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Her Dark Knight - Part 1

Tracy never meant to cheat but when the chance to fulfil a dark fantasy arised, she couldn't say no.
She would never admit it to anyone but Tracy had a naughty fantasy, one that did not involve her husband. She loved Tony, but ever since she’d heard the saying “Once you go black you never go back,” she’d always wanted to try.

After falling desperately in love with Tony and marrying him however, she’d written off her erotic fantasy as just that, a fantasy. She never expected herself to fulfil it. She also never expected her straight-as-an-arrow husband to join in.

It all started three months ago. She’d been in bed with Tony making passionate love, when she’d realised that her husband was just not satisfying her lustful needs. Not that the sex wasn’t great and felt amazing to be so close with him and everything, but she just wasn’t getting the epic climaxes like she used to.

She often found herself wanting more afterwards - although she would never tell her husband this for fear of injuring his ego, sometimes she would go to the spare room after Tony had fallen asleep and fuck herself with the few toys she owned.

One night when she was doing just this, she decided she wanted something a bit bigger than the average sized dildo she was using at the time, and made a mental note to visit the sex shop the next day.


When she gets there, Tracy feels drawn to the ‘big black’ range. Some look to be way too large but others look more manageable, and after careful consideration she chooses one and makes her purchase. She covertly goes up to the counter with it and almost puts it back when she realises the man behind the counter is dark skinned.

She observes him from a distance for some time, noticing the prominent jawline, hard toned biceps and firm pecs visible under the staff worn, tight fitting shirt. As she observes this big dark-skinned male, she finds herself fantasising about what it would be like to have her pussy wrapped around his cock. Feeling herself moisten she flushes a bright pink and before she loses her nerve, strolls up to the counter.

Fighting her embarrassment of the purchase off a guy with the same skin tone as her soon to be new toy, she hands over the cash and waits for him to make the transaction. Her eyes begin to roam over his toned body again before realising he's watching her. With a knowing smile he hands her the change and her new toy in its bag. Flushing a darker shade of pink than before at being caught checking him out, she thanks him and makes a quick escape, her heart beating faster from the embarrassing sexual tension.

She makes it home in record time and goes straight upstairs to her hiding spot where she keeps all of her toys. As she unpacks her new toy, she feels herself moisten as thoughts of the guy behind the counter come back to her. Before she knows it, she wants to try the big black cock shaped plastic toy.

After locking the door and undressing, she sits on the edge of the guest bed. With thoughts of the guy from the store, she closes her eyes and rests the tip of the dildo against her already wet pussy entrance. Looking down at it she thinks to herself that she has never taken anything quite so big inside of her and hopes that it fits. Stretching her legs wider, she pushes gently.

Tracy feels the tip start to enter her and pushes more firmly, the idea of having something this big in her turning her on even more than ever. Slowly, inch by inch, she works it into her pussy. She throws her head back in a silent moan as it stretches her more than she’s ever been stretched before. She moans softly as she feels the ridges on the toy brush against her pussy walls.

Once she can feel that it’s in as far as her pussy can take it, she looks down at her perfectly shaven pussy. Marvelling at the contrast of the colour of it against her skin, she feels herself moisten even more. Slowly, she starts to work it in and out of her pussy drawing moans of pleasure from her lips.

Tracy lies back on the bed, still working the big dick shaped toy in and out of her pussy, moaning softly, slowly gaining momentum and speed. Her pelvis thrusts up towards the toy as she brings it down into her.

Suddenly she feels the familiar build up to her orgasm and gritting her teeth fucks herself harder and harder with the cock. Finally she feels herself go over the edge as intense waves of pleasure crash over her. Tracy’s body stiffens and her pussy tightens over the black cock-shaped dildo. She moans as wave after wave of convulsions wrack her body.

Slowly she comes down from the orgasm and pulls the toy out of her. It is dripping in her juices. She smiles to herself feeling exhausted. Sitting up, she cleans the glistening toy and gets dressed again.

As she exits the guest room, she finds herself looking back; even though the toys are hidden she still knows they are there. Thinking about what she had just done, Tracy can’t help but want more... can’t help but want the real thing.


For the next few weeks, Tracy finds herself frequenting the guest room more often than she used to. Each time she drives herself to that epically intense climax with her new toy. Some days she even fulfils her fantasy of taking the big black thing into her mouth, pretending she's giving the guy from the adult store a blow-job.

Tracy always fantasizes about this mysterious dark-skinned male, but she never once considers cheating on her husband... until one of her single friends tells her about a lust filled night full of sexual frenzy where she was given a taste of a big black cock.

Hearing about her friend Lisa’s sexy escapades with a dark male, Tracy gets immensely jealous to the point where she wants to try herself. The idea of cheating on her husband bothers her, but the sexual desire for playing out her big black fantasy overrides her common sense as she finds herself staking out the adult store, waiting for her dark knight to return.

The first few times she visits, it's someone else behind the counter, usually a caucasian male. Attractive, but not what she is after. Finally on about her sixth visit in the last week, she walks in the door, and there he is. Her heart catches in her throat in nervous anticipation as she hesitates at the door. Is she really going to do this? Is she really going to try and cheat on her husband with this sexy dark knight of hers?

Swallowing her nerves she strolls casually around the store. She watches him from afar as he serves a young couple buying their first toys to try out on each other. Again, she finds herself in the ‘Big Black’ section of the store and feels herself grow moist as she thinks back to her secret visits to the guest room.

She’s staring at the collection in front of her when a voice behind her speaks.

“Back for more?” The voice is a deep sexy one that sends shivers all over Tracy’s aroused body. Spinning around in fright she comes face to face with the guy from the counter; her dark knight.

“I, uh...” Tracy feels herself blush furiously as her eyes once again sweep his toned body, taking in all the rippling muscles viewable through the tight shirt he is wearing.

“I saw you a few weeks ago in here didn’t I?” he asks innocently, that deep sexy voice rolling over her once more. All she can do is nod embarrassed, which brings a smile to his lips. A dazzling smile where his teeth gleam white against his dark skin, and crinkles around his eyes make him that much more dizzyingly attractive to her.

Tracy feels her breathing hitch in her throat as he smiles down at her.

“I’m Ben by the way,” comes that arousal inducing voice.

“Tracy,” she gets out in a hoarse whisper.

“See something you like?” asks Ben, noticing her wandering eyes.

“I um...” Tracy starts looking back at the wall. “Well I’ve already got one...” she says, her breathing more ragged than before.

“I wasn’t talking about the toys,” comes his playful response.

“Oh...” Tracy turns back in shock. She had expected to be the one to bring up the conversation on that. Her heart does a flip-flop as she realises she might indeed be about to cheat on her husband. “I uh... have a husband, you know,” she says as she holds up her left hand, showing off the rings on her ring finger.

“Doesn’t stop a lot of people from fooling around with me,” Ben says, smiling that dazzling smile of his again. “You seem to be quite turned on at the moment. I get the impression that you aren’t here for another toy.” He pauses. “Correct me if I am wrong though.”

“You mean... my being married wouldn’t stop you?” Tracy asks as surges of anticipated desire rise in her. There’s that smile again.

“No, and you are quite an attractive woman, so even if I was a decent fellow, I would have to think twice before turning you down,” he says seductively as he winks at her.

As her heart beat picks up another notch, Tracy looks around the shop to find they are alone. His compliment flatters her, though she knows he is telling the truth. She has had so many guys fawn over her, that even being as self-conscious about her body as she is she can’t deny she is attractive.

Although she is only short, Tracy has voluptuous curves that would make even the models in magazines jealous. With decent D sized boobs and a tight firm but on the larger side ass, her body is one coveted by most girls. It also helps that her long wavy hair is that shade of blonde that drives so many males crazy.

Standing in front of this dark sexy man, she realises that they contrast so completely. Him being dark and enticing, her being fair-skinned, and the embodiment of light. Sensing her deep dark need to live out her fantasy rear its head once more, she doesn’t hesitate to hand over a small slip of paper containing her address and a small message. ‘Husband is away for the weekend. Feel free to drop by anytime. I’ll be waiting.’

As soon as Ben takes the slip of paper from her, she exits the store without another word. She gets in her car and lets out a breath that she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. Tracy waits for her racing heart to calm before she starts the drive home, warring emotions playing in her head. What if he comes? What if he doesn’t? What about Tony? What about my sexual needs?


The weekend comes and Tony is gone. Tracy finds herself sitting on the couch in anticipation for almost the whole day, trying to not think about what might happen. Save for a two hour long shower where she primps and primes herself for a possible sexual encounter, and food breaks, Tracy watches movie after movie to keep herself occupied.

As the day draws on, she finds herself getting more and more nervous, until a knock comes on the front door.

Heart in her throat once more, she walks the short distance from the lounge room to the front door. Her head in two minds, one saying ‘I hope it’s him,’ the other saying ‘please don’t be him.’ She opens the door and there he stands. Her dark knight. Standing on her front porch in another tight fitting top, showing off his toned muscles once more. He smiles at her in greeting, that dazzling smile stirring the lust-filled desire inside of her.

Ushering him inside quickly so that the neighbours don’t see, Tracy feels herself moisten between her legs as the arousal spreads through her body.

They stand awkwardly in the hallway for a while, a deep blush spreading across Tracy’s cheeks.

“So ...” says Ben casually. “I’m here, what do you want to do with me?” He gives her a cheeky grin.

“I uh ... well you see...” she starts hesitantly, the blush deepening.

“Oh.. I see, you’re in two minds about this?” Ben says softly, his eyes alight with passion as he steps towards her. “Maybe I can help you there,” he says seductively, that deep voice of his getting impossibly more sexy.

Tracy’s breathing hitches as he puts two of his fingers under her chin lifting it up. He kisses her passionately for a moment then trails his mouth across her jaw and down her neck, kissing her soft flesh.

She feels her skin heat up where he touches and moans softly as he trails more kisses down her neck, sucking on her fair skin in a way that makes her feel on fire. All thoughts of doing the right thing by her husband are pushed to the side as her need for sexual relief intensifies.

“There’s … There’s a room upstairs we can use,” she says breathlessly.

Ben smiles down at her and motions for her to lead the way, knowing he has won the battle. As they enter the guest bedroom, Ben pushes his body against her from behind. Wrapping his arms around her small waist and kicking the door closed with his foot, he starts to trail sexy hot kisses down her neck once more.

Tracy moans and leans back into Ben, not stopping him when he starts to pull her shirt up and over her head. He continues kissing her neck leaving a trail of warmth over her skin as he travels down over her shoulder blade.

Unclipping her bra, he pulls it off her and throws it to the ground. Still kissing her hot body, he snakes his hands around to her front and up to her large breasts, fondling them as she moans loudly.

Pressing his erection into her back, he starts to play with her nipples, drawing more moans from her delicate lips. Once they are hard, he turns her around and pushes her backwards until the bed presses against the backs of her legs and she sits down.

Pulling his shirt off in one swift motion he tosses it to the floor also, showing off his very nicely toned upper body.

Tracy feels her arousal grow as she takes in her dark knight’s sexy looking body. She watches breathless as he starts to unbutton his trousers and lets them drop to the floor along with a pair of briefs. She gasps as his raging hard-on bounces up in its release.

She’d expected him to be big, but not this big. He is easily at least half the size again of the toy she had bought just the other week. She gapes as he pushes the clothes pooled at his feet away from him across the floor.

Ben grins down at her and steps forward so his huge cock is within her reach and moans as she reaches forward to take it in her hands. Fascinated she envelops his cock in one hand then places the other hand just above the other and grabs hold of him. Even with two hands there is more cock than she can hold.

Tracy looks up at Ben a silent question in her eyes. When Ben nods to her, she leans forward and takes the large black cock into her mouth. Guiding it in with her hands, she opens her mouth wide and startled finds her mouth barely able to take the width. Stretching her lips she pushes forward and sucks.

Tracy can only take about a quarter of Ben’s cock into her mouth but she goes to work on it, getting more turned on by the second as she realises she is now living one of her sexual fantasies. Deep-throated moans from above tell her she is doing a good job as she sucks and licks her dark knight’s hard member.

Ben grips Tracy’s head and helps her move her sexy lips over his cock, pushing himself deeper and deeper into her mouth until she has managed to fit half of it down her throat. Eventually he has to pull out before he sends a load down her throat. He is so not done with her yet.

Pushing Tracy down so she is laying on the bed, Ben moves between her legs and lifting her skirt, tugs her drenched panties down her toned sexy legs. He growls in approval at her shaved pussy and buries his face in her soft pussy lips.

Tracy cries out in surprise as the dark man before her starts to lick her out, pushing his long tongue up into her moist tunnel and swirling it around. She moans loudly as he pushes it in and out of her, tongue fucking her pussy.

She feels her body start to climb to unbearable heights of pleasure and cries out as an orgasm hits her. Squeezing her thighs against Ben’s head she moans as waves of pleasure course through her body.

Ben retreats from her cum drenched pussy and turns her over so she is on her stomach. He grabs her ass and lifts it into the air making her hold it there with her knees resting on the bed.

Tracy gasps as she feels him press his erection to her pussy lips.

Grabbing her waist, Ben starts to slide his large cock into her pussy, hissing as her tightness engulfs his member in sweet warmth. She moans into the bed beneath him as his cock stretches her pussy further than even that of her most recent and favourite toy.

Tracy bites down on a handful of quilt as the big black man behind her pushes his cock into her pussy and starts to pound her hard and fast. She moans like crazy, her body moving over the bed, boobs swinging wildly as she is taken from behind.

Ben groans in pleasure as he roughly fucks her and slaps her ass which makes her moan even louder. He does it again and again as he fucks her, getting rougher and more desperate as he feels his climax nearing.

Tracy’s body once again tightens as she is sent over the edge once more, her orgasm the most intense she has ever had in her life. As she feels her pussy tighten around the cock inside of her, she hears Ben’s moan and feels him release inside of her. Their combined cum dribbling out of her well fucked pussy around Ben’s member.

Tracy collapses on the bed exhausted as Ben pulls his dripping cock out of her. Ben gets dressed silently and before exiting the room turns back to Tracy who is still lying on the bed, absolutely spent.

“Shall I come back tomorrow night?” he asks her with a smile.

“Please,” she moans.

Ben turns and leaves as Tracy lies there getting her breath back.


Coming Soon: Look out for the next instalment where the husband comes home early catching the two in the act, and then joins in. 

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