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Helping a Friend Make a Baby Part 3

While the wife and her friend's husband are making a baby the other spouses have some fun.
The following is part 3 of our series of me lending my husband to my friend to make a baby. Part 3 picks up the story with Larry and I getting back to house after Sam and Kim have fucked for the second night in a row, Sam has noticed a rather obvious stain on my shirt.

As Sam and I got in the car, Sam asked me what Larry had spilled on my shirt. I looked over at him and then looked down to the stain. “Really I spilled it, it was just Larry’s stuff that that I spilled on my shirt.”

“Really, what ‘stuff’ and where did the rest of his ‘stuff’ go?” Sam asked

I made a swallowing sound and licked my lips. “I just couldn’t help my self,” I said. “Are you mad?”

“How can I be mad when I just screwed his wife, when I was asked to?” Sam added.

“When we left Larry looked so pitiful, I wanted to do something to cheer him up. I didn’t know what to do or say to a guy who had to ask his wife’s friend’s husband to fuck his wife so they could have a baby. We went to our house for a drink because he was feeling so down. I wanted to cheer him so one thing led to another and I ended up with his dick in my mouth and his cum on my shirt.” Taylor said.

“Wow he is so conservative I can’t believe he did that. You have to tell me all about it,” he said.

“Okay here is how it happened, Larry and I got in the car to leave as you and Kim were headed up to the bedroom to fuck. I asked Larry where he wanted to go for dinner. He said that he didn’t care and seemed really down. I told him to drive to our house so we could have a drink and talk about it.”

We got to house and I got us both a beer. I asked him what was wrong, was he having second thoughts?

Larry said that he wasn’t having second thoughts but was conflicted about asking another man to have sex with his wife. Larry told me that at he was Kim’s first and she had a strict upbringing in regard to sex. Larry also told me that Kim was feeling bad last night when he got home. She told him that she tried very hard to just lay still and not enjoy the sex; it was to make a baby not have fun. Larry said that Kim had told him that she ended up cumming the first time before Sam shot his stuff into her and had a second orgasm during their second round of sex. Kim told him that the excitement was incredible and she was sorry. Larry told me that he wasn’t sure how he felt about her enjoying fucking my husband.

I tried to comfort him telling him that, “Sam and Kim are just doing a job. It’s not love, they are just trying to make a baby for you and Kim.”

Larry said that he knew that, but he could tell the Kim was looking forward to Sam being with her and in her again.

We sat on the couch next to each other as we talked. I was feeling sorry for Larry so I had put my hand on his leg as we talked. I also kept leaning in close so Larry could look down my blouse. My push up bra made my small tits look fuller and gave Larry a good view. “Look it’s just fucking, fucking should be fun.” I told him as he kept looking at my tits. “It would be the same as if you and I did something, it wouldn’t be love.”

Larry was startled. He said, “What do you mean if we did something?”

I moved my hand up to his crotch over his hardening dick and said, “Well sometimes you need to relieve some tension.”

“That would be cheating,” Larry sharply shot back at me. Though not making any move to remove my hand from his crotch.

“How could giving you a hand job be cheating, my husband is in your bed stuffing his cock into your wife’s pussy right now,” I said.

“You’re going to give me a hand job?” Larry asked, looking down at my hand rubbing his crotch. “Won’t Sam be mad?”

“Well, I think it’s only fair. Our spouses are in bed fucking right now. You just said that my hubby made your wife cum twice last night. I think I should return the favor, unless you don’t want me to,” I said as I continued to rub his crotch.

“Your cock tells me that it wants to come out and see me,” I said as I unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants.

As I reached my hand in his pants and grabbed his hard dick Larry asked, “Should we really do this?”

I looked up at him squeezing his now hard dick and said, “We can stop if you really want to, but you cock looks like it likes this.”

Larry didn’t say anything; he just raised his hips so I could take his pants down. Larry’s dick wasn’t large, but it wasn’t tiny, I would say it was a medium. I could see why Kim was enjoying her time with Sam and his cock. I stroked his shaft and played with his balls till Larry moaned telling me how good it felt.

Again I was feeling sorry for Larry; here he was with just my hard wrapped around his cock while my hubby had his wife’s pussy wrapped around his dick. I leaned over and gave the tip of his dick a little kiss. Larry jerked his head up as my lips met the head of his cock. He was about to say something but I put my mouth over his dick and let it slide in past my teeth. I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth and mumbled “Did you have something to say?” Larry just moaned tilting his head back as I started to suck his dick.

Larry moaned that, “Oh god your incredible,” as he began to move his hips as I sucked. I sucked harder and rubbed his balls which made him moaned even louder. I adjusted my position so I take his whole cock in my mouth. As his dick went all the way in my mouth Larry grunted, “Oh fuck, that is great.”

I went up and down on his cock till Larry jerked back saying he was about to cum. His dick slipped out of my mouth as he began to cum. He shot cum on my face and shirt before I could get his dick back in my mouth. I sucked the rest of his cum into my mouth and swallowed.

“Sorry,” Larry said, “I didn’t think you would want my cum in your mouth.”

“It’s okay, you tasted good. Kim doesn’t blow you much, does she?” I asked

“No we are pretty straight forward in bed and she has only taken me into her mouth a few times and never swallowed my stuff.” He said. Larry laughed pointing at my shirt and said that I looked like a Presidential Intern. As he pulled his pants up, Larry asked me if I was going to tell Sam.

I told him, “of course I was and I think he should tell Kim. Secrets destroy marriages. See how she reacts when you tell her that I gave you a blow job. It might excite her or if she gives you a problem tell her I forced myself on you, she’ll believe you. She knew me before I was married. Besides it’s hard for her to complain when she’s had my hubby’s cock cumming in her for the last two days. If she is okay with it, then we should try it again.”

Larry thought that made sense. The blow job had clearly perked him up. We laughed and talked a lot on the way home. He thanked me for relieving his stress, he said he I needed to teach Kim to relieve stress that way. He also told me that it was so hot to watch his dick in my mouth and me swallowing his cum. I could tell he was hoping that Kim would let him do it again.

When Sam and I got home I asked him again if he was upset that I gave Larry a blow job. Sam said, “Of course I’m not, I’m just surprised that you didn’t fuck him.”

“What if I did the next time you are fucking Kim? You know I tend to get carried away.” I said.

Sam said that he was not the one to convince, I would have to convince Kim but he thought that her little uptight world was cracking and she might agree.

The next morning I got nervous when my phone rang with Kim’s name on the caller ID. Kim quickly dispelled my fears telling me that Larry had told her about the blowjob and she wasn’t mad. She said she was actually a little relieved. She said that she was feeling bad that she was having such incredible sex with Sam; while Larry was just sitting around. Kim went on to tell me that even though I had told her the day before not to feel guilty about enjoying the sex with Sam, she was feeling bad about having the best orgasms of her life. She still felt like she was cheating on her husband but somehow knowing he had gotten a blow job made her feel better and a little horny.

I told her not worry about it, it’s not cheating. “Now both you have had orgasms with someone else and you still love each other right?”

Kim fired back quickly that she absolutely loved Larry and it was just sex with Sam, just really good sex.

I was shocked when Kim said to me, “Would be too much to ask if I wanted you to “do it’ again with Larry today while me and Sam are trying to make a baby.”

“Are you asking me to blow your husband again?” I asked.

Kim said, “If you put it that way, I guess I am. I can’t believe I’ve gotten to this. First I ask to borrow your husband for him to fuck me and then I ask you to have oral sex with my husband. I’m going to hell.”

“Oh stop, it’s just sex between friends. It’s kinda like a couple years ago when we all went bowling and changed teams. Now we are just naked and playing with different kinds of balls,” I told her.

Kim giggled and said that this sport was a lot more fun than bowling.

I did warn Kim that she knows me and sometimes I get carried away. I asked her if that would be a problem.

Kim would not admit to knowing what I was talking about but I could tell she knew exactly that I was talking about fucking her husband. She said that she was ok with what ever Larry wanted to do; she just wanted him to be happy.

When I got off the phone I told Sam that Kim had just called asking me to blow her husband and she even implied that if Larry wanted to fuck me, it was up to him.

Sam said he was surprised but then again not. He had already told me about her transformation from trying not to enjoy the fucking to cumming wildly and wanting more.

I told Sam that Kim wanted Larry and I to stay at the house today when they had sex. Unless he objected I told him that I was thinking that I was going to get naked and see where it took us.

Sam said, “Hell, you could join us and we could have an orgy.”

I told him that might be too much of a shock for Kim, but maybe another time.

By early Sunday afternoon we were on our way to Kim and Larry’s. They met us at the door with a hug and kiss. Sam spoke up first grabbing Kim’s hand, “Shouldn’t we get right to it?”

Kim went over to Larry giving him kiss and telling him she loved him. Kim grabbed Sam’s hand and took him upstairs to their bed room.

Larry turned to me with a what the hell do we do now look on his face. I told him why don’t we sit on the couch, turn the TV on and get comfortable. Before I sat down, I went to the windows and closed the curtains to give us privacy. I moved in close to Larry putting my hand on his thigh and asked him if he was comfortable.

Larry nervously said that he was; he picked up the remote and asked me, “What channel?”

I took remote from him and I put my lips up to his ear and whispered “I think I can find something better to play with that’s just as hard. I bet Sam and Kim are taking their clothes off right now, maybe we should too.”

“Oh both of us naked?” Larry asked.

“Sure,” I said, “I’ve seen your cock and had it in my mouth; don’t you want to see my body?”

I stood up pulling my shirt over my head, then reached behind me and unclasped my bar. I grabbed Larry’s hands pulling him up and guided his hands to my tits. “My nipples love to be kissed.” I told Larry. He leaned in to kiss and suck on my tits. I reached down and unsnapped my jeans; I pushed them and my panties down stepping out of them.

“You’re shaved,” Larry said as the saw my bald pussy.

I grabbed his hand from my tit and pulled it down to my pussy saying, “touch me here.”

Larry ran his fingers over my pussy lips, “I thought you were just going to give me a blow job again.” He said

I moved his finger inside my pussy and moaned, “We can stop if you want.” Larry said nothing but kept exploring my pussy with his finger.

I pulled Larry’s hand from my pussy, “Your turn to get naked,” I told him.

Larry stood there quietly as I stripped off his clothes kissing each area that became naked. Once he was unclothed, I hugged him tightly rubbing our naked bodies against each other. I whispered to Larry “I can’t wait to have your cock inside me.” I moved back to the couch spreading my legs, “I’ve tasted you, so why don’t you taste me before you fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” Larry said as he was a little hesitant.

Almost on cue we heard Kim upstairs moaning that she was cumming.

Larry smiled and dove his tongue into my pussy. Larry licked and sucked on my pussy telling me how sweet I tasted and that he loved that my pussy was shaved. I was so horny that it didn’t take long before I was grabbing Larry’s head and pressing it tight against my pussy. I told him I was cumming and squeezed his head tight between my legs.

I pulled Larry up to my lips and kissed him hard, tasting my juice on his face. As we kissed I reached between his legs to find his hard dick. I stroked it a few times then told him that I thought that his cock needed to be in my pussy.

I moved back onto the couch facing Larry still stroking his cock. I spread my legs and guided him down to me pulling on his dick. I looked up at Larry and told him, “My pussy needs your cock in it now.” I could tell that Larry was still a bit nervous about fucking another woman but he was too horny to stop now. Larry moved between my legs. He lined his cock up with my pussy lips and slowly pushed it in. My pussy was so wet that his dick slid right in.

Larry kissed me, and then whispered in my ear, “I can’t believe I’m fucking another woman, your pussy feels incredible thank you.”

As Larry was pumping me from the front I remembered what Sam had told me about Kim’s inexperience with fucking doggie style. I stopped him and told Larry that it was time to switch positions. I got down on my hands and knees and spread my legs with my ass in the air. Larry again was hesitant but moved in behind me. Larry shoved his dick in me moaning how really great it felt.

“You and Kim don’t fuck a lot doggie, do you Larry?” I asked him.

“No, but we’re gonna start, this is incredible,” He said. After a short time of grinding his cock in me, Larry said, “I think I’m about to cum.”

He shoved his cock into me hard and grabbed my tits. “Oh fuck yes!” he said as he shot his load into me.

After Larry moved off of me I covered my pussy with my hand and told him that I better clean this up before I drip cum all over. As I came out of the bathroom Larry was sitting naked on the couch. I went over and climbed on to his lap. I straddled him so his limp dick was lodged against my pussy. I looked at him and said, “So would you rather be bowling?”

Larry looked at me puzzled and said, “Huh?”

“Just a joke I have with Kim.”

Right about then Sam walked downstairs naked, “Hey guys, I’m going to get a drink before we try round two, you need anything?” he asked.

Larry was squirming trying to cover up or push me off. I didn’t move and held on to him tight. “I think Larry and I could use a beer if you’re getting one, Thanks.” I told Larry to quit moving it was fine.

Sam had four beers in his hand; he sat two down before heading back upstairs with the other two. “Thanks honey, enjoy yourself, sounded like Kim was earlier,” I said to him.

“Yeah she can get loud when she cums, we both needed a rest before I put some more seed in her. You guys keep having fun too,” Sam said as he disappeared around the corner.

I popped the tops on the beer and handed Larry one while still sitting on his lap. I told Larry he should relax, he shouldn’t worry that he had a naked woman on his lap when that woman’s husband’s walks in on him. As we both took drinks of our beer I started to move my hips so that pussy was grinding against his cock. By about the third drink my hip movements had the desired result as Larry’s cock was hard and poking at my pussy. I leaned down putting my tits in Larry’s face while moving my hips so that his dick was pointed into my pussy.

I sat back on to his cock engulfing it in my pussy and said, “Yep it’s time for round two, let’s go!”

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