grasped it in one hand and started caressing my balls with the other. More fierce kissing, that was when you bit my lip and I could taste the blood in my mouth. So I undid those three buttons, on your dress and let it slide to the floor. No underwear, but I was expecting that. What I wasn’t ready for was that beautiful all over tan. I’ll bet you have a really secluded little spot somewhere in that garden of yours where you can lie out and soak up the rays without the neighbours ever knowing. Nor was I ready for the next turn of events, because that is when you told me that you wanted to be tied up for sex and that there were plenty of scarves in the top right-hand draw of the dressing table. You didn’t want me to make love to you, you wanted to be taken, ravished, to have me fuck your brains out, to fuck you until you screamed. I don’t think that any red-blooded male could have refused an invitation like that.

You and Rob sure have a great bed for games like that, with those wooden posts at each corner. When I had you secure, I thought about putting a knot in one of those scarves and using it for a gag, just so I could bottle up all that anticipation. But that might have been a bit too much for the first time. (I assume that it was the first time you had done anything like this?) So I settled for blindfolding you. Besides, I wanted to hear you beg me for more and cry out as we had sex.

I stood up and looked down at you spread eagled and helpless, and suddenly I realised that the game had changed. So far you had made all the rules. You had led me by my cock. But now I was calling the shots. Sure I was going to give you what you wanted, but we were going to go at my pace. Now I was taking hold of your head and forcing my tongue into your mouth. Not that you had a problem with that. The rougher the better was how it seemed to me. So I worked my way down to your breasts and grasped your nipples, rolling them between my fore fingers and thumbs. I wasn’t gentle, but you bucked against the bonds and arched your hips off the bed telling me you wanted more. I took each nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard, biting you and sliding my teeth over your tits. Not too much, of course, I am not in to hurting women. It was just enough to let you know how it was going to be.

So I ran my hand down your body and over your mound with its trimmed blonde bush. I reached your slit and understood just how wet you were. Your juices had run down your crack and made a damp patch on the sheets. My two fingers slid in easily and I started to finger fuck your slippery cunt. After some slow stroking I stretched you vertically, and then I stretched you horizontally so my fingers caressed the opposite walls of your pussy. You cried out that it wasn’t enough – you needed more. So I added a third finger and then a fourth. The obstetrician’s stretch I’ve heard it called. Not every woman can take it, but your cunt took those four fingers easily, especially when I frigged your clit with my opposite thumb.

Now it was time for me to fuck you, so I positioned myself between your legs and nuzzled the head of my cock against your outer lips. Gradually easing forward, I pushed the head against the very rim of your cunt, teasing and probing you. I went in to that soft, inviting tunnel, but only so far as my cock-head was enveloped. Then I gave a few short in and out thrusts, and I imagine that with each one you were expecting to take me in completely. Little by little my strokes got longer and I felt you tighten your cunt around me. Those pelvic floor muscles of yours are good, so you must have put in a lot of hard work with that pencil. When I had eased the shaft all the way in I stopped and stayed motionless to see how you would react. From your whimpering and pleading for more I reasoned that I was disappointing you, but I wasn’t ready for the finally act yet. There were more long slow strokes, more taking the friction on just the head of my cock, more teasing of your outer lips, more resting my cock inside you without moving. You were sobbing and begging for me to fuck you harder and deeper, and in the end I could resist you no more.

I started again with long deep strokes, but this time I built the rhythm up. My thrusting became faster, more urgent and you were mouthing a stream of fucks and demanding more. So I took my weight on my arms, press-up style and began to drive harder and deeper into you, pumping away at your cunt, almost oblivious to everything except my own pleasure and the sobs and thrashing of your restrained body under mine. Almost oblivious, because after 2 or maybe 3 minutes of this frenzied fucking, I felt that I was about to come. Somehow I knew that you didn’t want me to come inside you, so I took my cock out of your pussy and finished myself over your tits and neck with half a dozen jerky strokes. Then I scooped up some of that cum with my fingers and held it to your lips. You lapped at them greedily, swallowing it down and sucking my fingers until every last drop was gone.

As we lay together afterwards - god those scarves were a nightmare to undo – you continued to kiss and caress me and fondle my cock, so I know that you wanted more. I was desperate to stay and oblige you, but Toni gets home from her gym class around 10 o’clock. She doesn’t like to fuck much these days – not with me at any rate, although I don’t think she is fucking anyone else. However, she still regards me as 100% her personal property and there is no point giving her something to be jealous about.

Did you masturbate when I had gone, lying between those cool sheets? How did you do it? Was it just a couple of fingers inside you while you rubbed your clit with the other hand? Or did you choose something from your bedside cupboard, slip it into your pussy, close your eyes and fantasise about me?

Toni was still out when I got home so I went upstairs and had a shower. As the warm water ran down my back, I soaped up my cock and balls, closed my eyes and jacked myself off. All the time I could picture you there, tied up and helpless on the bed, crying out for me to fuck you harder.

So now Lisa you know what it is like to have sex with a coloured guy. That is what you were trying to find out, wasn’t it? It is a common enough desire, even for the women in a small town like this. Not that they all get to play out their fantasy. But I can tell you one thing you were not the first.

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