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Her First Affair

Tags: wife, cheat, oral
Wife starts an affair with older man.
Twenty-nine year old Mallory's hands were shaking as she drove to Tom’s house. Two months ago Mallory met Tom at the office and their interaction had blossomed and evolved into phone conversations while Mallory's husband was not at home. The passion for each other was now uncontrollable, and not even the fact that Mallory has been married for 8 years and has two young children would stop them from see each other outside of the office.

Tom, who was trying not to admit to himself that he had fallen for this younger married woman, was waiting anxiously for Mallory to arrive. What had started as simple innocent friendship had developed into a feeling both never imagined they could have for someone who differed in age so much.

The door bell rang. Tom answered the door and invited Mallory inside. Mallory clothed in a short black skirt and purple top that she wore to the office earlier today. She had painted her nails purple for the occasion, something she rarely bothered to do, and Tom couldn't believe that she was even sexy than before.

Tom wrapped an arm around her waist as she turned to look into his eyes. “I'm glad I'm here with you,” Mallory said.

“Me too, how long do you have? You're not going to be in trouble for this are you?” Tom asked.

“Its fine,” as she smiled. Mallory’s hand slid to the front of Tom’s pants and started rubbing gently. “My husband thinks I am visiting my sister.”

Tom took Mallory’s hand and led her to his bedroom.

Tom was about to say something when her lips were on his, and he was lost in her touch. She ran her hands up his back under his shirt as he returned her passion, her taste, her smell, everything about her erotic.

Tom slid a hand up her skirt and started stroking her most private place. She moaned, grinding against his hand before he pushed her down on the bed, Tom now on top of her.

His lips moved from her for the moment and she felt them attack her neck and shoulders.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, his hand now moving to her breasts, causing her nipples to harden.

He kissed her again and she wrapped a leg around him, feeling his hardness press into her through his jeans. Mallory's heart was racing and she felt herself getting damp, she needed this, she had wanted it for so long no matter how wrong it was.

“Tom,” she gasped in the split second their lips parted again, 'I have looking forward to this for a long time.”

Mallory’s hands glided up his sides and in one tactful movement his shirt was removed, exposing his muscular chest. Tom responded by removing Mallory’s purple blouse. Tom slid his hands over her skin and around her back, and she lifted herself to help as he removed her bra, exposing her beautiful breasts and large hard nipples. Tom’s lips started attacking her breasts as her hands explored his muscles.

“Oh Tom, suck on my tits,” she said as her eyes suddenly closed in pleasure.

He attacked her left breast with his mouth, sucking and licking while his hands explored her smooth perfect skin. She started to squirm under him, lost in the feel of his lips on her as they moved to her right breasts, biting a little and driving her to new heights of excitement. Tom slowly kissed his way down to Mallory’s panties. Tom took hold of her panties and slowly pulled them off as Mallory lifted her ass of the bed. He purposely went slowly to draw out the experience.

A moment later Mallory opened her legs exposing her beautiful clean shaven pussy. Tom gently moved his fingers over her pussy and stroked her up and down. It didn't take long before he pushed in further sticking one of his fingers inside her cunt.

"Oh, that feels good," Mallory moaned.

“Mallory your pussy is terrific,” Tom exclaimed. Her cunt was already wet. He pushed his finger in and out several times.

"It feels tight," Tom commented under his breath.

He couldn't wait to try out his cock on her, but wanted to taste her first. Tom got on his knees and lowered his head between her legs. She moaned even louder with Tom’s mouth on her pussy. Tom licked up and down her slit.

"Oh God that feels good Tom" Mallory moaned, "Yes Tom! Yes!" she kept saying over and over again. "Oh, that feels so good."

Tom opened his mouth up wider and tried to push his tongue in deeper. She seemed to push back against him at the same time, as though she wanted to accept it.

"Oh God Tom, I can't stand it," She cried out some more, while she opened her legs wider, and Tom drove his tongue in even deeper. He tasted the warm, succulent juices of her cunt. Tom continued to eat Mallory's pussy for a while.

"I love it Tom!" Mallory cried out. "I have never had my pussy licked so good”.

"Oh Tom" Mallory cried out in heat, as stroked his tongue in and out of her narrow slit.

"Tom, fuck me," Mallory cried out. "Tom, please fuck me!" Mallory moaned. "I want your cock in me.”

Panting, her heart racing, she started desperately tugging at his pants, trying to undo his belt and access his cock. He slid out of his jeans and boxers, leaving himself completely exposed to her.

“You're huge,” Mallory gasped as she lay back down on the bed. Tom’s cock had thick veins like tiny rivers running its nine inch length. Mallory's hand grabbed his cock, stroking it as he kissed her.
When Tom moved between her smooth legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her hot wet pussy she shuddered in excitement. Mallory hadn't felt so nervous in years and couldn't believe this was happening, that she was letting it and wanting it to happen. A shiver of anticipation shot up her spine. Tom kissed Mallory, as she was giving herself to him completely and allowing it to happen as his cock slowly parted her cunt lips.

Tom pushed the entire length of his shaft into her. She was very wet to allow his penetration with ease, and she let out a moan as he took her. Mallory wrapped her legs around him and hooked her feet over his legs, she wasn't going to let him go, she needed this so badly. Tom began thrusting in and out of her pussy while kissing her lips. Mallory pushing her hips up slightly to meet his thrusts as he moved inside of her.

Mallory felt like such a woman tonight, Tom made her feel so sensual, so sexy, and for this she wanted him to have her, and right now all thoughts of her husband went out the window as this man, who is 14 years older, probed the very depths of her womanhood with his monster cock.

Tom's lips attacked her neck and for a moment there was the fear he would leave a visible mark, but she nervously let this slide and it wasn't long before he moved onto more tasty delights such as her nipples.

The soft hands that Mallory possessed moved over his back and sides as he felt him quiver. Tom’s swelling testicles pressed against Mallory's ass with every deep thrust. Mallory couldn't help but moan a long drawn out sound that turned Tom on more as he started to quicken his pace.

Her body gave in and Mallory started to cum, contracting around the Tom’s cock and sending ripples of pleasure over her entire body as she has never been fucked to deep. Tom's breathing became more intense and for a moment Mallory thought he would join her in ecstasy, but instead he stopped pumping for a moment.

“Please don’t stop,” she gasped, her words little more than segmented syllables between breaths.

Tom continued kissing her with more intensity. She reciprocated and they where all over each other, his hips moving again and her pussy yearned for every inch of his cock. Her hands moved over him, her legs caressed his skin, her hips desperately pushed up towards him and her breathing was labored.

Mallory’s wetness after her orgasm was now creating a noticeable patch on the sheet, not to mention Tom’s cock and testicles were drenched in her juices, and she could tell he was now working up a sweat. Tom was close, but something was holding him back, so she reached between his legs to massage his testicles as she kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. Tom's pace started to quicken and his grunting was driving her wild. Mallory had another orgasm, locking her legs around him and letting herself scream out as she came, and in that instant the contractions she was producing proved too much for the Tom, and with a final deep thrust and started to ejaculate, a powerful series of pulsations that sent waves of cum into her body.

They stared into each other's eyes as they came together, Tom pulsating inside of Mallory and her body accepting his cum with pleasure. They lay together in the afterglow for a while. The realization of the time Mallory got dressed and headed home, filled with the buzz of what had just transpired and Tom’s semen.

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