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Her Fancy Liquor

A woman's best friend introduces her to the joys of some fancy licker
“Bitch!” Sara said looking at her friend’s smiling face. “You look like a cat that’s been at the cream.”

Sharon grinned. “All night,” she replied, “all night long.”

“Bitch. Bitch. Double Bitch,” Sara responded before smiling back.

Sharon reached across and held her hand. “Awww, you still having problems?” she asked.

The two women had known each other for many years having been friends since childhood. Though they drifted apart for a short while after college and moving into relationships they both remained in the area. After a chance meeting in a restaurant a few years ago they rekindled their friendship. At the time Sharon was reaching the end of a long term relationship and Sara was just starting out on married life.

They were both the only girl in a family of boys and they tended to see each other as the sister they always wanted. Sharon and Sara shared everything. Nothing was off limits and they had no secrets. Sex was nearly always the main topic of conversation and, as Sara and Ian were trying hard for a baby while Sharon had discovered the joys of sex with black males, they had plenty to talk about.

Sharon’s latest beau was particularly good in bed. She had called him Mr Galliano.

“Why My Galliano?" Sara had asked her

“Because Galliano is a fancy liquor!” Sharon replied before going on to tell her how he spent ages giving her oral sex. “He has me literally screaming my head off.”

Sara was envious. Ian had never been keen on oral sex and nearly always tended to cum too quickly. The frustration was starting to affect her marriage.

“So it was another marathon session then?” Sara said to her.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, “he didn’t leave until 4am!”

Sara too had had sex last night, all two minutes of it. She had to wait until the sound of Ian’s snoring filled the room before sliding her fingers over clitty and masturbating herself to satisfaction.

Sharon could see the pain on Sara’s face. “Perhaps I should send him around to you next time Ian goes away on business?” Sharon said to her.

Sara looked at her. She could see that she was serious. “You’re not serious are you?” she asked her.

Sharon smiled and nodded. “I would love to see the look of satisfaction on your face next morning,” she told her reaching across the table again and squeezing her hand.

“But...but he’s your boyfriend?”

Sharon smiled. “I know, but you are also my best friend,” she replied, “and it’s not like that I really love him. I like him, I like him a lot, but he is a free agent. It wouldn’t bother me sharing him with you.”

Sara was shocked but she started to consider it. She gazed down at her coffee cup as she shook her head. “I couldn’t,” she said, “I couldn’t cheat.”

“But you’re the one being cheated Sara,” Sharon told her. “You’re the one without a proper sex life, not him.”

Sara could see her point. “Anyway I can’t,” she told her. “We are trying for a baby. It would be too risky.”

“I agree that it’s a risk,” Sharon said. “He’s too big to risk with a condom on.”

“Bloody hell Sharon!” Sara exclaimed. “How big is he?”

Sharon held her hands about twelve inches apart, “About this long,” she said before making a half closed ring with her finger and thumb. “And this thick.”

“Geeez...” Sara responded.

Sharon smiled. “He could just give you some Galliano?”

Sara laughed, “You mean some fancy liquor,” she said, “or should that be some fancy licker.”

Sharon laughed, “or even fanny licking.”

Both girls laughed.

“When is he away next?” Sharon asked her.

“Next Tuesday,” she told her, “got a board meeting in Edinburgh.”

“He’s coming over on Saturday,” Sharon told her. “I’ll set something up with him for Tuesday night.”

Sara shook her head, “I...I couldn’t.”

Sharon grasped her hand again. “Nonsense,” she replied. “He’s coming round to sort you out and that’s an end to it.”

Sara opened her mouth to argue but couldn’t find the words to say. Sharon rose from the table and thanked her for the coffee.

“Have to dash now and get some shopping done.” Sharon told her before leaving.

They were unable to talk again until that Tuesday. Sara’s uncle and his wife had come over from Australia to visit family and she was unable to discuss Sharon’s boyfriend’s proposed visit. Sara had thought about it; in her quite moments she had thought of little else but she had settled it in her own mind that she wouldn’t be seeing him. For her it was a dangerous road to go down. As much as she needed sexual satisfaction, this was not the way to go about things.

On Tuesday afternoon Sharon rang her, “All set for tonight?” she asked.

“Look, I’ve been thinking and...”

“It’s too late,” Sharon cut in, “it’s all arranged. He’ll be round about 8pm.” She told her.


“It’s too late,” she repeated, “I can’t get in touch with him anyway.”

Sara knew that she was lying.

“Have a nice long bath,” Sharon told her, “and dig out your sexiest undies.”


“He also goes wild at stockings and suspenders and he just loves a shaved pussy!” Sharon cut in.

“Sharon!” Sara cried out.

“Have to dash now love,” Sharon told her. “See you tomorrow morning.”


“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Sharon said with a laugh.

Sara called out to her again but she was gone. Her phone was dead. She tried calling her back a few times but her mobile was set to voicemail and her landline went straight to answer phone. She started to panic at first and then she realised that if he did call then she could always refuse to answer the door; pretend that she was out or something. Things changed though when Ian called just after six. He was just about to shower before going out to dinner with the directors. She realised that he was out enjoying himself and she was stuck at home alone. He was satisfied and she was dissatisfied. Sara went upstairs and ran a bath for herself.

She was still uncertain about exactly what she was going to do or what she was going to let happen but she felt an excitement that she had not felt in a long time. She found herself rummaging through her knicker drawer. There was underwear there that she hadn’t worn in a long time; sexy underwear that she had bought for occasions that never happened. There were a white pair of see-through panties and a see-through bra she had bought once and had never worn; underwear that was lacy and sexy. She tossed them onto the bed. There was also a white suspender belt and a packet of white stockings that had never been worn as well.

Whatever else was going to take place that night, Sara intended to dress sexily. Whether Sharon’s boyfriend called or not she would still be dressed sexily and even if he did call and nothing happened between them, she would still be sexily dressed. Sara wanted to feel like a woman again; something she had not done for a long time.

In the bath, under all that soapy and scented water, she toyed with herself. She ran her fingers through the curls of hair covering her mound and found her clitty. She closed her eyes and imagined him there. She imagined him in her bed waiting for her. Laying there naked with his erection at the ready. She could see it large and throbbing waiting for her. She could see herself rising out of the water and reaching for her towel before making her way into the bedroom. He would watch her dry herself; as he stroked his cock in anticipation, she would dry herself and then dress. She would slip into her bra and suspender belt. She would stand in front of him and roll her stockings up her legs and fasten them to her suspender straps. Then she would pick up her panties and make to put them on. She would stop though, stop and smile at him, before tossing them onto the floor. What was the point in putting them on? He was going to drag them off her in a few moments anyway. He was going to remove any hindrance that would get in the way of climbing between her spread thighs and giving her pussy the tonguing of a lifetime.

Sara’s groans filled the bathroom as she came.

For a few moments she lay there idly playing with her pubic curls and then she looked up at the bathroom cabinet over the sink bowl. Her razor was there. Sara climbed out of bath went to the cabinet and took out her razor and the shaving foam; moments later she was back in the bath. It didn’t take all that long to clean her mound of every vestige of pubic hair. When she had finished she got out and took her small bath mirror and held it between her legs. It had been a long time since she had last looked at her sex this thoroughly. As she stoked her inner labia petals she wondered what Mr Galliano would think about them.

She dried herself and slowly dressed. With each item of clothing she kept saying to herself , ‘I‘m not going to do anything with him. I’m not, really!’ But deep down inside she knew that it was a lie. She wanted him to do things with her. She wanted him to kiss her; she wanted him to feel her; she wanted his hands all over her body; she wanted him to strip her. She wanted him. She wanted him to take her; she wanted him to take her with his tongue and then take her with his manhood. She was a woman; she was in need of sex. Sara wanted a man.

It was close to 8pm when she had finished dressing and tidying up her bedroom. She glanced down at the bed as she left the room and wondered how long it would be before she was inside it with Mr Galliano by her side.

In her sitting room she sat expectantly with a half empty wine glass in her hand watching the clock. In the silence she could hear its ticking. One minute past eight came and then another minute came and went. Sara watched a full five minutes pass and then suddenly her door bell rang. The shock almost sent the wine glass falling from her hand as she stood up.

She put the glass down on the table and began to nervously smooth her dress down. For a few moments she found herself unable to move and the door bell rang again. This time she could move.

“Sorry I am late,” he told her as she opened the door.

For a moment she was taken aback by the tall attractive black male standing there. His smile was broad and he was holding a bottle in his hand, a bottle of Galliano. Sara burst out laughing.

“Sharon said that you liked it,” he told her as he held it out for her to take.

She was still laughing as she took it and let him inside.

“I...I’ve never actually tasted it,” she told him.

He stood and looked her in the eye, “I know, Sharon told me,” he replied, “but we will put that right tonight won’t we?”

She held his gaze for a moment. Her knees were beginning to feel weak and there were butterflies in her tummy. There was a tingling sensation between her thighs and she could hear a voice inside saying, “You are going to get fucked.”

“Shall we go and open it?” he said making her snap out of her thoughts.

“Y...yes,” she responded as she led the way to the kitchen.

“My name is Clive, by the way,” he said as she began to unscrew the top.

His hand was held out and she took it and shook it. As he let her hand go he reached for the bottle, “Allow me,” he told her.

Sara felt sixteen all over again. It all felt like her first time, the time when she gave her virginity to her first real boyfriend. Her parents had gone way for the night and they had arranged to sleep together that night. He had told his parents that he was at a mate’s house. They had stood in the hallway nervously waiting for the other to make that first move. That time it had been her. She had turned and started to walk upstairs and he followed her all the way up to her bedroom.

As Clive handed her a glass of drink her hand began to tremble. “Nervous?” he asked her.

Sara smiled nervously as she looked down at her glass. Clive touched her hand, “There’s no need to be,” he told her.

Sara smiled, “I...I’ve never down this before,” she confessed. “I...I mean been unfaithful.”

Clive held her hand, “I know. Sharon has told me everything.”

Sara laughed nervously. “I bet she has.” She told him, “You know know that we are trying for a baby?”

“Yes I know,” he told her. “Sharon has told me everything. I won’t be going that far, not unless you really want me too.”

She looked him and this time gazed into his eyes. She could see that he wanted to fuck her. “Thanks.” She told him.

For a few moments they stood there nervously or rather she stood there nervously. He stood still and assured. “Shall we go somewhere more comfortable?” he said.

Sara looked up at him again.

“Wherever you would feel more comfortable, that is,” he told her.

She turned and walked out of the kitchen into the hallway. There she stopped hesitantly for a few moments. To her left was the stairway leading to the bedrooms and to the right was the door to the lounge. She turned around and looked at Clive who was carrying the bottle of Galliano as well as his own glass. His eyes turned towards the stairs.

“We’re going to be going up there anyway,” he told her before brushing past her.

Sara followed him upstairs. At the top he stopped and turned round, “Which one?”

There were three to choose from. She thought about choosing one of the spare bedrooms but deep down inside she preferred her own bedroom; the marital bedroom that she shared with her Ian. There was a feeling of guilt as she opened the door but the feeling excitement was much greater. She was stepping into the bedroom with a stranger; a man she had only just met.

She put down her glass on the bedside locker. This was her side of the bed. Clive put down his glass and the bottle alongside her glass. As she turned to face him his hands fell on her shoulders halting her movement. Moments later his fingers were tugging at her zipper. She just stood there, still and quiet, as he pulled the zipper all the way down. Her excitement was making her tremble as he turned her around.

He kissed her as he pushed the dress off her shoulders. She felt it slide down her body and gather in a heap around her feet. “You’re very beautiful,” he told her as he stepped back looked up and down her body.

“Thank you,” she replied softly.

She was nervous; excited but very nervous. She was also shy. Clive reached around her back to her bra fastener. Moments later it joined her dress upon the floor. There were just her panties left now. Clive slowly got to his knees and reached for the waistband of them. He tugged them down slowly to her ankles and she rested her hands on his shoulders as she lifted each foot in turn for him to remove them.

She suddenly found herself lifting her hands off his shoulders and placing them on his head. She began drawing his face towards her mound. She had never done such a thing before: it was a wanton act. He kissed her mound and then looked up at her, “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Is this what you really want?” he asked again as he not only kissed he but also push his tongue against her labia.


Suddenly she found herself falling back onto the bed. Her legs instinctively were raised in the air and Clive reached up and held her thighs back by pushing against her knees. She was already nearing her first orgasm even before Clive got into rhythm with his tongue. Her fingers dug into his scalp and she began screaming uncontrollably as he went to work on her. Sara had never experienced anything like it before. Sometimes he would withdraw his tongue from her clitty and kiss her between her thighs. The flesh above her stocking tops was soft and white and his tongue and lips were gentle. Sara even orgasmed from his kissing.

Sometimes he used his tongue like a cock; thrusting it hard and fast inside her and sometimes he used it to flicker gently over labia petals before rising higher to her clitty. Sara lost count of the number of times that she climaxed. But there was more to come after he had spent fifteen minutes of so attending to her pussy. Clive’s tongue moved down lower. Sharon had never told her how much he enjoyed rimming.

No man had ever touched her down there, even with fingers, but Clive had no qualms. Sara had never even realised that there was an erogenous area there and when Clive’s tongue began flickering down there her body rose off the bed as if she had been given an electric shock. By the time he had finished her voice was almost hoarse.

Sara was also sobbing; her tears flowed profusely not from sorrow or pain but from sheer ecstasy. Clive cuddled her and she kissed him over and over again thanking him with each touch of her lips. No man had ever made her feel this way; in fact she never even knew it was possible to feel this way. Sara sobbed herself still until her tears ran dry and then she lay with her head resting on his chest.

She looked down and saw that his cock was straining, not just straining but leaking with precum. He had been so unselfish. She reached down and touched it him. His cock twitched in her hand from the excitement. “What would you like me to do for you?” She asked him.

“Hmmm,” he murmured. “It needs to go down,” he told her.

“How would you like me to take it down?” she asked holding it by the base so that it stood pointing menacingly at the bedroom ceiling.

“Hmmm,” He murmured again before rolling over so that he was above her. “There is one way but...”

She knew what way he meant. She knew what he wanted from her. She pulled his head down so that she could kiss his lips. “It’s your choice,” she said softly, “Take me any way it pleases you.”

She saw the look of lust in his eyes as he shifted position between her wide open thighs. Then she felt the tip of his cock against her opening. His eyes looked into hers as he just held himself there for a few moments. It was almost as if he was waiting for a reaction. There was none. He pushed a little further so that there was a small penetration. Once again there was no reaction from her. A further push sent him deeper inside her. Sara held her stare so he pushed again. He was now halfway inside her.

She groaned at the enormity of him filling and stretching her love channel but her stare remained unflinching. One further and final push though made her groan again but this time she closed her eyes. His penetration of her was complete now. He had possessed her and there was no way out for her now. Clive reached under her thighs and raised them so that her legs rested on his shoulders and then his pounding began.

She hadn’t been fucked by many men but all had been fairly gentle affairs up until the moment when the men were about to cum and then the aggression and forcefulness kicked in. There was no gentleness with Clive; not that he was rough or overly aggressive but she could feel his strength and power as he took her. Sharon had told her that he was like a beast between the sheets and now Sara had this beast of man between her thighs taking his pleasure from her.

She quickly lost count of the number of times he made her orgasm before she felt his cum spurting inside her, but there were no tears of ecstasy this time, they had been used up earlier.

It was almost mid morning by the time that he had finished with her. She had got up a few times and even once managed a quick telephone call to Sharon but he was always quick to get up and get her back into bed. When she finally managed to get to the shower her followed he but this time his erection was gone.

They kissed and touched as they soaped each other down in silence. Sara had plenty that she wanted to say and to ask but she didn’t want to spoil all that had taken place. She wanted to see him again, that went without saying, but they both had other lives to lead. They dressed in silence and he even helped her make the bed; something that Ian rarely did.

As they made to leave the bedroom he picked up the bottle of Galliano and the empty glasses. “We still have this to finish sometime,” he said to her.

“Would you like to come back and finish it sometime then?” she asked him.

“I would like to come back and even bring more bottles back with me,” he replied.

They kissed.

Downstairs he gave her his business card, “Anytime you want to share a glass with me give me a call.” He told her.

“The calls might be regular,” she told him, “I have developed quite a taste for it.”

He kissed her. “As I say, anytime. Night or day.”

Sara watched his car pull away and, as if almost on cue, Sharon’s car arrive. Once inside Sharon smiled as she handed her the Morning After contraceptive pill she had picked up from the chemist for her, “Who’s been at the cream now then?”

Sara smiled to herself as she put the packet inside a kitchen drawer. She had the coming Thursday afternoon off work and Ian would be out of town until late. She was already thinking about her next drink of fancy liquor.

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